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Ruthless summary Ruthless, series Ruthless, book Ruthless, pdf Ruthless, Ruthless 5942eea26a For Years Scandal Has Rocked Rosewood, Pennsylvania And High School Seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, And Spencer Have Always Been At The Center Of The Drama They Ve Lost Friends, Been Targeted By A Ruthless Stalker Named A, And Narrowly Escaped Death And It S Not Over YetAria S Love Life Is On The Fritz Emily S Exploring Her Wild Side Hanna S Kissing The Enemy And Someone From Spencer S Past Someone She Never Thought She D See Again Is Back To Haunt HerBut None Of That Compares To What Happened Last Spring Break It S Their Darkest Secret Yet, And Guess Who Found Out Now A Is Determined To Make Them Pay For Their Crime, And The Only Thing Scarier Than A Is The Fear That Maybe, Just Maybe, They Deserve What S Coming To Them

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    Okay, so I m going to try to keep this classy, unlike my Twisted review.Tsk Tsk Tsk.My dearest Sara,Why, oh why, do you pain me with this Why continue on You had it perfect Your series was like a taco Pretty Little Liars was the shell to the taco, and with each book, you added something tasty to it By the end of Wanted, you wrapped it up all nicely for me you made a wonderful Literature Taco Then, you came out with Twisted and RuthlessYOU DESTROYED MY TACO You took it andandand you ripped it open and started adding a bunch of stuff to it crying uncotrollably and dramtically What kind of stuff Not anything good, Mrs Shepard Everything you added was things that everybody has already heard It s like you re trying to feed me your poop I don t like to eat human waste I want real food I m a real boy Why, Sara I thought we were best friends Apparently not I feel like I lost a friendand a tacoSincerely,Alec P.S I was not under the influence of any drug while writing this review I wrote from the heart.One thing though Ruthless has a 4.04 average rating on Goodreads how Did I read the same piece of garbade that everyone else read Literally, someone explain that to me.

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    Everyone s favorite pretty little liars are back with a fresh story arc filled with dark new secrets and deadly plot twists Fresh story arc snort This ought to be good sarcasm 30% into the book Seriously Has Sara Shepard never, ever, ever taken a course in Biology or Sex Ed before How do you hide a 9 month long pregnancy from all of your friends and family Spring Break is in March and her baby was delivered by the end of summer I know I mentioned this in the last book review butuhwhat Maybe I am still missing something here Everyone s favorite Pedo Bear is back for some 17 year old lovin What grown man WOULDN T still be pining away for a teenage girl over a year later That would be a grown man who whines like a 13 year old teeny bopper who leaves his 17 year old soul mate for another 17 year old slutbagho If I have to read some version of Real Ali , Really Courtney , fake ali courtney or courtney with a twist of Ali or some stupid crap like that one time I am going to hurl I think by now we all know what the stupid plot of this series is, and you don t have to keep addressing the whole Was Ali Really Ali thing We get it We aren t stupid After all, I did make it past 6th grade biology Is Emily still seriously wetting herself over Ali The girl tried to kill her multiple times, and yet she is still hanging on to some shred of hope that she is still alive and kicking But let s not forget Emily was really in love with Fake Ali Courtney with a twist of Ali Really Courtney first the girl who called her vicious names and degraded her in front of their peers Emily has major self esteem issues You d think after 10 books she would at least somewhat get a backbone Also, I think someone needs to teach Shepard what a flash mob really is It s not setting up a secret concert and tricking people into listening to a political rally and I am SO convinced that all these college kids were THRILLED when some random political activists started passing out registration forms at a gathering they knew nothing about Upon Completion I still don t understand this burning desire that apparently every 17 yr old teenager has to murder everyone And that each of these 17 year old murderers must obviously be Super Woman whoever A is who took a photo of the dead body MUST have gotten rid of it within the few seconds it would have taken the Liars to run down a flight of stairs Not that I have moved many dead bodies to compare it to, but have you ever tried moving dead weight before This whole baby thing still confuses me How is Emily so wracked with guilt over a murder she didn t even commit and yet she feels nothing for the child she carried inside of her for 9 or 3 4, if you use Shepard s miracle of birth logic months I mean, good for her for giving up the child for a better life but isn t that an incredibly hard decision that would impact her life FOREVER And yet she goes about her day like she just dropped off an old pair of jeans at Good Will or something But she can t let go of the memory of a dead murderer Spencer is a freaking whack job The ONLY line in the book that made me laugh was when Kelsey wrote to Spencer in a little I don t know what your problem is, but you seriously need help.

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    Este se me ha atragantadoNo ha sido el peor de los libros pero creo que le pongo menos nota debido a que el anterior era demasiado bueno S que no es justo juzgar as a un libro, pero en una saga de 16 libros donde la trama se estira y se estira Por lo menos tendr as que ser algo m s equitativa.En Ruthless ha habido varias cosas que no me han convencido Por ejemplo, olvidamos por completo el personaje de Chloe que fue tan importante en Twisted, e introducimos a Kelsey un personaje que daba mucho juego al principio, luego se deshincha y luego no tiene ni pies ni cabeza Creo que Sara Shepard tiene un problema con introducir a personajes porque no suelen ser muy coherentes estables en cuanto a la trama.El final de la novela, sin embargo, incluye algo sobre Kelsey que creo que es bastante interesante No, no es spoiler Creo que podr a haber sido una novela mucho mejor si Sara no se hubiera empe ado tanto en introducirnos a Kelsey con calzador, u otras tramas como la de Spencer siendo actriz de pronto Hanna y Liam me ha gustado bastante y las tramas de Aria tambi n, sorprendentemente.En fin uno m s No destaca especialmente por nada y se nota que es un pre mbulo para una nueva trama central en la siguiente novela Veremos qu sucede.

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    What an explosion of shit that was.

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    Ruthless by Sara Shepard book 10 in the Pretty Little Liars seriesCan t believe i ve now finished the 10th book in the PLL series This particular instalment, I found a little boring, and not much was happening in any of the girls stories.I wasn t a huge fan of the Kelsey storyline, so i m glad that s overFavourite Line We did all the tourist crap, but I just wanted to sit in a cafe and watch people Favourite A message Hannakins I know you guys are living out your own private Romeo and Juliet love story, but remember, both of them die in Act V A Not much else to say about this one, I hope the next book is better, and this series is definitely still addicting Order of PLL books from fav to least fav so far 1 Wanted2 Wicked3 Killer4 Pretty Little Liars5 Twisted6 Unbelievable 7 Ruthless8 Flawless9 Heartless10 Perfect

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    Back we go again.

    As the timeline of events starts to make less and less sense this volume s prologue is set in the middle of the story, somewhere between the JI and the events of the last book so far as I can make out Its contents are a reminder of Aria and Hanna s trip to Iceland, during which we have already been told there will be an incident hereafter the II which will eventually be revealed to us at one of the various artificial d nouements of the series Emily is pregnant with the baby we already knew she had and Spencer has some problem related to buying study aid drugs, falls for the standard your friend is in the other room telling us everything TV cop interrogation trick and sets her friend up as a drug dealer in order to take the heat off herself Just to remind you, she is one of the series heroines

    And so to the present Emily is busy moping about wearing the pants she stole from AliCourt 4 years ago like the crazy obsessive she is, staring at the poster of Michael Phelps which has reappeared again regardless of continuity and returned to her wall The sulk is broken temporarily when her sister Beth turns up, but since she is completely indistinguishable from her sister Carolyn I doubt it will make too much difference Spencer is now living with her violent patriarchal stepfather to be and his daughter Amelia, who quite reasonably hates Spencer for getting her brother sent to military school and bullying her mercilessly Spencer in turn cannot get on with Amelia because she is a girl, and worse yet not even stylish Also, she might not have got into Princeton after all because of some stupid candidate mix up, so we ll have to hear her obsessing over that yet again Other events include Aria being dumped by her awful for boyfriend for being pathetic and unpleasant, which is hard to care greatly about, and Hanna confessing to her father all the terrible secrets she was keeping from him, which formed a major part of the previous book It turns out that he completely forgives her, since stealing 10,000 and framing an innocent man are matters of little consequence, and a fair portion of the last book is now even pointless than previously.

    It turns out that Emily s new sister Beth is a scandalous risk taker , as evidence by her listening to L il Kim and having a boyfriend She and Emily attend a monster themed fancy dress party as the Statue of Liberty and a flapper, for some reason, and Emily immediately meets a new love interest called Kay, who is dressed as a mermaid We also learn that Shepard considers Supergirl, Mexicans and Native Americans to be monsters Spencer meanwhile is busy with the school play we have been hearing about for some time, in which she is risibly cast as Lady Macbeth alongside new student and motorcycle bad boy Beau The skinny jean clad Weird Sisters are played by the girls enemy clique, since casting has to mirror the school s internal politics exactly Also they only have roughly 8 students in the entire year group 10 if you count Alison incarnations , so the choice is limited Aria pauses in hypocritically bemoaning how the bimbos of the world always got the guys to get back in touch with her teacher ex Ezra on a casual whim, hoping to make her recent ex jealous And Hanna gets involved in a cynical ploy to manipulate a bunch of apolitical teens into appearing to be rallying in support of her father s senate bid, but is swiftly distracted by a boy called Liam, with whom she finds herself up against an alleyway wall quite literally 5 minutes after they meet.

    On the strength of a single text casually asking how he is, Exra turns up on Aria s lawn with a hand painted sign reading I MISSED YOU, ARIA and a luxury picnic, thus reminding us he is a weird stalker pervert type He also excuses his total disappearance from the narrative since Book 4 by explaining that his e mails were hacked a year ago, and thus he has been unable to contact anyone This in no way distracts from Shepard s abysmal attempt to disguise her straw grabbing desperation for plots but Aria is happy enough, and is rolling around half naked in a field with him a couple of hours later Emily s romance with yet another girl blossoms as usual, raising the question of why in Book 1 she was so concerned about being gay since every female she meets seems to be at least bisexual, as well as conveniently attracted to her We don t hear about her going any further than the casual kissing stage though, because Shepard is a little bit afraid of lesbians Spencer is a the only one without an instant partner as she is distracted by the return of Kelsey, the girl she framed for drug dealing, who coincidentally turns out to be in Amelia s Charity Chamber Music Group , whatever that might be We also hear a little about the drug in question, an imaginary and stupid magical study drug called Easy A which is pushed on both girls by a random boy at a bar and which they take for 6 weeks before being caught by the police, which is easily the least realistic and most dull drug storyline I have ever read It s quite the big deal for the characters though, as no one in Rosewood has ever taken any drugs before despite the fact they re all super rich dimwits with no sense of consequences Somewhere along the way we are instructed that this round s suspects for A include Kelsey, a particularly obvious red herring, and Kate again.

    Eventually it turns out that Kay and Kelsey are the same person, and all four girls decide that she therefore is probably A , logic not being their strong suit, although to be fair it would fit with Emily s propensity to be attracted to psychopaths Nobody does much about this though Instead Hanna nearly goes on holiday with the sex focused strange boy she has only met once before realising in a tedious plot twist that he is the son of her father s rival for senate, in a tired and inconsequential Romeo and Juliet steal Sticking with the Shakespeare, Spencer attends an astoundingly clich ridden coaching session to prepare her for her part in Macbeth, where she realises several hundred pages after the rest of us that she is going to get involved with her co star Beau It takes a little while, but eventually after berating her for 20 minutes he tells her that he thinks her acting is good and she melts and throws herself into his arms And Emily continues chastely dating Kelsey, because she never takes any action or does anything.

    Aria s love life takes a yet stupid turn when it turns out that Ezra has written a novel about her and their illegal fling of last year Here the phrase written a novel means copied down every dull chat he and Aria have ever had, and bulked it out with diatribes asserting his own personal philosophical opinions It sounds truly awful Rather than finding it intensely creepy or demanding some of the potential royalties since a massive amount of the text is simply culled from her conversation, Aria is delighted attention from others can only be positive, especially if it includes prurient physical flattery Hanna s star crossed lovers act drags on, as Liam becomes increasingly desperate to drag her to a series of far flung locations on the spur of the moment Spencer s love for Beau has now endowed her with magical subconscious thespian abilities Aria finishes Ezra s book, which ends with the pseudo Ezra lead character being suddenly killed by anthrax spores mailed to him by an unknown international terrorist I hope this is some sort of satire I m not quite getting Aria also raises some minor questions about the book but this immediately offends Ezra s pride and he commences to sulk, paying Aria back for her temerity in failing to unquestioningly adore him by flirting with her arch nemesis and giving away the secret filled manuscript about her love life

    The usual mid book lull occurs, as Shepard tries to fill pages ahead of this episode s conclusion Shepard continues to misunderstand the concept of irony Everyone persists in wearing booties , which is confusing as to me that means knitted baby shoes, we are treated to constant reminders of Isabel s orange skin, Kate s Jo Malone Fig and Cassis body lotion , Alison s vanilla soap, the product based smell of every boy in the series, etc The media reports the Tabitha case incessantly, as presumably there is no other news in America Hanna shifts focus from fake suspect one Kelsey to fake suspect 2 Kate for no particular reason Spencer reminds us that Kelsey is her preferred bet Emily does absolutely nothing Mike the Pervert takes one of his girlfriends to an underwear runway show, which sounds romantic, although for some reason he expects to see many pairs of Double Dees even though most models don t have enough flesh on their whole body to fill an AA cup The girls get together and decide once again that actually they prefer Kelsey as a suspect, with Emily as the inevitable lone voice of dissent Emily is pushed down a hill by someone who she thinks was Alison, although given that she is clinically obsessed with Alison that s not particularly surprising Spencer rehearses for Macbeth by chanting Out, damned spot over and over again until she has some kind of fit, conjuring up pills stuck to her hands and dead girls haunting her, and throws herself into an icy brook Directly afterward Hanna has one of her dream visions of Alighost, this time in Kelsey s room at university for some reason, before letting Liam climb up to her bedroom via her new plot enforced Juliet balcony Aria upsets Ezra by implying that his unpublished ramblings might possibly not necessarily be a literary masterpiece.

    Eventually The Scottish Play is ready for its single performance Spencer totally loses her inability to act due to stress, leading the director to actually threaten to change her for another actress between mid play, despite that being shockingly stupid Then she suddenly remembers how to act again, is amazing, and is rewarded with yet another kiss from Beau The 2 3 party this time is a post performance cast gathering, which most of the girls attend even though they were nothing to do with the play At the do Emily tells Kelsey about Spencer framing her Aria is uncomfortable being stalked by an ex teacher at a school event, so Ezra descends into yet another sulk and gets off with evil pneumatic sex puppet Klaudia behind some bins in an alleyway Spencer mistakenly thinks Kelsey is trying to kill her and reasonably tries to strangle her to death with her bare hands She escapes without legal ramifications, despite the numerous witnesses, because everyone agrees it s obviously caused by the play having temporarily taken over her mind.

    We then return to the victim trapped in car with potential killer storyline again, but this time with Emily and Kelsey in the respective roles The other girls race after them with their usual disregard for road safety and innocent bystanders, and everyone ends up once again at Floating Man Quarry, death site of A 1 all the way back in Book 4 Kelsey drones on and on about secrets and bad deeds without naming any specifics before deciding to jump from the quarry and kill herself She is then saved by Spencer, but commences to OD on her stupid fictional speed pills in a manner both oddly timed and untenable The usual convenient ambulance arrives and she is borne away, leaving the four girls behind to discuss with relief how no one will ever believe her supposed murder accusations, since she is now a known drug user and everything she says will be written off as substance induced hallucinations So it s a happy ending except for that photograph of Tabitha s dead body that Spencer received We then veer off into some junk about Liam turning out to be a cheat and Hanna wreaking her vengeance by telling her father all the juicy gossip about Liam s father that he revealed to her for some unknown reason, thereby turning a supposedly democratic election process into the offshoot of a teenage love spat This has no place this near to the end of the book and serves only to reduce what little tension or narrative thrust there was Another plot lurch leads to a passing mention to a new forensic procedure which will prove that the body on the beach was in fact Tabitha, even though that has never previously been in doubt The II is also brought up again, in readiness for the next book Aria realises that she prefers mindless lump Noel to pretentious pseudo intellectual Ezra, even though they re both unreliable cheats, and gets back together with him Spencer finds out that the whole stupid Princeton thing was just another trick from A 3, and she has wasted our time going on about it.

    Finally all four girls go to visit Kelsey in the Preserve, the nearby mental institute which operates a drop in policy for random teenagers but also imprisoned Alison for 3 years in total secrecy Kelsey is now a classic TV movie lunatic, all matted hair and circles under the eyes She now admits that she had drugs in her room anyway the night when Spencer planted some there, and so apparently totally deserved to go to jail and have her life ruined Although Spencer seems to have escaped that judgement In other news she quite blatantly wasn t A 3 in any way, and the girls are all idiots It then turns out that Tabitha was also at the Preserve, which is pretty crowded with identikit teenage girls, and was exactly the same age as Alison This is significant for some reason The Shepard had a quick boast in the acknowledgements about how compelling and interesting her own book series is The end.Most Racially Insensitive Rich White Kid AttitudeHanna on Iceland

    Was a country full of weird, pale Vikings who were all related to one another worthy of her Elizabeth and James high heeled booties Stupidest NamesChazBettina BloomTucker Wilkinson male Pierre CastleBeau Braswell male Phineas O ConnellVelmaRay LaMontagneUlysses Farrin JacobsShep and MindyMost Sympathetic Sentence in the Book Spencer couldn t believe that she and her friends were yet again faced with the task of figuring out who A might be I think we can all appreciate what she s feeling.Least Imaginative Comparison The mermaid s eyes brightened She reminded Emily of a sexier, green haired version of Ariel from The Little Mermaid A mermaid reminded Emily of a mermaid Who would have thought it Weirdest Psychological Issue I recently broke up with someone, too, Hanna said quietly, thinking of Mike, although now when she tried to imagine his face, all she could see was a big crayon scribble Rosewood s prosopagnosia has now struck Hanna it seems, albeit in a peculiarly localised form effecting only her memory of one individual.Weirdest Ghost Story The church had once been a mansion that housed an older, wealthy railroad baron and his Olympic team in training of male fencers The railroad baron had gone crazy, murdered several of the fencers, and escaped to South America Sorry, what This is just casually thrown in at the beginning of Chapter 17, and then never mentioned again Is the US so full of giant mansions occupied by insane old men and their pet bevy of Olympic athletes that this needs no further explanation Least Realistic Sentence Liam sighed I pine for the time when my parents got along Most Unlikely Outfit the sexiest fitted corduroys Spencer had ever seen on a guy There s something very weird about these books, which becomes apparent as they drag on All the female characters seem to be suffering from neurotic psychoses occasionally leading to catatonic fits, and all the males from narcissistic personality disorders of the megalomaniacal variety Yet none of them are aware of this Occasionally one of the girls like Mona, Alison or Courtney tries to take control of their situation by usurping the psychopathic control freak tendencies of the males, becomes a crazed blood stained lunatic and is destroyed as punishment for her transgression Otherwise everybody trundles along like this is normality Therefore this is either an incredibly clever series of books exploring the human condition and the gender imbalance, or a frightening glimpse into Sara Shepard s fractured psyche.

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    So it took me ONE and a half days to read this 350 page book and almost a MONTH to finish a book I was reading before it That s how interesting this book is Plus it doesn t hurt that I m Jamaican and I live in Jamaica and the pretty little liars s murder took place there DYou d think after ten books the whole A is trying to get you thing is stale Nope The twists and turns almost give you a headache because you so desperately want to make the connection and figure out who the new A is before the series is over I kept looking for little clues and signals but I m still just as clueless as the first time around For a while I even considered triplets , and I ll get to that in a second.It ll probably make sense and I ll find the hints after the series is over but it doesn t make the book any less interesting.The book starts off with this tiny little flashback to the time directly after Jamaica when they kind of fell apart before launching into the story.Aria After the events of Twisted, Noel broke things off with her, Klaudia is still a pyschotic bitch and Ezra s back But personally, I didn t like this new Ezra at all If you stalk the tv shows like I do, then it will definitely break your heart I read the first 8 books long before the show started but because the new books just recently came back up, I ve lost connection with the REAL story, so I took to reading them again, and found I ve quite missed the book world of Pretty Little Liars Anywhoo, Aria does get her happy ending and I like her again At the beginning I thought she was a bitch for not helping Spencer, but she s still a great character.Klaudia like I said is still a bitch and it was even funny when they were in the cafe and Aria told her to speak normally and when Klaudia threatened her, Aria just told her off Woohoo Hanna As usual, her problems revert to the opposite sex.Like the blurb states, she does end up kissing the enemy In this case, her father s campaign opposition s son Liam She sneaks around and sees him behind her father s back because she s afraid he ll hate her again.The conclusion of that story was kind of easy to predict but what Kate did was a bit shocking I could tell where it was going but I didn t think it would actually happen.Emily Emily does get a bit wild at first when her older sister Beth comes to visit and she ends up meeting a girl named Kay, who turns out to be a lot familiar than everyone thought.She almost gets killed again , in fact she almost gets killed twice.In the end, she kind of lost her friend Kay because of A and it was a bit sad how Kay s life turned out to be so unlucky don t worry, she doesn t die or anything.But yeah, Emily pretty much fell in love with Kay so I kinda felt bad for her Spencer Despite Hannah being on the cover this was pretty much Spencer s story.We got a hint from Twisted that she did some not so nice things to get into Princeton but it comes to light in Ruthless Spencer was busted for drug possession prescription drugs and framed her roommate Kelsey Pierce.So when Kelsey comes back into the picture, it sets the stage for this whirlwind of crazy.There were a lot of Shakespeare references Spencer even stars as Lady Macbeth in the school play, which is kind of an allusion to her real life madness and guilt she has over A and Kelsey.Especially when she starts to slave over the play to get into Princeton after a letter tells her there is another Spencer Hastings vying for a spot at Princeton She hopes the play will give her the extra edge.Tabitha Clark She annoyed me but not in a I hate this character and book type of way It was Alison DiLaurentis all over again and I freakishly desperately wanted to know what the deal with this girl was The mysteriousness and similarities nearly drove me crazy Especially when you learn that Kelsey was also in Jamaica for spring break with Tabitha and the Liars Spencer even found a picture of Tabitha on Kelsey s phone.If that isn t bad enough, at the very end you find out something extra about Tabitha that I m pretty sure is a hint to who A is but I can t make sense of it and if I say it, it might be a spoiler Some smartypants out there might put two and two togther and figure out who A is And while it hurts my brain being in the dark, I d rather hear who A is from the book Like I said, I considered triplets because she s so much like Ali she had her bracelet, she taunted them with secrets in Jamaica and when you read this book, like I said, the last part is another added curveball.To be honest, the only way this book can truly make me feel any dumber is if one of the Liars turned out to be A or some minor character we all overlooked like with Mona, turned out to be A Or maybe even if A was a guy or an adult or something There s so many possibilities.This is a great book and if you ve started the series, you should DEFINITELY read it I don t reccommend this if you re just starting the series, you have to read the other nine books to get a true sense of what s going on But Miss Shepard has done it again Not many authors can continue their series with such great success I thought okay she s dragging this out, but when I read Twisted and got my hands on Ruthless, I gobbled it up like a starved homeless person Because the book WASN T boring and the new secrets were pretty juicy and there were some really MAJOR unexpected stuff.Also, everybody s friends again in the end But sometimes I think it s just a little bad that A is always the person who brings them together, they should really work on that.I don t read a ton of series, especially ones that are just popping up or ones that everyone makes a hype about because they tend to suck and I feel like I can t start a book series without finishing.But this series is by far one of my favourites, NOT just because I like the tv show.By the way, the tv show cannot and will not help you to understand the books, it may even confuse you further, which is why I m glad I did and I strongly reccommend reading the entire series The show is awesome but it strays greatly from the books What you can do is in between waiting for the new episodes, read each book If it took me two days, and I had stuff to do, to finish Ruthless which was over 300 pages, it won t take long to catch up.Happy Reading

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    I m trying to just smash out the rest of this series because I really just want to be done with them and move on with my life.These girls this story. it s just getting a little bit tedious I know this story is directed at a younger audience and I m not saying I m not entertained. it s just, I can t wait to be done with these books Onto the next one.

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    Time to check in with our resident mean girls In the 10th book of the Pretty Little Liars series, the girls have learned nothing They are still putting themselves in stupid situations and just being all around horrible people And despite being seniors and older, they still act like children and refuse to actually talk to each other Instead, they bring up A and then lie and say that nothing is happening to them So what s been happening Hanna has met a new man, but it s the son of her fathers biggest opponent But it s ok because they re soulmates and they re going to run away together and live happily ever after I m not kidding This was a discussion literally like the second time they met The first time they met they had such a strong connection that they just made out all the time I m sure you can sense my eye roll here Aria and Noel have broken up Aria blames the foreign exchange student who blatantly wants Noel But it s okay because Ezra is back and they are also going to run away together to New York and live happily ever after Aria will even finish school on line because she s that anxious to begin their life together Ummmwhat This whole relationship is weird Ezra has apparently been pining after Aria the entire time they ve been apart So much that he wrote a book about their relationship And he s ready to be with her and go public with their love and OMG gag me with a spoon You re a 25 I think year old man hung up on a child who got you fired Also, this Ezra is a complete slime ball compared to TV Ezra Emilywell she s Emily Still infatuated with Ali until she meets another beautiful girl who shows her attention and now she s in love with her So of course this girl can do no wrong I don t even want to talk about Emily any because it will just become a rant about how much of an idiot she is and that s just repetitive at this point Finally Spencer Well Spencer is taking a page from Emily s book and becomes so obsessed and paranoid thinking she knows who A is that she literally attacks people She also did something really horrible to a girl she met over summer and guess who s back in Spencers life Also, I ve decided that all four of them are suffering from the same delusion since they all keep hearing giggling wherever they go These girls need therapy and they need it now.

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    I was not impressed, to be honest It felt like Sara Shepherd was like okay, I have a 4 book contractwhat should I write about HmmI ll just toss away all the characters from the last book, bring completely new characters in, make up a completely new storyline, wrap it up completely, and then in the last 2 pages, add something that actually contributes to the whole Tabita A story arc Oh, and I ll also make Ezra into this obnoxious, self centered person who would cheat on Aria after waiting a whole year for her Maybe I m a little biased because I LOVE the ABC Family version of Ezria, but I just did not buy that whole character development for Ezra And, don t get me started on how Noel ends up this being the good guy after the last book It was just really annoying Also, I just did not feel sorry for the girls at all in this book Especially Spencer planting drugs in another girl s room It was just selfish and cruel I m still interested to see how the whole Tabitha storyline progresses my guess is that she was Ali s roommate at the hospital, which is how she found out all the secrets, and that Ali is again A , so I ll probably finish the series Still, keep your expectations low for this one.

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