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Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman chapter 1 Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman , meaning Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman , genre Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman , book cover Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman , flies Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman , Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman 9b45275b2f3a9 Why Do Modern Economies Go Through The Business Cycle Of Booms And Busts What Caused The US Housing Bubble That Precipitated The Financial Crisis Who Correctly Predicted It And Who Should We Listened To For Wisdom Moving Forward Ron Paul Vs Paul Krugman Is An Examination Of The Root Cause Of The Crisis As Seen Through The Eyes Of Two Prominent Commentators On The Subject, Each Representing A Different School Of Economic Thought Congressman And Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Is Today Perhaps The Most Visible Proponent Of The Austrian School, Whose Luminaries Include Ludwig Von Mises And Nobel Prize Winning Economist Friedrich A Hayek Paul Krugman Is Today Perhaps The Most Well Known Voice For The Keynesian School, Whose Adherents Espouse The Theories Of British Economist John Maynard Keynes A Comparative Analysis Of These Two Schools Of Economic Thought As Applied To The Financial Crisis And As Promulgated Through The Views Of Ron Paul And Paul Krugman Is Instructive Whose School Offered Explanatory And Predictive Power Whose Diagnosis And Prescriptions Have Been Better Suited To Deal With The Problem Who Should We Listen To Now

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    This is a detailed source for what many should know Krugman is an ego maniac so wedded to his ideology that everything he sees reaffirms his biases His advice is cooking the U.S like the proverbial frog in a beaker Paul is also wedded to his philosophy but much humble but to many sounds like a broken record The difference is Paul wants the government to leave us alone Krugman wants intervention, but he has only one hammer fiscal and monetary policy If you re a fan of management by elites, read Krugman and Keynes they support it If you think we re being lead down a path to destruction, read the last chapter of this book and Paul will give you a reason why you re right Full disclosure This author and I tend towards Paul s view It helps if you have a reasonable understanding of monetary policy before diving into the book.

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