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Peter the Great: His Life and World summary Peter the Great: His Life and World, series Peter the Great: His Life and World, book Peter the Great: His Life and World, pdf Peter the Great: His Life and World, Peter the Great: His Life and World 2eb94563e5 Against The Monumental Canvas Of Seventeenth And Eighteenth Century Europe And Russia, Unfolds The Magnificent Story Of Peter The Great, Crowned At The Age Of A Barbarous, Volatile Feudal Tsar With A Taste For Torture A Progressive And Enlightened Reformer Of Government And Science A Statesman Of Vision And Colossal Significance Peter The Great Embodied The Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses Of Russia While Being At The Very Forefront Of Her DevelopmentRobert K Massie Delves Deep Into The Life Of This Captivating Historical Figure, Chronicling The Pivotal Events That Shaped A Boy Into A Legend Including His Incognito Travels In Europe, His Unquenchable Curiosity About Western Ways, His Obsession With The Sea And Establishment Of The Stupendous Russian Navy, His Creation Of An Unbeatable Army, And His Relationships With Those He Loved Most Catherine, His Loving Mistress, Wife, And Successor And Menshikov, The Charming, Unscrupulous Prince Who Rose To Power Through Peter S Friendship Impetuous And Stubborn, Generous And Cruel, A Man Of Enormous Energy And Complexity, Peter The Great Is Brought Fully To Life

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    History is safe in the hands of Robert K Massie as his meticulously researched biography Of Peter the Great, his life and world really is a breathtaking Journey back into the Russia of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century , warts and all Peter The Great was one of the most transformational leaders in European history and while I was familiar with some aspects of his reign I now feel very informed and complete having read this wonderful book This is my third book by Robert K Massie and a great deal of time and attention is needed to invest in one of his books as his attention to detail and research into events and characters is remarkable and this is the reason I took an unusual approach to reading this tomb of a book I decided I would read this over a three month period as it is heavy going with all the Russian names, events, battles, dates and characters to keep track of but I just LOVED every moment spent in the company of this book Having read quite a lot of Books on the rulers of Russia over the years, this is up there with my favourite Nicholas and Alexandra also by Mr Massie The reader gets a no holes barred view back into history as the author delves deep into the life of this intriguing historical figure and his many achievements in Russian history and also his relationships and the cruelty he inflicted I thought the author portrayed his subject in a very balanced way While this is quite a lengthy read it is written in a flowing almost novel like style which is vivid and captures the reader s attention from the very beginning We also learn a great deal from the book about other European leaders such as Charles XII of Sweden which was interesting.I loved the addition of the colour illustrations in the centre of the copy I purchased I am so delighted to have finally added this amazing paperback book to my Russian collection of books and I continue to be fascinated and intrigued by Russian history and look forward to making space on my Real Life Bookshelf for great reads I recommend this book for history lovers who love their books full of facts and dates and who have an interest in European and Russian history.

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    This lengthy biography of Russian Tsar Peter the Great is thoroughly entertaining with all the strengths and weaknesses of a blockbuster No prior knowledge of the period required.Maybe because it is a biography it doesn t give much attention to the extent of the terror and suffering caused by the massive mobilisation and movements of population caused by his military and civil policies Anisimov s book The Reforms of Peter the Great Progress Through Coercion in Russia is great on this even if the title does sum up the argument Nor is there a rich study of his inner circle The oddities of his reign don t get a full mention either as for example visible in the collection in the Kunstkammer in St.Petersburg, although the giant penis that Peter collected from one of his soldiers was removed, allegedly out of a concern for public morality, already in soviet times view spoiler the jars of picked babies with deformities are still there though, along with the sheep with eight legs hide spoiler

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    If you read just one book on Peter the Great, this should be it If you read two books on Peter the Great, let me know how the other one turns out just kidding, there are probably other good books on Peter the Great, but none likely as well written as this one This book succeeds not just because it deals with a fascinating person in a time where the landscape of the world was ever changing, but it succeeds because the author, Robert Massie, is a fantastic and engaging writer Seriously, to make 850 dense pages of Russian history read like a novel, you have to be doing something right, and Massie clearly is so don t be intimidated by the size or weight of the book as it is well worth the read.Massie doesn t just do a terrific job of following the life of Peter the Great, but he paints a detailed picture of late 17th century and early 18th century Russia, he delves in to the intrigue of Europe and the Ottoman Empire with substantial portraits of other leaders such as Charles the XII of Sweden and note to readers, apparently Sweden kicked a lot of ass back then, who knew , The Sun King Louis the XIV, Augustus of Poland, Frederick William of Prussia, and numerous others In fact the bulk of the book focuses on the 20 year Baltic War between Russia and Sweden which lasted for most of Peter the Great s reign and established Russia as a new power in Europe where the role of Charles the XII is as integral to the story as the role of Peter So while this section involves a deep look at Peter the Great, it also spends almost as much time on Charles the XII.Anyway, this is a lively, engaging, and expansive look at Peter the Great who changed the thinking and the standing of an entire country Peter turned an isolated and backward Russia that was an afterthought to most of Europe, in to a world power simply by the drive of his own will He had no role model for what he did which was essentially bringing European culture to Russia and catapulting Russia out of the dark ages Whether it was his desire for a Russian navy which he built from nothing to a formidable power by his demise, and quick spoiler, but Peter does die at the end of the book , to have Russians adopt European dress and standards, or to gain land to push Russia s influence further in the world, Peter never stopped, even if the toll was great the taxation on Russians was immense, not to mention all of the torture, killings, and deaths associated with putting down rebellions, waging war, and building the entire new city of St Petersburg To be honest, the amount of torture and death back then really was overwhelming, heck, Peter even had his own son killed for discussing a rebellion and fleeing Russia rather than choosing to follow in Peter s footsteps.Through all of the uncertainty and limited information, Peter refused to accept defeat and in the end created a new power So if you have a free week or twenty, I highly recommend reading this book as it is well written, informative, and doesn t just provide great insight in to a fascinating historical figure, but provides an expansive look at Europe and its leaders at the beginning of the 18th century.

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    Robert K Massie won my heart with his book about Catherine the Great, so I definitely had to read the one about Peter as well I cannot believe that I postponed it for so long This will be one of the best books I ve read this year Massie writes in a clear and concise manner, spicing up the story with ample details which nonetheless never burden the line of narration The book is perfectly suited both for serious history students as well as those of us who simply enjoy reading history Indeed this huge tome was so well written, compelling, suspenseful and dramatic at certain points, that it reads like a real page turner What I mostly enjoyed in the book was the fact that not only was Peter s portrayal as true and extensive as possible, but also that the author took great care to represent the bigger picture, including extended depictions of many other major and minor players of the era, both in Europe and in Russia We really do get to learn all about Peter s world, from the life of the average Russian peasant to the role of the Holy Roman Empire in European politics Massie has the amazing ability to handle the intertwined paths of European diplomacy with stunning balance and evenhandedness He neither turns his protagonists into saints, nor fails to find the deeper reasons underneath seemingly irrational behaviors The description of Peter s relationship with his son and heir Alexis was blood chilling, and I had to admire the author s decisiveness to not take parts in a very messed up situation Peter has been idealized, condemned, analyzed again and again, and still he remains essentially mysterious One quality which no one disputes however is his phenomenal energy He was a force of nature, and perhaps for this reason no final judgment will ever be delivered And while no final judgment may exist, this exquisite book will be a true treasure for all those who wish to learn about Peter and his world.

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    If you complain about today, you should read about then You were considered a bitch if you ate with a fork, just for starters Men might prefer to live back then cause they inherited a whip from their father in law to whip their spouses when they got out of line The only person I know today that practices this form of discipline is Snoop Dogg You gots to control your ho Peter was great for many reasons The russians in this day were like the geico cavemen of their time Peter was the first ruler to travel amongst Europe and bring some culture back to Russia Peter was highly intelligent and you could compare him to the great Thomas Jefferson Integrating with many countries as Jefferson did with the indians to use as an advantage with networking and pursuing bigger business Nemesis, Charles XII King of Swedes was however the hater towards Peter as they fought and battled for the seas and ports along the black sea Peter brought many great things to his country and he did not try to take over his halfbrothers legacy, eventhough his half sister Sophia was power hungry and made an attempt on his life He was interested in knowledge and bettering himself as he built a powerful navy for Russia By the way, he did tax his people for having a beard, so if you got one, you then must pay me some roubles, noon, or off with your head.

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    Robert Massie s Peter the Great His life and World has been a wonderful book to listen to, for me The book is well researched and offers what is likely an accurate picture of an important figure in the History of Western Civilization Before I get to deep into my romantic vision of what Massie has done here, let me say that this is first and foremost a text of history It is almost 38 hour narrated as an audiobook and covers Peter s life in three segments, his rise to power, wars mostly with Sweden and Charles the 11th and his radical and sweeping reforms of Russian government and monarchy If you are not someone who enjoys history, and understands that history often involves a dizzying number of characters, names, nations and dates then you ll be fine here, this is better than most at getting the story out and keeping the minutia managed It s still a non fiction tome of history I will talk about Massie s wonderful ability to tell Peter s story without fictionalizing soon The only warning with this is this You do not have to be a student of history, an associate professor, or even a avid historical hobbyist to read this It is understandable, complete and detailed enough for anyone to understand Massie s Peter the Great and the world around him It is not a great novel of fictionalized history, or a historical novel so praise of Massie s ability to tell Peter s story should not be confused That makes him a wonderful historian to read He s not the second coming of Tolkien So, why five stars What Massie has done created a wonderful tableau of Peter s life Peter the great was a very complex man He lived in a very difficult time full of war Massie managed to capture the complexity that surrounds the reign of the man who built Russia, but he also captured the essence of what it meant to be a Russian in the time of Peter the Great As Peter rose to prominence, so did Russia As the Czar learned to wield power, so did Russia As the man, Peter, learned to love, so did the people he surrounded himself with In this book are wonderful stories and anecdotes about the events that shaped peter s life Perhaps the most wonderful among these is the love he shared with his third wife Kathrine, who succeeded him as the first Empress of Russia Sophia was regent, and Kathrine the Great was actually the third Empress Cathrine Peter s love was a simple Flemish serving girl who caught Peter s eye and developed into one of the most interesting warm women in history Though it comes near the end of the book, and it is a well known story, I loved the story about how Peter had accused tried and convicted a member of the Russian court of being corrupt Most of his court and his loving wife believed the man to be innocent They begged the Czar to reconsider over and over until, in anger he ordered them to stop and never mention it to him again So, Kathrine, wrote another appeal for the man s pardon and signed it Lissette then fixed the note to the collar of Peter s favorite dog, an Italian Greyhound named, Lisette When Peter came back from the Senate, which was likely a very trying time for him at any point in his life, the dog, as dogs can be, was very excited to see him Greeting the dog, Peter saw the note and picked him up as he read it Then he chuckled and sighed telling the dog Well, since this is the first time you ve asked anything of me, perhaps I should reconsider And the man was pardoned Saved by the grace of miniature greyhound and a cunning and determined wife, whom he loved.Massie also manages to capture the boyish nature of Peter that never left him The educated, genius barbarian savage I suppose you can take the Cossack out of the off of the steps but you can never wash the steps off of the Cossack Why this story has not been turned into an Oscar wining movie about the life of the czar is beyond me Peter is no prize, yet, after all of the stories of war, torture, murder, love, laughter, lots and lots of drinking VODKA , parties that last weeks and explosions, blunders, brutality it becomes impossible to separate the evil wicked side of the Czar who ruthlessly pursued those he thought were plotting against him and dealt with them mercilessly from the tragic figure who struggled between being a tyrant father with an estranged son, and the State which must be preserved And thent here was the good Peter who fought corruption in his government and actually wanted to lift his people from the dark ages into the modern world An example of the complexity one of many facets is how, after many years of war with Sweden and Charles the 11th, when he hears of Charles s death he orders Russia into a state of mourning for a week Another might be how, whenever he could get away with it, he posed as a common laborer or journeyman even placing himself under the command of others at least one of whom called his bluff who enjoyed hard work with his hands It is not a metaphor to say that Peter built the Russian Navy Every chance he got he was at St Petersburg with hammers and tools working I could go on Lets just say, I liked this book It s not for those with a passing interest in history, but you don t have to be an educated scholar to get something from Massie s book Recommended Sorry to rattle on.

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    Can one man raise a country from mud to glory Yes, if its Peter, Tsar of Russia.Can one book capture the complexity of the people, the country and their first truly great leader who dragged the country kicking and screaming into the heart of European geopolitics Yes This is the book One of the best works of narrative history ever This is how history should come alive.

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    It s been many years since I read this book, so I can t be terribly detailed, but I will tell you that this book is what led to my fascination with the Russian Tsars It s beautifully detailed, providing not only the story of Peter the Great himself, but also all the other rulers with whom he interacted The descriptions are beyond parallel When I was reading it, I would think to myself, I can actually smell the city A truly amazing and enthralling book about history.My original edition was an old, used paperback, but it s back in Montana because my dad shamelessly stole it I purchased a new, hardcover edition a few years ago from a bargain bin, so I ll have to re read this amazing book again

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