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Rework chapter 1 Rework, meaning Rework, genre Rework, book cover Rework, flies Rework, Rework 27d049f36521f Most Business Books Give You The Same Old Advice Write A Business Plan, Study The Competition, Seek Investors, Yadda Yadda If You Re Looking For A Book Like That, Put This One Back On The Shelf Rework Shows You A Better, Faster, Easier Way To Succeed In Business Read It And You Ll Know Why Plans Are Actually Harmful, Why You Don T Need Outside Investors, And Why You Re Better Off Ignoring The Competition The Truth Is, You Need Less Than You Think You Don T Need To Be A Workaholic You Don T Need To Staff Up You Don T Need To Waste Time On Paperwork Or Meetings You Don T Even Need An Office Those Are All Just Excuses What You Really Need To Do Is Stop Talking And Start Working This Book Shows You The Way You Ll Learn How To Be Productive, How To Get Exposure Without Breaking The Bank, And Tons Counterintuitive Ideas That Will Inspire And Provoke YouWith Its Straightforward Language And Easy Is Better Approach, Rework Is The Perfect Playbook For Anyone Who S Ever Dreamed Of Doing It On Their Own Hardcore Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, People Stuck In Day Jobs They Hate, Victims Of Downsizing, And Artists Who Don T Want To Starve Any Will All Find Valuable Guidance In These Pages

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    Good standard small business advice Notes Prioritize visually.Make tiny decisions.Do less One downing not one updoing Don t be a whore to our customers.build anaudeienceHold meetings at site of problem, not in meeting room Invite as few as possible.Divide problems and projects into pieces small enough to easily estimate time and effort required Make short lists to avoid feeling overwhelmed.Prioritize visually, with next task at top of list.Make attainable goals.Use tiny decisions to work through even large projects.Don t copy competitors Decomodify your product.Pick a fight.Do less and be easier to use.Don t watch competitors Create something new.Say no by default.Use the power of no to get your priorities straight.Be true to a type of customer rather than to specific customers.Don t confuse enthusiasm with priorities.Build an audience by teaching customers rather than paying for advertising.Be open about your processes, flaws and opinions This will create credibility than trying to appear perfect.Press releases are spam Phone reporters Cultivate bloggers and writers for trades rather than general publications Use Freemium model.Everything is marketing.Hiring don t hire someone until you ve tried to do the work yourself.Hire only as a last resort.Ignore resumes Check cover letter Look for 6 months experience, but after that the learning curve flattens.Hire managers of 1 self directed people who can set their own goals and reach them without help.Hire great writers Give applicants a brief assignment to see if they are a good fit.Damage control tell your customers when there s a problem They will respect you than if you try to hide it.Get back to people quickly Value their time Expect them to object to change.Good work environments result from trust, autonomy, privacy Don t require approval Send people home at five Don t create policies because one person did something wrong once.Sound like you Speak and write simply Avoid jargon and buzz words.Don t imply ultimatums or demands by using words like need, must, can t, etc.

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    This is another book I can t put down Nothing in this book is earth shattering or amazing It s the little things you have suspected to be true but someone who makes money than you tells you is not true It s what you say to your friends over lunch It s support for being feisty in work and in life I m highlighting a sentence in almost every chapter that I want to remember Again not because I don t know it but because I don t want to forget it And I don t want to fool myself that it s not true just because another business book says the opposite.

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    The feeling I got when I read the praise of the book in the first few pages was This book is over praised When I finished it, I still have the same feeling.Maybe it s just me, but I think that if you re gonna challenge the foundations of doing business, you gotta back it up with something that That s how we did it, and it worked for us.The book makes a great case against all the elements of doing business planning, raising capital, meeting, communication, workplace, organizing, etc but it doesn t offer strong alternative and it certainly doesn t make a strong case for the alternative that it s offering Some of the criticism is just ridicules like Don t make long term plan and Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur, call yourself a starter Who cares A lot of the criticism is filled with that doesn t mean you should do away with this item, because it s still important If it s still important then why come out against it like it s some kind of a disease Other criticism falls under the category of a clever argument rather than a logical one, like Learning from mistakes is overrated , you should instead learn from your successes Well, what if I m just starting and all I have is my first failure Some ideas are just confusing On page 159 And of course, you want all that right away So you drop everything else you re working on and begin pursuing your latest, greatest idea.Bad move And on the same page So let your latest grand ideas cool off for a while first On page 271 Inspiration is like fresh fruit or milk It has an expiration date.If you want to do something, you ve got to do it now You can t put it on a shelf and wait two months to get around it eyes wide open of amazement The book offer some good idea when it comes to marketing and hiring and importantly it offers you a chance to break out of business traditions that has been built over decades and now accepted as a given The point you should be taken from the book is that you should break free from all these rules and follow only the ones you feel that they make sense but it doesn t make it that clear.One very important thing is the book audience This book is NOT for people working in any industry Most of the ideas of this book are suited for digital industries especially software rather than transitional industries What is worse is that the book doesn t offer that distinction, it actually states very clearly that this book is for anyone who started a business, wants to start a business, or even working in a job they hate.To sum up, Follow your heart is good motivation to jump off the cliff of career security into the uncharted territories of starting a business, it might be helpful from time to time when making decisions but it s not a business strategy.

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    Don t read this book It is full of obvious stuff that I basically agree with but the writing style and argumentation are beyond annoying.The pattern is as follows Lot s of people say you can t do X But look at us We did X, so it is possible For me that reads as Lot s of people say you shouldn t base your life s path on winning the lottery But look at me I won the lottery, so it is possible.Spend your 10 euros on drugs or hookers or alcohol and have some fun in life.

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    I deeply like such books A compilation of wisdom that are earned through years of direct experience The results of numerous try and error and what really works and what doesn t.

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    This is one of those books where I agree with the general message but don t necessarily like the delivery Rework is a very slight read It feels like a series of blog posts than anything as formal as a novel The tone is that of a manifesto, and evidence is basically anecdotal The overall argument is that we should redo how we do work hence, rework Fried et al make an argument for leaner, flexible organizations, with few of the obvious structures of the average US company meetings, strategic plans, etc However, all of the content is highly skewed toward certain types of workplaces While Fried convinces me that all this stuff works for 37signals a small software company , he doesn t make any sort of real case for this being applicable to different types of organizations, especially those that have an in person element you can t open a retail building if you let everyone telecommute, for example or those that necessarily work on a larger scale.Overall a lot of preaching to the choir.

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    Rework is quick and easy to read, which speaks to the philosophy the book is shilling get things done which coincidentally speaks to me.Nothing in this book can be learned that can t be learned from the Signal vs Noise blog from 37signals That doesn t mean this book is unnecessary On the contrary, it s handy to have a collection of business tips and anecdotes bound in one neat little volume.This was my first business book and I think I got off pretty easy There was a minimum of douchery in each page and a lot of tidbits that inspired me to get going on my side project, which had been sitting around for months The book s not just for aspiring CEOs and business owners It s also for developers, marketing people, accountants, pretty much anyone who wants to get things done in an efficient manner.Best white elephant steal ever

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