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Screwjack files Screwjack, read online Screwjack, free Screwjack, free Screwjack, Screwjack 03fa2f677 Hunter S Thompson S Legions Of Fans Have Waited A Decade For This Book They Will Not Be Disappointed His Notorious Screwjack Is As Salacious, Unsettling, And Brutally Lyrical As It Has Been Rud To Be Since The Private Printing InOf Three Hundred Fine Collectors Copies And Twenty Six Leather Bound Presentation Copies Only The First Of The Three Pieces Included Here Mescalito, Published In Thompson SCollection Songs Of The Doomed Has Been Available To The Public, Making The Trade Edition Of Screwjack A Major Publishing Event We Live In A Jungle Of Pending Disasters, Thompson Warns In Mescalito, A Chronicle Of His First Mescaline Experience And What It Sparked In Him While He Was Alone In An LA Hotel Room In FebruaryIncluding A Bout Of Paranoia That Would Have Made Most People Just Scream No, Once And For All But For Thompson, Along With The Downside Came A Burst Of Creativity Too Powerful To Ignore The Result Is A Poetic, Perceptive, And Wildly Funny Stream Of Consciousness Take OnAmerica As Only Hunter S Thompson Could See It Screwjack Just Gets Weirder With Its Second Offering, Death Of A Poet As Thompson Describes This Trailer Park Confrontation With The Dark Side Of A Deservingly Doomed Friend Whoops, I Thought Welcome To The Night Train The Heart Of The Collection Lies In Its Final, Title Piece, An Unnaturally Poignant Love Story What Makes The Romantic Tale Screwjack So Touching, For All Its Queerness, Is The Aching Melancholy In Its Depiction Of The Modern Man S Burden That We Are Doomed Mama Has Gone Off To Real Estate Schooland After That Maybe Even To Law School We Will Never See Her Again Ostensibly Written By Raoul Duke, Screwjack Begins With An Editor S Note Explaining Of Thompson S Alter Ego That The First Few Lines Contain No Warning Of The Madness And Fear And Lust That Came And To Plague Him And Dominate His Life I Am Guilty, Lord, Thompson Writes, But I Am Also A Lover And I Am One Of Your Best People, As You Know And Yea Tho I Have Walked In Many Strange Shadows And Acted Crazy From Time To Time And Even Drooled On Many High Priests, I Have Not Been An Embarrassment To You Nor Has Hunter S Thompson Been To American Literature Quite The Contrary What The Legendary Gonzo Journalist Proves With Screwjack Is Just How Brilliant A Prose Stylist He Really Is, Amid All The Hilarity As Thompson Puts It In His Introduction, The Three Stories Herebuild Like Bolero To A Faster Wilder Climax That Will Drag The Reader Relentlessly Up A Hill, Then Drop Him Off A CliffThat Is The Desired Effect

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    the heck Some laughable parts but overall just didn t sit good with me Also, another audio I really drive a lot

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    While people are lamenting about the short length of the book, I was happy to finish it as soon as I could Writing without any real story.

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    Okay, four stars is a little high for this book but I just couldn t bring myself give it anything else purely because it was written by Hunter S Thompson Having said that, I wouldn t call this the best expose of Thompson s writing There is a fairly interesting retelling of his first mescaline trip, which has moments, but there is no extended brilliance to the writing The second story is forgettable by which I mean I ve already forgot what its about and then there s Screwjack , the title story It s a haunting and extremely strange love letter written by a man on the verge of some extreme and horrible mental collapse This mystique is only strengthened by the editor s note saying that the story was written only a few days before he disappeared during the seventies for something like two weeks In Screwjack you get the whole Thompson experience There are the strange overtones of extreme deviousness throughout the writing and the strangely warp perspective readers have come to expect from any work by Hunter That true gonzo edge Overall, its quick read read it cover to cover in about a half hour that will abate your thirst for gonzo writings but won t fully satisfy it.

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    Three short stories The first, Mescalito, is a stream of consciousness account of Thompson s first mescaline experience, alone in an LA hotel room A fine piece of weirdness and misanthropic torment Goddam is there no human peaceful sound on the radio I hear that wily old charwoman sucking on the doorknob again, goddam her sneaky ass what does she want I have no money Next, The Death of a Poet is a brief, dark confrontation with a deservedly doomed friend, Leach, who beats blow up dolls to stop him from beating his wife Whoops, I thought Welcome to the night train The title tale, also very brief, is a truly demented tale of forbidden love, or something The strength of these wild, funny, too brief stories is the beautiful Gonzo language Thompson s style is easy to parody, but it rings true he has seen into the depraved depths of the human condition, and he will explode from the bad craziness.

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    A short trip through our cultural and literary past, which includes some foreshadowing of American domestic life Much is packed into this little book You can t go wrong in picking up a copy.

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    Really strange, but another fanstatic example of Gonzo journalism I had just finished researching Thompson a bit before I read this which made this short story hugely interesting to me The bit with Screwjack his cat was quite tricky to read, and his commentary on his first trip on mescaline was very insightful

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    One of the few HST books I haven t read yet, mainly due to economics I couldn t see paying the full trade paperback price for a 60 page book with three short pieces Finally I got a cheap copy, and I have to say it was worthwhile only in that it was a fast way to put me another book ahead in my 2016 Reading Challenge The first story, Mescalito about his first experience with mescaline is actually classic HST, but it also appears in Songs of the Doomed More Notes on the Death of the American Dream, so if you have that you don t need this The other two stories are slivers of flash fiction that are visceral but not necessarily in a good way, although even here HST s writing style remains a joy for me But I can get it elsewhere and in better quality By no means essential.

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    I didn t realize how short this would be before I read it Though it provided another taste of Thompson s wild writing, none of its constituent parts seemed to go much of anywhere and the whole thing was done before it got started Or maybe there was something wrong with the kindle version.

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    Brilliant Mescalito is Mescalicious Hunter really knocked it out of the park on these short stories Short and to the crazy point Death of a Poet certainly seems prophetic, doesn t it Highly recommend, digestable than some of his longer worksLOVE IT

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    That third story was pretty damn weird but the first was incredibly clever and the second quite shocking Overall, a quick read that fans will enjoy.

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