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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Simple Jess
  • Pamela Morsi
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9780515118377

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    5 stars There are books that you read yesterday and you can forget today Others you read and can never forget Like Simple Jess Widow Althea Winsloe has no desire to remarry But it s difficult to run her farm, look after her son and cope with the heavier physical demands of getting firewood and meat for the winter Jesse Best has three goals in life, a gun, a dog and a woman When Jess hears that Althea wants to sell her late husband s hunting dogs, he approaches her to buy a dog But Althea instead offers Jess all the dogs if he ll do the physical work she s unable to do.I have read this story any number of times over the years and it never diminishes To me it s a romance classic Not because the hero is an ber alpha, or because he s overtly sexy or because it s bursting the seams with sex scenes In fact it s none of those But it s the story of a man though physically whole, due to a problematic birth, is mentally slow This story is Jess, without him it simply wouldn t be He works hard, he s honest, he s knows and loves animals, he s a good provider, he has integrity, he s kind He s tall, young, handsome and strong And under normal circumstances Jess would be considered quite the catch Althea comes to value Jess and love him, just as he is.Set in 1906 in the town of Marrying Stone in the Ozarks, this is the sequel to Marrying Stone which was Jess s sister, Meggie s story And I think it is worth reading Marrying Stone first where Jess is introduced Pamela Morsi s characters are usually wholesome, decent people And none so than Jesse Best Although not every reader will rejoice in this novel, claim it to be a classic, or put it on their keeper shelf, for me this novel sums up the beauty I see in a simple romance story It won t be for everyone The rustic setting, the historical era of the early 1900s and the hillbilly talk won t work for some readers Fair enough.But the charming simplicity of these rural people of the Ozarks, the generous, quiet strength of Jess and the devoted understanding of Althea in seeing Jess as than just the muscle she needs around the farm, but the man she needs in her life, makes Simple Jess a favourite and a keeper.This is the sort of love story that will leave you smiling It s simple yet lovely, heartwarming even inspiring.Steam 2.5

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    Widow Althea Winsloe just wants to be left alone to raise her young son as she sees fit Unfortunately for her, the men and women of her tight knit village in the Ozarks are determined to see her remarried, and soon Determined to remain in control, she plans to sell her husband s well respected pack of hunting hounds No one s going to just marry her and take what s hers, she s saving everything on the farm for her son to inherit one day.In the general store when Miss Althea discloses her plan to sell her hounds, Jesse Best chases after her to try to buy a dog from her Nearly strangled by his umbilical cord when he was born, he s known as Simple Jess to the townfolk An honest man and hard worker, he s nonetheless often taken advantage of for his lack of wit or logic He s a simple man, and he wants three things in life a dog, a gun and a woman.Seeing an opportunity, Althea makes a bargain with Jess He can earn all the dogs by working on her farm to get her set for the coming winter Wanting to earn a living like a man, and excited to own his own hunting dogs, Jess eagerly accepts.This is the one book I ve read that s truly captured the truth of disability Jess was a fabulous character in that he was nothing special He was only intractably different in other people s minds He wasn t an inspiration to others, he was just a man whose brain didn t work quite right, but went about his life doing things his own way When the story is told from his perspective, there s no angst or drama from him on his otherness He regrets that other people treat him bad or take advantage of him, and wishes that he could keep up with other people s thinking, but he doesn t see that as making him less than anyone else He just works hard to do right the things he can do When we read the story from his perspective, it s colored with a sense of wonder and confusion The prose changes a bit to reflect his simpler thinking but without bogging the narrative down in awkward sentence construction or excess dialect You see less rumination on other people s motives and of him repeating things to himself so he won t forget I loved Althea as well She s a strong woman determined to spare her son the drama she went through when her widower father remarried She s reluctant to marry again and have her new husband slight the son that isn t his own blood The she works with Jess, the she begins to appreciate a man who works hard but isn t afraid to defer to someone else s judgement when he should.Thankfully, the book avoids a common pitfall of books dealing with disability and there s not so much as a hint of charity in Althea s relationship with Jess Loving him doesn t make her a better person, it makes her a happy person She genuinely values what he can contribute and is happy to compensate for his weaknesses Bit by bit throughout the novel we see the many things she has a newfound appreciation for once she sees him as a man And thank goodness, because pity sex is just pathetic When these two finally get together it s anything but charitable Their first kiss is equal parts sweet, passionate and awkward Jess s inexperience is tempered by his blunt honesty, and having a man plainly say how much a woman drives him mad is hot, hot As strong as the main couple is, and as much as I love the treatment of disability, I think the secondary characters might make the novel The town of Marrying Stone is populated with a wide variety of characters and none of them are cardboard placeholders Even antagonists Eben Baxley and Oather Phillips have rich backgrounds and nuanced personalities, giving the marrying plot depth and drama Althea and Jesse are made even vivid by the rich characters that surround them and the colorful conversations they have with them.Simple Jess was a pleasure to read and I d recommend it unreservedly to anyone who loves an emotional, character focused read.

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    Simple Jess is a simple love story People tend to think of simple things as unworthy Not the case at all In a world where everything is complicated, murky, and it s hard to tell what is real and what isn t, the simple gets taken for granted Kind of like Jesse Best.Merriam Webster lists these definitions of Simple, which I will hide in a spoiler if you don t care to read them view spoiler free from guile innocent2a free from vanity modest b free from ostentation or display 3 of humble origin or modest position 4a lacking in knowledge or expertise b 1 stupid 2 mentally retarded c not socially or culturally sophisticated naive also credulous5a sheer, unmixed b free of secondary complications c 1 having only one main clause and no subordinate clauses 2 of a subject or predicate having no modifiers, complements, or objects d constituting a basic element fundamental e not made up of many like units 6 free from elaboration or figuration 7a 1 not subdivided into branches or leaflets 2 consisting of a single carpel 3 developing from a single ovary b controlled by a single gene 8 not limited or restricted unconditional 9 readily understood or performed hide spoiler

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    An amazingly touching book Althea Winsloe has no intention of remarrying, ever After all, she has what she needs her husband s farm to pass onto her beloved son when the time comes However, the denizens of Marrying Stone don t agree It seems like every single person in the small mountain town is eager to see her wed, preferably to the man of their choice.True, she does need help with the farm, but it is easy enough to simply hire a man to take care of things like that Enter Jesse or Simple Jesse as they refer to him throughout the book, even Althea, I hate that bloody condescending name He is than willing to help in exchange for Althea s husband s dogs Now when Jesse was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, so there was a lack of oxygen to his brain, making him, in the words of the various characters in the book feebleminded It s possible that they didn t exactly put it like that, but I came to that conclusion.Now, for the best part of the book Jesse He is so amazing, generous, full of love, gentle, I could go on and on Now true, he has his problems, never being able to find the words he needs, his understanding of some things isn t the best, but he has the ability to read deeper than the words being said It s like the words people say sometimes go over his head, but he can read the underlying emotions.Or there are situations when he is aware that something is wrong, and simply can t tell why Like with the deer.I did have some issues with Althea and her behavior, and some townsfolk who I didn t like even after their redemption , but Jesse completely makes up for it.Rating 5 stars

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    A fancy sash buckle with a rose colored finish caught Jesse s eye What kind of animal is this he asked the drummer It s a dragon Jesse s brow furrowed We don t have any round here like this one, he said It s a mythical beast, the drummer explained with a little chuckle.Jesse nodded solemnly Don t know the place And I don t expect Miss Althea s ever been to Mythica either I would have given this book a lower rating, but I don t think a great character such as Jesse deserved anything lower I really adored Jesse in the previous book, and this one only furthered my liking for him Not only is Jesse great when it comes to people, finding the good in nearly everyone, but he s also respectful of animals and gets along with them well.Also, was it just me or is Jesse different from how he was in the previous book He seems a lot quieter in this book than he was in the previous one Other than his sister getting married and Jesse having a niece, nothing changes between the ending of the last book and the beginning of this There s no indication as to what may have caused the change in Jesse I think it was just a lot noticeable to me because I read these two back to back and the quietness of Jesse versus the previous book really stood out I liked the charm he brought to each scene in the previous book and, although this Jesse isn t offensive or awful or anything, I found myself missing Book 1 Jesse.Jesse is a hunter so if dead animals bother you, I d avoid this book , but he does so for food not for sport In a part of the book, Baby Paisley is hitting a deer with a stick Jesse stops him immediately, telling him he must respect the meat and that the kill isn t for killing It s for food It may not be a super big deal, but I liked that it was in there because it s helps to carve out his personality and who Jesse is as a person I also liked how the author had Jesse proving to Althea that he s a lot capable than she thinks he is.I found Jesse s side of the romance to be very sweet, but maybe that s just because his entire characterization can be described that way Jesse s been told by his father that, due to his simple mindedness, he can t ever do anything with women because no daughter s father will want him as a son in law And because Jesse s never been with a woman he s a virgin, Althea being his first everything , he contents himself by being in their presence whenever he can Jesse makes it obvious that he sets Althea apart from other women, but he doesn t really realize that he does so or the why behind it Even in the first book, it s apparent that Althea was going to be his heroine In this book, the author shows us in the simplest manner that Jesse, even though he doesn t realize it, differentiates Althea from any other woman.Jesse loved the smell of women Old women, young women, women who d spent the morning laboring over a tub of laundry, or women who were dressed up for Sunday with dabs of rose water behind their ears, Jesse relished the sweet redolence of them And Althea Winsloe had an aroma that Jesse much admired It was a mixture, of course Not that he couldn t sort them out perfectly And he didn t consciously even try But he did take another deep breath, merely to enjoy it There was the clean fragrance of yellow soap, the smooth sweetness of fresh churned butter, wood smoke and sage, yarrow and hobblebush All smells that were very familiar to him And there was something , some underlying scent that was almost beyond his detection He couldn t describe it as sweet or spicy It wasn t balmy or savorous, perfumy or yarbish But it was there It was always there And no other woman on the mountain smelled that way.Maybe I d have found the fact that he smells women to be creepy if he had been someone else, but there s such a guilelessness and innocence to Jesse that I just found it to be sweet And I loved that, even though he loves the smell of women, he sets Althea apart from everyone else.Althea s side of the romance, however, I wasn t a big fan of Three fourths of the novel is spent on her being courted by two other men Because it s a romance novel, I knew who she was going to end up with However, Althea doesn t make that decision clear until view spoiler nine tenths hide spoiler

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    4 starsI love Pamela Morsi s small town setting books The characters, the story her writing is awesome This one had some heavy themes but I always end up smiling, sighing, and happy at the end.

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    Question If a heroine was raised in the Ozarks by her kin, in a teeny tiny town perched on the side of a mountain, where no one came in from away, and no one left, folks jumped over a rock to celebrate a weddin , they say words like caint and are so intermarried they caint right remember what clan they started out from, and the clans decide that the widder Althea caint rightly keep her hunting dogs and her farm to herself so they hold a kangaroo court to decide who she should marry, if you are raised like that, in a time like that, in a community like that, would it even occur to you to say I won t do it That was my problem with this book I kept asking myself that question And the answer, I kept thinking, was NOPE.

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    Loved the book and Jess The heroine was a widow with an interfering mother in law and a son and a neglected farm Jess has always wanted three things, dogs, a gun and a woman so when he hears the heroine is selling her dogs, he wants them and they start the an arrangement, he would work for her to earn them I loved Jess, when he was born the cord wrapped around him causing some damage but Jess was just so amazing and I loved reading the way his mind operated The heroine just wanted to live a life with her son but the town people would not have that Loved the book.

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    4 stars I didn t want to stop reading I loved the way it made me feel at the end.STORY BRIEF Takes place in a rural mountain community in Arkansas in 1906 Althea s husband died two years ago She has a three year old boy Her husband had the richest farm land in the area Althea does not want to marry again She wants to save the land for her son when he grows up There are two family clans in the area, the Piggets and the McNees Both sides want their eligible bachelor to marry Althea to get the land The town is pressuring Althea.Althea has food put away from a garden, but she needs firewood and game meat before winter comes Jesse hears that she plans to sell her group of hunting dogs He has always wanted a dog He offers her his coins to buy one of the dogs Instead she offers to give him all the dogs if he will do some work for her to earn them Jesse is excited and says yes He comes to her farm every day to work.The townsfolk call him Simple Jess because his brain is not right His instincts are great, he has a great work ethic, he knows and works well with animals, he s good at hunting But he is not good with words He can t explain things well He is slow to learn new things, but once he learns something his memory of it is fine.REVIEWER S OPINION My gosh, I didn t want to stop reading I was so eager to see the relationship between Althea and Jesse happen and grow At the end of the book I felt uplifted, loved, and fulfilled That s the reason I read romance I want those feelings.I loved the sex scene between Althea and Jesse He was consuming her based on instinct and desire, not experience I loved the way he desired her It was darling Can I say darling about a sex scene It was a wonderful love scene.I liked the variety of characters I liked seeing what happened with the two main eligible bachelors, Eben and Oather Eben was a despicable jerk I enjoyed the surprise of what happened with him Other characters were unlikeable, but that creates the story.DATA Story length 325 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 3 Total number of sex scene pages 11 Setting 1906 Marrying Stone, Arkansas Copyright 1996 Genre rural american historical romance.

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    Jan I have mixed feelings about this book Part of me absolutely loved it loved Jesse and his family , liked Althea, loved Oather If the story had been about these people this would have been close to a 5 read for me Jess might have been simple in his mind, in his thought process, but he was not stupid, nor was he a saint he was a strong man who wanted a dog, a gun and a woman He was truly a delight However, I can t recall the last time when I hated so many characters in a book I hated, hated, hated, Althea s mother in law, disliked most of the town people, didn t like Mavis, could not stand Eben and Baby Paisley got on my nerves his name to me was nails on a chalk board he s 3.5 years old, acts a bit older, and while hey, I get it my mom still asks me how s the baby even though she is almost 15 years old, it s another thing entirely to continually call this child Baby and total side note am I the only one who noticed that whenever he wet the bed, Althea didn t wash the sheets she just kept hanging them out to dry I hated how the town called Jesse Simple Jesse why not just call him stupid Jesse or dumb ass Jesse Small town mentality has never appealed to me, and never less so than in this book The idea that this entire town thought they could tell a grown woman that she HAD to get married and she allowed the court opinion to guide her irked me beyond words well, not really I apparently have lots of words to express my feelings I hated Eben were we supposed to feel for him because he cries at the end I d rather him have remained a villian and not gotten the girl The way he treated her and she was all of 16 when the transgression happened and then her immediate forgiveness of his behavior if only that entire part had been left out of the book I d have liked it so much better he did not deserve to be happy after one tiny cry And poor Oather really, the entire family is so accepting of his sort of discussed but not really difference I found that extremely hard to believe.So, bottom line Jesse Althea awesome Rest of Marrying Stone folk blech

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Simple Jesscharacters Simple Jess, audiobook Simple Jess, files book Simple Jess, today Simple Jess, Simple Jess 4dc6b The Last Thing Widow Althea Winsloe Wanted To Do Was Remarry Unfortunately, Her Meddlesome Mountain Neighbors Had Other Plans So, One Autumn Night They Banded Together And Gave Althea A Shocking Ultimatum She Was To Find Herself A Husband By Christmasor The Town Would Do It For Her Althea Knew She Had Her Choice Of Any Single Man In Marrying Stone, Arkansas Yet The Only One She Felt Truly Comfortable With Was Simple JessSweet And Gentle, Jess Wasn T As Smart As Your Average Man But His Tender Manner Stirred Althea S Heart In Ways She Had Never Dreamed PossibleIt Would Take A Miracle To Find A Husband In Marrying Stone But Sometimes Miracles Are Right Under Your Nose

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