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Slammed chapter 1 Slammed, meaning Slammed, genre Slammed, book cover Slammed, flies Slammed, Slammed 12026efc2fe96 There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ASIN Here New York Times Bestselling Author Colleen Hoover Writes A Romantic Debut Novel About A Family Shattered By A Sudden Death That Leads To Two Unlikely Lovers Forming An Intricate BondFollowing The Unexpected Death Of Her Father, Eighteen Year Old Layken Is Forced To Be The Rock For Both Her Mother And Her Younger Brother Outwardly, She Appears Resilient And Tenacious, But Inwardly, She S Losing HopeOne Young Man Brings Change To All Of This After Moving Across The Country, Layken Meets Her Attractive Twenty One Year Old Neighbor, Who Has An Intriguing Passion For Slams Within Days Of Their Introduction, Will And Layken Form An Intense Emotional Connection, Leaving Layken With A Renewed Sense Of HopeNot Long After A Heart Stopping First Date, They Are Slammed To The Core When A Shocking Revelation Forces Their New Relationship To A Sudden Halt Daily Interactions Become Impossibly Painful As They Struggle To Find A Balance Between The Feelings That Pull Them Together And The Forces That Tear Them Apart

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    This review was posted at My Secret RomanceI am going to SLAM my review Not really sure if I SLAMMED it correctly, to be honest Before I do, I need say this this book deserves an endless number of stars I fell in love with a book by an author Who wrote the most beautifully compelling storyI think I have ever read For realA story of two people struggling to climb a mountain of quicksandWith nothing to grab onto but each others handA story of a heart shattering love And life s winding roadsBut instead of balling up and cryingThey re fighting it with a vengeanceI read a remarkable story That evoked so many different emotions from meSome that were felt at the same timeWhich wasn t funI was lost in the lives of these fictional charactersThat I so desperately wanted to be realI read a story about a girlA beautiful girl with a big heartA girl who was forced to move to a new townAnd bare the beating of stones life threw at herSome stones left gashes and scarsAnd others that just faded awayBut there was one stone that left a markBy a boyWho she fell madly and deeply in love withA boy who had the world on top of his shouldersWith responsibilities most could not fathom to comprehendA jerk of a boyA hot boyWho also fell madly and deeply in love with a girlWho he refused to make time forA girl he loved from the moment he laid eyes onBut painfully was forbidden to be withEmotions are laid bareFor all to seeA new life A big changeAnd a life that will soon sadly be freedKnowing they would be there to wipe away each others tearsBut the pain felt inside could only be repaired By a boyAnd a girlWho fell madly deeply in love with each otherBut could never beHow do you fight the attractionThe intense chemistry that you feelWhen so much is at stakeOf a love that was slammedBefore it could even took placeColleen Hoover you rocked my socksAnd made me cryAnd made me feelToo many different things insideThere are things I have ignoredFor long periods of timeAnd things I chose to face one quick step at a timeWhy it is that reading can make us seeThe things we choose not to When faced with realityIt s just words on paper thatShould mean nothingBut in fact they mean everythingHundreds of paper bound by glueOf a story that flew me over the moonThis is a book that I will never forgetOr ever find the proper words To say how much it means to me ButTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU This book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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    Brb crying from love and heartbreak because of this book

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    Can the author possibly add a few words in italics because I don t think we got enough.

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    Dhak dhak dhak.do you hear that That s the sound of my heart beating as I finish the bookDhak dhak dhak..do you hear that That s the sound of my heart chanting I wish this would never end.Shush shush shush.do you hear that That s the sound of my lips trying to form words enough to express what I feel.Right now I m thinking I so wish this story was real Will made me fall in love with himLake and Julia made me cryKel and Caulder were adorableEddie was like the fourth of july meaning sparkling, full of life.sorry, know you get that Gavin. Oh Gavin Can I have a Pre Proposal too Eddie would probably have scratched my eyes out for this or perhaps just laughed at the ridiculousness of it I m hoping for the latter It s hard to put my feelings into wordsBut I guess a person run over by a freight train of emotions can t be expected to say everything at onceWords are trying to spew forth out of me in short burstsSo let me tell you a story of a boy and a girlThey meet in a U haul, they fall in loveThey go on a date playing would you rather along the wayHe takes her to a slam and boy does she get slammedSo would you be, so better be prepared.Then comes the part which tears them apart And it really does suck and breaks your heart They can t be together, yet can t live without each otherTrust me this not just some Quintessential romanceDevastating things get revealed at an alarming rateBut through all of it they are there for each other, always holding hands.Perhaps I have not been able to express anything in a coherent wayBut don t expect me to because I m discombobulated and it ll be a miracle if I find my way to Sleep land And anyway that s not the point The point is..It s easy to have books in your lifeEver wanted to have life in your books Well then all you need to do is get Slammed Don t take life too seriously Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit Laugh at it And Never regret.

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    MOVIE NEWS Both SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT have been optioned by a MOVIE producer WOW 6 stars What a beautiful and powerful book Definitely a MUST read I loved this book for so many reasons I loved that Will and Lake were wonderfully refreshing hero and heroine characters because they were realistic, smart, not annoying in any way and didn t make stupid decisions I loved the author s writing style its very simple but very powerful and its one of those books that really makes you feel what is going on with the characters I was completely and utterly shocked to find that I loved the Slam poetry Boy is it powerful I know I ve used that word a lot here but it seems to be the best of that fits what I m feeling I ve always hated poetry was never able to absorb it or relate to it but in this book, it is so effecting in giving the reader a view of what is going on in the characters head and heart I loved the intensity of Will and Lake s feelings for each other I had butterflies in my stomach for most of the book and could stop turning the pages.This book brought me to tears than once And my cheeks were damp throughout the whole final 10% or so Loved it This book is about love and loss and life and death not the death of the hero heroine though, fear not lol I d highly highly recommend it to pretty much anyone and everyone who loves to read Now I understand what all the fuss was about everywhere I looked here, people were raving about it and now I m joining that club I m off to go read the sequel now I can t wait to read about Will and Lake Here s a slam quote I got schooled this year by a Boy a boy that I m seriously, deeply, madly, incredibly, and undeniably in love with And he taught me the most important thing of all To put the emphasis On life My version of Will from Slammed For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Wanted to love it, but this is not my kind of romance Not even for a YA romance.SLAMMED was angsty teenage love story with a heart wrenching sub plot, but the heroine made it a very disappointing read I expected a mature minded heroine, not an overly emotional girl who thinks a mad boy crush after one date is the real thing The whole high school giggly student bit was a turn off for me I liked Will a lot, and thought his maturity and love for poetry was well portrayed, but I didn t get the connection with Layken She made dumb choices, said dumb comments, put him at risk, and made everything be about her Personally, I thought the author did a great job of developing a typical 18 y o girl, but it only emphasized her lack of maturity as a lead heroine.This would have worked for me in a adult setting, but the the teenage angst was over done At times she was a drama queen only focused on herself, and she had no concept of how others felt Then other times shes a silly giggly high schooler Either way, I didn t buy her as a convincing heroine.The subplot was very good and emotional, but it was great wallpaper only The romance needs to stand on its own, not be carried by a secondary storyline SLAMMED is a teenage girl fantasy romance story, so it doesn t surprise me at how popular it is But I d prefer to read about mature minded couples falling in love, so this one didn t cut it for me.

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    Awesome Must read I devoured this book The story sucks you in and doesn t let you go Adore Colleen Hoover and must read of her.

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    I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hoping It s been a while, my friends I had to take a break for the sake of my sanity I decided to return to the NA experiment with Slammed because I d heard it was less offensive than Hoover s later novel Hopeless and also because I ve had luck with a NA student teacher romance in the past Unteachable Alas, I was wrong to be so optimistic I suppose that Slammed is less offensive when compared to the creepy pro stalker ideas being thrown around in Hopeless but it certainly makes up for it by being an example of terrible writing Where Hopeless offered entertainment and sexual tension that made it obvious where its popularity came from, I am honestly confused by all the positive reactions to Slammed.I do think if I d read this book first I might have at least appreciated the improvement in quality of the author s writing by the time she wrote Hopeless In this, Hoover s writing is a couple steps below average and looks even less impressive when compared to the fantastic teacher student romance in Unteachable and it s beautiful writing The author struggles with the build up of the relationship between Layken and Will, forgetting about sexual tension and or chemistry and jumping too quickly from their meeting to some extremely cheesy moments The drama is constant but handled roughly making scenes that should be heart breaking feel emotionally manipulative and causing me to roll my eyes rather than to burst into tears.Both characters, as well as the book in general, lack any emotional maturity Layken frequently behaves like a bratty little kid, slamming doors and calling Will names I really had no patience for her childish antics Though, Will wasn t much better He would constantly lead Layken on and then blame it on a moment of weakness More than once.It was cringy and stupid because the reader is well aware that it wasn t a moment of weakness and that he actually wants to be with Layken but he s being an immature idiot and not to mention a complete fucking tease Just sayin.Aside from the writing being awful, the real problem in this for me was the failure to convince me that there was any real barrier to Layken and Will s relationship Perhaps it was because their ages were too close to give me any sense of the forbidden or because Will wasn t exactly a real teacher, but nothing about it got my heart pounding like Raeder s Unteachable It seemed like there was no problem except the one the two of them created in their little melodramatic minds Angst for the sake of angst But I wasn t buying it I think it s fair to say that me and Ms Hoover finally part ways for good.

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    Well damn.

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    2 stars Review posted August 11, 2013First of all I must say that I LIKED the slamming I don t mean the doors, I m talking about the poetry Sorry, couldn t resist I would rate that with four stars.Up to the 35 % mark it was nice, it was good, it was ok even though it didn t knock my socks off I ve had a few minor issues but nothing too annoying Unfortunately a lot went downhill after that update and too many things and especially a HIGHLY annoying and juvenile bitch compromised the book for me So I feel kinda like this at the moment I have read enough books that I know what I like Personally, the biggest letdown for me was the writing As I mentioned already I liked the slamming that was lovely However, the writing in general is average at best, and after reading and loving Leah Raeder s Unteachable, I must say that Colleen Hoover s writing is not even average Also, some parts of Slammed are too cheesy Hence, it s safe to say that I belong to the little corner of readers who didn t enjoy Slammed, and I honestly don t understand what s so magical about this book Before Slammed I ve read God Shaped Hole and I only rated it with four stars Compared to Slammed, God Shaped Hole deserves five stars especially the second half of the book Besides, some of the really awesome books that I ve read deserve probably seven, eight, nine or ten stars always compared to Slammed As it is, my range is very limited Thus, I cannot give than 2 stars to Slammed Sorry guys.There is way too much manufactured drama in Slammed Lake lost her father six months ago, view spoiler and her mother is dying too She passes away at the end of the story, although it happens off page hide spoiler

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