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    He wanted his design to, yes, mother them Adam Carpenter Welles makes an impressive debut with this newly published collection of short stories SCARS AND VOICES In an author s note that opens this book Adam relates the history of each of the seven stories in this collection, describing how they have failed to find publication individually He states Rejection seems to be the story of my life Until now I hope you enjoy these little stories of mine Maybe someone will There is a special gift required for successful short story composition in a confined space the author must engage the reader s attention, supply enough character building to retain attention, and create an idea that can fully blossom within a manner of a few pages Adam has that gift His stories are succinct yet blossom into a satisfying tale making use of the very special characters he has created.The opening and title story places on the stage two elderly spiritually inclined leaders the woman has the scars she has nurtured with ecstasies and voices from the Virgin Mary and relates this to the tales of healing by the man Warmly related with a keen sense of humor and tenderness, Adam writes, He did love her, that was all there was to it They were two kids, age eighty, used of God, used up by God or maybe God s people, here together now in the day room of a reputable nursing home After just a couple of days together, he loved this woman, side scar and all She didn t know it yet She treated everybody with the same warmth and smiling words, apparently authentic Adam spins gay themed stories especially well, allowing the reader to experience the rigors of impossible relationships, such as the story of the coming out of an Atlanta copywriter through the contemporary means of online dating apps and iPhone communication with a Vietnamese lad It was a night Franklin would never forget, a night he fell in love with this funny odd Asian Vietnamese mystery man with the broad, smiling face and dancing eyes, a night that he feared would never end and never be repeated, that his life would be all downhill from here It was a night of surprises and a few pleasant shocks, a night that culminated, in the midst of all the frenetic activity swirling around them in this strange, dark, seemingly deserted venue, in a sweet, soft, but passionate kiss And that was all Seven stories that embrace all manner of themes and each works very well indeed Welcome to the realm of successfully published writers

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    Adam Carpenter Welles short story anthology here was brilliant and crafted well that I must commend him and give him an e pat on the back for a job well done I was hooked right from the beginning when I was reading the author s preface and how he submitted his stories in here to various publishers and how there were occurrences like publishers going out of business before a short story came to be printed and I knew right then and there that he was relatable, that I too have experienced such events in my poetic journey The first story in this enjoyable anthology was the title story itself and being a Catholic I could understand the two elderly persons and their experiences as religious seers who were doing God s work in their individual lives The old lady was dictating the Virgin Mary s messages from heaven and her male counterpart was an Evangelist whose divine gift was at first genuine and then became a lie in his own lifetime These two elderly individuals are now both in nursing homes The stories that came after were amazing, heartfelt, shocking, and downright entertaining Two of these stories had lgbt themes and they were safely written and a great way to introduce their subject to those readers who are not usual fans of that genre I, myself really found Franklin and David comedic and very genius in the way it was formulated and structured by the author I got to say, the way the author told it was unique and very different in a good way from other short stories and novels I have stumbled upon in my literate years.As a final thought, I humbly recommend this anthology to aspiring writers in high school and those who are thinking about writing short stories for a living to get a feel of what readers are looking for in this day and age I admired the way the author did not pollute his stories with the usual explicit sexual elements that turn me off don t get me wrong, I do have come across erotica that were amazing but I feel like since the lgbt genre is still new and forbidden to some readers, rated PG material suits it best and I do like the fact that his stories are realistic I also recommend this book to those who simply enjoy the short story genre The stories here by Welles flowed very well and that made my reading experience a delight with this one

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    Scars and Voices And Other Stories by Adam Carpenter Welles is a collection of stories that appeals to a wide audience From his notes at the beginning of the collection, you get the sense that the author has experienced his share of rejection, often what seems like a done deal in publishing is not in fact, and deals fall apart, or small publishers simply close up shop So it is with great pride that this collection is finally published and a fine collection it is Grabbing a reader s attention is a skill and is particularly difficult within the confines of a short story, you must quickly develop characters and a story line that grabs attention at the start Welles is adept at this and from the beginning pages of the story Scars and Voices to the gay theme, and even time travel, the writing is clear, emotive, and thought provoking all at once With seven unique stories, this collection is one that you will return to over and over highly recommend for a different read.

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Scars and Voices download Scars and Voices , read online Scars and Voices , kindle ebook Scars and Voices , Scars and Voices bacaf836c12d Adam Carpenter Welles Has Come THIS CLOSE To Having His Works Published In Books And Magazines In This Collection Of His Stories Each Of Which Has A Story Behind It , You Ll Read About Two Retired Spiritual Leaders Who Experience A Miracle In Their Nursing Home, A Gay Relationship That Must End Between An American Man And A Thai Student, The Astonishing Adventures Of An Early Mid Life Failure, The Thrilling Chase One Gay Man Undertakes For Another Intriguing, Confusing, Mysterious Man, And A Mind Blowing Time Travel Misadventure Involving A Man And A Dog, As Well As A Few Other Surprises This Genre Bending Collection Will Captivate You You Might Even Enjoy The Stories Adam Carpenter Welles Works In Media In A Major City In The Southeastern United States