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Short Stories by Roald Dahl chapter 1 Short Stories by Roald Dahl , meaning Short Stories by Roald Dahl , genre Short Stories by Roald Dahl , book cover Short Stories by Roald Dahl , flies Short Stories by Roald Dahl , Short Stories by Roald Dahl 711522bfaf436 This Is Nonfiction Commentary Purchase Includes A Free Trial Membership In The Publisher S Book Club Where You Can Select From Than A Million Books Without Charge Chapters Pig, Roald Dahl Short Stories Bibliography, Bitch, Lamb To The Slaughter, Man From The South, Edward The Conqueror, Neck, Mrs Bixby And The Colonel S Coat, The Last Act, William And Mary, Vengeance Is Mine Inc The Landlady, Parson S Pleasure, Dip In The Pool, Georgy Porgy, The Hitch Hiker, Taste, Galloping Foxley, Beware Of The Dog, Skin, Nunc Dimittis, Poison, Genesis And Catastrophe A True Story, The Great Switcheroo, The Visitor, An African Story

10 thoughts on “Short Stories by Roald Dahl

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    Great collection of stories by Roald Dahl an author I adored as a child The stories were therefore somewhat surprising, dark and twisted but definitely enjoyable Some stories had a greater appeal, whilst others were a bit hard to get into but that is what I have come to expect when reading collections of short stories.

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    I loved Roald Dahl as a kid and now am pleasantly suprised to find he is my new favorite for adult short stories His quick but solid character development and wicked twists were delightful I had a hard time not reading this all at once

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    Interesting collection by Dahl he never fails to disappoint Always some kind of twist at the end of each story.I used to love his kid s fiction and was pleased to see his adult stuff is similarly engaging.

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    Lamb to the Slaughter O the irony

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