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Poems of Solitude summary Poems of Solitude , series Poems of Solitude , book Poems of Solitude , pdf Poems of Solitude , Poems of Solitude 8dd3af96c6 The Cheerful Comforts Of Home, And The Joys Of Memory And Hope, Form The Background For An Expression Of Inner Fortitude In This Moving Book Of Solitude And Sorrow Despite The Isolation Of Haworth, The Small Yorkshire Village Where She Was Raised, Emily Bront Manages To Transcend Her Surroundings To Give The Universal Themes Of Love, Time, And Death A Thoroughly New And Fascinating Interpretation Penned For Her Own Consolation, And As A Kind Of Shorthand Of Her Soul, These Poems Most Of Which Were Unpublished In Her Lifetime Reveal The Depth And Scope Of Her Vision Emily Bront Is The Author Of Wuthering Heights, One Of The Most Popular Romances Of All Time

10 thoughts on “Poems of Solitude

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    fascinating Work.

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    I m trying to get into poetry and this was a decent book of poetry, but I still don t get it I ll keep trying though.

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    Some poems are good They read like a concentrated dose of Wuthering Heights scenery description.

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    4.5 stars

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    This series of incomparable poems is just a succession of brilliance.I am so amazed at the language used.Emily was in her teen years when she wrote this.No idea of love, nothing to go off of but her beautiful imagination.I love this tragic, terribly depressed tone.Mostly of love, it speaks reality of the wickedness that goes along with the goodness.Her beautiful language and incredibly full diction is completely breathtaking.Something I think I will take from her poems and try to incorporate into mine, is her constant use of nature.I try to do this now, but I don t feel that I know nature well enough to fully utilize its resources.Emily has such a grasp on it she often uses weather and settings as a duality as to the mood of the poem.Nearly every poem I ve read in it is brimming with imagery, aesthetics, and pain.And nearly every poem is magic.

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    Wat een mooie gedichten.

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    It is a really nice collaboration of poems and really interesting I like the poems and I love to read them when I need to relax

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