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Retaliation chapter 1 Retaliation, meaning Retaliation, genre Retaliation, book cover Retaliation, flies Retaliation, Retaliation be7b127d90c99 Violence Runs Rampant On The Streets Of Washington, DC, And On One Seemingly Quiet Day, The Odom Family Finds Its World Destroyed When Seventeen Year Old Tashera Is Brutally Attacked By A Group Of High School Girls Retaliation Exposes The Corrupting Existence Of Violence In Our Communities And The Retaliatory Measures Families Go Through To Protect Themselves And Their Children

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    From the begining to the end the book had my attention There was so much going on that kept me reading and scenes that left me wondering and making alot of metacognition The book reminded me of where I used to live and the way things worked with the gangs When the mother didn t care anything she put herself into to fight for her daughter Being behind bars and almost loosing her job she still said if she had to she ll do it again That shows that Tashera s mom really loves her and she ll do what she wants to, Tashera really had alot of love and support coming from home Her brother, that is in a wheel chair retaliates for his little sister since she d been jumped I felt the pain for Tashera s mother, Tashera and Dueces Tre gang members when Khalil got killed right infront of his mother I know that it was hard for the mom because her son was already paralized from the waist down and now he s just gone for good I wish that the book had a part to because it left me with alot of question, like I wonder if they retaliated for the killing of Khalil or did they move out of the neighborhood, how would Tashera and her boyfriend do in college together I rate this book a 5 star and recommend the book to young teens that come from the urban areas that are exposed to gang violence It really touches bases for why retaliation is done, people don t choose how they live but its either die or do what you have to do to survive.

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    Retaliation by Yasmin Shiraz had my heart pumping the whole time I read it Now I understand why it received 2009 Top Ten Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers What would you do if someone you loved was senselessly targeted, beaten up and left for dead This is the premise of this book and what happens continues to reverberate through each chapter People s lives are changed Sheila Odom and her son Khalil who was in a gang and now spends his days in a wheelchair they jump to conclusions that are unwarranted and they want justice and they don t care as long as Tashera doesn t suffer any and is vindicated whether it be a beatdown on one of the girls who commandeered her friends to beat, kick and assult Tahsera They run away when help comes from Ashe, an EMT who saw and heard it from a nearby building Each chapter involves some other person who has been drawn into this nightmare.I purchased three for my library and they are all out in students hands, I think it will continue to generate buzz and also hopefully some sensible conversation about the CHOICES many of these characters make.

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    If you like gritty inner city drama, grab this one The story takes place in D.C and centers around Marion Berry High School.The main character is Tashera Odom She is a sweet, smart, caring, and loyal to her mom Sheila and brother Khalil Khalil is paralyzed, so he doesn t do anything but play video games and stew in his own anger We follow Tashera, her boyfriend Ahmed and a group of girls through a very troubling fight These three girls have motive, brought on by Ahmed doing Jessica wrong, to hurt Tashera When she is seriously beaten the story turns to different forms of retaliation Never have I been so affected by this type of violence When the motive is actually spoken of I was shocked No spoilers but I will say bravo to Yasmin Shiraz What a talented author These two girls latch onto Jessica s anger and take over DeCalia and Alex are equally responsible I thought the worst was DeCalia Then their family life comes into play and it made me think They took someone else s fight, made it their own and suffered greatly for their choices It was a very real story where one little misunderstanding is at the root of the evil Just the one conversation started a streak of retaliation that affected so many Tashera s Mom, I loved her Sheila was a single parent dealing with the death of her husband and the fact that the gangs ruined her son The Duece Tres gang is a scary situation The things that the rivals do to each other is hard to read about It makes you think This book is rich in every aspect I enjoyed how Ahmed and Tashera were portrayed There was nothing I didn t like here The authors writing, language, and thorough knowledge of the inner city kept me glued to the book It is important to recognize good writing, this is good writing I also liked that the author used herself as a character It was a so smart to have Tashera question herself, her brother s lifestyle, and her Mom When she had a question, she wrote to Yasmin who spoke at her school During the lecture that Yasmin gave, Tashera really listened and wanted to use a little conflict resolution in her own life I applaud the author for writing an excellent book I am moving on now to Accused, book 2 I am so excited I like Ahmed and Tashera going away to college together.

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    Set in D.C Tashera is a good girl she keeps her head down, does fine in school, and is making some good money doing braids on the side She makes enough to help out her mother and brother However when she starts dating the star basketball player she gets jumped and seriously injured she may not be able to reproduce by his ex girlfriend and 2 of her friends Her mother takes things into her own hands landing herself in jail for assault of one of the other girl s mothers This is bad enough but her wheelchair bound gang leader brother takes it to w hole new level convinced this is all gang related Of course, violence begets violence and before the story is done people end up in jail, hurt and killed then to start with In the final moments just as some people are getting a 2nd chance others are sealing their own fates and taking away life.This is a good urban fiction with lots of different perspectives on the same incident I felt like I heard many different voices, all speaking about the complexities of violence, retaliation, gangs, neighborhood alliances etc It is a sad story and no one is portrayed well, they all have their own motivation, stupidities, and short sided ways of looking at things Almost every character is at some point both a victim, and if not a perpetrator at least wields some negative power.Yasmin Shiraz writes the Blueprint series which are empowerment books for teens of color living in violent communities and sometimes diffacult situations This fiction reflects the reality of life for urban teens stuck in situations well beyond their control She tries to give teens some insight into the consequences of bad decisions while also portraying the fact that situations can easily spin out of anyone s control and get ridiculously dangerous and destructive before anyone even realizes what is happening.

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    This novel was my first foray into urban fiction and a good start It s a powerful and gripping story of what happens when people allow events to spiral into violence through misunderstanding and revenge Tashera was a good kid who kept her head down in the neighborhood, staying out of trouble When she starts dating Ahmed, a jealous ex girlfriend and her friends jump Tashera and send her to the hospital Tashera s brother, who used to be big in a gang until a bullet put him in a wheelchair, is out to get even with whoever messed with his sister Tashera s mother has a fiery temper and wants to make life hell for the girls and their families Both of them cause a chain of violent events that lead to tragedy Even the attackers had not thought through the consequences of their actions and each girl has to suffer through miserable punishments, both tangible and psychological.Though not particularly well written, the events of the story are fast paced and the characters sympathetic This novel realistically portrays the consequences of hot headed, violent retaliation.

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    This book is about a high school girl named Tashera Odom She lives in a part of Washington, D.C where there is a lot of gang violence her older brother Khalil Odom used to be in a gang called the Duece Tres Crew but he got in the back and is wheelchair bound because he is paralyzed When Tashera gets jumped by three girls and is in the hospital with e wounds her brother becomes active in the gang again and enlists the girls of the gang to find the three girls that jumped Tashera and beat them until they confess While in the hospital Tashera knows about everything that is going on and writes to her favorite author Yasmin Shiraz to get some advice on how to deal with all her Dram and pain.

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    I liked this book because, the story kept up with the title Retalialion In this book, a girl named Tashera was jumped by 3 girls because of the boy she goes out with With Tashera in the hospital with bodily injuries that might ruin her life, her mother, Sheila, goes out to try and find the girls who attacked her daughter without Tashera knowing Also Tashera s brother, Khalil, who was shot and paralyzed, in a wheel chair, also goes out to try and find the girls who jumped his little sister, without Sheila or tashera knowing I rate this book a 5, because this book seem so real, and I can relate to some parts of this book.

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    The main charcter is Tashera Odom A girl that was attacked by 3 other girls causing her whole life to change I liked this book because it kept me reading non stop I never wanted to put this book down once I started reading it.I want to know why khalil had to die at the end of the story I thought he was going to watch his sister graduate and leave them forever I rate this book as a 5 star book because I really enjoyed reading it and i would recommend the story to any teens I liked that way the author ended the story with Tashera being happy and it leaves you wondering whats going to happen in her future.

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    Drama for you Mama is true in Retaliation This book demonstrates the snowball effect that can happen when trouble is started One boy s decision to disrespect his sort of girlfriends leads to the attack on his current girlfriend This in turn leads to the retaliation her brother and mother take to punish those involved This story shows how each action has a reaction It doesn t matter how good, or bad, the intentions are the choices you make effect people than just you People need to remember to treat others how they would like to be treated When wronged, although it is hard, sometimes the best thing to do is to forgive, forget, and move on.

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    Retaliation was a well told story as one person s actions caused a plethora of reactions From the detailed nature of the incident until the resolution, Yasmin Shiraz provided an examination of a problem that is frequently seen. This book is one that should be read by young old as it deals with some of the consequences when bad decisions are made I enjoyed reading this story as I found myself completing it in just a few hours due to the stimulating storyline, content characters I ve had this book for a while my only regret is I didn t read it sooner.

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