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Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) chapter 1 Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) , meaning Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) , genre Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) , book cover Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) , flies Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) , Pooperella (Farty Tales Book 1) bbfa7930d4094 Once Upon A Time, The World Smelled Toilets Didn T Flush, People Didn T Wear Deodorant, And Everyone Ate Curds And Beans You May Have Heard Ella S Story Before, But It Probably Got The Facts All Wrong This Is The Hilarious True Tale Of Pooperella, Her Wicked Stepsisters, And The Prince Who Fell In Love With Her Gassily Ever After Parents, Why Should You Let Your Child Read A Book With A Name Like Pooperella Because This Fully Illustrated Adaptation Of The Classic Fairy Tale Will Have Young Readers Hooked, Turning Pages And Laughing All The Way To The Very End Pooperella Still Teaches The Morals Of Being Good And Kind Even When The World Is Not, But It Lets Kids Have A Lot Of Fun In Learning That Lesson Pick Up This NEW Classic Today

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    This Cinderella fairy tale reimagined is disgusting and vulgar, yet comical at the same time My kids thought parts of it were hilarious I found it mainly revolting You definitely have to have an open mind for this one It s a quick and easy read with a few illustrations Available on Kindle Unlimited for free 3

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    This book is the best thing ever I chose this rating because it made me laugh and even my grandma liked it too and she doesn t like to talk about farts She says it is bad manners I can t wait for my sister to read it I couldn t help laughing I can t wait to read the next book 7 year old, girl This book is the best book ever I chose this book because it is funny because it s funny and it made me laugh My grandma even liked it and she doesn t like things like this My grandma does not like to talk about farts and she says farting is bad manners I can t wait for my sister to read it I couldn t help laughing I can t wait to read the next book Seven year, old girl.

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    Awesome story Hilarious What a twist This book is definitely worth reading If you don t laugh, get a new sense of humor 2019

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    Fun take on an old story We laughed throughout this whole story I think I enjoyed it as much as my daughter did Highly recommended for a fun but stinky experience Lol

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