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Red Mist summary Red Mist, series Red Mist, book Red Mist, pdf Red Mist, Red Mist d181986fe0 The New Kay Scarpetta Novel From The World S Bestselling Crime Writer Determined To Find Out What Happened To Her Former Deputy Chief, Jack Fielding, Murdered Six Months Earlier, Kay Scarpetta Travels To The Georgia Prison For Women, Where An Inmate Has Information Not Only On Fielding, But Also On A String Of Grisly Killings The Murder Of An Atlanta Family Years Ago, A Young Woman On Death Row, And The Inexplicable Deaths Of Homeless People As Far Away As California Seem Unrelated But Scarpetta Discovers Connections That Compel Her To Conclude That What She Thought Ended With Fielding S Death And An Attempt On Her Own Life Is Only The Beginning Of Something Far Destructive A Terrifying Terrain Of Conspiracy And Potential Terrorism On An International Scale And She Is The Only One Who Can Stop It

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    After reading dozens of cozy mysteries, I had a craving to get back to the hardcore suspense thrillers I used to enjoy I flipped through my To Be Read TBR pile and was reminded of the fantastic Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell I read 18 of the books in the earlier part of this decade but stopped when they were getting a bit repetitious Nearly 5 years later, I ordered the next in the series, Red Mist, and eagerly dove into it I m so glad I picked now to start up the series again as it was a fantastic book and supercharged my desire to read the last 5 so I m fully caught up in the seriesDr Kay Scarpetta is a renowned medical examiner, doctor, professor, special investigator, government contractor, et al The list could go on forever Everyone wants her to be on their unique and puzzling cases, but there are also many who want to see her ridden from the world She s tough She s stubborn She s been nearly killed a few times And she loves tracking down serial killers In this latest edition, Kay is determined to find out what happened to her former right hand man in the ME s office Fielding worked for her, disappeared, worked for her again, disappeared, then was killed in a previous book The killer came after Kay, too, but failed We know it was Fielding s secret daughter begotten while he was sexually abused by a psychologist when he was 12 years old What we don t know is all the things that happened since that point Kay visits the psychologist in a Georgia prison She s been jailed for other crimes in recent years but has hopes for early release Kay chats with her, learns some secrets, and is then shocked to discover connections with other national cases where people have been murdered in the last few years How does it all connect Ten pages into this book, I knew I d waited too long to pick up the series again I missed Kay despite how ornery she can be It s almost the reason I love her so much Cornwell is a great writer Strip away the medical jargon, frequent technology drops to seem current, or the science terminology, and you re left with brilliant writing She strings along phrases and images that pop and draw you in tightly That said, sometimes the other parts are so over the top, I find myself skimming some paragraphs if it s a topic I m not interested in For example, when there are a few pages about how all the security cameras work, I m like hmmm three sentences, yeah, cool three hundred, no, I ll push forward a few pages But then she ll go into details about DNA and I m all aboard for the minutia It s a matter of taste I m willing to ignore some of the jargon because no author can appeal 100% with this stuff to 100% of their audience It doesn t affect my rating either, as it s surface stuff.I ve given this one a 4 for a few reasons Apart from the stellar story and gifted writing, there are a few niggles to borrow a friend, Shalini s favorite word I feel like the plot twist culprit connection has been partially done before, possibly by Cornwell in previous books It s a good one, but it could have used a slightly different arc to make it even vivid I also thought the book didn t explore her relationships with the supporting characters as much as it should have She connected with Lucy in a big way, which was fantastic Yet her time with Benton and Marino was lackluster compared to previous installments On the flip side, Cornwell s choice to kill off a semi major character was shocking and saddening for me All in all, I m glad she did it, as I think it moves the story forward.Based on this one, I m psyched to push thru the rest of the series and am ordering the next one tonight so that I can read it right after the new year Anyone else a fan

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    I have been a longtime fan of Patricia Cornwell s work, particularly her heroine Kay Scarpetta The series depicted her as a strong, capable, confident, and committed to a work few people would be willing to do Her commitment was admirable However, in this book, this characterization has begun to unravel at the seams.For some reason I cannot quite understand, Cornwell has changed Scarpetta from a focused scientist to a self absorbed, unconfident, vindictive and paranoid character who is extremely difficult to enjoy Even worse, Lucy s character has become a rogue hacker who does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, regardless of the law or who it might hurt Marino has been reduced into a self doubting former cop experiencing a mid life crisis Benton, when he appears is simply a prop for Scarpetta which Cornwell uses liberally to wax poetic about various topics to the reader.The antagonists in the books are barely seen or considered Usually you have a clear dislike for the bad guys but in this novel the bad guys are so convoluted it s hard to know which ones to hate so you end up simply feeling sorry for Scarpetta.That being said, there are some redeeming qualities for the book If you are a big fan of the characters you ll likely be satisfied by the story There is some intrigue and suspense as Scarpetta works to solve three murders Not a significant amount of forensic science in this book but a heavier dose of mystery and detective work The science seems forced and throws around industry terms and new technology without any substance behind it.All in all, I have given this a generous three stars mainly because die hard fan will enjoy this addition to the series, it was entertaining on a basic level, and I don t regret reading it I was disappointed that the story wasn t better but it was mildly satisfying.

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    I ve been a Cornwell fan since the beginning But the last 4 or 5 novels have been headed in a direction that results in this, the weakest effort yet Somewhere along the line, Cornwell lost a good editor and or gained a bad one, because what used to be sharp, taut writing now goes on and on and ON The meeting between Scarpetta and Berger that lays out the plot of the book took over 100 pages It could have easily been done in 30 Or less The entire novel is filled with over long, over emotional scenes like that, not to mention that the dialogue is hard to even read, much less imagine someone actually speaking it Even that would be semi OK if the characters were drawn better There was not a single likable character in this entire novel, and that list leads off with Dr Scarpetta herself She s always had her flaws,but they made her real Now they just make her, frankly, of a self absorbed bitch.The story itself was ho hum, and I had to force myself to finish There are too many good mystery writers out there for me to waste time on this series Unless I get definitive reports that the old Kay Scarpetta has returned, this is goodbye.

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    1,5 starsI ve been reading Patricia Cornwell s Kay Scarpetta Series since the 1st book, Postmortem was published, which was a brilliant start to the series, which continued with some really amazing books, until it reached 10 from then onwards, something happened to the series And not a good something Somewhere along the line, the magic of Kay Scarpetta s world wasn t there for me Instead of looking forward to a new arrival, I gave it a miss for a while But I couldn t give up on KS.hoping that maybe the next one would bring back the magic.Well, Red Mist, 19 in the series did not ignite the old or new magic Nothing happens.from the opening where Kay is interviewing a woman who is connected to Kay s former assistant, who had been viciously murdered by his daughter, whose mother was the woman in jail that Kay was visiting.it goes on and on for loads and loads of pages of the conversation between Kay and the prisoner.and never going anywhere.Kay continues internalizing and internalizing and internalizing..giving us information and information that after a while makes no sense to me and leading somewhere I don t know where.Lucy continues to be weird.i can t get a hook on this character Do I like her or don t I like her What is she all about Apart from her high IQ, hacking skills, loads of money, her own helicopter, supercars And Marino, Kay s partner who has been with her since the beginning.continues being weird and weirder..their interaction is beyond bizarre Maybe it s something to do with the fact that he s still in love with Kay and she not..would he be different if the two ever got it together, I wonder.Benton, Kay s husband Another character I can t figure out He s so remote most of the times I would love to see a bit romance between him and Kay But he makes these fleeting appearances here and there..and then disappears.I skimmed over a lot of pages and when the true villain and the reason for the crimes are revealed I was somewhat disappointed I never really understood how the conclusion came about.I am so sad that the magic of Kay Scarpetta is still missing for me.

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    Red Mist is another strong entry in the Scarpetta Series In some ways I liked it than last year s Port Mortuary because the action is consistent throughout In Port Mortuary there was a lot of Scarpetta sitting around thinking and being paranoid In Red Mist Scarpetta is on the move in Savannah, Georgia She s not on her own turf, doesn t have the trappings of her power base, and isn t in charge She s also gone to Georgia against the advice of her FBI profiler husband, Benton, and others So there s much action However, Scarpetta being who she is, there s still a lot of paranoia From the get go nothing is going right for Scarpetta The car she rented wasn t available and she finds herself driving a smelly old van to the Georgia Prison for Women where she s to meet with one of the inmates.The issue of manipulation is set up early in this novel When we first see the warden she s re shelving a book about manipulation, Kathleen, the prisoner Scarpetta visists, is a compulsive manipulator, and Jamie Berger s manipulation of other people s egos for her own purposes is duly noted In contrast, Scarpetta is blunt and honest, but the manipulation, both subtle and blatant, converges to put her pre disposition to paranoia into overdrive.Red Mist starts on June 30th and ends on July 4th Scarpetta is going to visit Kathleen, the mother of Dawn Kincaid Dawn is the woman who tried to kill Scarpetta in Port Mortuary Kathleen is the woman who sexually abused Cornwell s long time employee Jack Fielding when he was underage Dawn Kincaid, we learned in Port Mortuary, is actually the child of Kathleen and Jack.Scarpetta s meeting with the warden is weird, the meeting with Kathleen is weird, and then Scarpetta unexpectedly meets with Jamie Berger Berger, Cornwell fans know, is a high powered New York City DA and Scarpetta s niece Lucy s former lover Marino is in the picture, of course, and eventually Benton and Lucy join the fray as well.People start dying A major character among them An old case is re opened and Scarpetta finds herself embroiled in a mess created by several other women There s some good old fashioned forensic investigative work in this novel The final scene at the house I thought was a little too quick and neat, but otherwise this was a satisfying read.As usual Cornwell slips in some helpful medical health advice Did you know that menthol in throat lozenges actually causes temporary loss of vocal cord functioning You re better off finding some slippery elm throat lozenges which are all natural and have no menthol.I know a few people who were fans of Cornwell s earlier novels that stopped reading the series They ve asked me if I think the series has gone down hill I do think that Cornwell went through a bit of a slump of some kind, but the last three books seem to be getting the series back on track For some readers I ve wondered if they just got tired of Scarpetta because she s a strong, but deeply flawed character and Cornwell seems to be trying to explore those flaws Or did Cornwell s move away from first person narration distance early readers Note She is back to first person narration I stopped reading the series for a few years but then went back to it because I enjoy the characters even if I don t always like what Cornwell does with them I took a break from the series because I got dismayed by the cruelty, inhumanity, and terror Cornwell was exploring through the perspective of the serial killers and their victims Now, however, she s back to focusing on Scarpetta s perspective and I much prefer that I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Scarpetta and her crew.Cornwell revamped her website to coincide with the release of Red Mist I read a pre publication edition of Red Mist that I requested from the publisher.

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    I ve been reading Patricia Cornwell s Kay Scarpetta books for years The first 8 or 9 novels in the series are some of the finest forensic crime fiction ever written and many writers before and since have yet to beat the high quality of these books Cornwell included The last couple of years her books have gone rapidly downhill in regard to quality.I very rarely give up on reading a book before the end I ve only done this perhaps 5 times in the past 10 years but Red Mist is so incredibly boring that I got to the 50% mark and then deleted it from my Kindle in frustration of my wasted time The content in that 50% roughly 250 pages consists of just 2 yes, you read that correctly long conversations and not a lot else As well as treading over the same subject again and again and again in these conversations, boring me to tears, the story itself is very uninteresting anyway Scarpetta is arrogant and unlikeable than ever which is saying something and her opinions of Marino and Lucy how could Jamie possibly not love her are sickeningly getting worse in each book.It s fair to say I didn t like this book And as a fan of the series generally especially the earlier books I am genuinely disappointed with Cornwell and her deteriorating and now unlikeable writing style When her next book comes out I am going to wait to see if it has mainly favourable reviews before I buy it and if it doesn t then Cornwell has lost a longtime fan.

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    I used to really enjoy the Kay Scarpetta series, but books 14 16 were so disappointing and somewhat awful that I was ready to stop reading them Because I had invested so much time into the books, I felt I needed to keep reading them Thankfully, 17 and 18 redeemed themselves for me, so I expected 19 to be satisfying as well Alas, I m tired of whiny Lucy who is always going to be a miserably angry person, pathetic Pete Marino who falls for the wrong woman every time because he loves Kay, and meek Benton who is so politically correct that he s incredibly bland As for Kay, she is so self righteous and pompous that she alienates herself from the reader She faults others for the same flaws she has The plot of the book is actually interesting, and the pace is good as well, but the characters have become so deplorably irritating that I have to force myself to read them This makes me incredibly sad because I used to look forward to reading the new Scarpetta book each year Why Cornwell has chosen to make these four characters so difficult to connect to and care about is beyond me.

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    I want to love each book that Cornwell puts out And I notice a trend that she s gone back to the good ol days of first person storytelling, which can work for or against her, depending on the interest in the novel Unfortunately I felt that this one was a little too talky and not enough on the action front to keep readers interested Secondary characters like Marino, Benton, and Lucy have all taken a back seat to Scarpetta s stream of consciousness monologues, which are lengthy and overdone throughout the book I just didn t find the plot of this book strong enough to warrant these monologues I feel a little ripped off as well, that she two parted the story from the last novel When it was a little edgy and shocking in that novel, here it begins to be predictable and boring You can pretty much anticipate each twist as it comes, and to me that tells me that Cornwell got a little lazy with this book, as she usually includes a little bit of an element of surprise with her novels I will keep my fingers crossed for the next book, as I m not prepared to give up on her yet But if she drags this plot line out for one book I might have to reconsider.

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    I ve been a big fan of Patricia Cornwells from the beginning and I usually find her books quite easy to read since I really like the characters and the story seem to flow easily Unfortunately I felt that this book made myself ask over and over again do people really ramble on to themselves like Scarpetta did in this book I ve always thought that Marino was the most realistic character in the Scarpetta series, and I felt as if his character was pushed aside somewhat in this book and left some unanswered questions Now with all the negatives out of the way, I do have have to say I liked the storyline and definitely the unexpected ending, most will never see that coming

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    Very disappointing Most of this book was repeating the same things over and over again Every time a new character entered the story Kay had to go through and revise all her theories again and they were all written out every time I really don t like how the last few books in this series have been all about people conspiring to murder Kay and her loved ones, even if it is paranoia on her part most of the time I used to love reading this series, but the last few books have been huge disappointments This isn t the book that will make readers new to Scarpetta novels loyal fans.

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