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    This is one of the first books that I ve sold to Alnari, as a scout when I started the agency and I ve translated it as well I was fascinated by the life story of a woman just few months older than me with similar innocent childhood full of joy turned into nightmare overnight and she ended in famous Evin prison at the age of 16, as political prisoner Her life story is awesomeI had a pleasure to meet the author just after Serbian edition was published in 2008 in Turin during the book fair She is such a lovely person, full of joy and positive energy And you have to love and admire herKod nas je knjiga objavljena pod naslovom Zarobljeni snovi i imala je nekoliko izdanja

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    A 16 year old girl, swept off the streets and put in prison for the most token resistance against a totalitarian regime saved from execution at the eleventh hour by her jailor, who had fallen in love with her forced to marry him, to save herself, and to live as his trophy wife escaping from the claustrophobic marriage when her husband is killed by hired goons of the regime finally managing to escape to Canada, the free and democratic West, with her loverIt could be the script of a Bollywood movie.Which is why this book came down to two stars for me.I have no doubt Marina is factual in the account of her travails I have no illusions about the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the Evin prison I am sure that if the regime of the Shah was totalitarian, the theocratic one that replaced it is even so No, it was the tone of the writing the self righteousness It is as though the author, being a Russian immigrant, is never somehow fully Iranian and is viewing Iranians through a foreign lens Also, many a time I found her peddling her Christian forbearance in the face of authoritarian Islam to be fair, I am sure that this is not done purposefully Marina s strong religious belief seems to have indeed helped her get through a terrible period this also put me off The book seemed to be written for a Western audience eager to believe the worst about Iran Like I said, it is like a movie script, the heroes and villains clearly defined good winning against evil in the end, and everybody living happily ever after.I am happy for Marina that her personal story ended happily I mourn for the hundreds of others who are prisoners of totalitarian regimes, whose stories have no such happy ending and are therefore unheard of But the book itself, I found unimpressive Maybe a nuanced writing would have helped.

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    This is the most moving, powerful and astonishing book I ve read since The End of the Spear In a matter of fact tone that makes her vivid descriptions all the compelling, Marina Nemat describes how she became a political prisoner in the early days of Iran s Islamic Revolutionary government for the crime of asking her calculus teacher to teach calculus instead of government propaganda She was spared execution for this horrendous crime but not imprisonment only through the intercession of a powerful interrogator who had a crush on her, and later force her to marry him.As I read these chapters, I marveled that anyone could endure such unspeakable cruelties and remain sane Then I was stopped short by the realization She was just 16 when this ordeal began.If you re getting scared away because all this sounds terribly depressing, trust me, it s not taken as a whole It s inspiring.The chapters in which she flashes back to her earlier childhood in Iran are as captivating as the prison chapters, and in some ways almost as heartbreaking.It s no wonder that it took two decades before the author was able to talk about and write about these experiences That she survived to do it, that she was courageous enough to do it, and that she writes it with such remarkable clarity is a work of grace for the rest of us Prisoner of Tehran is the book of the year for me.

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    An absorbing read that I finished in 24 hours.The real life memoirs of Marina Nemat, whose troubles with the despotic and murderous Islamist regime in Iran begins when she walks out of calculus class in protest at the replacement of the subject of calculus with Islamic and political propaganda, and is joined by 3o other girls.aSoon afterwards she is arrested by Islamic Republican guards and taken to the notorious Evin prison in Tehran where she is beaten, tortured and sentenced to death.A real window into the horrors of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the diabolical Ayatollah Khomeini At Even she sees many of her friends tortured to death or executed.Her life is spared by a prison guard who has fallen in love with her and intercedes to commute her death sentence, but at a a price, she must convert to Islam and marry him.He too is eventually assassinated by the Islamic Regime.The book alternates chapter by chapter between the horrors of Evin prison and Marina s childhood in Tehran, and how Iran is turned into a hellish tyranny by the Islamic Revolution of 1979.A must read both as a book on life and on a regime whose horrors especially against girls and women who s horrors have been completely ignored by the world and who get a free pass from leftwing human rights activists because of its anti Western credentials.Comment Comment Permalink

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    How do you review books about trauma I ve been thinking about that a lot the last few days, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say about this book, and also the two I read around the same time, reviews for which will appear over the next few days I ve said the universe sometimes throws me books in clumps Well, this time it was three about traumatic experiences under authoritarian governments Two fiction, one non fiction.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir summary pdf Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir, summary chapter 2 Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir, sparknotes Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir, Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir a3deae3 Marina Nemat S Peaceful Childhood In Tehran Was Shattered When The Iranian Revolution OfUshered In A New Era Of Islamic Rule After Complaining To Her Teachers About Lessons Being Replaced By Koran Study, Marina Was Arrested Late One Evening She Was Taken To The Notorious Prison, Evin, Where She Was Interrogated And Tortured Aged Sixteen, She Was Sentenced To Death Prisoner Of Tehran Is The Astonishing Account Of One Woman S Remarkable Courage In The Face Of Terror And Her Quest For Freedom

  • Hardcover
  • 306 pages
  • Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir
  • Marina Nemat
  • English
  • 04 June 2019
  • 9781416537427

About the Author: Marina Nemat

Marina Nemat was born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, she was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution She came to Canada in 1991 and has called it home ever since Her memoir of her life in Iran, Prisoner of Tehran, was published in Canada by Penguin C