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    All of the emphasis on her poems of love, such as how do I love you, let me count the ways are offensive to me because this is a woman who was much than a wife and lover to her poet husband I think that the emphasis on these writings to her husband, was a mechanism in her time for relegating her to the proper role for a woman poet, rather than recognizing that she stands alone at that time period and I believe even greater than her husband Robert Brownning as a great poet among both the sexes Her grasp of language, emotion, the spiritual is sharp, and when I read her poetry, sometimes her words affect me so that I can t help but audibly gasp Case in point God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers, And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face, A gauntlet with a gift in it I hope some day her true contribution to the great body of poetry is recognized sadly, it is still not.

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    This is not exactly my edition mine is brown but otherwise looks identical While most literary histories exclude Elizabeth Barret Browning while praising her husband, Robert Browning, it was interesting to discover that he only became famous after getting to know and to love her It is sad that Elizabeth today stands in his shadow or so it seems to me at least because there are some fine poems in this collection that showed me that she really was great woman I especially liked the excerpts of Aurora Leigh which surprised me with Mrs Browning s feminist attitude after all she lived in the Victorian Age Nevertheless, I cannot give this volume of selected poetry than 3 stars because there were just too many poems I didn t get, too many that didn t speak to me, didn t leave anything other than questions like what does she want to say Compared to Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barret Browning s work simply didn t fascinate me as much.With poetry as with every other kind of literature, everyone has to decide for their own but I am glad I gave this book a try because this poet sure has something to tell us and in some parts her work is revolutionary for her time.

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    I hadn t read much EBB overall some in college At that time she was thought of less favorably than Robert Browning, of whose work we read But I have to say, just from this sampling, I find her work enjoyable and clever Most of what I read holds up very well for a modern reader I especially liked the juxtaposition of A Woman s Shortcomings and A Man s Requirements She was obviously a keen observer of human behavior with a piercing wit and what the old folks might call a b.s detector I will seek out and read of her.

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    This right here is my favorite book of poems in my possession If I m having a particularly dull day and feel in need of beauty or inspiration, I flip to The Romaunt of Margret, my favorite of the poems included within It is a beautifully tragic story of a young girl s despair so deep that she throws herself into the river to drown, for love lost and lack of support The bard addressing the reader gets involved in the story, helping it feel real, and all the tragic I feel like to focus on the breezy love poems Barrett Browning wrote, though they are beautiful as well, would be an injustice to her work, though that is pretty much what happens There are other poems, with much sadness in them, many a deep passage that does not speak of love or does not have a happy ending They re amazing and so very well worded And even if people come to this book solely because they enjoy How Do I Love Thee I m glad, because they get to read what else this talented poet had to say.

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    I found this book in the library whilst browsing for a quick read, and I am so happy that I did.Elizabeth B Browning has always been a favorite poet of mine since I was young, and discovering this book made my passion and love for her work grow all the stronger, especially through my discovery of my now number one favorite poem of all time by Elizabeth B Browning, The Soul s Expression It might even perhaps be my single most favorite poem ever, regardless of the poet.Otherwise, I fell in love with her works all over again because of this book and the collection of some of her works within.

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    Just not that good I was looking forward to reading her stuff, because of the high esteem many have of her, but I found her work stunted and clumsy Not that there weren t highlights of course, but poetry is supposed to be all highlights right It s the thing that makes it poetry Instead I found myself waiting for a let me count the ways moment, which I did once or twice a poem, but that s just not enough to make it good, or interesting, or worth reading another compendium of your droll poetry I ll admit the two star rating is partly based on my unfulfilled expectation, but that s how I dooz, as you know, because fuck you, that s why.

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    Early copy of this Elizabeth Barrett Browning is probably among my favorite female poets, and poets overall She had both fire and verve in her words I put her not only above Robert, but find her to be somewhat the anti thesis to Keats She both embraced the strength of her femininity, and challenged man s idea thereof despite health, and various other issues In the end, she should be labeled as among the premiere poets.

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    This is not the exact copy I am reading but basically the same I am not a big poem reader But I am really enjoying her poems and the short write up on her life I knew some of the things but not all She really is a wonderful example of perseverance in the face of many obstacles and seeing her pour the pain and worry about her future and what might have been and then her self chastisement into her poetry rings a little close to home

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    Great Victorian poetry on suffering and love Oddly, the poems that touched me the most were not the ones I was expected to read for my class Barrett s ability to cloak pain with love is quite amazing and her insight on gender relations is equally awesome Glad I read this selection

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    One of the most popular women poets of the Victorian era.

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