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Pink files Pink, read online Pink, free Pink, free Pink, Pink 59b6a3e00 The Pink Jumper Was Practically Glowing In My Grey Bedroom It Was Like A Tiny Bit Of Dorothy S Oz In Boring Old Black And White Kansas Pink Was For GirlsAva Simpson Is Trying On A Whole New Image Stripping The Black Dye From Her Hair, She Heads Off To The Billy Hughes School For Academic Excellence, Leaving Her Uber Cool Girlfriend, Chloe, BehindAva Is Quickly Taken Under The Wing Of Perky, Popular Alexis Who Insists That A She S A Perfect Match For Handsome Ethan And B She Absolutely Must Audition For The School MusicalBut While She S Busy Trying To Fit In With Chloe, With Alexis And Her Pastel Friends, Even With The Misfits In The Stage Crew Ava Fails To Notice That Her Shiny Reinvented Life Is Far Fragile Than She ImaginedDebut Author Wikinson Takes A Lighthearted But Timely And Resonant Look At A Teen S Attempts To Don A New Personality And Figure Out Who She Really Wants To Be

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    It s really weird to not know how to rate a book I don t normally use images in my reviews, but in this particular case, there s no better way to clearly explain the yo yo ing of my opinions as I was reading this novel See what the problem was The beginning of the story thrusts us into the unlikely scenario of Ava suddenly switching schools because she wants to go to a place where it s okay to wear pink Pink is the code word for not only the freedom to wear girly clothes and sport your natural hair color, but also the freedom to date boys and to be a decent student Ava has a too cool for school girlfriend named Chloe, but Ava thinks she wants to do some exploring in other pastures And apparently being cool and a liberal means that you re not supposed to care about anything and you re shunned for wanting to do well at academics.Hmph.Anyway, I ve accepted many a far reaching scenario than this, so I just went along with it, primarily because the writing is admittedly very good and Ava s voice was extremely readable But after awhile, I realized much to my dismay that Ava didn t really have much of a personality It s true that the main theme of the book is about exploring options and deciding who you want to be, and there s a certain amount of confusion that goes along with that But Ava subverted so much of her personality, made so many mistakes, and lied to so many people, that it became and difficult to feel any sympathy for her Particularly when I had no idea who Ava really was The huge low point of this book, however, came about two thirds of the way through when Ava does something really terrible to one of her friends for no reason whatsoever except that she wants to fit in and to look cool I really hate it when people are mean, especially in the guise of superiority, and I absolutely despise the fact that this was done in conjunction with a subject of great sensitivity view spoiler Ava s friend Jen has just come out to her, so she drags her to the cafe where the popular lesbian girls hang out She joins in with her friend Chloe in making fun of Jen at one point, and Jen overhears and is devastated hide spoiler

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    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later an Aussie YA novel I didn t enjoy at all In fact, if not for my two wonderful readalong partners who made the experience not only bearable, but extremely fun, I would have given up after a hundred pages or so Ava s parents are supposedly very liberal, and her girlfriend Chloe has an owerpowering personality Together they re pushing Ava into an alternative lifestyle she secretly hates Oddly enough, all Ava wants is to wear pink and sing in a musical She decides to move to a new school, where she plans to find a way of joining the in crowd, or Pastels, as she calls them However, that doesn t turn out so well for Ava Instead of getting the role she wanted in the school musical, she ends up working with the stage crew, a group of misfits led by a boy named Sam She ends up balancing three different lives and three different personalities, none of which are compatible with the others.Characterization is where Wilkinson failed spectacularly Having read A Pocketful of Eyes first, I knew that she was than capable of creating interesting and complex characters, which is why I have to conclude that she did this on purpose But why Every character in Pink is a walking stereotype we have Ava s intellectually snobbish girlfriend Chloe, playing the role of a lesbian feminist Ava s parents, so obsessed with being tolerant that they end up not tolerating anything mainstream Alexis, the shallow blonde, perfect in everything she does a gay friend, a secretly gay friend, a friend embarrassed by his rich parents, and in the end, Ava herself, completely devoid of personality Ava is one of the most self centered, infuriating characters I ve ever stumbled upon The series of disastrous decisions she made in such a short period of time nearly drove me insane Stories about personal growth by definition introduce a character that makes poor choices at the beginning, but finds a way to redeem himself herself by the end After one particularly bad decision, I m afraid Ava reached the point of no redemption in my eyes.Unfortunately, I doubt that I ll be reading any of Wilkinson s novels After reading two of them, I can honestly say that she s not an author whose work I enjoy.

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    I think the words this book was written by an Australian author would suffice But then it just wouldn t be as fun for me DThis book was on my mental TBR list long before I became a member of goodreads and before I had written a single review It s taken me all this time to get around to reading it and I can honestly say I was missing out It covers all the issues that I m interested in feminism, femininity, individuality, sexuality and stereotyping Plus, I like pink, regardless of whatever people say it symbolises I always thought that was a load of twaddle anyway.The story is about Ava, a girl who isn t quite sure who she is or where she belongs She desperately wants to slot herself into a pre defined category like emo, goth, straight, lesbian and struggles with accepting the fact that she can be all kinds of combinations because the most important thing is to embrace who you are This take on self acceptance could have been cheesy and unoriginal but Lili Wilkinson s story is supported by a cast of quirky and imaginative characters that were what made the novel so enjoyable.You have the uber liberal parents, the feminazi I pretend to care about women s rights but I actually just hate everyone who isn t like me girlfriend, a Pastel girl, and an old, grumpy misogynist who turns out to have about him than meets the eye resulting in a very short but pleasant surprise that I really liked.The author has managed to find that perfect balance of easy going, light, fun to read and also thought provoking scenarios that challenge the reader s views on what it means to be female or straight or gay or bi And then there s that fantastic quote, which for me just sums up perfectly a what the novel is about and b what I believe in Here You know, a very wise woman once gave this piece of advice to women everywhere Be strong, believe in freedom, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humour, masturbate, don t judge people by their religion, colour, or sexual habits, love life and your family

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    Pink is one of those rare books that are both easy breezy and fun to read and not shallow For some reason I have a hard time finding them On the other hand, good depressing books about death drugs abuse disability are much easier to come across, for me anyway.In a few words, it s a story about not worrying about what people think you are or should be, not boxing yourself into approved social niches and just embracing your own individuality Not a groundbreaking premise, but the amusing cast of characters and humor make this novel stand out Ava is a 16 year girl who is reconsidering her current status of an emo goth, anti establishment, feminist lesbian and wants to explore other sides of her personality including sexuality Ava s feminazi nihilist girlfriend and ultra liberal parents are not too wild about pink sweater and sexy heels wearing new AvaIn many ways Pink reminded me of Not That Kind Of Girl, talks about the same things what it means to be a feminist, how to be happy with who you are Only it is much better, fun for sure There are words of advice spoken by Ava s mother that I think convey the moral of this story the best You know, a very wise woman once gave this piece of advice to women everywhere Be strong, believe in freedom, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don t judge people by their religion, color, or sexual habits, love life and your family Well said P.S People are correct, there must be something in the water in Australia I am yet to read one bad Australian YA novel.

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    Are you in the mood to lose your bottle of oil Are you looking for one example of Australian literary brilliance Well then I suggest you give Pink by Lili Wilkinson a try This coming of age story is filled with moments of hilarity, chagrin, deep thought, huge let downs and rewarding endings I truly enjoyed Ava s journey of self discovery that was filled with the right amount of screw ups Pink starts off with Ava deciding to switch schools and attend Billy Hughes academy She s on a quest to discover who she really is and at the same time challenge herself academically Every route she attempts though leads her to believe she doesn t quite fit in, not with the Screws, nor the Pastels or her girlfriend Chloe for that matter She s confused and looking for some answers, and the road down Discovery Lane is nothing but major suckage.At the beginning of the story, Ava came across to me as awkward and well slightly pathetic if I m being honest I was having a hard time connecting with her character and not quite feeling the compassion, but then something happened and I can t quite pinpoint when it occurred It s like the clarity of the story s message became blazingly clear, and I suddenly appreciated Ava for telling her story honestly and unabashedly At its most basic level, this book tells the story of a girl who simply wants to know who she truly is before she has to make some huge decisions about life, love and all that fills the space between Its narrative is raw and the characters play their parts to perfection Giving it anything less than four stars would be criminal and I m grateful I got a chance to read Pink Again, my gratitude to Alexa for sharing this book with me I loved it

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    THAT S IT Upon my college graduation this May, I am packing up my worldly possessions and moving to Australia, land of infinite YA talent I have been fortunate enough to read a number of wonderful Aussie YA authors Cath Crowley, Kathy Charles, Kirsty Eagar, Jaclyn Moriarty, Melina Marchetta but Lili Wilkinson s PINK raised in me the rare and wonderful feeling of wanting to walk up to everyone I see and go, This book Oh my word It s words fail me in describing its awesome READ IT I m going to equate this feeling to the one I got when I finished Robin Brande s Fat Cat, still one of my favorite books ever, and then gushed endlessly about it for years and years and tell people repeatedly that they need to read it.So breath Let s begin to explain why PINK is the Holy Grail of YA Contemporary Awesome, at least probably for those who share my taste in contemporary fiction First of all, it is important to note that this is the most elegantly casual portrayal of LGBT teens I have encountered in YA Elegantly casual sounds like an oxymoron, but what I mean by that is that it is a lovely realistic presentation of the ambiguities of teen sexuality Lili Wilkinson doesn t try to fit Ava and the other characters into character types in LGBT fiction that have been done before Instead, they are simply allowed to exist as they are, and it s not a big freaking deal David Levithan didn t quite do it for me with his utopian romance Boy Meets Boy, but I am enad by PINK s skillful and intelligent handling of sexual orientation and identity.Speaking of intelligence, PINK has the type of smartness that will appeal to everyone, regardless of your IQ level Ava and the Screw kids are, without a doubt, nerds specifically of the sci fi geek kind This means that they constantly engage in the most entertaining of conversations regarding the strangest and most obscure topics everywhere There s nothing like using one s excessive brainpower for nerdy humor, and as someone who goes to a nerdy cool college, I adored the banter The Screw kids are weird, but they re cool weird, and best of all, each of the five has his or her own distinct personality.PINK has all of the essentials that I love in a contemporary novel a strong voiced protagonist who is still in the process of growing, wit, full characterization Not to mention some delectable extras the sci fi geek details, musical theatre , a cute boy, and memorable side characters Without a doubt, PINK is going on my favorites shelf, and I eagerly look forward to the next time I reread it, so that I can experience the joy of this wonderfully well written book all over again.

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    2.5 stars It all starts with a pink cashmere sweater That s what Ava wants to wear instead of her usual goth all black attire Because, you see, Ava is a lesbian and a feminist and does not wear pink Or maybe she isn t What is sure is that Ava is in the middle of a crisis, with her girlfriend, with her beliefs, with her sexual orientation By applying to a posh private school, she hopes to get a fresh start and be able to experiment being someone else from whom she is usually expected to be Things don t work out exactly as Ava expected though, and soon enough she is caught in a spiral of lies, betrayals and humiliations which she will have a hard time disentangling herself from Will Ava eventually find her true self There is one specific reason why I thought this book was just above ok but could not completely like it it really, really goes against who I am.I do NOT like parents Ava s who, under a faux intelligentsia liberalism, really mask their snobbish, compartmentalized elitism and constrict their children in this overachieving, supposedly progressive but really just discriminating lifestyle.I do NOT like supposedly emancipated lesbian bitches girlfriends Chloe who want to stand out so much from the flock, that they fall right back into it as a caricature.Most of all I do not like a spineless MC, who not only is close to being devoid of personality actually a natural result of being subjected to the pressure of my two above mentioned dislikes but who is unable to stand up for herself and needs to lie, hurt other people and just be hypocritical for a good part of the book Much less do I like to read about them These were my biggest problems with Pink.Add to that the fact that the school Ava decides to move to is really a joke, populated by these unrealistically clich d students such as Ethan and Alexis OR that I found the turn of events with Alexis and the moviethon fairly unbelievable and you got yourself the explanation for my rating What I did like though was the writing, smooth and effortless, and some of the characters, namely the Screws, who were the most likable and the most believable, in my opinion The dialogues between Ava and Sam were pretty brilliant and I liked Sam quite a lot Actually, part of my enjoyment started when Ava s castle of lies began to miserably crash and, end in end, she got a partial redemption In fact, I quite liked her closing speech But it was way, way too late for me to take back my general annoyance.I don t know if the author made all the characters purposefully so unlikable in order to build a climax and then give us a long agonized happy ending, but if it is so, it was too stretched and too agonized, for me at least.But you know what In retrospect, I should have known it wouldn t work for me When I read the dedication at the beginning of the book to David Levithan and then the author pulls a musical in the plot, I should have suspected.Book, are you Australian Because I really didn t notice.

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    Originally posted here.I ve been neglecting the Aussie YA Challenge the past few months because I still have the rest of the year to finish it and I only need two books But when my good friend Celina offered to let me borrow her copy of Pink by Lili Wilkinson, I decided to go ahead and read it I ve been hearing good things about this book Also, that s one less book for me to buy Thanks again, Celina, for lending your copy Pink is a delightful, contemporary Aussie read It s all about how the main character, Ava, is confused about a lot of things in her life She thinks her girlfriend Chloe is awesome and she feels lucky to be in a relationship but she also wants to explore and discover other things about herself She s tired of always wearing black and trying not to care about school because that s what Chloe wants So she transfers to Billy Hughes so she can wear pink, act all girly and maybe even date a guy Ava just didn t realize that things aren t so simple It s hard to form friendships when she s hiding so much about herself She doesn t even know when she s just pretending and when she s being real I think Pink s storyline is something that most teenagers will be able to relate to I can remember being confused about so many things in my life back when I was that age so I could definitely understand where Ava is coming from As Ava finds out for herself, it takes time for things to fall into place You can t just magically be somebody else even when you transfer schools.As with most novels set in high school, the characters are divided into the popular and unpopular groups in this case, the actors vs the stage crew I ve always liked theater settings in novels because there s so much that happens in preparation for a play or a musical and also because I like watching theater productions in real life The characters get to bond over rehearsals or while building sets I ve said this before and I ll say it again, Aussie YA rocks Why can t Filipino YA be the same P Pink is funny and very easy to read Ava is one smart girl but some of the things that she gets herself into are hilarious I felt embarrassed for her several times But I was always rooting for her, I wanted her to make sense of everything that was confusing in her life Ava makes mistakes along the way but that s part of growing up I think she did the best that she could and that s all that we can ever ask of anyone I recommend this for fans of contemporary fiction and international readers should take advantage of the fact that this has been printed in the US so it s accessible than other Aussie titles I m already looking forward to reading Lili Wilkinson s A Pocketful of Things.

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    There were moments when Ava went I m ashamed of me that I was nodding along because I was ashamed of her too This bright girl was prone to sticking her foot in it and saying the most awkward of things Talk of normal versus common is likely to piss some one off and I m not the exception But I ll be frank, Ava on one hand endearing and on the other positively infuriating Endearing She s unsure of what she wants, what she wants and who she is She s not a hundred percent on what makes her her. And I get that I even respect the fact that she voices these things out, if not to others, then at least to herself There s a moment or two where she says what s on her mind without really thinking things through Sometimes, she says the most brilliant of things, other times not at all I like that she sees herself doing things She sees herself singing, dancing and doing all manner of things I like that she sees possibility in herself I respect her putting herself out there and going about it her way And it s her way that had me laughing and screwing my eyes shut, hoping that what I knew was coming wouldn t happen Because dear me, some of the fixes she found herself were cringe worthy at best, and disastrous at worst Case in point oh gods, her audition How I cringed, I can not tell you Or her sparring with Sam and Jules and the other Screws simultaneously enlightening and hilarious Or her molding herself to be less screwed up and just a little run of the mill And then there s her love of pink Infuriating Yet, a lot of her actions were infuriating too While she d voiced her concerns out early on, some of the thing she did just showed what little regard she had of others for Chloe in particular Yes, Chloe had time and again proven how far from perfect she was, but Ava was far from perfect too As said, she s uncertain, she d not really settled on who she liked and who she was Again, I respect that she d voiced the uncertainty out, but I didn t like the direction she took it Basically there s lying, hiding, pretending, and half truths All surprising, given that she was smart, and had in several moments shown the ability to put herself out there and be independent Were the things that happened funny Yes But still, these same things brought things to a higher level of drama, higher than necessary Yet, despite my complaints, the ending that saved things for me It s another open ending that doesn t put a definitive answer on view spoiler who she is or who she could like hide spoiler

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