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    I was quite surprised by Roses at Dusk by M.W Russell and pleasantly so This is not your normal paranormal romance, for it is dark, twisted and in its own way horrific My kind of book I was hooked after the first page and could not put my kindle down This story is not an easy one to read for some of the topics may be not for the faint of heart.Roses at Dusk follows Hannah who is looking for a fresh start in a new town Bar Harbor and hopes to leave the pain of the loss of her family behind her Starting a new job and making new friends When Hannah has chance meeting with a stranger named Marcus her life changes In this new relationship her reality shifts and the world as she knows it is ripped out from under her feet as she fights to break free from evil s grip.For me it was the beginning of the book that really drew me in as the author gave me a taste of what is to come After reading the first chapter I had so many questions that needed answers for she throws you smack dab in the middle of the plot not knowing how the main character Hannah got there Which I feel is a brilliant move as it engages the reader which leaves them wanting .Now for the Characters in the book, the main character is Hannah and who is the catalyst for all that happens in the book She becomes unbeknownst to her caught up in a supernatural battle for her mind, body and soul I really enjoyed watching her evolve as she begins her relationship with Marcus who plays the villain hero in this book Theirs is a very twisted relationship and she finds herself in deep and doesn t even know it is happening The only thing that bothered me about Hannah was for a brief second she feels pity for Marcus, even after everything he had done to her Granted it was only a few seconds but it was enough for me to shout NO Don t do it The supporting characters did a good job at lightening up the story line such as Penny the lighthearted man loving best friend, to Felix the funny coworker who as the story plays out becomes a major character and really comes into his own He annoyed me at first because he was so different than Marcus I have a soft spot for tall dark and evil lol But as his story started to reveal itself Felix made sense There was one supporting character that I just kept waiting to jump out but she never did was Audrey Brewer, I kept fantasizing in my head as to what role she played but it never panned out.The book was well written and very easy to read The story line played itself out well with kept me asking questions of who, what, when and why, this is a must in my book when it comes to phychological thrillers I do want to mention that the supernatural theme is one that hasn t been written yet and something new to me so that was a plus All in all this was a great book to read and this is an author to watch in the paranormal thriller genre Again I wanted to mention that this book is for adult with sexual themes Now for the rating, I would have given this book 5 stars except I had to take a bit off for my frustration with the character Audrey brewer, I just felt her character didn t really help the story line So with that said I give this book 4.5 Stars Reviewed for DarkissReads www.darkissreads.com

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    A Heart Pounding OriginalI must take a moment to catch my breath Ms Russell definitely put a spin on evil with this one, and it s hard for me to believe this was her debut novel, although she is not new to writing The way I hear it she has another novel about to break into the publishing world, with another two works in progress Wow Sounds like an author that could keep a reader satisfied to me Anyway, I must move on and tell you a bit about why my heart is still in my throat and I may or may not be looking over my shoulder right now And I will try my best not to spoil it for you.Hannah Malcolm attempts to start her life anew in a slower paced town Bar Harbor isn t at all what she was used to in Chicago, but that was the point She had to find a way to escape, and possibly forget, the horrible memories she had of the death of her family With the case closed, and no answers found, staying would have only been the end of her sanity.With a brand new job and a few friends made, Hannah agrees to be dragged against her will to a club with new friend and co worker, Penny Pilkington What she found there was Marcus, a guy that any girl in the club or town would have done just about anything just to get his attention Hannah was shocked by the evident fact that Marcus didn t seem to notice anyone but her.Marcus interest seemed to grow even through the weeks, and Hannah found that she was completely besotted with the devastatingly handsome rogue Strange things began to happen, but ignoring them was a whole lot easier than facing them and ruining what seemed to be the perfect relationship.A brutal murder and a serious accident that almost took the life of Penny, had her nerves on end And she realized when the bruises lasted longer and Marcus words sounded possessive than loving, that she may not have been seeing the real Marcus at all She also realized that the only way to get out of the relationship may cost her her life.With the help of a friend, and some disturbing discoveries about Marcus secret life and her own past, she takes the chance and runs.I can t tell you any, because it would spoil it I highly recommend this book to anyone who craves a little danger in their life Roses at Dusk will have you dreading the setting sun It receives 5 stars from me.

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    Hard to put down Just when you think you know how it s all going to tie up, quite smugly, you think to yourself that you will put it down and get back to it lateryou get thrown a curve ball Fascinating, little bit chilling, a little bit of discomfort thrown in for good measure to make you question yourself on a couple different things What a great start to The Demonic Serieslooking forward to reading about Lucas.

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    I picked this book up as I was looking for something in the thriller horror genre, but quickly realised this is not the sort of book I would normally read I couldn t help groaning when early on a devilishly handsome man comes strolling down the beach in tight jeans with his shirt undone, and I lost count of the number of times the term devastatingly handsome was used.That being said, I did find myself continually returning to the book to see how things would turn out The main villain is suitably powerful and threatening, making it difficult to see how the heroine will ultimately triumph and I think there are a lot of people who would enjoy the story of a woman trapped in a dangerous relationship with no obvious way out I think anyone who liked the Twilight series will be entertained, although the content of this book seems mature I think Twilight spliced with Fifty Shades of Grey was what the author was going for.A few things let the book down for me Most noticeably, there were many typos if instead of of, passed instead of past, like instead of liked, nid stride instead of mid stride I spotted several in every chapter and there were several sections where the paragraph formatting was wrong There were also several areas where unusual phrases were evident in descriptions such as a night a character cannot remember being described as unforgettable I think it would pay for the author to give the work another proofread and tighten up the edit a bit easily done with a Kindle book , as it really will improve the book.I also found there were times where characters acted unrealistically One character, after being assaulted, decides the best thing to do is forget about it and fall straight into the arms of the most likely suspect Later on, the same character is fleeing for her life, but still goes in to work because she doesn t want to miss a business meeting she has scheduled.I am rating this book four stars because I think there is much to enjoy here for fans of the genre and I appreciate I am not the target audience For anyone who thinks the Twilight books are a bit tame, this could be a winner.

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    In Russell s paranormal novel, Hannah Malcolm attempts to start her new life in a different town Bar Harbor isn t at all what she was used to in Chicago, but that was the point She needed to escape, and possibly forget, the horrible memories she had surrounding the death of her family No answers coming, case closed, staying would have only been painful.New job and a few new friends made, Hannah agrees to be dragged against her will to a club with new friend and co worker, Penny Pilkington There she found Marcus, a guy that any girl in the club would have done just about anything to get his attention Stunned, Hannah was shocked to learn he only had eyes for her.Marcus interests seemed to grow in the weeks to come, and Hannah finds herself completely besotted with the devastatingly handsome rogue Strange things begin to happen, but ignoring them was a whole lot easier than facing them and ruining what seemed to be the perfect relationship.Penny comes close to losing her life following a brutal murder and a serious accident, leaving Hannah s nerves frayed When Hannah realizes the bruises are lasting longer and Marcus words are sounding possessive than loving, she knows she may not have truly seen the real Marcus at all And the price of leaving may just be her life.With the help of a friend, and some disturbing discoveries about Marcus secret life and her own past, she puts everything on the line and runs.Intense a touch of evil The book is hard to put down A great introduction to The Demonic Series.

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    Amazing and heartpounding You will immediately be drawn into this story and wont be able to put it down I highly recommend this book, Im looking forward to the next novel It s hard to believe this is a debut novel

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    This is one very intense, heart pounding suspense thriller I couldn t put it down The characters were great in it What a wicked story line.

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    Wow Where to begin M W Russell knocked it out of the park with Roses At Dusk This was a pulse pounding, nail biting, edge of your seat, can t put this book down thriller Trust me, I read a lot of books but this was such a refreshing twist on what is considered the norm From the first chapter you are drawn into a mysterious, seductive world that promises to intoxicate you with forbidden knowledge dark desires Hannah Malcolm just wants a little normality in her life After the tragic loss of her family, she decides to get out of the public eye and trades in her life in Chicago, for a quieter, less hectic life in Bar Harboror so she thinks She embarks on a journey through life that will have her questioning not only all those around her, but everything she thought she knew about her life, herself and the very fabric of her beliefs As you join Hannah in her quest, you will meet funny lovable characters that will entice you to cry, laugh, rage even gasp for breath with them as the story unfolds you work towards solving the mystery Roses At Dusk is beautifully written, with an engaging plot lovable characters that will drag you into the deadly beauty of its world As the book continues it offers detailed character development that will leave you feeling as if you KNOW the players personally leave you captivated right up to the very end where it leaves you desperate for the next book It offers a refreshing unique look at an age old discussion What do you believe This is definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys a great book with an amazing plot sincere characters that have you rooting for them all the way up to its climatic end that just keeps you guessing and ready for I HIGHLY recommend this book it gets 5 stars from me

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    Ok, when I started this book I wasn t sure what to expect, especially since it is marked as part of The Demonic Series I was amazed at how the story progressed and was even caught by surprise a few times One of my favorite things was how the author was able to set the mood of a situation without being graffic Most of all it really is a good story, that is unique and exciting to read I cannot wait for the sequel Snowdrops wilt at Dawn

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    I brought this book on release day and must say I was not disappointed.Roses at Dusk will certainly take you on a roller coaster ride, with twists, turns and mystery entwined within the pages and even a little bit of romance to curb that inner romantic It s a psychological thriller with a paranormal twist that will certainly have you on the edge of your seat or hidden within your room as the pages enfold There will be certain characters on first sight that you will swoon after , and then after reading a chapter or two , you will be gobsmacked and even grossed out, or scared, at certain scenes put forth I know I thought WTF and felt sorry for Hannah at many a moment Can someone be loved too much And the length that someone would do to keep you within arm s reach I was engrossed from the very start, however very surprised at the storyline that was put forth IN A GOOD WAY As dark as it comes across at times, I pulled the covers down and sped along at record breaking pace This book gave me than I could have imagined CHILLS FOR SURE LOL I certainly do enjoy a story that is unique and different and definitely one of a kind Roses at Dusk is certainly that M W Russell gives us a haunting, yet dark yet and mysterious tale that is not only alluring but downright scary in parts In Roses at Dusk we see a darker side to fallen angels, and mysteries that you will want to be unleashed I m not going into the storyline with this review As I to want you to be as surprised as I was I was slightly taken back in certain parts, cringing and gasping along the way, but also sheepishly grinning at a certain parts to.I enjoyed the banter between Felix and Hannah, the flirty yet wonderful friendship formed and also the twist that becomes about as well Hannah formed new friendships and love and the author put this forth well I liked all the characters within the story However, even the darker ones you couldn t help but sort of feel sorry for To need something so dark Its unjustifiable yet The relationships grew as the story progressed we see different sides to all the characters as it the story unfolded Some for better some for worse Roses at Dusk will certainly have you raising your eyebrows, taken aback at many a scenes but it lures you in like a magnet to a piece of metal The storyline is fluent flowiing and engrossing and will certainly pique your interest till the last page has been turned I look forward to the next installment of this series, and recommend it to all who like a haunting tale, a bit darker than most but also Unique

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Roses at Dusk (Demonic, #1) download Roses at Dusk (Demonic, #1) , read online Roses at Dusk (Demonic, #1) , kindle ebook Roses at Dusk (Demonic, #1) , Roses at Dusk (Demonic, #1) 825ab3a00cc3 What Do You Do When The One You Trust Can No Longer Be Trusted Where Do You Turn When The One You Gave Your Heart To, Your Body, Your Blood, The Murky Depths Of Your Soul, Defies Mortality S Rules What Do You DoYOU RUN Hannah Malcolm Has Been Through In Her Short Lifetime Than Any Young Woman Should Have To Bear So After The Well Publicised Death Of Her Family, Hannah Decides To Leave The Bustling Streets Of Chicago And Seek Refuge, In The Sleepy Seaside Town Of Bar Harbor, In Maine A New Job, New Friends And A Quaint Cottage On The Cliff Overlooking The Sparkling Waters Of Frenchman Bay Give Her Just The Opportunity She Needs But Complications Have Always Been A Specialty Of Hannah S And Bar Harbor Is To Be No Exception The Town Is Reeling After An Unexplained Murder And Several Random Assaults, Which Have Small Degrees Of Separation From Her One Disaster After The Next Begin To Swirl At Hannah S Feet And To Add To Her Worries Her New Found Man Is Starting To Appear Not Quite As He Seems Bone Chilling And A Lesson In Trust Roses At Dusk Is A Psychological Thriller With A Paranormal Twist That Will Have You Questioning Your Judgement With Everyone You Meet