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Ride Wit' Me chapter 1 Ride Wit' Me, meaning Ride Wit' Me, genre Ride Wit' Me, book cover Ride Wit' Me, flies Ride Wit' Me, Ride Wit' Me 6d67ed3104875 Mercedes Is Rich And Black She Attends An Exclusive Private Boarding School On The East Coast But Returns Home To Her Family S Mansion In The Chicago Suburbs Every Summer She Knows That Her Father Is An Entrepreneur, But He Dismisses Questions About His Business With A Simple, Mo Money, Mo Problems Some Readers Will Recognize This Quote As The Title Of A Notorious BIG Song And, As A Result, May Guess At The Source Of His Wealth When Mercedes Falls In Love With Sexy, Confident, Year Old Dalvin, Her Father Prohibits The Relationship And Reveals To His Daughter That He And Dalvin S Father Are Big Time Criminals Who Each Own Half Of Chicago S Streets The Star Crossed Lovers Break Up Under Duress, But A Near Tragedy Brings Them Back Together And Later Even Strengthens Their Bond

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    if your a daddy s favorite little girl then you would love this book.this book is about a girl who alway gets spoil by her dad and she gets anything she wants and even though she doesn t get good grades or bad she still gets what she wants.but then she met a guy in the parking lot and messing up her relationship woth her and her dad.

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    This was an okay book obviously written for the younger crowd as it was missing some of the average violence, language and sexual content of other urban fiction books It s basically a cutsy fairytale type story about a young woman who is in the dark that her father is half king of the streets in her city Despite the fact that she lives lavishly than most famous athletes and rap stars, this hasn t come to her yet Okay She meets a young man who is guess who the son of the other half king of the streets They hit it off and deal with some problems stemming from their relationship There is the normal drama with the two and other women and men and their families It s most definitely a decent book but it s a little bland for me.

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    I don t remember enough about this to really say anything but I remember liking it It s along the lines of YA than adult but it d be hard to get a book that isn t good if it s from King I just happened to see the part in the description mentioning Biggie and am laughing my ass off Thanks for that tip guys Most of the people reading King s books probably wouldn t have picked that up without that tip Um, can anyone pick up on my sarcasticness

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    this book was awesome. i finished it in to days.MY GRAMMA EDITED THIS BOOK LUK IN THE FRONT UNDER EDIT AND U WILL C LINDA WILLIAMS O YEA

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    Completely unrealistic on every level to me, but then again what do I know about the extravagant lifestyles of underworld rulers

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    Great book cant wait for part two

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    Really cute love story.

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    I was extremely surprised by this book I d actually give it 3 1 2 stars if I could, as I think it does an excellent job of doing what it set out to do clean urban fiction for teens In an attempt to further put off starting the 2nd Octavian Nothing book I did read its summary of the first book , I picked this up last night, and was shocked when I couldn t put it down again until I finished it at 2am The plot is actually very well done and compelling The main character is fairly well drawn, and the supporting characters aren t badly done, either It s a Romeo and Juliet plot most of the way through, with a typical romance fairy tale happily ever after ending I d say that anybody who likes urban fiction lite will love this, and even fans of the hardcore stuff will appreciate it, if they can deal with a teenaged protagonist I had a library assistant at another branch complain to me about this when it came in mostly due to the cover, which I agree isn t great, but urban fiction covers aren t meant to appeal to me , so I wanted to read it myself I m glad that I did, because I m now prepared to defend it to the death I won t mention the LA by name, but I do want to thank you for getting me to read this I d much rather put this in the hands of the middle schoolers who are asking me for Zane novels, and I think that they ll actually like it as opposed to thinking it s stupid and too watered down there is sex and violence, just not as much as in the titles for adult I even enjoyed reading the discussion questions at the end of the book, and it made me want to have a book discussion of it Actually, if I was a fan of urban fiction, I d have to rate this 5 stars, but I m not really I ve mostly enjoyed the ones that I ve read, but I don t often seek them out There were many, many typos and mis spellings, but that s true of my 1 top love of a book this year, too HUNGER GAMES , and I m willing to overlook them I completely get the literary black women writers objections to urban fiction titles in general, but I still think we need to provide the books for teens that they re asking for

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    RampageMercedes Clinton is sweet sixteen and boy is she ready to let her hair down and explore the wilder side of life Privileged, living in an upscale community, attending a boarding school and laced with all of the hottest gear, Mercedes is still in search of her own identity Preparing to tear the mall up with her favorite cuzo, Keisha, visiting for the summer from New York, Mercedes is thrown for a couple of loops How will Mercedes endure her summer vacation with Daddy and Mommy keeping a tight grasp on her Ride Wit Me is packaged for all ages As a parent myself, I would suggest that parents read it first, deciding for their teens if Ride Wit Me is something that they want to expose them to Although bad language was filtered from this project, there is sex and vicious deeds I was disappointed when there weren t any consequences for the poor judgments used as well as the fairy tale ending Ride Wit Me is not a difficult book to read, however, it is irresponsible and I would like to see Katina King and Young Diamond Books utilize discretion where our youth are concerned Ride Wit Me, Let me show you where we kick it at, ride wit a G.

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    This ghetto fairy tale would be great teenage fiction if it weren t for the sex and the bad portrayal of young love I would hate for a young person, specifically a young lady to read this and believe this is what true love should be Three out of the four main men in this book are controlling, demeaning, and very jealous Briefly and in very few instances did this novel even shed light on what a true loving relationship should be With that said, it is definitely love at first sight for Mercedes, and Dalvin seems equally infatuated Their relationship progresses rather quickly and they soon realize their fathers are enemies and Mercedes is forbidden to ever see Dalvin again Needless to say, she doesn t obey her father and spineless mother This urban adaptation of Romeo and Juilet mirrors the original in many ways, luckily suicide is only mentioned and not carried out This novella will definitely take you on a wild ride and I can guarantee you will be rooting for Mercedes almost the entire time She is still a teenager so she does make a some mistakes.

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