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Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) summary Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) , series Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) , book Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) , pdf Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) , Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1) 3fdd046cd8 A Secret Government Unit, A Group Of Renegade Paranormal Investigators And A Murder No One Else Can CrackThough Haunted By The Recent Deaths Of Two Teammates, Jackson Crow Knows That The Living Commit The Most Heinous CrimesA Police Officer Utilizing Her Paranormal Intuition, Angela Hawkins Already Has Her Hands Full Of Mystery And BloodshedBut One Assignment Calls To Them Too Strongly To Resist In A Historic Mansion In New Orleans S French Quarter, A Senator S Wife Falls To Her Death Most Think She Jumped Some Say She Was Pushed And Yet Others Believe She Was Beckoned By The Ghostly Spirits Inhabiting The House Once The Site Of A Serial Killer S Grisly WorkIn This Seemingly Unsolvable Case, Only One Thing Is Certain Whether Supernatural Or All Too Human, Crimes Of Passion Will Cast Jackson And Angela Into Danger Of Losing Their Lives And Their Immortal Souls

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    What I was after was a lighthearted fun paranormal book, an easy book to read when you are in need of something frivolous after some heavy dark books What I got was a book that lacked any depth whatsoever Characters that are not memorable, two main characters that at first doesn t seem to really go along, but end up in bed after a day or two And, then they have some sex during the book just because why the hell not I mean they are working, trying to figure out if a woman was murdered or not, but nevermind that.I m so completely sick and tired of books that make the main characters sleep with each other almost right after they meet Of course, they must have a pretend we are a couple moment before that s not so pretending.In short, this is a stupid book It lacks charm and it lacks an interesting story It s also painfully slow to get through, and I read it is Swedish and I was skimming a hell of a lot of it and still I suffered.I have read a book in this series before and that one was better than this one and since then have I been curious about reading Now I don t have to be curious any I m also pleased that the book didn t cost me a dime.Will I read I do own an eBook in this series, but I will not read it anytime soon

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    Bourbon Street sign note the Mardi Gras beads This is a review of the audiobook I like Jeff Cummings s narration of this one I ve heard him before and have had no major complaints however, I don t think he is quite as creative with the voices this time and his Southern accent is just adequate shrugs He has nice pacing and inflection, but I found myself wondering if he doesn t switch the voices accents of the characters a time or two Being a man with a deep voice, he doesn t do a fabulous job on the female characters, but at least they aren t falsetto I haven t read a HG book in decades and I quite enjoyed this start to the series So much so, I am tempted to jump right into the next in the series There were times I almost gave it five stars, but I believe it needs a bit of tweaking in a few spots, and a bit character development there are some inconsistances , especially of the secondary characters, to get it that high a rating view spoiler Inconsistances in the abilities of ghosts, too hide spoiler

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    This is primarily a romance novel When the two main characters fall into bed within 48 hours of meeting and there are two explicit sex scenes it is easy to see what the focus is on I wish I had realized Mira is an imprint of Harlequin before I bought it.I picked this book up for the paranormal mystery that the blurb promises, in post Katrina New Orleans no less There is upfront an emphasis on the Senator s wife being in a locked and security alarmed house when she supposedly jumps from her balcony committing suicide This newly formed team with varying expertise are assembled and it becomes clear she was pushed, but the security system shows nobody came and disabled the system so it must be the ghosts that haunt the place drove this woman over the balcony Much is made of the security system Yet, when the confrontation with the killer occurs no explanation at all of how the security system was gotten around without some record it is just dropped This book seems quickly written I felt like the team lead would say, in the morning your assignment is but then in the next paragraph say before you go to bed you ll do that There were a few instances of that lack of continuity The paranormal is there along side human manipulation The biggest question is, how much did the Senator know was going on The paranormal had some tense moments and a few good chills But to be honest, I think the story would have been better served to just have romantic tension between the two lead characters and focused on the murder mystery.The team idea has some real potential, but the focus is so on the two leads slipping off for a roll in the hay that the rest of the team doesn t get developed much This team has a lot of potential but I felt the characterization was lacking, even with the two main leads Overall some good paranormal chills, otherwise a lot of missed potential I doubt I will read any in the series.Mysteries and My Musings Blog.

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    2.5 Adam Harrison, an investigator who worked for the government where the government could not act officially , gathered a group of special individuals and formed a team whose task would be to investigate strange cases Angela Hawkins, Whitney Tremont, Jake Mallory, Jenna Duffy and Will Chan are part of that team and he called Jackson Crow to lead them Crow doesn t refuse to believe in supernatural, but he would rather carefully check everything else first Adam knows that Jackson Crow won t rush into accusing the supernatural elements right away only because that would be easier So, the team

    The first woman, at least, was coming from a Virginia police force Whitney Tremont had started out life in the French Quarter she had a Creole background and had recently done the camera work for a paranormal cable television show Jake Mallory musician, but a man who had been heavily involved in searches after the summer of storms, and been called in as well during kidnapping cases and disappearances Then there was Jenna Duffy A registered nurse from Ireland Well, they d be covered in case of any poltergeist attacks And Will Chan the man had worked in theater, and as a magician

    You don t get a lot of info about most of these people except that even with the first book feel to it Most of the attention is on Jackson and Angela, their lives before this case and supernatural things they have experienced Their first case is the death of a senator s wife The pair had lost a child earlier and most people think Regina Halloway had killed herself Since the house has tragic history, there is a lot of talk about ghosts It used to be the killing ground of a Victorian era serial killer who was later hanged The senator pulled some strings and Adam Harrison formed the team to investigate It is actually a great story full of twists.Romance is definitely not the focus of the story and I hope the rest of these books will follow the lead.

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    I knew if I kept giving HG enough changes that eventually I would find one of her books that I liked She writes paranormal with romance and that is a winning combination for me Unfortunately in the past it didn t always work out Really liked Krewe of Hunters and thought Jackson was a good fit He came off as arrogant sometimes, but for an alpha male that isn t all bad I think him and Angela jumped into bed a little quick, but I thought this Krewe was going to span several books, but it looks like that isn t quite how it works The romance part of the book was ok I wasn t really looking for that in here, so I didn t expect much and in fact was pleasantly surprised by what was there There was one part I was reading about the ghosts and my phone went off in my pocket and I almost fell out of chair when I jumped Then I had to laugh at myself The mystery was good and I didn t have all of it figured out and was kind of surprised that it played out like that in the end I will for sure be up for the next book in the series.

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    I wanted to like this book, I truly did It has some great potential a crew of ghost hunters Set in New Orleans But somehow, the author s matter of fact rendering of NOLA makes you feel as though you may as well be reading about Peoria, Illinois Descriptions of scenery and local color are sterile, rather than evocative The story goes too fast to build up an effective feeling of suspense And two of the main characters hop into bed pretty quick, when frankly there was very little believable chemistry How about some Scully and Mulder angst, plz Just, simply, the epitome of meh Oh I will say this One of the characters evoked shades of Remy LeBeau Almost like he served as a model I found myself looking forward to him at first But then he got annoying.

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    4 Stars I enjoyed this introduction into the Krewe Hunter Series it read somewhat as if I should be familiar with some of the background to the storyline which makes me wonder if it is a spinoff of another Heather Graham Series However, I found myself intrigued by the storyline and the characters as they navigate this cross between the paranormal and real world evils The author provides an arresting backdrop for the story in New Orleans with such historical significance and turmoil that adds to the overall building of mystery and suspense I would definitely say there are some creepy moments in the story versus outright scary, which certainly worked for me and my interests I will absolutely continue with the series and look forward to seeing how these characters and the overall story continue to evolve

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    A good story, but certainly not one of Heather s best I ll keep with the series, though, since I really like Heather Graham.Part of my antipathy with this book is that it was set in New Orleans No offense to New Orleans, but I really don t think the town is a tenth of what people say it is And, I get really tired of books set in New Orleans that read like part of it is written by the NO Tourist Board.That being said, I really like the characters in this book She is very good at mixing supernatural themes with mystery and romantic suspense without going overboard.

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    So I saw this in the library under the Hot Picks New for May banner And I picked it up Man am I sorry I did Ok, so the prologue really creeped me out Like that was just plain SCARY And I am not one for the horror genre at all This kind of reminded me a little of The Shining and The Haunting, you know that moviewith Catherine Zeta Jones Yeah, totally cheesy, right So what actually drew me in was the fact that the federal government sets up this investigation team, like an advanced tech savy modern day ghost busters to investigate the New Orleans Senator s wife killing suicide The Senator swears up and down that it s not possible for the wife to have killed herself even though she lost their son just recently and could not get over the death of their child.So I read the prologue while inthe library and was hooked And then it became so cheesy and it kind of felt like a high schooler s imagination and writing style, with exclamation points at the end of every sentence or conversation Also, the whole romance was just kind of thrown in there for the readers I don t know who Graham was trying to appeal to, but it didn t work for me.There was a bit of a twist at the end, but after awhile I was getting tired of the characters And to be honest, I was grateful that she kept identifying the characters as Blake, the bodyguard, because I was not connecting with them in ANY WAY I would have forgotten that Blake was the bodyguard and not the chauffer And also, the dual narrative drove me INSANE It was fine when there were breaks in the middle of the chapters, which were monotonously and unremittingly long, whne you can actually tell the difference of whose head we were looking out of, but in the middle of paragraphs and conversations, floating back and forth between the two, Angela or Jackson Not cool.I do have to say that I am kind of creeped out with the ghost story though That Mad C Whatever did freak me out and I m wanting to watch like cartoons right now, because you know those suction cup shelves you can place in your shower to hold all your soaps and shampoos and whatever Yeah mine just totally fell after I walked by the bathroom after I finished this book and yelled man this sucked Yeah, now I m officially creeped out by ghosts and all their stories, especially now that my cat, who is BLACK by the way, it just staring at the corner in my den where I am.I am spooked so I have to give her credit for that, and I was interested in what happened and how Regina ended up being dead But overall I was curious about the beginning of the house and how Mad C Whatever came to be I wanted to know about those killings and missing people than what was actually going on with the politics and that crazy cult church and Aryans Uhrandom I am no way interested in what happens with the team or Jackson and Angela from here on out so I will NOT be picking up the next one in the series, let alone any other book written by Heather Graham.Whatever Done with the book and now onto much better, better things

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    I really tried to like this book But I just couldn t get into it Basically it s like a very long, slow and boring episode of SCOOBY DOO, without the humor and the Scooby Snacks The Nicest Ghostbusters in the World go to New Orleans, where there s a house full of Evil The head ghost is named Melvin C Neutron, or Milton B Marshmallow, or something He murdered a bunch of little kids with an axe back in the 1870 s And over the years, dozens of people have wandered into the house, slipped on banana peels, and died mysteriously Recently a beautiful Senator s wife, grieving for her child who died fielding a line drive in a heated Wiffle Ball game, met a similar tragic fate Slipped on a banana peel, fell of the balcony, and accidentally impaled herself on her son s Wiffle Ball bat So the Nice Ghostbusters are on the case The main couple in this case are the boss man Ghostbuster, Jackson Crow, and a pretty lady named Angela He s a hunky Native American is there any other kind in these books and she s a blue eyed lady cop with the face of an angel They like each other sooooo much that there s zero tension as to whether they ll get together Even the dumbest Harlequin Presents works better than this You know, she s a super model, and he s a billionaire He thinks she s stuck up and spoiled She thinks he s ruthless and heartless The story always sizzles because the internal conflicts heat up the sexual tension But Angela and Jackson just sort of like each other The tension in this story, such as it is, comes from the scheming and semi supernatural antics of a ridiculous random grab bag of villains living, dead, and in between Talk about the usual suspects We ve got them all Sinister religious cult full of nubile runaway girls serving as sex slaves Check Mean redneck church filled with neo Nazi leg breakers Check Sleazy politicians Beefy dimwit chauffeurs Delusional skank in high heels killing for her horny boss Overall, I d say this novel misses big on a number of levels If you re looking for real Stephen King style horror, tons of blood and guts, hair raising chills, you won t find it If you want a steaming hot love story with tension and sexual fireworks, you won t get that either But if you want to hang out with some really nice ghost busters who know lots of cool night spots in New Orleans, and share great recipes for Jambalaya and Hurricanes, then this might be the book for you

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