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Redemption summary Redemption, series Redemption, book Redemption, pdf Redemption, Redemption b588115109 When I Decided To Look, I Found Love And Compassion Than I Ever Imagined Existed Most Significantly, I Found Forgiveness I Might Even Call It RedemptionOn July Eighteen Year Old Stacey Lannert Shot And Killed Her Father, Who Had Been Sexually Abusing Her Since She Was Eight Missouri State Law, A Disbelieving Prosecutor, And Stacey S Own Fragile Psyche Conspired Against Her She Was Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder And Sentenced To Life Without Parole Redemption Is Stacey S Candid Memoir Of Her Harrowing Childhood And The Pain And Protective Love Of Her Sister That Led Her To That Horrifying Night It Is Also An Extraordinary Portrait Of What Happened After She Found Herself In Prison And How She Grew Determined To Live Positively, Even Triumphantly, Despite Her Circumstances Ultimately, And Most Profoundly, She Learned The Healing Power Of Forgiveness After Spending As Many Years In Prison As She Had Out Of It, On January Outgoing Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Commuted Stacey S Life Sentence Six Days Later She Walked Out Of The Gates A Free Woman Redemption Is The Story Of How Stacey Learned To Be Free While Living Behind Bars It Is A Coming Of Age Story Set In A Parallel Universe Of A Maximum Security Prison And, It Is A Story Of Sisterhood, Courage, And Justice Finally Served

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    Such a wonderful story of, well, redemption I love stories of people who overcome the most difficult obscene obstacles and still thrive make a huge difference in the world Stacey Lennert leads that category.Her childhood is a gruesome story of sexual abuse by her father I ve not read or heard of this extreme level of abuse before And then, at 18, she shot killed his sorry a spent 18 years in prison for it.I am profoundly deeply affected by her story She seems to have come out of her situation with a renewed faith in the world, and is doing wonderful things in her life to end sexual abuse She s a hero in my book.

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    Society has failed Stacey Lannert so many times over the course of her life This book is an eye opening account of sexual abuse and how it ruins so many lives Stacey has endured so much in her life, and now, out of prison for killing her abusive father, has dedicated her life to helping other victims It was heartbreaking to read and I cried several times How sad it is that those she admitted the abuse to either didn t understand what she was saying because she was too young for the words , or, they weren t properly trained to handle such an admission I think the biggest questions I have after reading this are how do we shed light on the signs of sexual abuse in children adolescents, how do we teach children to speak up while they re often threatened that they will be killed if they do without scaring them, and how does our justice system change so that this doesn t happen again Thank you Stacey, for sharing your story.

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    A compelling read I couldn t put it down albeit a depressing read until the very end I just read this for my book discussion next week should be very discussable Stacey Lannert was sexually abused by her father from the time she was 8 almost a woman according to her father until she was 18 That s when she shot and killed him For HER crime, she was given life in prison Her sentence was commuted three years ago by Missouri s outgoing governor This is her story.And, just for the record, her father should have been put in the ground long before he died

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    Stacey Lannert suffered experiences that no one should ever have to go through Her supposedly loving father molested her and raped her repeatedly for 10 years Although speaking up for herself has been extremely difficult, Stacey has finally found her voice and has related her story at first very quietly and then on television and finally in her memoir Describing her life in detail took great courage and fortitude In the first half of the book Stacey describes her childhood pragmatically and in great detail Stacey s father went from the man she adored and admired to the man who hurt her and her sister and killed several pets The remarkable thing to me is that she endured all of this without help from anyone Over the years she told a babysitter and a counselor and even her own mother, but no one took the time to speak up for her Every authority figure let Stacey down in someway, especially her parents As is common for victims of abuse, Stacey felt guilty, that she could not fight back and also that she could not protect her younger sister The first half of the story ends with the long downward spiral that Stacey went through that caused her emotional breakdown and led to Stacey firing a gun into her father s head as he lay passed out on a couch The middle of the story details her 2 year stay in a holding jail while the legal wheels turned very slowly Again, no one spoke up for Stacey, not even her mother The justice system ignored any of the abuse that had led Stacey to murdering her father She was given life without parole The rest of the book tells of Stacey s 16 years in prison She tells how she learned to speak up for herself and other victims of abuse In addition she began to understand what it took to forgive those who had let her down,as well as her father and herself In early 2009 Stacey was granted clemency and left prison a free woman She was determined to be a voice for the abused and to tell her story She has done so on television and now in this memoir I was extremely moved by reading this book I had not seen Stacey on any of her tv appearances so the story was all new to me But whether you have seen her or not, you will want to read this very organized and well done telling of her life story I hope that this book will help those who suffer without a voice and help the rest of us to understand those who are suffering.

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    I am ashamed that I was given this book in 2011 to review and put it aside and forgot about it.I m sorry Thank you Crown Publicity for sending me this book Thank you to Stacey Lannert and Kristen Kemp for reliving the pain and opening up their souls to educate all of us to the sins of child sexual abuse.Ms Lannert s candor is raw and unflinching She tells us how her home went for normal to strained to pure hell in a few years She explains how tricks were used to make her think that she was having a special moment with her father and how he manipulated her and finally raped her, for years.This book will be too raw for many but inside you see how a broken girl became a strong, caring woman who is now helping others to find the correct path in dealing with the monsters they may be living with.Times have changed as well as laws in some states that make it a crime not to report child abuse , if are told about it by the child Still, some do not report for fear of getting involved You be the only adult in that child s life that she he may still trust Don t fail that child.

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    It always feels very uncomfortable to review a biography, especially one that I would class as the tragic life stories category, as my reading pleasure comes at the cost of the author s horribly traumatic life experiences However, as GoodReads likes a star rating, I ve gone for 3 5 It s really quite hard hitting reading to hear about what Stacey goes through at the hands of her father, and the lack of support from her family She has a really difficult childhood and I really felt for her throughout the book It was a very interesting read, and I was astounded at the level of resilience that Stacey and her younger sister displayed despite the ongoing hardship they endured, and both physical and sexual abuse What I struggled with was the fact that the book was perhaps a fair bit longer than I felt it needed to be I had to skip a few bits because I found it repetitive and I wanted to find out what the outcome was for Stacey.On the whole this is a fascinating read which I would definitely recommend.

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    I m so glad I read this book all the way through The first half was very hard to read because it s the story of Stacey s abuse I couldn t get to sleep for hours the first night I read it because it was so sad After Stacey was in prison, she was happier for a while because she was finally safe from her father Even though she was in prison for 18 years, Stacey made the most of it Stacey came to know God and learned about forgiveness she taught classes and did volunteer work she trained dogs for handicapped people and she spoke out against abuse.Stacey was finally released from prison, and she continues to find every way that she can to point out the symptoms of abuse and make sure that it doesn t happen to other young people Her story of not only survival but making good out of a bad situation is inspirational.

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    Way better than Orange is the New Black that is all the rage now I highly recommend it.

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    This was one of those books that I had a hard time putting down Reading Stacey s story was both heart wrenching yet inspirational While the subject matter is heavy, it s an important topic that needs to be addressed A couple of quotes I liked I got so good at picking out the abuse victims that I could tell who they were by asking them one question What is your favorite room in the house Most answered the kitchen, which was a good sign That was the center of the home, and it meant they spent a lot of time with their parents If they told me they liked the living room, I asked them why Usually, they said it was because the TV and video games were in there That was a clue that the child was cut off from her family, and she might need further evaluation But if an at risk child told me her bedroom was her favorite place, she was usually a child abuse victim She liked to be cut off from the family, and she was trying to find safety in her own space At the very least, that answer indicated the child s family situation was probably not good I could also tell by her body language the way she turned or looked down at the ground Every moment in my life was a choice In knowing I had choices I could choose how I was going to feel day to day I started to ponder true freedom I could be free if I wanted to the rest was just geography.

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    ABSOLUTELY 10 STARSI cannot imagine what this poor child had to deal with And I find it so amazing that she came through it like she did Thanks to God and her strong spirit I have to say I couldn t read it without putting it down for awhile I know what she did was wrong my head says so but my heart says it is okay I think one of the most horrible things was how he used that shotgun Ms Lannert, I am so glad you came through this I hope the rest of your life is filled with beautiful things You deserve it I ll end this I m going to cry.

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