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    Posted at Badass Book reviews You don t know me I m a fan of your work, have been for years I have gotten many friends and family hooked on Stephanie, Joe, Ranger and Lula I had every one of your books I love your work with Charlotte Hughes and the Full Series I have laughed and teared up, I have giggled and gasped for years, but it s time I stand up and shout.Your last three Stephanie Plum Novels have left me feeling cheated With each new installment I hope for But I get the same old antics I read a recent interview with you, in which you say that when an author finds a winning formula, to stick with it and milk it for all it s worth Paraphrased I take issue with this How can an author expect their fans to keep buying a novel with the same plots, same games, same lines, same everything The books seem to be getting shorter, the font larger, and the quality poorer, all with a hardcover price I used to recommend your books to all who would listen, but now I shy away and that sucks In your latest installment of the Stephanie Plum Series, Stephanie turns into a Hoochie I m sorry to say it I don t like the word, I don t like the meaning, but it s what you turned her into I didn t mind so much previously when she would steal a few kisses here and there between Ranger and Joe and hell Diesel but having her sleep with both men, in the same book, on back to back nights is just shameful Gramma Bella SHOULD put the eye on her Joe SHOULD dump her, so should Ranger So what, now that Joe and Stephanie have an open relationship they can sleep with whomever they want, whenever they want, and each other Yuck I was a Joe fan in the beginning of the series, but then he turned rather chauvinistic, spouting how she should be barefoot and pregnant and not working, and that got my feminist hackles all up and pissy I ve always been a Ranger girl, but I can t understand how he can still be around playing for scraps Is her vagina magic Are you gearing up to make her like Anita Blake Because if So, please for the love of books don t Characters need growth in a series Stephanie has not grown, in fact I could argue that she has regressed After seventeen books, she STILL can t shoot her gun, she can t use handcuffs, she blows up cars, and has no desire to learn self defense I m sorry, but she s an idiot And not a funny one any.To me, and I know that I am not alone, Stephanie used to be a source of comic relief She made me laugh and took me out of the seriousness of my life or other suspenseful books I was reading at the time But she s no longer funny, she s a joke If you are tired of writing her, then please stop If you think your fans will stop reading if she chooses to stay with ONE of the men, they won t If you are doing this for the money, I m sorry I won t be buying any of your novels.If this alienates me in the book blogging world, so be it I can t stand it any I ve held my council for the last three books and I can t do it any It s my opinion, but I am not alone I implore you to see reason Please go back to writing meaningfully Make Stephanie grow up a bit Make her see that she has to learn.I hate to see her the way she is I hope you have a plan I pray to the editors that you have a plan Please don t string us along Don t make us hate her We fans, and Stephanie as well, deserve better than what you are giving us.

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    Stephanie Plum certainly has a lot of people in her life who want to tell her what to do I m not sure I d handle it as well as she does and she doesn t always handle it well But that s why we all love her Two key things about this particular book 1 Dead bodies keep popping up A detective s dream I mean, yeah, it s bad for the person who was killed, but at least Stephanie is making some money off it, right I m totally joking she doesn t get paid enough to deal with it.2 The relationship spin o wheel is on over drive this time Not only has everyone stuck their nose into whether she should have Ranger or Morelli, she s being setup on blind dates now and her friends are making bets on what will happen.You know it s bad when it gets to that degree And if you re on book 17, do you really want a regular review on this one If you ve never read the series before, go back and read 1 thru 3 They set everything up and by then, you ll know if you have the hutzpah to handle em all.And oh yeah when I ve got 18 books in the series I ve read, and only done 2 reviews, and it s been 5 to 10 years since I ve read them it s gonna be hard to remember everything to finish these reviews Yikes, why do I feel so much pressure to have a review for every rating when I ve read a book I m such a type A over achiever who needs a good swift kick in the And I bet that s how Stephanie feels too About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251

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    Steph better pick a guy already.this series has been dragging the last couple of books, we need to pick a direction and move forward.Alrighty, the review is up You can also find this review, and see if I m team Ranger or team Morelli on my blog In Smokin Seventeen, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back in action With not so trusty sidekick Lula at her side, Stephanie is on the hunt for skips, trying to decide between two men, fending off her mother s matchmaking attempts, and of course, trying to stay alive.Stephanie Plum novels can always be counted on to bring a laugh to the reader, and Smokin Seventeen did not disappoint Stephanie s Grandma Mazur didn t have huge part, but she is always entertaining Lula, the former hooker turned sidekick, was her usual zany, outrageous character The romance dynamics between Ranger, Morelli, and Stephanie was pretty much the same too, with Stephanie trying to decide between them Thanks to Grandma Bella s curses and love triangle dynamics, the steamy scenes heated up in Smokin Seventeen.Smokin Seventeen is a bit different from previous books in that there is not one major felon that Stephanie has to capture and turn in Smokin Seventeen is a series of smaller skips and exploits combined together There is a feeling, which began in earlier books, that Stephanie is getting tired of the bounty hunter escapades and ready to move on I enjoyed reading Smokin Seventeen, it s a light, fun, quick read It is not my favorite in the series, but it is always fun to see what Stephanie and the gang are up to This installment in the series was of the same, not much changing The book leaves off with excitement and anticipation for the future a little bit of a cliff hanger , and I am looking forward to see what happens next The Stephanie Plum series is a highly entertaining and fun series, and one that I recommend

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    Why do I keep torturing myself with these books Probably because I so loved them up until 14 and I m an eternal optimist, hoping something will actually happen The cover blurb was so promising on this installment, I actually allowed myself to get my hopes up Word of warning to those of you who would like to see things go somewhere between Stephanie and Ranger or Morelli DON T This time around, she has sex with both but that s it wham bam, thank you ma m skim overs then off to work, NO substantial feelings, NO emotional connection nada That goes double for the men, not one single scene of substance It seems as if Evanovich uses the sex to placate fans then blames Stephanie s confusion as an excuse NOT to dig a smidgen deeper This would not be so frustrating and I would have quit reading three books ago if there were not such a rich reservoir of possibilities to mine in either the Ranger or Morelli story lines especially with Ranger, IMHO Evanovich is such a genius at witty repartee, and sexual tension that steams right off the pages, what is she afraid of As it is, the end result stands with NOTHING new once again.

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    Smokin Seventeen Stephanie Plum 17 , Janet EvanovichStephanie is running out of time The bond office where she works has been burned down Dead bodies have been showing up on the construction site No one knows why, or who s responsible but it s clear Stephanie s name is on the killer s list And to make a bad situation worse, cop and boyfriend Joe Morelli s grandmother has put the eye on Stephanie Now she has a pimple the size of Mount Vesuvius and her hormones are in overdrive 2018 1396 294 9786006605838 21

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    Dear God, seriously Another guy for Steph I think I want to change my pick from Steph Morelli to Morelli Ranger Yum

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    So, this series has held us in love triangle hell for 17 books now Imagine my glee when Stephanie finally starts having sex with the guy whose team I have been on the whole time Go Team Ranger But, there is a slight problem with Stephanie having sex with Ranger which, again, I love That is that she is also having sex with Morelli And, she is trying to hide it from Morelli And, she says that she would freak out if she found out that Morelli was even dating another woman Moral dilemmas everywhere Stephanie has a good reason for suddenly turning into super slut Morelli s grandmother put a hex on her, called the vordo and it supposedly makes her a dirty whore Ranger is down with this whole thing I got a lot of exercise last night I deserve this muffin Ranger smiled I ll give you that Why did you keep shouting go vordo Ranger closed the file What s your plan for the day I thought I d do my bounty hunter thing You know where to find me if you want to do your vordo thing At eight o clock I called Ranger Are you busy I asked him Is this about vordo You gotta love a man who will help you through your vordo I am getting vordo just thinking about him.Despite Stephanie s sluttiness, I enjoyed the change of pace in this book She usually spends all of her time waffling over these two guys and not actually doing much about it It s pretty obvious, at this point, that her relationship with Morelli is going nowhere Even her mother is trying to set her up with a new guy You ve been seeing Joseph Morelli for years now, my mother said It s the talk of the neighborhood Why aren t you at least engaged Which brings me to the last thing I wanted to mention in my review. which I admit is a crappy review since I spent it lusting over talking about a fictional guy that I want in my book boyfriend harem. Mom says they have been dating for years And, the series has gone on for years And, Rex the hamster, was 2 years old in the first book I think you know where I m going here Either someone is secretly replacing dead Rexes for new ones while Stephanie is sleeping, or Rex is the world s most amazing hamster He s lived the lifespan of at least 2 or 3 normal hamsters I think someone needs to contact the Guinness Book of World Records Rex must be on one hell of a workout program

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    I loved this book Ranger was in it a lot, Morelli was being ok, there was a new guy, an ok plot, lots of funny Lula, and some Grandma Mazur Cars were lost and I found myself laughing out loud during some parts What could you want Edit After reading some other reviews I think I must be in the minority in that I don t want Stephanie to make a choice between her guys I like them both and this is escapism I don t need lots of character development with this series I like it the way it is.

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    This is one of those series that I keep reading despite acknowledging that they aren t that good any and haven t been for a while The last one I truly liked was number 11 my favorite of them all But I still love the characters so much that I can t help it, and I keep hoping that the series will return to its former glory You know, with actually decent mysteries and character development If this is anything like the last five, though, it will take me only a few hours to read, make me laugh a few times, and be totally forgettable ETA Also, this book comes with stickers that say I Heart Morelli and I Heart Ranger, which greatly annoys me Who are these stickers for UPDATE Pretty much as I thought, though better than the last one Stephanie actually caught some skips quickly, for once, though all the standard stuff was there cars exploding, getting food thrown on her, capturing someone naked, etc My two major complaints are how obvious the villain was even Stephanie should have figured it out the first time she watched the surveillance video, like I did and how Evanovich reused the cliffhanger ending from a much earlier book, where we end with Stephanie about to make a decision between Ranger and Morelli for a special event I just don t care any view spoiler But at least she boinked Ranger AND Morelli in this one, a lot, so that s, ya know, a step At least she s dancing on the fence while she s on it hide spoiler

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    OK, so those of us who like Ranger will like this one a little better, but I still feel like we re being strung along I don t dislike Joe and if she s going to be with him then fine, but please stop with the flip flopping and guilt Evanovich needs to take some lessons from Ward, KMM or even Roberts and give us a little detail, especially with Ranger I mean, come on Also, her characters still talk the same way they did at the beginning of the series it s not the 90s and it s time to update view spoiler At the end she s got the gift cards for plane tickets along with Dave the crazy killer s tickets and she tells Lula she s taking a trip and it s all about her lady parts, and of course, that s the end with no preview of the next book view spoiler With the next installment I m thinking I ll wait to see how others review it rather than pre ordering I feel like each novel is essentially the same story over and over with a slight twist Stephanie will have car issues be jealous of Terry McCann even though she won t commit to Joe and doesn t know if there s anything there, Lula will get called fat and go off, Joe will question the status of their relationship but no progress will be made, and Ranger will just be hot and take care of Stephanie when needed hide spoiler

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Smokin' Seventeen summary pdf Smokin' Seventeen, summary chapter 2 Smokin' Seventeen, sparknotes Smokin' Seventeen, Smokin' Seventeen d18e13b Where There S Smoke There S Fire, And No One Knows This Better Than New Jersey Bounty Hunter Stephanie PlumDead Bodies Are Showing Up In Shallow Graves On The Empty Construction Lot Of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds No One Is Sure Who The Killer Is, Or Why The Victims Have Been Offed, But What Is Clearis That Stephanie S Name Is On The Killer S ListShort On Time To Find Evidence Proving The Killer S Identity, Stephanie Faces Further Complications When Her Family And Friends Decide That It S Time For Her To Choose Between Her Longtime Off Again On Again Boyfriend, Trenton Cop Joe Morelli, And The Bad Boy In Her Life, Security Expert Ranger Stephanie S Mom Is Encouraging Stephanie To Dump Them Both And Choose A Former High School Football Star Who S Just Returned To Town Stephanie S Sidekick, Lula, Is Encouraging Stephanie To Have A Red Hot Boudoir Bake Off And Grandma Bella, Morelli S Old World Grandmother, Is Encouraging Stephanie To Move To A New State When She Puts The Eye On StephanieWith A Cold Blooded Killer After Her, A Handful Of Hot Men, And A Capture List That Includes A Dancing Bear And A Senior Citizen Vampire, Stephanie S Life Looks Like It S About To Go Up In Smoke

  • Audio CD
  • 308 pages
  • Smokin' Seventeen
  • Janet Evanovich
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780307932235

About the Author: Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.