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Secret to Startup Failure chapter 1 Secret to Startup Failure , meaning Secret to Startup Failure , genre Secret to Startup Failure , book cover Secret to Startup Failure , flies Secret to Startup Failure , Secret to Startup Failure d446266e65455 For Those Who Are Crazy Enough To Keep FailingAward Winning Entrepreneur And Author Of Popular Webcomic Series EntrepreNo S Secret To Startup Failure Sonia Lin Unveils A Startup Life Full Of Failures, Based Off Her Iconic Humor In The Webcomics That Are Weaved Into Practical Themes In A Startup Life, Coupled With Words Of Advice To Fellow Entrepreneurs The Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Fail Happy Mantra Of This Book Commits To Promoting Work Life Balance And The Ability To Look Beyond And Laugh At The Startup Life Vicissitudes In Order To Achieve Long Term Entrepreneurial SuccessGet Ready For Secret To Startup Failure To Get Over A Less Than Successful Launch Day Pick A Co Founder Who Provides Politics Free Companionship Interpret Productivity From The Garbage Can Have An Investor Call On St Patrick S Day And Startup Life Is Long, So Fail Where You Should, And Laugh When You Can

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    So many people have big dreams, but fear holds them back They are afraid to fail The biggest kept secret is that than likely success is dependent on failure If you don t know what doesn t work, how can you ever figure out what does It is very important to take failure into consideration when you are making your business plan Blowout success right out of the gate is the exception to the rule I also really liked how the author uses humor to get the point across Really adds a nice touch to the book without being over the top or forced Definitely highly recommend this to anyone who dreams of starting their own business.

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    Believe in Your Self that s all the book SaysJust a Week ago I bought this book As I am not a regular reader I only pick the book by looking at their title As the title was interesting Secret To Startup Failure It was interesting I read the whole book in approximately 9 days and I felt that the book mainly stress upon increasing Self confidence, patience and to increase stamina for hearing every type of reviews whether its right or wrong.But you should stay on your aim and believe in yourself And that s all the book is about I invite the youth to buy this book and read it carefully because these days youth lacks confidence and self Belief.

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    In Secret to Startup Failure, Sonia Lin has created a perfect and much needed reference guide for new entrepreneurs and startup businesses The chapters are full of direct, no nonsense facts about the reality of business, and they are accompanies by humorous comic strips that work well together to help illustrate the facts of business life to the reader There are plenty of books out there geared toward your success, but none of them are covering the very real and necessary experience of failure From my own professional experience I can tell you that failure is the most valuable learning tool for a businessperson We have to fail in order to create better plan and know what works Insightful and matter of fact, this book is a must read for the startup business person.

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    Book Tells Never Back DownI read this book To be true I am also thinking to start my own enterprise I was afraid that what will happen after the start, as I am new for business I have to face the real circumstances but after reading this book, I am sure that I would be able to handle public dealings This book tells how to deal with business and business people with confidence After all public dealing is the toughest part of business You don t know people and underestimate or overestimate them This book reveals you the real truth about them This is a must read book for people who wants to start new business.

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    This Depicts my story, when I started as an EntrepreneurOh my god This book is the true story of mine When I started as an entrepreneur I overcame the same obstacles in my path, some of the mind wrecking people who don t want you to be successful always become obstacle in your path but if u tackles them with your own awareness you can beat them and become the best from them Mainly the book keeps saying that your calmness and gentleness can get you out of the box This is all you need to become the king of the ring Thanks to the writer for such a motivational book.

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    Gateway to success is here, new Entrepreneurs must readI am glad to say that, this book is best guide to the people who want to start a business but do not start due to low confidence But here is the solution to their low confidence and failures I read this book and I experience that that s the same thing happened to me when I was an entrepreneur and the book describes the best way to tackle those problems overcoming the failures which often occurs in every business, that s not a big issue But the big issue is how to tackle them and get rid of them Highly recommended

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    A fairly ordinary book with no real depth However, for someone totally uninitiated to startup, it might be a good starting point to cover in under a couple of hours.

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    Clever Witty While Providing Brilliant Insights For Business Builders An Enjoyable and comical read that will help you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off if you ve hit a roadblock on your way to fortune and fame or if you have some major pitfalls to overcome, this book will help you see the Lighter side of things and help you to find balance in your life The insights within this little book are phenomenal and really motivational All failures lead to success for those of us that never give up Yes, there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going I love the anecdotal way the Secret to Startup Failure was written It was both an enlightening and refreshing read I found myself laughing than anything and sometimes that is just what you need to motivate yourself and realize that we are not alone on our journey Sonia Lin did a fantastic job with this clever delivery She is both articulate and candid in her writing and knows how to captivate her audience I found a lot of insights that will help to prepare me for future setbacks that could arise this allows me to plan ahead and know exactly what to expect, Thank You Amazing Illustrations combined with Tongue in cheek humor will keep you in a better state of mind to handle all the could be catastrophes that may come your way I have read a lot of business books and I would certainly recommend this eBook to any new or seasoned entrepreneur as it provides practical advice and sound practices to overcome obstacles dished out to the reader in a light hearted and humorous way I wish there was a print copy of it available also as it would be a perfect coffee table book for those days I am burnt out and don t want to even look at any type of computer screen In Summary A Job well done, Candid, Comical, Practical and Uplifting Brilliant Writing skills and a Must Have for any Entrepreneur Two thumbs up

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    What I loved about this book is the hilarity and maturity with which the author tackled workplace stress.While it is so easy to think of living life as in Indie Author or an artist, it depends so much on so many external forces which you cannot control It becomes so difficult to look at life or even work objectively Or even be motivated Forget about what any entrepreneur feels, to be motivated in our working lives is so difficult Life is tough People and circumstances can seem to conspire against you sometimes and make it tougher.Sonia Lin gives us some simple reminders, points which we may overlook but which bear a lot of weight when it comes to making your entrepreneurial life a success Don t be fooled by the simplicity of this book It takes a hard boiled egg and a mature one at that to laugh at problems so debilitating as a start up failure I appreciate the ability of the author to look at her vast experience in the start up world through a kaleidoscope of emotions and brings out something which is useful and also brings a person down to earth It is easy to get carried away in the emotions which come with your first experience doing jobs on your own Like Sonia says, lets fail cheap, fail fast and fail easy At least while looking at the illustrations let s take life lightly and realize that perhaps tomorrow will be a better day Definitely a good read.

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    Sonia Lin hit the nail on the head with this quirky, fun look into everything involved with starting a business Keep in mind it isn t a how to, or anything like that It s like insight, things to think about, and what not to do.I own a small business, and I can defiantly relate to almost every point Sonia touches on It is encouraging to know that you aren t alone is the struggles, and possible failures that come with this type of venture.The author has a comic series EntrepreNo s Secret to Startup Failure, and if it is anything like the wonderful illustrations and mini comics in this book I will have to take a look This book doesn t focus on the illustrations, but they are a nice light hearted way to drive some of the points home.Before I made my own startup, I worked for many years in management of a large company I can honestly say that a lot of this book can relate to my years in that role as well So just because you don t run, or aren t planning a startup it doesn t mean you can t take anything away from this.The only complaint I have is, I wish there was a print edition The way the book is laid out is very nice, and allows you to jump around out of chronological order and not get lost With that, and the illustrations it would be nice as a book to keep out, in the office.I recommend this to anyone in the business world, whether in management or a start up venture.

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