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Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book) files Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book), read online Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book), free Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book), free Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book), Scorpions (Newbery Honor Book) 2af50669c Scorpions, A Newbery Honor Book By National Ambassador For Young People S Literature Walter Dean Myers, Is Celebrating Its Twenty Fifth Anniversary When It Was First Published In , Scorpions Amazed Readers It Continues To Do So Today This Special Twenty Fifth Anniversary Edition Contains The Original Scorpions Novel, Plus An Extra QA With New York Times Bestselling Author Walter Dean Myers Including Questions About Juvenile Detention Facilities, Gang Life Today, And FriendshipAlso Included Are A Sneak Peek At Kick, By Walter Dean Myers And Ross Workman, And An Excerpt From Myers S New York Times Bestselling Novel Monster

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    In a moment that passed so quickly that it was almost a memory before it happened, Tito had turned and run back to the cab It wasn t until re reading a few sections over again, over the phone with this young student s summer reader, that Myers hits you If you read too quickly you miss some great moments from his seemingly subconscious rhyming within several different characters dialogues He perfects this in later novels, but it is still amazing how these little gems help construct their collective and individual characters He also uses this cadence that really connects with target middle school young teen audiences Some young people may be confused with some of the references to this 1988 coming of age novel Myers is talking about a VCR and other antiquated recording devices that many may have to google to understand Jamal isn t dreaming of iPods or laptops, but things seemingly just as expensive for those times for us that were working toward those tools of the technologically advanced.Tito, not Jamal, is my favorite character and in that quote above Myers shows how quickly, in a flash, one changes from boy to man.

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    This novel tells the moving story of two best friends, Jamal and Tito Jamal s brother has been recently convicted of murder and is trying to get him to take control of his gang, the Scorpions Jamal is a sweet boy, but the stress of his brother s imprisonment and potentially expensive appeal weigh on the entire family That stress is one factor in his struggles in school He is also a target of a bully With his grades lagging, a few fights and other disciplinary problems, and his brother s record, the principal is convinced that he is nothing but trouble and hopes to have him moved to a different school Seeing the principal s view of Jamal is very powerful because it is obvious at least to an older reader why the man has made certain assumptions about him, but it s also clear to the reader that his prejudices are unfair and misinformed The two boys relationship and their struggle to do what s right and find their identity are moving Once , Myers writing is powerful enough to make these characters relatable, even to female readers and others who may have little in common with them The book encourages readers to think about the different choices the characters face as well as the apparent lack of choices, at times Although certain choices have severe consequences, the book is not preachy but seems realistic and depicts situations where there is no easy, good choice and when even the better options are fraught with unpleasant consequences.

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    Jamal Hicks, the main character, is pressured to become leader of the Scorpions gang because his older brother who is 17 was the leader His brother wanted someone to take that place while he was in jail because he held up a delicatessen and shot a person there Jamal didn t like a boy name Dwayne, a kid who picks on him, but one time he tried to pick on him but he would not pick on him because he had a gun Jamal gains a new level of respect from his enemies, but in a bad way Jamal also worries about school, family, and the rough kids on the street Finally, after all of this he learns that he has respect as anyone else.

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    I read the Book Los Escorpiones Writer by Walter Dean Myers Los Escorpiones is a good book, it starts off a little slow but it grabs your attention once you get into it I would rate the book I read a ten out of ten because it s a good book The book I read was about two brothers, one was the boss of a gang called Los Escorpiones and the other brother would always walk with his older brother One day the older brother decided to go rob a store with a friend and that day something shocking happened, The older Randy killed the guy that owns the store it was something no one was expecting and the police took olmo and two other friends that walked with him but the case of randy s two friends were set free except for randy because they had proof that he was the one to shoot and randy said he was innocent Randys mom is the kind to do whatever it takes to get her son out of jail, She worked very hard He tells his mom to tell his younger brother jamal that he is gonna have to be the king of los escorpiones and jamal accepted the offer Jamal had his best friend named tito but one day jamal and tito decided to go to the park because they had to fix a problem but once they got their they found out that the problem is that the people in the gang did not want jamal to be the leader of the gang Los Escorpiones One of the members wanted to stab jamal but tito was hiding and had a gun that he shot so everyone started running, they escaped but then later randy was stabbed in jail So tito s grandmother found out that tito had a gun in the house so she decided to call the police and after that she decided to send tito back to puerto rico because he was becoming a problem Jamal went to go say goodbye to tito and both of them were very sad, Does randy come out of jail or what happened to him

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    Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers is a look into friendship and Loyalty, and how far some is welling to go to help the ones they love.The Scorpions is a tough Harlem gang, and Jamal Hicks is about to become involved in this gang from the sins of his older brother Pushed to his limits by a bully named Dwayne , and being told everyday by his principle Mr Davidson that he won t amount to anything and will only end up dead or in a prison , Jamal is having a difficult time staying in school, and staying true to who he is His life at home isn t bring any joy his way either , with his mother breaking her back to try and feed her family and get a lawyer to get a apple for his brother Randy who is in jail,and The leader of the Scorpions, he wants his younger brother to take his place till he is out But the other gang members, so Angel and Indian, don t wanna take the back seat to a kid who they see as weak Only Mack who is Randy s so called best friend thinks Jamal should be the leader Mack gives Jamal a gun which causes problems for him throughout the book.Myers uses a very laid back style of writing which helps connect to younger readers, I like his style because it opens my eyes to something I wouldn t think about happening could actually happen to a young kid around my age.The book is so sad and heart racing than anything because as you read on you don t want any harm to come to Jamal you fell as though he is a younger brother to you and you want him to be safe,so your eyes are wide open whenever you read of something going wrong.The narrator is both Myers and Jamal and both are very different, Myers is calm and straight to the point of whats happening, but Jamal is full of worry anger, and sometimes happiness when his with his friend Tito.Jamal is a very hardworking, worried kid he went out his way to find a job to help at home but when he was confronted by Two members of the Scorpions at his job he felt weak and helpless Tito is a very loyal and helpful friend when Jamal had a problem with hiding the gun Mack gave him Tito hide it at his house so his friend wouldn t use it or get caught with it I feel Jamal gets his friend into way to much trouble than he should, and I feel Tito should try harder to set his friend straight Jamal s world compares to the one I know for the simple fact a person can be pushed to do wrong by people not believing them or them being put in a situation where it seems they can t win so why should they be the good person society wants them to be when society doesn t give them a chance.Myers descriptive language makes Myers makes me feel as though I am taking the roller coaster journey with Jamal as he battles with who he is and what he will do next to help his family, through ethos and his use of strong language This book can connect to how any child who grows up in hard times faces what is going on when all he wants to do is protect his mother and family..As Myers uses very descriptive words to highlight the parks, homes, and even the school Jamal went to I felt as though I have been there once in my life.Jamal hicks is a 12 year old boy who is facing a tough battle with who he is and only seems to have his best friend Tito is his Corner both young men don t have a father in their homes, they face problems everyday but their friendship and loyalty get them through it all The story is so well written readers can see the message of how both of the two main figures in the boys life Jamal s Mom deal with the fact of her eldest son is imprisoned, and how Titos Grandmother deals with the tragic event that happens to her grandson.I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read books about something real and something that can open their eyes to the troubles in the world, this book opens your heart to the women who have to raise boys to be men by themselves and what they face in doing this Myers makes me feel as though I am taking the roller coaster journey with Jamal as he battles who he is and what he will do next to help his family, through ethos and his use of strong language This book can connect to how any child who grows up in hard time faces what is going on when all he wants to do is protect his mother and family This compa

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    IF YOU LIKE SURPRISES REAL LIFE RELATED SCARY AND APPALLING STORIES THAN SCORPIONS THEY CAN MAKE YOU OR BREAK YOU BY WALTER DEAN MYERS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU TO ME THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING ITS JUST THAT AT THE END OF THE BOOK IT LEFT ME OPEN WITH A LOT OF QUESTIONS LIKE DID HIS BROTHER GET OF JAIL DID THEY CATCH MACK DID HIS MOTHER GET THE MONEY DID JAMAL STOP TALKING TO MACK OVER THIS WAS A REALLY GOOD BOOK TO ME I REALLY ENJOYED IT AND I READ IT IN TWO DAY AND THAT S SURPRISING BECAUSE I REALLY TAKE MY TIME READING BOOKS BUT I REALLY JUST HAD TO GET TO THE END SPOILER ALERT JAMAL THOUGHT HIS BEST FRIEND TITO WAS SCARED TO FIGHT BUT WHEN JAMAL HAD GOTTEN IN AN ALTERCATION WITH INDIAN AND ANGEL TITO ACTUALLY SAVED JAMAL S LIFE BECAUSE ANGEL WAS GOING TO CUT JAMAL This Book Doesn t really explain where it took place, The main problem in his life is trying to get his brother, Randy, out of jail Randy is a 17 year old who is the leader of the Scorpions, a local gang The gang s motive is to make money by selling cocaine or crack His family includes himself, Mama, his 8 year old sister Sassy, Randy,and his father, Jevon Hicks Jamal s father used to be an alcoholic after losing his job and started abusing Jamal s mother Mama until she moved away from him with the kids This happened while Jamal was very young Now Jamal s father only comes to visit the family once in a while.Jamal is not a very troubled kid but he does make some very bad decisions such as scaring Dwayne with the gun or even getting Tito in trouble by making him hold the gun.This Book Has All Type of conflicts For Example one of the conflicts in this book is Person vs Person that s because When Jamal Goes to school he get bullied about every little thing he do even if he s right Theirs only Really Only one bot in particular that bullies Jamal and he Dwayne,Dwayne is this big 7th grader who is always bullying Jamal For who Knows what reason and Jamal Sticks Up For Himself Most of the time but when Dwayne picks on Jamal all the others kids start joining in with Dwayne.Well This book Is mostly Person Because because Jamal has problems in the story with other characters Such As This Boy Name Indian.Indian Is A 14 Year Old boy who is in the scorpion GANG he s very naive cruel and disrespectful Jamal s Brother Randy is in jail and Randy was the leader of the scorpions and their looking for a leader to be over the Scorpions When mama goes to see Randy in jail randy tell mama to tell Jamal to go see his best friend Mack now Mack is the reason Randy is in jail but randy Reason doesn t have any feeling about that but anyways Jamals goes to see Mack with his Bestfriend Tito and Macks Tell Jamal that Randy Wants Him To Run Take over the scorpions.Indian Thinks Jamal is to little because he s only 12 and doesnt have what it takes to run the gang Buck Mack Doesnt And Indian Doesnt Want Mack To run the gang Because They Say He s to old and its quick enough any but he s only 18 My Favorite Part Of The Book Was When Tito And Jamal Threw The Gun Away In The Dumpster Because After That I Really Thought Jamal Was Being Very Smart Again I say this book really left me open with a lot of questions like did they ever find out Mack killed Indian Did they get the money to get randy out of jail Did randy get out of jail I would recommend this book to my cousins and all of my friend because this book could really teach everyone of them some a lesson I would rate this book 4 stars because this book was really interesting and good to me I know it was very interesting because I read this book in 2 days

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    Scorpions is about a boy, Jamal that becomes the leader of a dangerous gang in order to raise money to buy a lawyer for his brother Jamal s brother Randy was once the leader, until he was arrested for killing a man Jamal s family has no idea about him leading this gang, but his younger sister Sassy finds out once she sees that Jamal has a gun hidden The guys in the gang aren t okay with their new member, but once Jamal wants out, they don t make it easy for him The setting takes place in Harlem, New York City and the main characters are Jamal, Tito Jamal s best friend, Mama Jamal s mother, Sassy Jamal s sister, Blood, Indian and Mack Scorpions Jamal s main external conflict is being abused by his rival gang members and kids at school Jamal s main internal conflict is deciding whether he should stay in the gang and risk going to jail, or leaving and get beaten to an inch of his life While readingScorpions I made a text to text connection Jamal wanting to leave the gang and have a better life remind me of Ponyboy Curtis from the book, The Outsiders In the outsiders, Ponyboy begins to think the gang he is in, the Greasers, is a bad way to live life, so he decides he should leave In both texts, the characters want something better than a gang, they want freedom I gave this book five stars because it was so realistic and heart warming The fact that Jamal and Tito s friendship was so strong, and Jamal s family was poor, and that Jamal is in a gang was so suspenseful and sad it made me want to cry I would recommend this book to people that enjoy reading books about tragedies and family and life issues.

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    Why did i pick this book well because it looked like a good book to read so i decided to read the back of the book to see what it was about abd sure enough i checked it out It looked like a book that i would want to read or could read and mainly because i had to pick a book for my project The book was really good because it really relates to what is happening on the streets today because kids are having to make life changing actions in a split second and having to deal with a bullys That could get them killed,in jail,living on the streets or make them one of the famous people alive I think the sadest part of the book was that Jamal a main character in the book had to do something he didnt dream of doing which was runing crack for a gang he didnt want anything to do with just to make money for Randy Jamal s brother court appeal The book takes place in harlem, most of the action happends in there appartment and part of the conflict happends in the scropions crack house jamal is the main character the whole book is based off of him, tito is his bestfriend he can always count on no matter what he is always there for him, jamal s brother is always in and out if jail, For the most part the book was good but i think if the author gave me back ground on jamals brother other then that the book was good One of the themes were frendship, tito was always there for him when ever he needed him where ever jamal was he was there helping him i would say tito was is brother from another mother thats how close they were.

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    Scorpions was a book about a boy named Jamal who lives in Harlem, New York who lives with his mom and his younger sister Everybody is getting on Jamal about his school work and bullying him His dad ,his principal and this bully at school Jamal also has an older brother names Randy and he is in jail His mom works hard hours to try to get Randy out of jail Since his brothers in jail Randy sends message to Jamal asking him to take his place in this gang he is in Jamal joins the gang and one of the gang members CrazyMack gives him a gun which may get him in a lot of trouble Jamal ends up meeting this freind and they go together running the streets of Harlem feeling like hes at the top of the world This gun ends up getting him and his in trouble and Jamal learns that a gun wont get you anywhere in life He ends up being a SCORPION This book i really liked because it had some suspense and you didnt know what jamal would do next I really like books by Walter Dean Myers so i already knew i would like it.

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    Jamal, joins a gang called the Scorpions after his brother tells him that he is now the leader Jamal, thinking he now has all this authority and power begins to gain confidence and starts doing things he would have never done before It isn t until he kills someone and that his best friend, Tito takes the blame for him that he realizes his mistake Jamal wishes he can take everything back, but he can t He lost the best friendship that he could ever have and regrets it dearly Scorpions is an amazing book that Walter Dean Myers wrote He really focuses on teenagers,their reactions and emotions He persuades his that gangs are bad and to not be easily tricked by them Even, Jamal, a sweet and good kid fell into the wrong crowd, so anything can happen We got to be cautious of our own actions Our actions might affect others This is what this book has taught me.

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