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Saving Francesca files Saving Francesca, read online Saving Francesca, free Saving Francesca, free Saving Francesca, Saving Francesca a196146cb MOST OF MY Friends Now Go To Pius Senior College, But My Mother Wouldn T Allow It Because She Says The Girls There Leave With Limited Options And She Didn T Bring Me Up To Have Limitations Placed Upon Me If You Know My Mother, You Ll Sense There S An Irony There, Based On The Fact That She Is The Queen Of The Limitation Placers In My LifeFrancesca Battles Her Mother, Mia, Constantly Over What S Best For Her All Francesca Wants Is Her Old Friends And Her Old School, But Instead Mia Sends Her To St Sebastian S, An All Boys School That Has Just Opened Its Doors To Girls Now Francesca S Surrounded By Hundreds Of Boys, With Only A Few Other Girls For Company All Of Them Weirdos Or WorseThen One Day, Mia Is Too Depressed To Get Out Of Bed One Day Turns Into Months, And As Her Family Begins To Fall Apart, Francesca Realises That Without Her Mother S High Spirits, She Hardly Knows Who She Is But She Doesn T Yet Realise That She S Like Mia Than She Thinks With A Little Unlikely Help From St Sebastian S, She Just Might Be Able To Save Her Family, Her Friends, And Especially Herself

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    i was born seventeen years ago, i tell him do you think people have noticed that i m around i notice when you re not does that count seriously that is barf in your mouth sweet in a good way and part of why i love this marchetta gal she writes boys you wish you had dated when you were sixteen not now now i would see through a line like that in a heartbeat, but at sixteen hook line and sinker, man put the apple schnapps away,boy, you will not be needing it tonight full disclosure this is a post goodreads party DBR just a little D, but enough to make my syntax awkward, is the excuse yeah, i can understand the melina marchetta hype now i can see why all the ladies are loving all over her and while i think jellicoe road is a much profound and moving book, just because the scope of it is about four times bigger than this one, this book has got some moves all its own and i am officially hooked and will read every last word of hers soon.marchetta s strength is in her characters they are never one dimensional, even if they are only background players she writes with a depth that eludes a lot of contemporary authors, even those whose audience is intended to be older and discriminating she shines a light on all the nooks and crannies that make up a personality, but nothing ever seems forced, everything is just so she is a dream writer, what i have been looking for.can i just be human here not a book reviewer eeerrrrggghgghhhh that is how she makes me feel and that s in response to all of it why can t i write like her why can t i have friends like this why is my life full of shit i can t handle but her characters overcome sensibly and with an excellent support system why why why because it is all wholly realistic and attainable, i just don t have it and i am full of envy, even though these characters kind of go through some shitty times.i want to be capable like abby lockhart instead i am short of temper and i just shut down into silent distant mode there is a lot i could learn from these books.she doesn t write the ideal these aren t brady bunch characters, but they are just that much better than me they have reserves of strength that i maybe used to have but lost along with my youthful metabolism.wow when i am D, my reviews become about me than usual i should probably conclude this before i start sobbing on your shoulder about the one that got away and the stuffed animals they burned when i had smallpox or whatever.this is a huge should have book for me and now it would be wiser if i went to lie down and stop typing before i get too motional.come to my blog

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    For the first time in I don t know how long, I got exactly what I expected from a book For the first time, I find myself thinking that this book has a very, very accurate blurb.Except for the last part, where it says that this is a compelling story of romance, because, although the romance is a big part of the story indeed, it isn t entirely charming or swoon worthy, but that s definitely something subjective This is my first read of 2017, so yay to that I ve started close to eleven books and only finished this one which is the last book I started It s a fast read with interesting themes The fictional St Sebastian s school is a strong setting I could easily imagine in my mind how infuriating it must be for the only thirty girls to attend this school to be denied what the boys have.While I was a fan of the main character, whom I found extremely reliable and authentic, I did not especially find the other characters to be as memorable and three dimensional as her There are quite a few characters introduced to us, and they all have their different roles to play, but most of them remain somewhat mysterious or not at all unique throughout the plot.The mental illness theme is explored considerably well The plot acts a bit like a mystery one, in the sense that we do not know what is wrong with Francesca s mother until the end By that I mean that we are not revealed fully the cause to her mother s mental health collapse A strong three star rating Boring romance and friendship, but interesting setting, powerful themes and 3D heroine.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Between the beautiful Edward Cullens and the sexy Salvatore brothers of today s young adult literature, it s easy to see why teenage girls think they re doing something wrong when all they get is Rob with the mullet who likes to fart and swear in the classroom That s what I like so much about this book it s not a story of beautiful, unrealistic people or the abnormally brave and self sacrificing This is the most honest depiction of school, boys and family for a teenager that I have ever read.The description promised something that I have read a million times over, the good old high school novel about guy troubles with a bit of homelife worries thrown in But Melina Marchetta takes a simple, exhausted idea and uses her excellent writing and multi faceted characters to create something unique, entertaining and completely moving I wouldn t have bothered with this book if it hadn t been for Tatiana s recommendation and I am now extremely glad for it This is the first Melina Marchetta book I ve read and it definitely won t be the last.

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    There is this cute, bouncing red tomato bopping around GoodReads singing the praises of Melina Marchetta.I ll admit that I ignored the Tomato because my therapist said that it wasn t normal for fruit to recommend books to people I accepted this advice because I d already read Marchetta s Looking for Alibrandi and I hadn t enjoyed it.I couldn t understand people s fascination with it, actually Nobody in my class at school liked Looking for Alibrandi and I thought for awhile that maybe it was because we actually went to an Australian high school and nobody wanted to read a book pretty much depicting their own existence.Which is what Marchetta does because I went to school with pretty much every high school character she s ever written Also The Butcher s paper Yes, I can totally relate with my own hatred of Butcher s paper.The point I m trying to make is that, this tomato You should totally, totally always listen to this tomato The tomato is right You are wrong All hail the tomato.Okay onto my review.Never before have I wished I could give a book than five stars I d give this book seventy BAZILLION stars if it would just be my friend.Francesca rocked my world She had me at Butcher s paper She won me over completely I loved this book, I loved the story, I loved the characters If you haven t read this, not that that s a problem because I feel like the last person in the world to jump on the Marchetta bandwagon, then please do.I cried while reading this book I can t believe I actually cried like real tears as opposed to the FAKE kind So overall, I highly recommend.

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    Updated 6 29 2016Nobody writes friendships and dialogue quite like Melina Marchetta.Weird attitude towards anti depressants though Updated 8 16 12So, two years later after my original reading of Saving Francesca and I am removing a star I ve been claiming for a long time that this novel was my favorite by Marchetta, but it s not true any Let s see where my rereading of the entire Marchetta catalog leads me, however at this point I am certain I now prefer her fantasies Truly, her later novels are simply better Original reviewWithin just a few days and books Melina Marchetta has become one of my favorite YA writers Just like my other favorite author E Lockhart, she writes about teens and she knows what she is talking about, unlike some YA authors who should not be named.Let s take Saving Francesca The story is set in St Sebastian a not so long ago all male school that just recently turned co ed You might expect this book to be quite a romp this school at first appears to be a paradise for girls with male to female ratio of 25 to 1 But Marchetta knows better St Sebastian is a deeply sexist place where girls are either completely ignored or viewed as sexual objects Neither are the boys portrayed as suave sex gods as seems to be the trend these days They are quite obnoxious, sometimes infuriating and stinky creatures with maybe some redeeming qualities Francesca Spinelli is one of the lucky 30 girls She is having a tough time She doesn t have any friends in her new school and acquiring new girl friends out of so few is not easy Plus, her mother, the rock of her family, suddenly succumbs to an acute depression Saving Francesca is about Francesca s journey to find her strength and save herself from despair, to find friendships in the most unexpected places and maybe love.The book covers all familiar topics from Marchetta s other novels It is about mothers and daughters, friendships, finding strength in yourself It is full of humor and honest emotion It is funny and it is heartbreaking I enjoyed every sentence of it.

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    4 Stars Wipes tears This author gets me every time.Okay, twice She got me twice I ve read two of her books But that only means there s of her brilliance to enjoy Oh, yeahhh Saving Francesca is a very touching and gentle read that centers not only on common themes such as family, friendship, and love but thoroughly explores the heartaches of depression and the toll it can take on a family as a whole I ve read many books where the narrator main protagonist suffers a mental disorder We get close to the disease so close we are able to physically feel its anxiety But in this case, we re offered the perspective of a high school girl whose mother has fallen into the dark depths of this illness And although we re presented with a solid picture of all sides, the focus refreshingly lies on Francesca as well as her father and younger brother and how she finds herself through the cloud of her mother s depression.Tragically enough, the results on all parties involved are quite similar I want to go around the neighborhood saying, We re depressed If my mum can t get out of bed in the morning, all of us feel the same Her silence has become ours, and it s eating us alive. Yes, most families will crash and burn together but they can also rise together, stronger because they ve faced such weaknesses So Francesca may need some saving , but she s not the only one And I loved watching her character evolve and surpass the limitations she unknowingly places upon herself Much of this story takes place at a new school, consisting of mostly boys, where Francesca is attending She misses her popular friends and the fact that they were the ones who did most of her thinking for her Francesca is a complex and memorable character She pretends to be shy, but she s not It s just easier to not have the spot light on her However, the quirky friends she reluctantly makes at her new school may be exactly what she needs to bring her back to life The romance in this book felt like an insinuation Gentle, slow to build, but very sweet and promising However, this is not a romance novel.Melina Marchetta s writing absolutely astounds me It s witty and profound, and glides with an effortless rhythm that made me stop and whisper wow a few times The characters she creates are extremely unique I found myself growing surprised by how life like they felt There were some scenes that felt too vague and other areas that may have been a teensy bit dragged out which may work well for some, depending on your preference As a whole, this book is a breath of fresh air a shaky breath at times, but quite satisfying and refreshing, nonetheless What is this, Grand Central Station Book Stats Genre Category Young Adult Contemporary Romance Sweet and gentle Characters Well drawn out and lovable Plot A teenaged girl must figure how to live and find herself in the cloud of her mother s depression Writing Simply beautiful Poetic and witty POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None May be read as a standalone Next Installment Secondary character spin off 5 years later

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    My thoughts after reread My WHAT My THOUGHTS Are you kidding me Do I look like I m able to think Francesca Tara Will Jimmy Luca Mia Bob the builder Tom. You ruined me for life, you know that Dysfunctional Hysterical Bastards. Endearing Unforgettable Real. I didn t know anything about how fantastic realistic fiction could be before meeting these characters a year ago Saving Francesca is so clever nothing feels forced, and it becomes magical when I feel as if everything is relatable to me, even when really, it isn t it shouldn t And yet, I have much to say about trying to fit in I have much to say about growing up in a crazy family that I wouldn t change for the life of me I have much to say about the importance of friendship and being true to yourself I m sure you have, too I agree with Thomas, Tara Finke says.Thomas Mackee looks horrified Don t Don t what Don t agree with me He looks around at his friends, and with his finger twirling around his head, he makes the she s cuckoo sign Oh, Thomas You little shit I really need to reread The Piper s Son.Original review September 2014 Do you know this book Have you read this book Why haven t you read this book Please read this book. Seriously, you have to read it It s freaking awesome.That s just life.I m always wary when I open a contemporary book Too much pretending It could seem to be easier to write a book which deals with normal stuff, but I really think that s in fact the exact opposite I mean, there is a freedom in fantasy that you just can t use in contemporary When a character acts like a fool in a paranormal book, I m actually pretty clement But in a book which is supposed to picture the real life I m like, Who does that So when I began Saving Francesca, I didn t expect anything I was just, What s this title Is that an italian tale And here I am This book turned my brain upside down.As I said, yeah, I know, repeat, repeat, this book is just life Unlike many characters in young adult, these are believable Because no, teenagers aren t that awesome Maybe we haven t the same men in France, but I rarely see a eight pack man in real life And in High School Let me laugh Sorry writers, but in real life we are flawed.Stressed Definitively not that confident These characters aren t perfect I loved them.Let s begin with Francesca She doesn t know who she is Thanks to her old friends, she used to think it was better if people didn t notice her In the beginning of the book, she hides all the time From class mates, from her mother, from herself And let s be clear, seeing her opening and taking risks is fucking great. Because that girl, who wants to seem shy She s a smart ass She s funny and strong minded She s the sister you want and the friend you would choose She s real Realistic Actually, she changes her personality to fit in What could be realistic for a teenager Of course teenagers do that Even if we put a rebel label on ourselves, we are always trying to fit in when we re in High school What were you It was so refreshing to listen to Francesca s voice I actually stopped many times to say Exactly out loud to be frank, I said Exactement.Here I d read fantasy if they had simple names like Jane and Bob from Wagga, I said Why does it have to be Tehrana and Bihaad from the World of Sceehina So true And here We have a massive debate about which Buffy season was the best and an Angel versus Riley versus Spike dispute Obviously on Team Spike, by the way Are there really other teams Just Kidding Almost Annnd here I once heard one of the girls say that he had the voice of a sex god, but because I ve never really heard what a sex god sounds like, I can t verify that Damn I ve said it before.Now what can I say about the love interest, Will No, he doesn t have a eight pack.No, he doesn t stare and smirk and chuckle all the freaking time And thank you very much, he doesn t glare.You know, he s just your best friend Your first love Your brother He s flawed, he doesn t know how to react sometimes He makes mistakes, he s afraid of the future, confused.He s cute I was born seventeen years ago, I tell him Do you think people have noticed that I m around I notice when you re not Does that count Francesca hangs out with a bunch of friends in San Sebastian s I didn t expect such a great portray of actual people Like Francesca, they hide under a shell but I found them really interesting, especially Siobhan Writers often fail to move beyond stereotypes when they deal with the slut issue That s pretty fair, and it s enough rare to be pointed at Oh, I almost forgot We have real boys here These guys fart a lot as well I m not saying that girls don t We just aren t as passionate about them Believe me, true boys here I m a teacher I know This book made me laugh, and it made me cry as well I don t usually cry when I read Just look at my OMG I cried shelf There s less than 10 books I never expect to cry when I read a young adult book But, you know, it just happened I was there, laughing at a stupid joke Thomas made and suddenly I was crying Dealing with depression is really complicated, and rarely well done Authors often offer us a bunch of generalities with the happily ever after pack That s not the case here Be careful, I m not saying it ends bad I m not even saying how it ends No But Melina Marchetta succeed in moving me, giving me knots in my stomach I care about Francesca About her family About her friends That s not a very common occurrence.Our journey stops here Read this book.Now For of my reviews, please visit

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    It s a weird smile, but it reaches his eyes and I bottle it And I put it in my ammo pack that s kept right next to my soul and Justine s spirit and Siobham s hope and Tara s passions Because if I m going to wake up one morning and not be able to get out of bed, I m going to need everything I ve got to fight this disease that could be sleeping inside of me After reading Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta I m convinced that this author can write a 500 page book about the different brands of toilet paper and I d be glued to every page and every single word she has to share I love this author s writing, and I m going to make it a point to read a couple of her books before the year is out, including The Piper s Son and On the Jellicoe Road Marchetta is a master of her craft and I m enchanted by her skill and ability to draw the reader into her story and make them want to travel with her characters and feel every emotion they are experiencing Saving Francesca is a poignant, character driven story filled with humor and heartfelt moments that kept me turning the pages until I reluctantly stumbled upon the conclusion What a beautiful novel that will stay on my mind because I became attached to the characters immediately upon meeting them.This is than a story about St Sebastian s boy s academy becoming coed and Francesca and several other girls having the misfortune of trying to infuse themselves in the school This book deals with depression, family issues, social pressures and a girl s attempt to find the strength to keep her family together and her life in tact It s about love, friendship and finding the will to continue when everything around you makes you just want to curl up and hide from the world I loved it and I ll be reading Francesca s story over and over again.There were moments I laughed out loud, giggled like a goof and other times my eyes got misty and my heart felt a tug When a story pulls me in so many emotional directions, but leaves me with a sense of hope, I know something was done right I loved this book and I hope others will give it a try and get to know Francesca and walk in her shoes Great book that shouldn t be missed Favorite QuotesI can t believe I said it out loud The truth doesn t set you free, you know It makes you feel awkward and embarrassed and defenseless and red in the face and horrified and petrified and vulnerable But free I don t feel free I feel like shit.I came, I mucked around Thus I did not learn.Do something that scares you everyday.Ten years from now Will you have played your part Will you have carved your mark What are you thinking I m thinking a lot of things, but they will require too much honesty and I don t think I can take that at the moment.I was born seventeen years ago Do you think people have noticed that I m around Francesca said Will replies, I notice when you re not Does that count Did he just insult me Francesca asks Justine Yes, but the tragedy is that he thinks he s paying you a compliment.You go shake your foundations, Will I think it s about time I saved myself.Favorite ScenesThomas, Jimmy, Justine, Francesca are on the bus and Tuba Guy Francois boards Thomas makes things happen for Justine I loved this guy Francesca rids the cabin of evil spirits with her hip hopping and chanting but before she does, she stops Will from entering and tells him Nonbelievers are barred Why did that make me crack up Thomas, Jimmy, Justine, Tara, Siohban wait for Francesca at her home as her dad drives out to Woy Woy to bring her back home What an awesome group of friends.

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    4.5 stars Just ask how I m feeling, I want to say Just ask and I may tell you.But no one does. Chantal read a YA contemporary And she liked it shocked face Melina Marchetta has become my queen of contemporary First On the Jellicoe Road and now Saving Francesca The woman can do no wrong I still can t fathom how she managed to make me this in love with characters in less than 250 pages On the Jellicoe Road has a significantly higher rating on GR compared to Saving Francesca and I can see why Saving Francesca is understated, less dramatic and with not as much actually happening But that s exactly why I loved it This book managed to evoke so many emotions in me by just being an organic story of a young girl trying to find herself I related to this novel so much and I don t even really understand why I m very different from Francesca, I don t have any friends like hers, my family dynamics aren t similar And yet, there was something about it that made me go Yes, exactly and That s exactly how I feel numerous times throughout It takes a special kind of author to pull that off.Here s why I don t usually read YA contemporaries They usually take place in some town in the US with all the little high school cliques, popularity contests, dumb teachers and rumours ruining people s lives etc I can t read that It s so fake to me I don t know if going to high school in the US is actually like that, but it s certainly nothing like my high school experience Of course there are always exceptions see I ll Give You the Sun or Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda but in general I have started to steer clear from the genre If you feel as I do, worry no further, Saving Francesca is nothing like that I can t believe I said it out loud The truth doesn t set you free, you know It makes you feel awkward and embarrassed and defenseless and red in the face and horrified and petrified and vulnerable But free I don t feel free I feel like shit. This isn t the story of beautiful people going on crazy adventures and falling in love with similarly flawless people along the way It s a simple story of a girl whose mother doesn t get out of bed one morning A story about a girl who is lost, flawed, trying to find her way Francesca makes mistakes, she isn t always the nicest person around, but she is so kind at heart Her narration was perfection sarcastic, witty, at times melancholy, but most of all, very touching She is such a believable character and someone you can root for completely A bit of a smart ass and so strong minded, her development was wonderful to watch I miss the Stella girls telling me what I am That I m sweet and placid and accommodating and loyal and nonthreatening and good to have around And Mia I want her to say, Frankie, you re silly, you re lazy, you re talented, you re passionate, you re restrained, you re blossoming, you re contrary I want to be an adjective again But I m a noun A nothing A nobody A no one. And then there are Francesca s friends I think the last time I loved a friend group this much and wanted to be part of it so badly was while reading The Raven Cycle They are all fleshed out and realistic, with strong personalities that jump off the page and make you feel like you actually know them, like you could just call them up one evening when you re feeling down and they d come over and watch Netflix on the couch with you So I ring Justine Kalinsky and I say, It s Francesca Spinelli, and she says, Francesca, you ve got to stop using last names How are you doing and I say I feel like shit , and I don t know how it happens, but by eight o clock that night I m lying next to her on the couch with Siobhan and Tara and we re eating junk food and watching a Keanu movie And I want to stay on that couch for the rest of my life. With YA always being so focused on romance, this band of misfits was wonderfully refreshing There is some romance and it is very cute, but it never takes the upper hand and always stays completely realistic The family dynamics was another thing I loved about this book The novel sheds some light on how it is to grow up with a parent who is mentally ill and portrays the struggles the entire family has to go through It shows the utter powerlessness you as a child or partner or friend or parent have over the situation Depression doesn t just affect one family member, it affects everyone around you The depression belongs to all of us I think of the family down the road whose mother was having a baby and they went around the neighborhood saying, We re pregnant I want to go around the neighborhood saying, We re depressed If my mum can t get out of bed in the morning, all of us feel the same Her silence has become ours, and it s eating us alive. And despite all this, the novel somehow manages to never become too heavy or sentimental Melina Marchetta s prose is phenomenal Her style is beautiful and flows brilliantly and her dialogues are witty and laugh out loud funny Her writing instills in me a sense of familiarity that I only have with very few other authors Overall, this is what Saving Francesca is not dramatic, suspenseful, mind blowing, new OTP material But here is what it is It is honest.It is funny.It is sad.And it is so moving.This is the kind of book I want every teenager to read It is short and sweet but also packs a punch I recommend it to everyone, even to those who don t usually read the genre.And as for me, I feel a little less lonely than before I started the book I just want it to go back to the way it was It ll never go back to the way it was, Frankie But you have to make sure it goes forward

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    Why did I feel so grateful that people treated me well Sometimes you stumble upon a story that is just too much like yourself.This story is too much like myself.That is why I don t know if I will ever write a review I hope I will, but right now doing it would feel like carving the heart out of my chest Am I making sense Weirdly enough, yes While I struggle with myself, please, please, please Go read this book Okay, so I had a few hours to get my act together and, while I am still so very not ready or a review, there are a couple of things I think you should know Marchetta s writing may not be particularly exceptional per se, but it s like it is in the right place at the right time It complements this story and these characters perfectly Francesca s story is, and couldn t not be, Marchetta s territory I think I am sure that no one else not even the authors I adore the most could have rendered it in the right way Marchetta is the only one This is a story about mental illness, yes, but it s also a story about loneliness, about growing up, about the gap between what you are, what you want to be and what the others think you are, about parents and about friends Francesca had a sort of strained and adversarial relationship with her mother before the latter s illness took hold of her, and that is probably what touched me the most How Francesca had to elaborate everything she knew about her mother to form a completely different perception of her During this process, Marchetta s accompanies her character with such frankness and honesty and genuineness as I ve rarely seen I was touched Deeply She lets me trace the scar on her stomach The scar I put there when I was born It s because you were in such a hurry and I wanted to have you all to myself for just a little while longer, she murmurs, sleepily Even back then we were battling each other When I grow up, I m going to be my mother Not one of these characters is easy or uncomplicated Forget that They re all so liable to be judged, that Marchetta s lack of any judgemental attitude appears even amplified It s a breath of fresh air.So, this is what I wanted you to know The are thing, of course I ll do my best to keep you updated I I did write kind of a review, didn t I

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