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    Whilst only ever writing two novels before her illness lead to untimely death, Anne Bronte wrote around 70 poems that are as atmospheric as her or her sisters novels.There seems three of four themes that run through them all, whilst a melancholy lays itself on top of everything, usually transcending from nighttime reveries Family and home are both a comfort and a seemingly dark, rising figure, with the warmth and fire of a hearth keeping her mind from her sorrow, yet the silhouette cast by a bright new moon at night of the imposing homes she knew making her feel it ever.Children play a large role as well either through musings at their waning youth or a sadness at the missed opportunity to be a mother but you see she mourns her own childhood much the same A time when she wandered care free and with abandon and feels she no longer is able to either through health or because she is now grown up.God and Christianity is the most imposing theme, though it seems less like a preaching and like pure, unadulterated love It always feels a similar tone when those who are taken too young know it, and are often far calm about it that others feeling the calming through their love of god It can become tiresome to read of it, especially if one does not believe oneself, yet the glimmers of joy and almost sparks of happiness that come forth are impossible to deny Faith is a beautiful, hopeful thing.But there is such a sadness as Anne clearly believes she is so full of sin as to make her treacherous These poems are at once atmospheric and tumultuous Nature and Religion come together almost perfectly, as it always used to do in the romantic days, but above and below it all flows the melancholy of one who perhaps wrongly was brought up in a time and told she must be wicked in any way It is quite sad to read, but there are moments of wonder and joy as she describes her scenery and the things that bring happiness.

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    I always find myself in difficulty when writing a review for a poetry collection May be, I love to read poetry than to analyse it Analyzing it might kill the simple and pure enjoyment of a beautifully written poem On the other hand, I love to analyze the characters in a novel or to delve into subtle allusions hinted at With poetry, the rule is simple Read it, Feel it and Enjoy it.This collection is a gift by a lovely Goodreads friend Or else, I am not sure I would have read it this soon A short collection There are only 21 poems in it But I loved reading almost all of them The themes are repetitive Major themes as I found them are Memory, Transience of Life, Infancy, and God The beauty is in the language The language is simple and straight and speaks direct to the heart I love such talks.A Sample This is the first poem in the collection.A REMINISCENCEYes, thou art gone and never Thy sunny smile shall gladden me But I may pass the old church door,And pace the floor that covers thee,May stand upon the cold, damp stone,And think that, frozen, lies belowThe lightest heart that I have known,The kindest I shall ever know.Yet, though I cannot see thee , Tis still a comfort to have seen And though thy transient life is o er, Tis sweet to think that thou hast been To think a soul so near divine,Within a form so angel fair,United to a heart like thine,Has gladdened once our humble sphere Final Note to self I have never read any of her two novels Now that I have read her poems I will certainly look for them.

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    The poems in this collection are elegant, lyrical and thoughtful They frequently focus on the connection between the outer world, in the form of natural scenes, physical isolation, confinement, the presence and influence of others to the inner world in the form of faith, spiritualism and emotional states.These poems are deep but flow easily, honestly capturing the assurances offered by natural beauty and faith while also powerfully depicting the disconnect that can form between the individual and outer world Alienation is explored in several forms, especially religious doubt which is portrayed with a raw intensity This collection is a gem and Anne Bronte is a brilliant poet who definitely deserves greater consideration and attention.

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    Anne s poetry would merit 5 stars, but this wasn t entirely Anne s poetry It features the butchered versions of several poems edited by Charlotte upon Anne s death, when she completely changed the meaning of several I don t understand why they chose to do this instead of featuring Anne s poems the way she wrote them.

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    In all there are 54 poems by Anne Bront in this collection.I m not a fan of poetry and this is the first collection of poems that I ve read willingly they forced me to read a lot at university.My reason for reading this collection is because I m a big fan of Anne s prose fiction As she only wrote two novels, I wanted to read everything else she penned during her short life.I d recently read 20 of these poems in a mixture of prose and poetry featured in the collection of works by the Bront siblings namely Tales of Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal and discovered that Anne s poetry was far palatable than any poems I d read at university.Anne s poems are largely epic, telling stories, rather than trying to be cryptic and saying one thing whilst meaning another, which is why I didn t dislike this collection.

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    Found this by accident, teaching kids how to use our library catalog search Bought my own copy Thank you, Mr Chitham, for an enlightening, balanced and very needed solo bio of the baby Bronte.One caveat I have the Macmillan American English version, the text in the footnotes and the biography is tiny No illustrations other than the dust jacket.

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    Interesting poetry but her novels are much better, especially The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

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    So tragic and sad, but beautiful Anne was a tender soul.

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