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Seal of Destiny quotes Seal of Destiny, litcharts Seal of Destiny, symbolism Seal of Destiny, summary shmoop Seal of Destiny, Seal of Destiny 022c52fc Love Conquers All But Can It Stop The Apocalypse Mira Herald Is Having The Worst Life Ever Not Only Is She Plagued By Horrific Nightmares Starring The Devil Himself, She S Now The Target Of A Power Hungry, Rogue Minion, Freshly Sprung From Hell And Bent On Her Destruction To Complicate Matters Further, She S Acquired A Stalker One Who Insists He S A Divine Warrior Sent For Her Protection Because She Houses An Ancient Relic With The Power To Unleash Armageddon Last Time Mira Checked, She Wasn T Insane Still, All This Celestial Mayhem Is Enough To Drive A Girl CrazyKagan Is A Member Of The Scion, An Elite Team Of Immortal Warriors Selected By Divinity To Aid Mankind And Save The World After A Century Alone, Kagan Is Summoned For A New Mission He S Eager To Begin Eager Until He S Informed His Mission Consists Of Protecting A Woman With No Clue To The Power She Wields Plus, His Briefing Fails To Prepare Him For His New Target S Cosmic Sized Attitude Problem As Divinity S Sworn Servant, He S Required To Fulfill His Duty His Oath, However, Does Not Require Him To Be Enthusiastic About His New Assignment Or Warm And Fuzzy Toward His New Compatriot He Plans A Wham Bam Rescue And A Quick Return To SolitudeThe Minion Attacks With The Backing Of A Mysterious Organization And All Hades Erupts, Putting A Fast End To Any Whirlwind Escapes Accustomed To Staunch Independence, Mira S Survival Now Requires Full Cooperation And An Unwavering Belief In Kagan The Battle Hardened Warrior Is Also Forced To Chose Between Duty And Desire Amidst The Turmoil, Kagan And Mira S Undeniable Passion Draws Them Closer To Each Other And Down A Path Neither Expected But Both Yearn For, Than They Ever KnewWill Love Save The Day The World S Fate Depends On The Answer Sensuality Level Sensual

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    An exciting story with action, suspense, humor, good vs evil, and a good dose of steam Mira has a painful background and doesn t let anyone get close Kagan is supposed to protect her The fate of the world hangs in the balance Yet there is an attraction between them that they can t deny And I can t forget about his friends If you like buff, protective, alpha males this book has plenty of them Not to mention foreign expletives and Italian endearments A fun, exciting read Definitely looking forward to of this series.

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    This was the perfect read for a summer day Short and sweet, this had the perfect balance between story and steam That said, this novella was super sexy and made me want to go dancing I look forward to reading from this series.

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    Right after reading the description of Seal of Destiny I knew I wanted to read it Y all know how I love a way out there paranormal romance I have read angel books, demon books, even books with God and the devil as buddies This is my first with a Scion character which is a little different from all the above I am still a little fuzzy on how the Scion came to be, but on that a little later.What set this story apartI loved the way Douglass has taken something many people have at least heard about, the seals of the apocalypse, and built this story around them At the same time Douglass has set this story totally apart from what is in Revelation In Seal of Destiny each seal is bound to a human that has no idea the power they are carrying around inside them.The relationship between the devil and Divinity was also sort of different I would not say that they were friends but I did find it interesting that they got along as well as they did, and I m looking forward to reading of there story line throughout the series.There was one snag in the story line that continually had me rolling my eyes Throughout the book characters are taken down with someone bringing out a syringe to knock them out It was almost every fight scene that this happened in This may not even bother anyone else but it got to be a bit bazar for me.What I really likedIn most PNR you have your alpha male and damsel in distress In Seal of Destiny you get your alpha male but you also get a strong, can take care of her own self heroin I really felt like the women held their own to the men in the story which you know I loved The RomanceThe chemistry between Mira and Kagan was something I could feel Kagan is the ultimate warrior protector, ready at a moments notice to do whatever is necessary to get the job done Mira, though she does need protecting is no wilting flower, she is amazingly strong and for the most part can take care of herself I liked both of their characters and rooted for both Kagan and Mira to be able to get through the horrific scars that continued to blister up from their past so that they could be together.I found myself than once having trouble focusing on Mira and Kagan because of Xander and Zoe, Kagan and Mira s best friends, who had me and intrigued as the story went on.Dear Traci Douglas, Will the next book focus on Xander and Zoe As I was reading through Seal of Destiny I was continually focused on them both and I need their back story, I need to know what Divinity means when she says they are special If you can t tell I am sort of going crazy not knowing what is next for Xander and Zoe Oh, and just as a side note I totally love the way their names go together I can see them written in hearts on a secret notebook Not that I ever did anything like that.Will I be continuing this series YES I have to know what happens next with the Scion warriors I want to know who the other seals are, and in what way the seal has affected their life I hope to read the next installment in the series as soon as it comes out Happy reading,Rebeccawww.bendingthespine.blogspot.com

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    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review I was given a free copy of the book for my honest opinion.Mira Herald grew up in an orphanage and foster homes where life was not good to her at all Someone was always physically and mentally abusing her Mira ran away from that life at the age of sixteen with her best friend Zoe She promised herself that no one would ever hurt her or anyone she cared about ever again Mira kept that promise to herself too Mira is not like a lot of heroines in most books where they are always saying I can take care of myself I don t need no man to take care of me Well Mira says it but the thing is she literally can kick ass with the best of them She can do a roundhouse kick as well as or better than some men.Kagan is a scion an immortal warrior sent to protect Mira from a power hungry minion from hell that is determined to destroy her Kagan likes helping out humanity and fighting to save the world but when he finds out that his new mission is to babysit a woman well he is not too happy about that ordeal He thinks I m a warrior not a babysitter Kagan is sent to protect Mira because she holds the power to start Armageddon the battle of the end of the world.I just loved reading Seal of Destiny with a heroine like Mira who can fight and take care of herself and not always whining about this or that Mira is one tough chic who knows how to handle herself She knows how to look around and assess her situation and predict what her opponents next move may be.Now I would like to share with you a quote from Seal of Destiny that I really liked.Mira sprang into action, using his distraction to her advantage She darted around him, hoping he d reach out to grab her He didn t disappoint Argus s arms surrounded her in a bear hug, and her muscle memory kicked in She bent over and grabbed the flesh of his inner thigh, twisting with brutal force He grunted and tightened his grip No success.Mira switched to plan B, and pried at his hands locked around her waist, searching for a finger to jam She stomped hard on his foot and Argus s grip loosened Swinging out to the side, Mira kept his hand in a tight lock and twisted his fingers, pulling him off balance Her steel toed boots slammed into his torso, his groin Argus grunted and sank to the floor She finished him off with a roundhouse kick to the head Take that, fucker As I said before I really enjoyed reading Seal of Destiny and can t wait to read the next book in the series I loved all the characters and can t wait to find out who holds the next seal Will it be Zoe Will Xander and Zoe become a couple in the next book

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    4.5 starsIt s hard to believe this is Traci Douglass Douglass debut novel as it s an action filled, paranormal romance that is so awesome, it feels like this is a novel that s been written by a seasoned author Seal of Destiny is quite different from the everyday paranormal romance novels full of vampires, werewolves, and witches which I truly appreciate because, let s be honest, haven t we had our fill of vampires I didn t know what to expect when I started this novel I m just glad I picked this up as it s full of intrigue, suspense, action, and romance, with a bit of sex added to spice it up even further The Seven Seals series is about the Scion, an elite team of immortal warriors selected by Divinity to aid in mankind and save the world The two protagonists at the heart of the story in book one is Kagan and Mira, two very likeable people that sizzle in and out of bed Douglass not only delivers a well developed story full of witty banter that flows at a good pace, but an array of characters that are complex and interesting There s the hot, sexy, drool worthy Scion warrior men all seven of them , and the heroines that are strong and intelligent Douglass also intrigues the reader as to the purpose and relationship between Divinity and Lucifer, in other words, Heaven and Hell What makes this novel really stand out for me is how Douglass incorporates all the secondary characters giving them presence in the story even though it centers on Kagan and Mira I really love when authors do this as I believe it enriches the story so Not only do we have the warriors but also a host of evil villains who are not only fighting the Scion but themselves as well I absolutely love Xander, Kagan, Wyck and Chago, the four warriors we re introduced to If that s not enough, Douglass does an amazing job creating sexual tension between Xander and Zoe Xander s so into Zoe but holds back as he feels that as Commander he should only deal with the task at hand It doesn t help that there s some kind of connection between Wyck and Zoe, one that he doesn t understand or questions but pisses him off to no end Makes me wonder when Douglass will get to their story as that s one I can t wait to read about I m also very curious as to learning about Divinity and Lucifer s agreement.This is such a terrific start to a new series that should entice all lovers of the paranormal romance genre I only wish all the installments were available now so I didn t have to wait months in between for them I have absolutely no patience when it comes to waiting for each installment in a series that I truly enjoy.

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    Ok, I was not exactly sure what to expect from this book, but was pleasantly surprised that I loved it I warn you, it is very much an adult book, has explicit sex scenes in it, which I was not expecting, but it was tastefully done, and was not the focus of the story, which is good, in my opinion anyway.There is plenty of excitement and twist in this story It was really well written too I found I really liked Kagan, and did like Mira too I was a little uncomfortable when it was revealed about the abuse when she was a young girl, stuff like that just gets to me, for personal reasons I was able to relate to her for sure, and found her to be strong I was hoping she would overcome the scars of her past, so she and Kagan could be together.I will say, I actually really liked her friend Zoe, and really wish to know about her, and Xander too Hope the next book may feature them as the main characters They were very interesting to me.I highly recommend this book, to all paranormal romance lovers out there It s for sure on the different side, not the same old thing I really enjoyed it I see a great start to a new series.5 out of 5 stars.I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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    I love how this book starts The scene has overtures of anger and aggression, while whisperings of past sins and abuses tickle your consciousness, begging to know What happened to her What will happen It is a perfect hook.Though the author doesn t put a lot of effort into any of the characters but Mira, all the characters bring something to the table I liked how cheeky Kaden was and Wyck s playful, childlike demeanor was endearing Wyck s food obsession, though it seemed to come out of nowhere, was cute It made me chuckle as he raced off like a little boy in a toy store Chago has some potential and I would be intrigued to see what he d be like if he ever opened up Xander and Zoe are mysteries just waiting to be discovered.Mira, the main character, is both the most complex and the most challenging of the bunch She presents a puzzle at first Later, she fights and claws to get away, making you work to like her and, at the same time, making it impossible not to be drawn in by her.The book is non stop, with one fiasco after another, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time Full of action and suspense, mystery and intrigue, battles of good and evil, angels, demons, and nephilim, this book has it all.

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    Great start to a promising series From the beginning the story moves at a brisk pace and pulls you along The main characters, Mira and Kagan, are both strong and interesting Each has to deal with their own past issues while coming together to face the threat that is looming Kagan understands the threat and is there to keep Mira safe and keep the Seal from getting into the wrong hands Mira on the other hand is forced into this position Watching her learn to trust Kagan and watching Kagan adjust to this being than just a job makes the story fun and entertaining.The characters are well developed and interesting Not just the main characters but the secondaries as well and I am looking forward to reading their stories The background story about the coming Apocalypse the Scions are trying to keep from occuring is interesting and lends a great backdrop to future stories as well.I highly recommend this to anyone that loves paranormal romance with a dose of action Dont miss it, you want to be ready for the next story as soon as it comes out.

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    Seal of Destiny plunges you into a dark, gritty world full of danger, drama, and yay powerful, sexy warriors If, like Mira, you found yourself caught up in an impending apocalypse, the Scion are definitely who you d want to turn to for help In Kagan and the other Scion, Traci Douglass has created characters with formidable powers, but enough flaws to make things complicated As in all the best stories, the chemistry between Mira and Kagan is irresistible, even as they re denying it and when they finally give in to the inevitable, it s blush as you read hot A tough, smart heroine, a new twist on good versus evil with toe curlingly scary villains , snappy dialogue, true love, a mighty final battle and a satisfying happy ending.all with enough intriguing, unanswered questions to lead you on to the next book in the series.

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    Gotta love a fun paranormal, don t you I thoroughly enjoyed this one and can t wait to read the next The characters were likeable, and in the case of the Scions, larger than life and yummy to boot The wicked were truly wicked, deliciously so Stylish and elegant Divinity, strutting around like a high powered corporate head in her hot heels was fab darling, totally fab With love scenes and sexual tension sizzling between the hero and feisty heroine, how can t I recommend this Pick it up You ll love it.

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