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Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics) quotes Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics), litcharts Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics), symbolism Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics), summary shmoop Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics), Selected Essays, Poems, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics) c670d28e The Works Collected In This Volume Provide An Illuminating Introduction To George Eliot S Incisive Views On Religion, Art And Science, And The Nature And Purpose Of Fiction Essays Such As Evangelical Teaching Show Her Rejecting Her Earlier Religious Beliefs, While Woman In France Questions Conventional Ideas About Female Virtues And Marriage, And Notes On Form In Art Sets Out Theories Of Idealism And Realism That She Developed Further In Middlemarch And Daniel Deronda It Also Includes Selections From Eliot S Translations Of Works By Strauss And Feuerbach That Challenged Many Ideas About Christianity Excerpts From Her Poems And Reviews Of Writers Such As Wollstonecraft, Goethe And Browning Wonderfully Rich In Imagery And Observations, These Pieces Reveal The Intellectual Development Of This Most Challenging And Rewarding Of Writers

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    If you ve read than one Eliot book and you are interested in what she wrote besides novels this is a great read Otherwise, this will get pretty boring for most people.This contains essays, letters, reviews, poems, and translations all written by Eliot I liked seeing that she wasn t just a novelist I also liked seeing her writing progress over time.One thing that annoyed me her than in her fiction was the fact she was religious, but OVERLY religious Her early essays are too religious, but later on she becomes less religious Her writing matures, thankfully.Out of this whole book, the one essay I liked the most and think people should read was her Silly Novels by Lady Novelist It shows how she had feminist ideas, she was into humor, and she wasn t afraid to change the way women think.

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    Finished 02.01.2019Genre non fictionRating C ClassicConclusion

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    I only read Eliot s early essay, The Natural History of German Life, but plan on reading of this volume this summer This essay is extremely interesting and important for understanding Eliot s realism, as it basically provides an outline for understanding what she is trying to do with her fiction, especially her early works Scenes of Clerical Life Adam Bede.

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    Eliot edited and reviewed and wrote essays for years before she wrote her first fiction This is a nice selection Good intro by Byatt, excellent notes outstanding little intro to publishing history for each piece and there are a few pieces here not in Phinney s collection of her essays He tended to be on the safe side of, Did she write this reviews were unsigned, a practice which held on in Englnad until the 1980 s or 1990 s , and a couple pieces discovered after the publication of his book Plus, it includes selections from her poems, her last novel , a short bit of correspondence, and short examples from her two translations.Worth a read if you are interested in Eliot her essays and reviews really do reflect back on what she would write in fiction later in her career Also, sad that nearly 175 years ago people were questioning the Bible as Revelation, approacching it as a work of history and myth of a people and it still has not sunk in all these years later 4 out of 5, for those serious about Eliot only others will find this rather dry and outdated.

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