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Reservation Blues pdf Reservation Blues, ebook Reservation Blues, epub Reservation Blues, doc Reservation Blues, e-pub Reservation Blues, Reservation Blues a55f2830004 The Life Of Spokane Indian Thomas Builds The Fire Irrevocably Changes When Blues Legend Robert Johnson Miraculously Appears On His Reservation And Passes The Misfit Storyteller His Enchanted Guitar Inspired By This Gift, Thomas Forms Coyote Springs, An All Indian Catholic Band Who Find Themselves On A Magical Tour That Leads From Reservation Bars To Seattle And New York And Deep Within Their Own Souls

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    Reservation Blues, Sherman Alexie Reservation Blues is a 1995 novel by American writer Sherman Alexie Spokane Coeur d Alene The novel follows the story of the rise and fall of a rock and blues band of Spokane Indians from the Spokane Reservation In 1995, Thomas Builds The Fire, Junior Polatkin, and Victor Joseph, who also appear in Sherman Alexie s short story collection The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, meet American blues musician Robert Johnson He sold his soul to the devil in 1931 and claims to have faked his death seven years later The three boys start a rock and blues band in Spokane using Johnson s enchanted guitar 2016 1394 360 9789643345051 21 .

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    They dreamed of fishing salmon but woke up as adults to shop at the Trading Post and stand in line for U.S.D.A commodity food instead They savagely opened cans of commodities and wept over the rancid meat I was first introduced to these characters when I saw the movie Smoke Signals, which was originally a book that I didn t read I liked the movie, in part because I think the actor Adam Beach is yummy In this book, Thomas is given an enchanted guitar and forms a band with Victor and Junior The writing is beautiful, and the subject life on the Spokane Indian reservation can be sad owing to the alcoholism and poverty For of my reviews, please visit

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    I don t know what I was expecting when I picked this up I had read some of Alexie s short fiction anthologies and enjoyed them Upon moving to Seattle and finding out that he was a local, I picked this up at a used book store, figuring I d give it a read I did not expect Thomas builds the fire to get under my skin and change my life Yet somehow he did.I grew up a stone s throw from the Southern Ute and Navajo reservations I had friends from both tribes through most of my public school years Yet I had never understood what it was to be a Native American Reservation Blues made me realize that I may never fully understand, but gave me new eyes to help me at least see.Truly one of the best novels I ve ever read perhaps because it was the perfect time of my life to read it, perhaps for other reasons But there are few books that compare in my experience for capturing a generous slice of humanity in a very true manner.

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    This is some very American magical realism, what with its mash up of the Robert Johnson crossroads legend with life on a Spokane Indian reservation and rock star ambitions Perhaps even American than apple pie As a concept, I love American magical realism see also Swamplandia , which coincidentally is about people who like to pretend they re Indian The execution of the book I really, really liked too Reservation Blues is full of nightmares and alcoholism, but also, funny digs at white people and corporeal encounters with God Alexie s writing is charming and emotional, without being over the top on either account.There is a lot going on here thematically too Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil for his guitar skill a blues legend which is taken for truth in the book runs parallel to Thomas Friends quest to become rock stars, using the same guitar, ultimately hoping to escape the poverty of the reservation To achieve this dream also involves the shirking of some essential part of themselves, their cultural soul too Thomas s girlfriend Chess personifies the struggle She resents certain traits of Indian men, but she also resents the white women who make tokens of them All of the mysticism and themes double back on each other in true fairy tale fashion Alexie is a Storyteller, just like Thomas As someone with ambitions to write but who always struggles with the damn telling a good story part of it all, I appreciate how intricately every part of this book loose threads together But I have to say that in the world of US magical realism, I do have a preference for the crunchy, lyrical wonders of Karen Russell.

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    If reading Sherman Alexie s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is like running alongside a longhouse with 24 windows, getting 24 glimpses or mental snapshots of life inside, Reservation Blues is like being invited in and offered a can of Pepsi, a hot piece of fry bread and a place to crash You are there for the awkward silences and shy smiles, the pettiness and jealousy of a small community, the loyalty and tradition, the despair and depression In Fistfight, you re buoyed by the narrator s survival and the artificial decorum of a brief visit In Reservation Blues you re living on the reservation tempted to turn away from particularly painful moments and compelled to stand solemnly when characters you ve come to care for fall beside you In the terminology of white American history, Reservation Blues is a Tall Tale with larger than life everything If we look for a universal term, the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez comes to mind and explains what Alexie probably meant when he coined the term reservation realism Some folks have probably criticized Reservation Blues for being too preachy and heavy handed but we re talking about a couple hundred years of brutality and genocide so I think it s fair to cut Alexie a little slack While I was disappointed that Robert Johnson didn t play as significant a role as I expected, the real Coyote Spring s lyrics are fitting tributes to his legacy.

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    Fantastic Another homerun for Sherman Alexie The author lifts W.E.B Dubois color veil briefly for us to see into the complexities of life on an Indian reservation The effects of placing the people native to the land that is now The United States of America in what were in effect concentration camps with invisible physical fences, but psychological barriers to keep them out of the way of civilization are still taking a toll on them today Having Robert Johnson suddenly appear on a reservation to get rid of his possessed guitar, given to him by that gentleman, and seek redemption is brilliant The guitar changes hands and creates problems, than they already had, for the Indians that use it as a way off of the reservation I now understand why a musical group like Indigenous can sing I Got the Blues This Morning with such palpable feeling You don t have to be an Indian to enjoy the masterful story told in this book Three young Indian men take possession of Johnson s guitar and it takes control of them, or does it just accentuate the problems they faced every day The inner conflicts they face daily, the problems with relationships between the men and women they encounter in their lives, including within their own families are enough to overpower a weaker people Happy ending Probably not Tragedy and conflict, definitely Read it.

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    As my friend Karen said yesterday, Sherman Alexie has the ability to make you laugh and cry in the same sentence I love how he touches on the irony of a situation that drives it deep into the loneliest part of your being instead of just staying cliched and clever on the surface.I love how Alexie weaves between various stories seamlessly and how the mythology and the reality of Native Americans blurs hazily together Somehow this makes the reality starker and the mythology even wistful I also love how Alexie always ties the present into the historical In this book, a lot of the horror of the Native American genocide is relived through characters dreams It raises the question of how do we incorporate our cultures histories into our own lives how do we grieve the past How do we atone for it How do we live our lives informed by it but not chained by it The movie Smoke Signals by Chris Eyre is based off of this book loosely Thomas Builds the Fire and Victor are two of the main characters in the story If you liked Smoke Signals , you like this I loved both.

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    I actually found this book along with many others in a trash pile on my way to work I remember hearing a story of his once on NPR called, What You Pawn I Redeem, which nearly brought me to tears by the end Seriously, I actually sat in my car waiting for the story to finish Pathetic Yes But it was a very dramatic reading Anyway, I read the book, which was about a group of Indians on a reservation in Washington I think most of his writing revolves around similar characters who end up starting a rock band They start to get pretty famous and some issues of marginalization and racial exploitation begin to arise as white record executives try to influence the group There s a lot to it than this, but I don t feel like explaining There were some good characters in the book and I liked how Alexie wove Native American folklore into the story But I didn t think it was as strong as the story I heard on the radio.

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    Sherman Alexie is one of the few writers who has managed to survive the late 80s early 90s vogue for all things Native American, a cultural wave that incorporated any number of now mostly forgotten Indian writers, and the Oscar given to that melodramatic piece of shit Dances With Wolves And there s a reason he s survived he writes with a sort of Murakami sense of archetypes freely floating around, traditional stories colliding with rock musicians and corporate brands, and it s all tempered with the sort of bitter sense of humor that comes from the bitter truth of life on the Res It would be hard for me to put labels like timeless or transcendental on Reservation Blues, but it nails down its particular thing awfully well.

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    I am very disappointed as I write this review At first, I was disappointed in myself because I could not, did not, will not finish this book I wanted to, believe me Oh, there was internal struggle I mean, I need to read this it s this month s pick for the book club I m in I need to be able to discuss this Plus, I loved loved Alexie s Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian It s on my guaranteed you ll love it too list, for crying out loud Speaking of which, Alexie s other YA novel Flight made me cry out loud The ending of that book was beautiful So, yes, I went into reading Reservation Blues with high hopes.RB did not pull me in right away as I wanted it to I kept on I tried But Alexie glossed over certain parts and waxed poetic on others As I tried to get into the story and failed, I felt awful knowing I was not going to finish the book What a terrible reader I am, I thought I have no discipline I m a lazy reader my niece has told me so and she s right.But then I started to get mad at Alexie He d go on and on about some dream sequence and then another dream God, these characters dream a lot And it was like he was going Here s this for you to read and THIS, but that Oh, you want to read about that and he threw a couple adjectives at THAT and called that scene done And I m the one feeling lazy So I quit One third of the way in and I m moving on to another book I won t be finishing RB although I may pick up another book by ol Sherman in the future But you can bet that I ll expect him to draw me in within the first chapter Just as I expect the next novel I pick up to do.Oh, it ll be formulaic drivel, but it ll describe THIS and THAT.

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