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    Welcome to Steve Martin s gallery of portraits The subject is the vacuous LA social scene First up and the focal point of the show Mirabelle ButtersfieldMiss Buttersfield is a wallflower coming into her own She works at a high end clothing store Her thoughts on romance and relationships are juvenile Next we have a brief study on Jeremy.He begins as a slacker an evolves into a successful bit of trite pomposity His thoughts on romance and relationships are juvenile The next subject is a catalyst for change within the arch of Martin s intended scope for this show Ray PorterRay is too wealthy for his own good It leaves him with too much time on his hands His thoughts on romance and relationships are juvenile Aside from the above, a number of minor works fill out the show.Critics have lambasted Martin s portraits as non representative of the true human experience Those people probably haven t met a Los Angeles socialite, a being who believes that who you know, who you fuck and who you wear is of paramount importance Some have attacked Martin himself, as if laying blame on him for his subjects vapid thoughts and actions This is unfair For this reviewer, the portraits themselves are not the problem, it s the overall story that this collection presents that makes the work as a body fall apart Or perhaps it would be poignant to say that it falls on its face As a whole it fails to move They are, after all, portraits They do not move, not themselves nor the viewer.

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    Edit Goodreads just showed me the following quote from Steve Martin Some people have a way with words, and other peopleoh, uh, not have way Heh I m gonna go ahead and add that to my review here Also, I am totes against GIFs pics in goodreads reviews usually because USE YOUR WORDS but I will make an exception b c RuPaul and Visage OH, what an utterly FASCINATING look into the totally important and equally fascinating stereotypes regarding heterosexual sexual relationships Everyone in this book could have died in a fire, and I wouldn t have cared The girl, I hate her I refuse to believe this girl is smart, everything she does indicates that she is a complete idiot But the reader is supposed to accept that she is smart because Steve Martin cleverly includes this in the narration by saying something like She is smart She reads books WOW, NEAT AND SUBTLE Plus everyone in this book is really shallow and vapid and obsessed with clothes, which I think is contradictory to the claim of any of these people being intelligent at all Am I saying that people really interested in fashion can t be intelligent YES, PRETTY MUCH The narration is ridiculous BOO.Also this book is about a 50 year old rich white guy fucking a young hot 28 year old And they made a movie out of it and of course, STEVE MARTIN played the 50 yr old YOUR PLOY IS TRANSPARENT, MARTIN I haven t seen the movie, but I actually kind of want to If this story could ever work, I could see it working as a movie NOT AS A BOOK, Martin isn t a good enough writer to pull it off.

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    A haunting talein that I am still haunted by Martin s borderline misogynistic caricatures of women and what he thinks we do in public restrooms page 101 He writes like a child who got a thesaurus for Christmas but has never read a great book, or been allowed to use the f word, or met a woman, owned a pair of testicles page 18 , or employed an editor Don t believe me Check out how he named his main character Mirabelle Buttersfield No one is named Mirabelle Buttersfield Unless the author is trying so hard to reflect mirror his own worth belle.I once loved Martin s comedy, but this slim volume cured me of that Read this book only if you already hate bubble gum, nipples, women or reading.

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    I read this book out of curiosity because I d always wondered what kind of writer Steve Martin is I mean, I d used his quote I think I did pretty well, considering all I started out with was a bunch of blank paper for YEARS in writing classes, at the tops of syllabi, etc I could at least see what he d done with that blank paper I was pleasantly surprised I really liked this novella It was the right size for the story I think too often writers cram a lot into a short story or stretch out not enough into a novel I really liked the character of Mirabelle I liked her struggle to find herself She was believable She had real thoughts, real feelings I was a bit thrown by the Jeremy conversion toward the end of the book, but I don t even understand love and romance in real life, so making it have to be a stretch in a book isn t a huge downfall for me I am SO glad that Ray Porter remained Ray Porter throughout the novella, decent sort of but never fully redeemed The unforgivable sin in this novella would have been to have him become a prince charming and rescue Mirabelle, or something, a la _Pretty Woman_ ICK It did set up the expectation that some older man out there will pay off the remaining 58,000 of my student loans, but it hasn t happened yet.

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    Steve Martin, how I love you.But please, please, please don t write anything ever again.Kisses,LauraPS Please stop being in movies involving the words dozen or bride in the title K thanx.PPS Also, if you specifically note on one page that your character does not have a couch, only a FUTON OH MY GOD HOW CLICHED IS THAT, as a really lazy way of saying she isn t grown up yet, and then later say that a visitor to the character s apartment never saw her cat as it HID UNDER THE COUCH, seriously, you should never ever write anything ever again This is objective proof, it isn t just me, okay

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    She knows that she needs new friends but introductions are hard to come by when your natural state is shyness p.4 However, Jeremy does have one outstanding quality He likes her And this quality in a person makes them infinitely interesting to the person being liked p.8 She is offering herself to him on the outside chance that he will hold her afterward She feels very practical about this and vows not to feel bad if things don t work out After all, she tells herself, she isn t really involved with him emotionally or otherwise p.14 It never occurs to Mirabelle to observe herself, and thus she is spared the image of a shy girl sitting alone in a bar on Saturday night A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps in her, waiting to be stirred p.20 She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her p.21 Mirabelle is not affected by a man s failure to approach her, as her own self deprecating attitude never allows the idea that he would in the first place p.27 I m not sure what I like I m still forming.

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    The story wants to be deep It wants to paint a delicate picture of the world and wow you with its simple truths It wants to sing straight into your heart, but it doesn t realize that it s tone deaf and, well, stupid The only thing you can really do is pat it on the head and say, Poor thing, and then maybe give it a piece of pie because its life will be filled with nothing but disappointment.

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    Mirabelle works at a boring job in the dressy glove department at Neiman Marcus, selling a product that few people stop to buy The shy artistic woman longs for in her life, and needs to feel loved But the dating scene in LA is superficial and cutthroat, and she often makes unwise choices It s hard to believe she is twenty eight years old since she acts much younger The novella is bittersweet and darkly humorous as Mirabelle looks for genuine love and happiness.

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    One imagines, easily, that Steve Martin has done some hard time in fine department stores Perhaps he was with Bernadette Peters or Victoria Tennant, or any of the many beautiful women he s been known to escort around town afternoon strolls that clearly included revolving doors and escalators, a hint of rich perfume in the air, the light refrain of piped in piano, and a rack of Armani couture that called to his lady with its siren song He has been parked, one imagines, several times in one of those lush, over stuffed chairs reserved for lotharios in his predicament abandoned with a purse and a coat and a promise this will only take a minute Though it doesn t take a minute, it never takes a minute, unless it is the proverbial dog minute which will prove to be the hefty chunk of an hour.It isn t long before his eye wanders away from the dressing room door, past the jackets and hats, the mannequins, the tipsy stack of angora sweaters, and off to another department altogether where a lone, lithesome salesgirl stands before a case of evening gloves And he wonders, one imagines, whether women still wear evening gloves He cannot remember the last soiree he attended that included such Oh, but her day must prove tediously uneventful What sort of girl employs herself thus And just as we are doing now, Steve Martin had begun to imagine He imagined this girl, her day, her life, her slacker boyfriend He imagined a possible customer an older man entranced He imagined a rival, he imagined a lust, he imagined assorted neuroses And he imagined all of this in winsome ways with elegant internal prose And it is a story, I suppose, yet it is the story of an author who is diverting himself while in wait for something else Take up this book and you will wait with him You will wait through his idle rumination, biding your hours alongside a man who is anticipating the return of a beautiful woman A woman he will swiftly be forsaking you for.And who can blame him She s miles beyond anything he s been able to construct in his afternoon s imagination.

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    Steve Martin is surprisingly adept at prose A master of the comedic genre, Mr Martin manages without pretentiousness to imbue the story of a slightly imbalanced shopgirl, Mirabelle, a veritable everyday girl with little to do of anything, with a mirth and understanding that undercuts all of his celebrity and stand up.Mirabelle meets both a fledgling creature Jeremy and a middle aged millionaire Ray Porter The short novella explores with a flat, unflinching, and sometimes almost dull eye the capture of a woman coming to terms with her sexuality and further her reality Here, she explores the world of love with an idea that one day she will truly be artistic, and there, Jeremy explores the world of the subconscious with an idea he will learn how to love, and finally, at the end, Ray Porter explores the world of the sexual to find the deviant connection between sex and deeper emotion.The plot is predictable, certainly There is this consistent and melancholy touch of the everyday in this everyday book about everyday people, and that is precisely what made Shopgirl so memorable for me that everyday people, perhaps like myself, or like you, standing at retail counters even they have stories, and they are worthy, if not less than flashy.

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