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    At her friend s urging Anne Jewell and her son David set off for a fun filled month of fun, Anne doesn t feel at home or comfortable around the family of peers her and her son are staying with, but she feels a calm as she sees the vast sea, until one night she sees a man of great beauty and pain standing on one of the many cliffs, Anne can t get the man out of her head and later her heart when she finally meets and befriends Sydnam Butler Sydnam is the steward of seaside manor, war scarred veteran, while he enjoys the peace of the land and sea, he still wishes for , he finds a kindred spirt in Anne and as a deep passion blooms between the two, they find through one another the wounds on the outside and on the soul are truly and finally healed through one another s love.. I am truly at a lost for words on the poetic beauty that is Simply Love, this story touched my heart and soul deeply, that I was moved to tears of the unfolding romance between Syd and Anne Anne Jewell, is a teacher at Ms.Martin s Girl s School As an unwed mother, she s been looked down upon, many of times, but with the help from the headmistress and her friends and her inner strength to protect her son David, Anne has made a home for herself at the school, and is content with her lot in life, when a long time friend Joshua Moore asks her and her son to join him and his family at the remote Bedwyns estate for a month of fun, Anne is leery, but seeing the hope in her sons eyes, agrees to go and keep out of the way from the Bedwyns peer while staying there, one a nightly walk Anne comes across a man whose face on one side is of great beauty and on the other a horrible scarred beast, scared Anne runs away, but kicks herself for running away from a man, whose no fault of his own, came to be so scarred, turning around Anne goes back to apologize, only to see he s vanished Anne s mind keeps going back to the scarred man, and when she comes face to face with him again does she find out he s the steward for The Duke of Bedwyns estate Sydnam Butler Anne aks his forgiveness for running away, which surprises Syd Quickly the two start anew, and strike up a deep friendship as the days past, they bare their deep wounds not only on the outside but on the inside but as deep passion and love blooms between them that will lead to even deeper scares being uncovered and healed Sydnam Butler is a war scarred veteran, after being torture leaving half his face scarred, his eye missing along with his right arm, Sydnam didn t want pity, so he did everything in his power to overcome his disability, working as a steward has brought him a sense of peace, away from his famil whom wanted to wrap him up in cotton and protect him from the world, and away from the eyes of pity and fear Syd wasn t to thrilled to meet up with Anne again after he ran away from him, but is surprised when she comes up to beg his pardon from running away from him that night, that night that burns her image into his mind and weaving into his dreams After each meeting with Anne he feels a deeper draw, one whose deep scars are hidden deep within her soul, scars he can understand As they share their feelings, a attraction that leads to a afternoon of lovemaking changes their lives forever, as love blooms between them and takes away the darkness that has haunted the lives of Syd and Anne Mary Balogh writing is at her fineness with Simply Love, her poetic storytelling weave a deep romance of two tortured and scarred souls without even going into a graphic detail but hitting you just as hard There was many secondary characters that appeared in earlier books of MB, but instead of giving you a headache, the story moves along smoothly with everyone trying to play matchmaker between Anne and Syd, which was really cute to see the fierce Bedwyns trying to set a romance up It was great to see the lives of many of the characters and what their doing now, but MB makes it where it doesn t take away from the story but adds a charm to this already deeply moving story You first meet Syd in a Summer to Remember as he tries to fight the binds his loving family placed on him Syd didn t want pity, he wanted to be praised for going out there and doing his duty Syd s scars may mostly be on the outside, there s still deep scars upon his soul, facing not being able to be whole, in a world where things are down with two hands, two eyes, two feet Syd is able to do pretty much anything anyone else can do, from riding a horse, to writing He lost of his hand and eye has caused him to look at the world through different eyes, but because of his lost, he still yearns for his old life, his ability to paint lost to him along with arm With Syd, we don t know we have it until it s gone, he still held himself back from trying to paint because he was scared things wouldn t be the same, and while it s true, he always was able to see of the world from his one eye then he did of his romantic younger self, he was able to mature, and finally accept himself now and move on As he was able to overcome his past and face his future, he was able to help Anne with her own scars and healing Syd was one of the most beautiful characters I ve ever read about, it had nothing to do with the outside and everything to do with what was on the inside He was kind and gentle and love just as greatly and deeply When he finally shed tears and let go of his past and losing his skill to draw, I felt the tears fall down my own face Syd was even amazing when he was able to re learn and re teach himself to draw and even being able to teach Anne son David to paint Syd is one of those amazing people who hope or blessed you maybe able to meet in real life, one whose able to teach those around them to see the world through different eyes Anne was and is a survivor, she started off a governess to a bright child, but this child s older brother started to interfere with her in bad ways, trying to find a way to get this man away from her student, she sadly finds herself being forced upon and raped leaving her with her son David This man later dies, but leaves Anne with child and unwed, her family blames her for her own rape leaving her alone in the world, not wanting to accept the kindness of the Moore family, David s father s family When she s offered a place at Ms.Martin she sees this a wonderful chance for her son and her to start fresh Anne never faced the tragedy of her rape, and the feelings toward her family whom all but left her in the cold But Anne just doesn t cry and blame the world, she keeps going, she keep living if not for herself, but her son whom she loves Anne sees in Syd someone whom understand deeply her scars, and even when she brakes and facing her own demons, Syd is there to help her along as she has helped him It s not an easy road, but a road that must be traveled for Anne in order for her to truly heal With Syd by herself, she s able to face her family, but her own self as she fears intimacy, but through love and understanding, Anne feels she s able recover herself, a stronger self even when she faces for bitterness and hurt toward her family Anne is strong because she s able to give something to her family many of us, don t to those whom have hurt us forgiveness Anne is able to be set free being able to forgive, and that s through the love of her son and the love of Syd Without love, there wouldn t be forgiveness and that s what makes love a true gift.Overall Simply..Beautiful, a story that makes you believe in romance and above all love.

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    Simply Love is the second book in Mary Balogh s Simply series and it continues with many of the characters in her Slightly series In fact, characters from 11 at least MB books appear in this book I have to start off by saying that I loved everything about this book It s one of those books that you just can t put down and although it s over 400 pages, you wish for another 400 because you just don t want it to end Did I mention that I loved it Sydnam Butler was terribly tortured and maimed during the Peninsular Wars Although his family wants him near so that they can protect him and shield him from the prying eyes of people who would regard him as a monster, Sydnam chooses to take charge of his own life He accepts the position as steward to the Duke of Bewcastle at his Welsh estate Sydnam makes a life for himself there, but he is terribly lonely He accepts that he will never have the love and companionship of a woman because who would want him with his scarred body and missing arm He could never subject a woman to being with him He accepts what life has to offer and tries to make the most of what he has left.Anne Jewell is just as scarred as Sydnam, although her scars are on the inside Raped and forced to bear a child as an unwed mother, Anne is an outcast among society and her family After several years, she takes a position at Miss Martin s School for Girls in Bath where she tries to make a life for herself and her son She knows that she will never marry because although she is very beautiful, what man would want her Sydnam and Anne meet when she travels to Wales with Joshua Moore and his family for a visit with the Bedwyns Although she finds it very difficult to even look at Sydnam at first because of his scars, Anne eventually realizes that there s much to the man than what she sees on the outside Watching Sydnam struggle with his desire for Anne and his certainty that no woman could ever want him in a romantic way was heartbreaking It took Anne s acceptance and love for Sydnam to finally accept himself and stop seeing a monster when he looks in the mirror Anne felt just as untouchable as Sydnam but with him she found the man she had always dreamed of but never believed would be hers.This book is a definitely a keeper for me I would recommend reading A Summer to Remember and the Slightly series before reading this book.

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    Anne Jewell y Sydnam Butler son dos almas rotas, la primera marcada por un incidente que no es bien vista a ojos de la sociedad como es ser madre soltera y la segunda por las heridas que sufri en la guerra que lo hacen abandonar sus sue os y refugiarse en s mismo.Su encuentro fortuito los llevar a mantener una relaci n que quiz s les ayude a superar mutuamente sus males.Simplemente amor As ha sido esta novela donde nos encontramos con dos personajes rotos de alguna manera y que mutuamente, primero gracias a su amistad y luego al amor logran recomponerse Sin duda la autora ha sabido conquistarme con esta historia m s que entra able y con unos personajes con trasfondo, muy bien caracterizados Anne y Sydnam son una pareja que se complementa muy bien, m s que nada son buenos amigos y esa es una buena base desde la que partir, lo que le falta a uno el otro se lo compensa y viceversa y creo que eso es importante en una pareja La autora me ha sorprendido de muchas maneras, por darnos unos personajes que van m s all de una relaci n rom ntica, por darnos un Sydnam que es capaz de llorar como un cr o, escenas entra ables a m s no poder, momentos para reflexionar en suma una novela en la que prima la aceptaci n y superaci n Si tengo que ponerle alguna pega quiz s es que me falt m s emoci n en los encuentros ntimos por lo menos para tratar encauzar el tema de Anne pero bueno quiz son cosas de cada uno La novela es muy especial y merece una alta puntuaci n.Pd apunte para el que hizo la portada y el del t tulo es que no os fij is, nop

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    Qu bonita historia Precioso

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    I enjoyed this until the end, basically 2.5 stars.Anna is an unwed mother and teacher She meets Sydnam, who is a war veteran and painter THEY RE LONELY AND FALL IN LOVE Although it takes them a ridiculous amount of time to address their love because they re both too busy thinking they re not wo man enough for the other Which was all well and good because both of them had things to work through And the development of their friendship and subsequent relationship was pretty ace Except there s this Anna has a family she doesn t want to talk about thing, and Syd cannot let that stand I see how Balough tried to parallel it with Syd s feet dragging on the painting thing, but it just didn t work for me trigger warning rape victim blaming view spoiler ESPECIALLY when they show up at her family s and her father basically tells her that she could have stopped her own rape that she led the man on that she s responsible for what happened to her I don t care if it s a holdover of the times or any of that it s disgusting is what it is, and the fact that Anna has to sit through it with her entire family in the room there with her AND THEN APOLOGIZES TO THEM FOR ANY EMBARRASSMENT SHE MAY HAVE CAUSED THEM is so frustrating I m out of words hide spoiler

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    I ve given this an A for narration and an A for content, so that s 4.5 stars, rounded up.Simply Love is the second book of the four that make up the Simply Quartet of stories about a group of young women who teach at a girls school in Bath We met Anne Jewell in the previous book Simply Unforgettable and learned that she has a young son, David, who lives with her at the school Anne is an unmarried mother whose family turned their backs on her after her disgrace , and it is made clear quite early on in the book that David is the result of a rape that took place when Anne was around nineteen David s father is long since dead, but his relation, Joshua Moore has been a good friend to Anne over the years, and it is thanks to him that Anne and David find themselves spending the summer at the Welsh estate of the Duke of Bewcastle.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceMary Balogh is a classic romance author, and I have been wanting to pick her up and In Simply Love we have a story of two lonely people who need each other Our heroine, Anne Jewell, teaches at a girls school in the country, and has a nine year old son she has had to raise on her own after being forced years ago Then the cousin of the father of her son, invites Anne and her son to a house gathering for a month, many are relatives of her son So she agrees, planning on keeping to herself and letting her son enjoy being with boys his own age But there she meets the Duke of Bewcastle s steward Sydnam, is a man who once was a talented artist, but sought out to prove himself So he went to fight in the war, he came back after being tortured, scarred and damaged He has built a new life for himself, but he still feels alone until he meets Anne who fills a space inside him that has been empty Sydnam and Anne form a friendship which slowly turns into something .can Anne and Sydnam find a future together I was really overwhelmed in some ways by this story, but not quite in the way that you would expect Simply Love is a powerfully written story that is beautiful and one of the most poignant stories that I have ever read There is so much you want for both of these two people Anne and Sydnam both deserve to find happiness especially when you see how much they have dealt with and overcome However both of them are pretty stubborn as well Their friendship is what is the primary focus of the story, I did feel that the actual romance was lacking That is really the only reason for the lower rating, I was expecting the romance to be stronger than this story turned out to be But it was wonderful seeing characters from the Bedweyn series being connected to this story Life so often becomes a determined, relentless avoidance of pain of one s own, of other people s But sometimes pain has to be acknowledged and even touched so that one can move into it and through it and past it Or else be destroyed by it Simply Love is a romance that will inspire and elighten, leave you happy and craving stories just like this one SIMPLY MEMORABLE.

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    My life is crazy and I can t string two thoughts together so the reviews will be short this month I think this is my favorite Balogh book to date I just loved everything about it The two wounded characters who find love and healing within each others arms, simply perfect It was a beautiful, engrossing, angst filled read and I have no nits to pick It totally captured my attention and will be one I save to reread.

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    Reread April 2018 3.5 stars I read this after a reread of the Bedwyn series I d actually read this one before, years ago, but couldn t remember much about it except that it was Sydnam Butler s story So it was almost like a new read And to me it was on a par with other reads in the Bedwyn series, most of which I gave 3.5 stars, I think This book follows on directly from the final of that series Sadly this read did suffer from the fact that I read it pretty much straight after Slightly Dangerous, the final Bedwyn book, which for me is a massive 5 stars and one of my fav HRs ever And wonderful as Sydnam is, let s face it, he s no WulfricHaving said that, it was still a solid Balogh, and a pleasant read The last couple of chapters were particularly sweet Sydnam is the brother of the charming Kit Butler from the Bedwyns prequel, A Summer to Remember He grew up with playing with his neighbours, the Bedwyn children as they were Sydnam was tortured during captivity in the Napoleonic Wars, and consequently lost an eye and his right arm His face is also very scarred on one side He has come to terms with his disabilities now, although his appearance still shocks new acquaintances when they first meet him But he has lost the ability to paint, which used to be a wonderful creative outlet for him And basically he is pretty lonely.Anne Jewell was a minor character in Slightly Scandalous She was a governess who was raped by her employer s son, and had a child as a result The child s father is now dead, and Anne is gainfully employed at a respectable girls school in Bath But she has accepted that she will never marry She has her beloved son, now aged 9 but is still secretly lonely Anne and Sydnam meet at the picturesque coast of Wales, where Sydnam is now a steward on a property belonging to Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle The Bedwyns are all present for a seaside holiday house party, and Anne has been invited due to her connection with Freyja s husband s family And this is a wonderful aspect of this book We get to visit with the Bedwyns and their tribe of young children Including sigh Wulfric and Christine view spoiler and their new baby son James hide spoiler

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    Every time I read a Mary Balogh novel new or old, I am struck anew by how much I love her work She has covered every conceivable subject scenario in her long and highly successful career with empathy and a deeply insightful understanding of human nature In Simply Love, the second in her highly acclaimed Simply Quartet she highlights the issues and prejudices surrounding a single mother and her illegitimate child in Regency England With great understanding, Ms.Balogh immerses us in the life of Anne Jewell, her nine year old son, David, and that of Sydnam Butler, a horrifically scarred veteran of the peninsula wars.Anne and David are invited to spend a month on the south west coast of Wales in company with members of the powerful Bedwyn family This unconventional family, with a duke at its head, thumbs its collective nose at the restrictions under which most aristocrats are obliged to live Kind and thoughtful all, they welcome Anne and David to share their family holiday without reservation Whilst walking the coastal path on the first evening, Anne happens upon the dreadfully scarred Sydnam Butler, and flees from him in fright Sydnam is employed by the duke as steward of his estate, and is attempting to carve a life out for himself away from his own overprotective and loving family he is a man completely lacking in self pity and understands the picture he presents on first sight.So expertly drawn is Mary Balogh s description of this tragic but gorgeous man, that I shed than one tear on his behalf Anne is appalled at her own crass behaviour and apologises to him at the first available opportunity Friendship flowers over the course of the month long holiday further developing into affection, and finally into something sensual The traumatic events that led to David s conception and the ten years following it, have left Anne emotionally scarred Sydnam too has scars that run far deeper than the obvious surface ones it is therefore understandable that two people starved of physical love and affection, and who have cocooned themselves against further hurt will find comfort in each other.Anne and Syndam are wonderful characters to be honest, if I could hug each of them, I would They feel so real their sorrow, their hurt, their lack of confidence, even their prickliness they belong together, and the tentative progress of their love affair is movingly beautiful Of course, to quote Shakespeare The course of true love never did run smooth they have a lot of soul searching to do before either of them can begin to feel really complete once Luckily, they have each other to help in their respective rehabilitation Their traumatic journey is SO worth the reading or in this case the listening.The supremely talented Rosalyn Landor gives a stupendous performance in this audiobook, bringing this tremendously poignant story with its large and varied cast of complex characters to three dimensional radiance I loved all four books in this series but Simply Love is, in my opinion, by far the most emotionally charged The very fact that this is such a heart rending story makes the performing of it difficult, but Ms Landor handles each character with individuality, consummate skill, aplomb and downright brilliance.I adored the audio version of Simply Love and it is not necessary to have read or listened to the first in the series, as Ms Balogh gives us plenty of background information However, we do meet many old favourites from other series in my case, from books read years ago I was surprised at how vividly I remembered the characters Such is the power of a great and memorable author This is highly recommended.

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Simply Love download Simply Love, read online Simply Love, kindle ebook Simply Love, Simply Love 04cec094ae31 New York Times Bestselling Author Mary Balogh Returns To The Elegance And Sensuality Of Regency England, Weaving A Captivating Tale Of Four Remarkable Women Friends And Teachers At The Exclusive Miss Martin S School For Girls Anne First Spied Him In The Deepening Dusk Of A Wales Evening A Lone Figure Of Breathtaking Strength, His Handsome Face Branded By A Secret Pain For Teacher And Single Mother Anne Jewell, Sydnam Butler Is A Man Whose Sorrows And Passions Run Deeper Than She Could Have Ever Imagined As Steward Of A Remote Seaside Manor, Sydnam Lives A Reclusive Existence Yet He Senses In Anne A Kindred Soul, And Between These Two Wary Hearts, Desire Stirs Unable To Resist The Passion That Has Rescued Them Both, Anne And Sydnam Share An Afternoon Of Exquisite Lovemaking As Scandal Looms, Suddenly The Unwed Mother And The War Scarred Veteran Must Make A Decision That Could Forever Alter Their Lives