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Remembering Love chapter 1 Remembering Love, meaning Remembering Love, genre Remembering Love, book cover Remembering Love, flies Remembering Love, Remembering Love 92c9487844e6b When Her Beloved Foster Parents Pass Away, Holly Discovers A Past Both Shocking And Heartbreaking The Murder Suicide Of Her Biological Parents On The South Pacific Island Of Pitcairn, Famous For The HMAV Bounty Mutineers Travelling To A Home She Does Not Remember, Holly Reconnects With Long Lost Childhood Friend Jack An Old Friendship Quickly Becomes Until A Dark Secret Is Uncovered.Will Joyous Love Remembered Become Heartbreak Can She Find Out The Truth Before Someone Else Is Hurt

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    Holly Christian is returning to the remote island of Pitcairn after many years Since being orphaned at age five, she has lived with a loving foster family in New Zealand with no memories of her young childhood or birth parents Now she wants to know where she came from, and wants the truth about her parents.Full review posted in the June 2013 issue of InD tale Magazinehttp www.indtale.com reviews remembCool storylink to review will be posted when it s published for InD tale magazine, but I wanted to show a couple of cool pictures and share some wow factor for this little tiny place that I d never before heard of, Pitcairn Island It s a tiny, tiny, tiny island somewhere not off the coast of New Zealand but people usually leave New Zealand to get there It s listed as one of the 10 most remote populated places in the world The population varies, but as of now, it s somewhere around 60 Whoa This author, Nadine Christian, is a resident of this lovely tropical paradise

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    I loved it LOL It s my own so I have to don t I

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    I feel I have to start with Pitcairn Island rather than the book This island is one of four lumps of rock and or coral sticking out of the middle of the Pacific Ocean Only Pitcairn itself is inhabited, being one of the most isolated communities on Earth The population of under a hundred is predominantly descended from the Mutineers of the Bounty and a few Tahitians, who voluntarily, or not, joined the group In 1790 just nine individuals 6 men 11 women and a baby found the then deserted island and settled Since that date the permanent population has never been greater than 240, and is now only a quarter of that number In recent times the young have tended to leave, firstly for education and secondly for the benefits of the wider world This problem is now shared by nearly all isolated communities The life blood is constantly drained, and often faster than it can be transfused.So what has all this got to do with this fiction novel Everything Nadine Christian is the writer in permanent residence, which on my count makes these Islands the most densely concentrated pool of writing talent on Earth Christian draws heavily on her experience of living on the Island, and of its connections with the rest of the world The romance is beautifully crafted with a great range of characters, and pulls in so many of the benefits, and problems, both physical and psychological, for communities living in such intense isolation I really felt I was there, observing a real drama unfold, watching what happens when the pressure cooker of life explodes amongst such an unavoidably tight knit community The backdrop is truly romantic and at the same time brutally claustrophobic We see people living in a goldfish bowl when the water is outside.So what was wrong with the book Very little, except that in the version I read there were a variety of small typo and sentence construction errors They may be enough to put off a few pernickety readers, which would be a great pity Taken as a whole the book reads very well, painting some really beautifully crafted pictures We look in vivid colour at domestic violence, psychological abuse, passionate and emotional love, lived in and desolate rooms and landscapes, and at the good and bad in people at many stages of life There is certainly plenty here for the reader of genre romance, which I am only rarely, as well as for those who just like a good read, irrespective of the category a book is pigeonholed in.Nadine Christian, author, will never have quite the fame of Fletcher Christian, mutineer but in her own way I think she might well have done almost as much for the future of the Pitcairn Islands as its infamous founding father Of course, that will require people taking the time to read her stories I must admit that I only read the book to feed the thin romantic ideas I had about Pitcairn In the process I stumbled upon a than entertaining story teller a most fortuitous accident This is a Bookpleasures review

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    My Rating GOOD The characteristics of a 3 heart book include interesting characters, a decent storyline, and unique story elements there was something about the story that I didn t completely connect with the book is a solid read I would recommend it to a friend This book was provided by the author for an honest review.My Thoughts Remembering Love was a very sweet and emotional story that chronicled the troubled life of Holly Christian At the tender age of 5 years old, her world was ripped asunder by the murder suicide of her parents Taken from her home on Pitcairn island, Holly is placed with a loving foster family in New Zealand, leaving her world and her memories of the island behind After the death of her foster parents, Holly discovers that she s had a whole other life before a life that was filled with death and violence Her world is once again turned on its axis as she begins to uncover details of her former life Prompted by her foster sister Rosy, Holly decides to make the pilgrimage back to Pitcairn That decision places her on a collision course with fate and destiny in the form of her childhood friend, Jack Quintal Sadly, Holly s memories are still locked away and she doesn t remember who Jack is at all But Jack is not deterred He insertsor reinserts ratherhimself into Holly s life and becomes the strong and stalwart presence that he always was As adults, Jack and Holly s relationship no longer has the childlike innocence of their youth Their feelings are instant, intense, and wholly grown up As their feeling for one another deepen, Holly begins to uncover details, darker details, about her life There wasn t just a murder suicide but jealousy, hate, infidelity, and lies Holly and Jack must sort through entrenched layers of the past to uncover the truth.I appreciated the sweetness of this story In some ways it read like a Harlequin romance because the sex scenes were not in depth descriptions of their passionate activities but had the fade to black feel present in so many of the older Harlequins The story was also very emotional in the hows and whys behind Holly s past and how her past directly intersected with Jack and his father James past Their story was actually heartbreaking once the details were fully discovered I was only saddened by the fact that James was not present when Holly discovered the truth And as with every romance, there is a villain or some conflict The villain in this story came in the form of a grizzled, bitter older woman, Maise Sigh She was trouble and I grew to dislike her and with each subsequent page Regardless of her intentions, her motives were vile and destructive leading to years and years of heartbreak for many people.Remembering Love was an engaging love story with compelling characters who certainly had a story to tell.

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    You authors are gonna be the death of me someday Yes, I foresee in my future paramedics finding me dead in my bed, clutching my kindle for dear life Cause of death Well sleep exhaustion of course And it s all YOUR fault Yes, all of you typing away on your typewriters and computers and laptops Hey do some of you still use pen and paper Well still your fault AND I LOVE IT, so never stop writing.The latest culprit is the writer of this book When I started the book I was kind of busy, so I picked at a few pages here and picked at a few pages there and it seemed nice, but kind of slow But then I got into bed, exhausted, because I had a late shift last night, thinking I would read a little and then fall asleep And here I am, two hours later, still haven t slept a wink and about to gush how much I LOVED the book It has love, deceit and intrigue It touches foster care lightly all you foster parents out there HEROES and then Yeah, I can t give the story away now can I But I can assure you, it is totally amazeballs, so read it

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    SPOILERSThis book was actually suggested to me by Nadine Christian herself I have to say I am so glad she did because it is one of the most amazing books I have ever read Nadine Christian herself seems so lovely and is obviously very talented I started this book around 11am today and finished 3 hours later, left feeling as though I wanted to read it again.It is different to what I have read before there is so much mystery around the secrets in this book compared to others which drop big hints I think thats what I loved most about Remembering Love, the fact i knew there was a big secret waiting to come out and the build up to it was fantastic.This book was written in Third person, omniscient This is when the narrator follows the actions and thoughts of all the characters Nadine has done really well here as other books I have read written in this narrative have became really confusing, this is the first story I have not got confused about and have been able to follow every little action and thought from each character.This story is an interesting one as there are so many deaths and you can feel heartbreak for each one You can also feel the frustration Holly is going through to find out information about her real parents, especially when James died without telling her everything Thank god for her mother s diary Although to read the ending with her her mother s diary it was heartbreaking The characters are really relatable and I love how everyone is close together on the island I loved all of the characters and could feel the chemistry between them I wish I has a best friend like Kristy The one character that really annoyed me was Masie, she was so frustrating always calling Celeste and Holly whores and then to find out it was actually Masie that was having the affair with James I wanted to kill that woman myself The worst bit was she made Holly and Jack question their relationship as friends lovers by dropping the you are brother and sister bomb on them So much love for this book I could go on all day about how much Masie ticked me off and how much I adored the relationships between the characters.Another thing that really had me hooked was the location knowing Nadine is from the island of Pitcairn it made me feel like I was there, the description of the island and reading how they have to walk around with a torch at night, how there is such a small population there and everyone knows each other, also the part about the ghost birds and how their electricity is generated, shows it was all from Nadines own knowledge of her home island Its really interesting to know this is where Nadine lives, this is her home and she is sharing it in her book She has made it sound like such a loving community and a beautiful place to live After reading this I researched the island a little and it is now on my bucket list to visit Pitcairn.Many authors live in one country and base their book in another, and when reading you can sometimes tell they are not from the place of which they set their book in from little things like the weather, slang and even the characters Whereas this book you can tell straight away it has a personally streak in from the author.I don t think I have anything bad to say about this book other than I want to read so much about the peoples lives on the island It is just so interesting I suggest to everyone to research the island of Pitcairn, and to also read this amazing book.Also I think it would be really cool if there was another book based back when Celeste and Sammy were alive and to tell Celestes story or maybe even James s as he knew the mother and Holly personally.I loved this book so much I will for sure be reading it again I am going to give it a 5 5 and suggest that everyone reads this This book should have so much recognition and so many readers because it is honestly magnificent I m in love yet again with another book.I hope you have enjoyed my review and wish for everyone else to enjoy this book as much as I did.http papercutsreviews.wordpress.com

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    Ebook Giveaway Click the Picture to Enter the Giveaway Post InternationalPDF Ebook Book GiveawayNadine Christian is Giving Awaya PDF Ebook Copy ofRemembering Love to 2 Two Lucky Rafflecopter WinnersOctober 13 20, 2013Holly Christian is returning to her childhood home, the South Pacific Island of Pitcairn Tragically orphaned as a small child and place in foster care on New Zealand, Holly has no memories of her family or the devastating circumstances behind their deaths Now she is coming back to discover what truly happened all those years ago.Jack was Holly s childhood best friend Although Holly doesn t remember Jack, he comes back into her life like she never left Romantic feelings ignite But as Holly s memories start to re emerge what startling secrets will she remember and how will it effect Holly and Jack s relationship Not everyone is happy to see Holly return Not only does she have to face the raw and brutal emotions of remembering but the hatred and mechanization of a bitter person that tried to destroy her life oncewill they succeed again I have to say, Holly is a better person than I My dislike of Maise only grew as the story progresses I guess on the Island with a population less than my cul de sac you have to be a bit forgiving.This is a story about remembering home The island life and residences are mostly charming and welcoming with a big exceptions The sexual interactions is steamy but not erotically described keeping Holly and Jack s romance sweet only conflicted by others secrets Remembering Love was a sweet and heart touching story of love, with a very bitter and vile intended antagonist and a tropical island paradise setting that will stick in your dreams.I received a copy of Remembering Love from Nadine Christian in exchange for a honest review.

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    4.5 Stars It wasn t my normal read but I think that is part of the reason I enjoyed so well It was an extremely different change of pace and was very intense emotionally It has heartbreaking moments and you might need a tissue or two Or at least I did Holly doesn t remember anything about her childhood on Pitcairn Island She blocked it out because it was so traumatic She was in the woods when her father murdered her mother and killed herself She went to the island to learn about them and see if she can find out why it happened What she got was hatred, pettiness and downright lies I don t know how she didn t turn bitter about what she found because I would have been full of anger.Jack loved Holly when she was 5 years old and once he sees her all grown up, he know his feelings haven t changed He was there when Holly s dad murdered his mom He wants to help her remember and help her fall for him His dad has Alzheimer s which makes things even confusing and hard.Massie is a evil, judgmental, hypocritical bitch Can you tell I hated her She spreads rumors and makes things twice as hard on Holly Her nephew was Sammy Holly s Dad and she thought he could do no wrong even though he murdered his wife Life would have been a lot happier without her intervening This is a romance the focuses on the story with very little sex I was completely enthralled and couldn t wait to see how it ended I was shocked and pissed when I found out what happened but I think that is the mark of a good book To me a good book makes me become emotionally invested and this book did that I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a romance that is on the sweeter scale.

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    When all is lost, how do you remember love Holly returns to her native homeland Pitcairn Island to find out about her deceased parents, learn about where she is from, and fill in the blanks of a life forgotten Much like her mother, she becomes the subject of rumors and is harassed by a bitter old woman named Maise who stirs up nothing but trouble As she puts together the puzzle of her past, she leans on Jack, a childhood friend from Pitcairn.Jack falls in love with Holly, but Maise won t have any of it, and starts a vicious rumor that even Holly fears may be true Had it not of been for a tragedy that brought Jack and Holly back together, Holly may have never remembered love.The story opens up with a bang, literally , and kept me fully interested throughout Remembering Love, by Nadine Christian had me dabbing at my eyes one moment and laughing the next The characters are genuine, and the story dramatic Jack is a one of a kind guy, and he makes for an amazing hero He can handle Holly with all her baggage, and understandable emotional outbursts It was nice to read a romance that had such a strong drama theme to it In other words, this wasn t your regular romantic light read.I loved this story and I m giving Remembering Love 5 stars I was given an E Copy of this book by the Author for a fair honest review.

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    I ve managed to read this in just under a day Nadine has a lovely way with words and making the characters become real Nadine Christian gave me this book as an ARC for a honest and open review, which this is.I honestly loved it I was hooked from the start, I just love it when a book opens to me right away and you get trapped in the storyline, that s what it did to me I hear so many people say I couldn t put this book down and I d think.yeah ok BUT this book is a unput downable I have to warn you, it teases you in, and it traps you, you can t get any sleep, you want to keep reading , you can t get any chores done, so beware, give your house a once over, take the phone out the socket, put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, you won t be able to stop reading it.This is not a hype for the book, this is MY honest review I m a fussy reader, if I can t get into a book right away then I just know I may as well give up, its not the case with this one I can assure you My emotions were all over the place.I ve found yet another fav author Brilliant penmanship.

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