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Persian Girls explained Persian Girls, review Persian Girls, trailer Persian Girls, box office Persian Girls, analysis Persian Girls, Persian Girls ef33 For Many Years, Heartache Prevented Nahid Rachlin From Turning Her Sharp Novelist S Eye Inward To Tell The Story Of How Her Own Life Diverged From That Of Her Closest Confidante And Beloved Sister, Pari Growing Up In Iran, Both Refused To Accept Traditional Muslim S, And Dreamed Of Careers In Literature And On The Stage Their Lives Changed Abruptly When Pari Was Coerced By Their Father Into Marrying A Wealthy And Cruel Suitor Nahid Narrowly Avoided A Similar Fate, And Instead Negotiated With Him To Pursue Her Studies In America When Nahid Received The Unsettling And Mysterious News That Pari Had Died After Falling Down A Flight Of Stairs, She Traveled Back To Iran Now Under The Islamic Regime To Find Out What Happened To Her Truest Friend, Confront Her Past, And Evaluate What The Future Holds For The Heartbroken In A Tale Of Crushing Sorrow, Sisterhood, And Ultimately, Hope

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Persian Girls
  • Nahid Rachlin
  • English
  • 19 September 2019
  • 9781585425204

About the Author: Nahid Rachlin

Nahid Rachlin went to Columbia University Writing Program on a Doubleday Columbia Fellowship and then went on to Stanford University MFA program on a Stegner Fellowship Her publications include a memoir, PERSIAN GIRLS Penguin , four novels, JUMPING OVER FIRE City Lights , FOREIGNER W.W Norton , MARRIED TO A STRANGER E.P.Dutton Penguin , THE HEART S DESIRE City Lights , and a collection of short stories, VEILS City Lights CROWD OF SORROWS, Kindle Singles She published a short story collection, A Way Home in November 2018.You can listen to my reading of three flash fiction stories at

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    A really excellent book right till the end and the very last sentence, which might in other books of the same nature be the very first, overwhelmed me and left my eyes hot with tears.If you don t know much about the Shah of Iran, the popular movement that spawned the revolution that brought the Ayatollah to power and turned a modern state into a fundamentalist Muslim country, you will after reading this book But not from a political point of view as much as one that details the differences in the way of life, especially for women, who, in one stroke, went from lipstick and high heels, to hijab, from career women to scarcely having any rights And from enlightened relationships to the legalised prostitution of them called temporary marriage It s no history lesson, it s the experiences of Nahid Rachlin and that is equally valuable rather than the names, dates and political acts it will give you the understanding of events and their consequences for ordinary people.The contrast between her and her brothers lives in the US and that of those who remained in Iran is striking But the US is not necessarily a welcoming place for those who would live there, even temporarily, if they don t fit in to some exceedingly narrow parameters And just as much as Iran, Americans can be whipped up as a herd into political actions they barely understand and then visit those actions on individuals rather than the governments responsible Personal freedom is something the US takes for granted, and something every regime in Iran finds appalling, so the author chose to make her life in America and was therefore free to write and publish this book Rewritten entirely 13 March 2013

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