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Silent Stars chapter 1 Silent Stars, meaning Silent Stars, genre Silent Stars, book cover Silent Stars, flies Silent Stars, Silent Stars df87173bc7692 Film Scholar Jeanine Basinger Offers A Revelatory, Perceptive, And Highly Readable Look At The Greatest Silent Film Stars Not Those Few Who Are Fully Appreciated And Understood, Like Chaplin, Keaton, Gish, And Garbo, But Those Who Have Been Misrepresented, Unfairly Dismissed, Or ForgottenIncluded Are Valentino, The Sheik, Who Was Hardly The Effeminate Lounge Lizard He S Been Branded Mary Pickford, Who Couldn T Have Been Further From The Adorable Little Creature With Golden Ringlets That Was Her Film Persona Marion Davies, Unfairly Pilloried In Citizen Kane The Original Phantom And Hunchback, Lon Chaney The Beautiful Talmadge Sisters, Norma And Constance Here Are The Great Divas, Pola Negri And Gloria Swanson The Great Flappers, Colleen Moore And Clara Bow The Great Cowboys, William S Hart And Tom Mix And The Great Lover, John Gilbert Basinger Also Includes The Quintessential Slapstick Comedienne, Mabel Normand, With Her Keystone Kops The Quintessential All American Hero, Douglas Fairbanks And, Of Course, The Quintessential All American Dog, Rin Tin Tin

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    The author states that the purpose of this book is to feature silent film stars that are forgotten, misunderstood, or underappreciated It is a good premise but I couldn t relate to how some of these actors fit into those categories And in only a couple of instances did one of those categories apply A perfect example is John Gilbert..a man who will forever be known for his downfall because his voice was too high for talking films That is a legend without any basis at all If you have seen his talking films, there is nothing unusual about the tone pitch of his voice and his fall from stardom was based on other issues.The author writes 13 chapters, each dedicated to a star, none of whom are forgotten by silent film fansMary Pickford Douglas Fairbanks Gloria Swanson Lon Chaney Clara Bow Why are they in this book Probably the only two actors who may be forgotten are the Talmadge sisters, Norma and Constance, who invested their money well and got out of the movie business when talkies came along I can think of many actors, famous in the day, who are not included..Mae Murray, Mary Miles Minter, Bobby Harron, William Hainesall forgotten today They are the ones that I expected to find within these pages.The second gripe I have about the book is that the author gave space to the plots of the films than the personalities of the actors starring in them It had me skimming through those sections Don t get me wrong, there are some interesting facts about the stars and the silent movie business which kept me reading but I think I was looking for something a little different.

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    I look to many film historians including folks like Jeanine Basinger and Donald Bogle to inform me and introduce me to new old actors and films from the era I love, so I m thankful for any information I can get But in this book, Basinger is going over the same actors as a hundred other books have done There is nothing new or worthwhile here unless you are just discovering Silent films and want a brief biosketch There are much great actors of the era that one doesn t read about, that I wish she would have covered Instead, she dedicates the book to those she didn t have room to include big deal I m giving three stars simply for her effort in mentioning very briefly those I m interested in and the wonderful pictures.

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    Strangely I wasn t enthralled and decided to wait and try this some other time I mean, I did read a good deal of it I adored Basinger s book about the studio system and I love love love silent movie lore, but I guess this book, consisting of mini biographies and filmographies just didn t grip me.

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    Very good book Basinger does a fine job describing the lives and careers of silent film stars whose names are familiar, but whose stories have been overlooked Her accounts are clear eyed, but also sympathetic, and she is very adept at placing their lives and careers in historical context To me, the most interesting chapter was the one on Marion Davies and she closes on a lighter note with her tongue in cheek examination of the adventures of Rin Tin Tin The photographs add a lot to the stories I recommmend it

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    Basinger is a lively writer, whose other books on film history I like, but this book is a disappointment, primarily because it does not deliver what it says it will From the jacket blurb a look at the greatest silent film stars not those few who are fully appreciated and understood but those who have been misperceived, unfairly dismissed, or forgotten Into the category of the forgotten , Basinger places the Talmadge sisters Who is she kidding I ve known about these sisters for decades, and have in my collection a multitude of magazine photos and articles on both of them, and for 25 years I ve wanted to see their feature films Over the years, including after 1999, other writers have said their films were lost, but they re not, and a couple years ago Kino issued pristine dvds of 2 films for each of them, which I heartily recommend to all newbies and oldies Basinger s selection of stars will be of interest only to those who are new to silent films and know nothing about this era for all of these stars, except Valentino, whose name is known, are obscure and for this group, the book is highly recommended However, for the rest of us, why write about Pickford, Fairbanks, Swanson, Bow, Valentino, Gilbert, Normand, and Chaney when there is already a mountain of published material on them I would welcome reading about other major stars of this period such as Richard Barthelmess, Francis X Bushman, Barbara LaMarr, Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels, Conrad Nagel, Florence Vidor, Thomas Meighan, Alice Terry, Vilma Banky, Mae Murray etc, but doing so would require original research in primary sources, which Basinger is perhaps too busy to do What research she has done, which seems to be entirely from histories and auto bios published over the preceding 40 years, does not turn up any new information or insights about these stars of the silent era Of course, she also watched the films, where she discovered new insights , which are actually just her opinions colored by a 1990s outlook But I m not interested in Basinger s assessment of a film made in 1922 and viewed by her 75 years later What does interest me is what contemporary audiences thought of a given film, information which can be found in contemporary reviews in Variety, NYT, trade papers, and the fan mags, but not in Silent Stars Is Basinger unaware that the general public has no access to many of these films, either to purchase or view them, unless you live in L.A or N.Y., where they re shown, rarely, in special revival screenings So why, if a film has been lost or is locked up in an archive, write extensively about the film, especially the plot, its least interesting element, as Basinger, and to be fair, many other authors, do.And what s Marion Davies doing in this book Davies successfully transitioned into the sound era and is well known for the films she made in the 30s than in the 20s Yes, I know she had a long career in silents and her 2 comedies at the very end of the silent era are brilliant but to include her in this group of the greatest of silent film stars is strange.Final squawk To state, as Basinger does, that Olive Thomas was a drug addict is irresponsible Thomas biographer does not make this claim and she has examined this rumor closely than Basinger It is annoying that highly respected scholars make statements such as this without documentation and thereby perpetuate the rumors.But enough complaining Basinger s concluding chapter on Rin Tin Tin, a bonafide star new to me, was fascinating Now I m hellbent on watching all the films available of this stalwart canine And Knopf has done a first class job of printing The cover is perfection The b w photos, nice size and print quality, are excellent And the endcovers, photos of 8 stars and their dogs, are superb.

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    I was extremely curious to pick up this book as it is one of the few that Nita Naldi s name comes up in When I got it I was sorely disappointed Its probably the best researched book on the don t list but that s not saying much She uses out of date biographies for her research despite newer and better technology being available the book was printed in 99 or 00 depending who you ask and the prose is extremely dry and too self important Her chapter on Keystone, Mack, and Mabel was useless as was her assessment that Valentino couldn t act Meanwhile Nita was barely mentioned and of course the info was the standard wrong stuff I don t know why people recommend this book definitely not worth your time with the vast amount of individual silent biographies out there that are much better Ironically she teaches film studies apparently.

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    3 1 2 starsPrimarily critiques on the films and the impact they and the actors had on the public There is much less information of the actor s lives, themselves Likewise, there are plenty of opinions by the author, but few that I agree with Yet, it is a good source if you are interested in the work of the performers that she covers.

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    Reading Silent Stars was like taking a college course with the perfect professor lecturing I learned a lot, and although Basinger is an academic, she has a straightforward, declarative style that is charming and engaging.

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    Jeanine Basinger spends time with several of the silent greats some are better remembered today than others, but all of their stories are interesting I d love a sequel

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    I ll read anything about Hollywood by Jeane Basinger and this is one of her best but she did mess up a bit on Marion Davies Still, a fabulous book on the silent era.

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