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    Good for getting started in the rv world

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    If you are new to rv ing, this is a good basic over view with good practical tips and advice Nice read.

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    This is a very practical book that covers all the things you should consider when buying an RV, what you can expect and need to know for that first trip out, what maintenance is required, and a list of some sweet campgrounds As a hiker and National and State Park lover, this idea is super appealing to me There are no pictures in the book It s definitely substance over style.The chapters are as follows Chapter 1 Why Choose and RV Lifestyle Alright, this was my least favorite chapter, leaning towards sales pitchy, but he lists a lot of pros of RVing, and may include some you hadn t considered.Chapter 2 Which RV is Right for you He discusses the different sizes and classes, lists 10 questions to ask yourself, and what to look for in a used RV Great information, but I found one bit of advice would be impractical for us bring a mechanic with to check out potential RVs Great if you have one handy.Chapter 3 To Tow or Not to Tow Covers all the things to think about.Chapter 4 Get Ready for the Road Ahead This covers servicing and testing, handbook and manuals, paperwork, campgrounds, 2 days before the trip checklist, right before you leave checklist, and driver s seat checklist.Chapter 5 What to Expect on Your First Trip Informative with useful checklists This chapter should help a lot of newbies feel properly prepared.Chapter 6 A Practical Guide to RV Maintenance Super comprehensive checklist Nice.Chapter 7 Boondocking The Road Less Traveled Town or city, safety, camping responsibly, camping in the wild, and being mindful of personal limits.Chapter 8 How to Save and Make While RVing.Chapter 9 Dealing with the Necessities of Life on the Road School, doctors, bills, voting, mail, laundry, and dumping.Chapter 10 Campgrounds The Best of the Best This covers a lot of his favorite campgrounds with a list of all the amenities to be enjoyed, and then lists all the most romantic campgrounds How cute is that for a honeymoon or anniversary trip I received a copy of this to explore and share my thoughts.

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    As someone who is currently in the process of converting an old prison bus into a motorhome the bus has RV plates, a kitchen, bathroom, etc I ve been reading a lot of RVing books Note that there are a lot of books in this category, and many focus on such things as electrical systems, plumbing, and repair This book is a very accessible overview of what it s like to travel and or live boondock in an RV.While I ve read some comprehensive books from authors who have lived for years in their RVs, this book s author seems a bit less experienced With that said, there is plenty to like in this book most interesting to me were the sections on RV and camping clubs you can join, insurance info, and basics about getting packed and out there on the road.Some sage advice graces the pages of this book things like the suggestion that people should rent an RV before buying one, and the idea that you should find your own path through RVing.Now, as someone who has done a lot of tent camping, car camping, and backpacking I m not as sold on RVing as the BEST POSSIBLE WAY TO TRAVEL, as this author is but I appreciate his enthusiasm.Note that this is a self published, rather thin slim book It s not elaborately illustrated, like some books from publishers, and it s not as full of robustly written passages as some well edited volumes are But those are rather small problems, as I ve learned a few things from this book making it valuable to me.

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