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    Fluke steps up the series with Peach Cobbler Murder by focusing on core characters, tying up some loose ends from previous books, showing the power of strong and close relationships and setting what is hopefully the final competition between Mike and Norman for Hannah s heart.The recipes sound delicious but may be getting to be too strong of a theme in each book and are integrating into the story closely Between these books and The Great British Baking Show, I am constantly surrounded by desserts lately Definitely a standout in the series so far About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    A lock is only as good as the door Meet again Hanna Swensen a thirty something single woman who owns a cookie shop and has the infuriating habit of finding bodies like they were pennies This time, she really has the best intentions when, being a friendly neighbour towards the owner of the rival bakery on the other side of the road who threatens to steal not only her business, but also her man one of them, anyway she decides to enter her shop in the middle of the night only to find her you guessed it dead The investigation starts and you guessed it she finds a way to be involved in it yet again Hanna, I love you but seriously, if I lived in your town I would avoid you like the plague If anything, you are very bad luck Or maybe, just maybe, I will avoid you because you are literally the worst human being ever Now s the perfect time to hit him with questions Hannah s inner voice prompted Opportunity had knocked While Mike was at lot ebb, feeling sad about Shawna Lee s death, she could probe him about the murder investigation On the other hand, was it fair to take advantage of a man s grief Hannah thought about it for a moment Mmm ahem, sweetie, no it isn t The same as it isn t fair to make fun of your mother who is crying in pain just because you don t like her boyfriend, taking advantage of someone who s going to prison by blackmailing the person into selling stuff at a ridiculous price, dating two men at the same time, gossiping about everything and everyone and so on but hey, you do your thing as long as you catch the killer, because the end justifies the means right Also, the real mystery in this book is not who did the deed, the real mystery is where is Andrea s baby I mean, she literally just had a baby and she talks about her like one time and we don t see her for the entire book while the mommy goes around snooping I mean, if she is half as bad as as Hannah as a person that poor baby s future is not so bright

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    This review contains complaining You ve be fairly warned.Here s the one thing that drives me absolutely bananas about Joanne Fluke s cookie baking Minnesotan heroine Hannah Swensen She nitpicks about other people s grammar during conversations I know that Hannah s background is of a potential MA in English before her dad dies and she goes home to Lake Eden to open her cookie business, but enough is enough I m a book editor and I am paid to fix bad grammar, but I don t get distracted by inner dialogue with myself when someone puts a preposition at the end of a sentence or mangles the objective case when I am talking to them Hannah bakes cookies and solves murders, and this is why I keep going back for Informal spoken English is a lot different than formal written English, and it is the spoken language that will inform the written language over time as both forms of language develop So your sister bobbles the subjunctive SUCK IT UP AND DEAL Most people do bobble the subjunctive or occasionally misuse the objective case You are a baker, Hannah Let it go When I am trying to unwind at the end of the day and put everyone else s bad grammar behind me, I don t need you grammarsnarking on your family members CUT IT OUT Phew I m so glad I got that off my chest.

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    This book irritated me so much when I read it several years ago that I had wiped from my memory It wasn t until I looked through my bookshelves that I realized I had forgotten to add it Peach Cobbler Murder is my first from the Hannah Swensen series, and very likely my last Usually I would give the earlier books a chance when I realize that I had picked up a later book in the series by mistake, but not here if the 7th book was so hard to bear, what would the 1st be like, when the writing and characterization is potentially weaker My sole reason for reading this book was because I was tickled that Hannah and I shared the same name Even with nonexistent expectations, I found myself disappointed with everything from the characters to the story.Hannah Swensen is one of the most unlikeable protagonists I ve ever had the misfortune to read about She s hypocritical, stuffy and doesn t seem to have a single ounce of common sense I find it impossible to believe she s in her 30s her attitude reminds me of conservative old ladies from the previous generation, and my own grandmother is probably technologically advanced and forward thinking than Hannah is All Hannah does is whine, whine, whine She seems to believe that the world rotates with her at its center If she s not complaining about Shawna being an evil, scheming cow God forbid she consider that the woman s also doing intelligent business , she s getting angry at Mike for not rebuffing Shawna As a first time reader of this series, what shocked me most was the way she was dangling both Mike and Norman I mean, for all her practically Victorian morals, Hannah doesn t think anything of two timing I barely remember the actual murder mystery element, because 90% of the book was taken up with Hannah s self absorption It definitely wasn t very interesting or well plotted I honestly didn t even care who did it All I wanted was to get away from Hannah s dreary character.Prior to chatting with fellow readers and reading other reviews, I had considered moving onto the next book just to see whether the extremely frustrating love triangle was resolved But by all accounts, it continues to drag on for the next 7 books, and reading another 7 books filled with our extremely unlikeable heroine with her two cardboard cutout beaus would take superhuman courage I m going to admit to cowardice, so this is me washing my hands of this series.

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    For the most part these books are light, enjoyable reads but I m really starting to get frustrated with the main character, Hannah The love triangle with Hannah Norman Mike that has been going on for a year and 7 books now is really starting to become irritating The fact that Norman and Mike get along so well, while both dating the same girl just isn t believable any Not to mention the fact that Hannah freaks out every time Norman or Mike even glance at other women, yet here she is dating two men at the same time Hypocrite much Hannah being oh so perfect is also starting to get annoying When she s not spouting off facts about random things or correcting other people s grammar, she s baking her perfect cookies and solving crimes because she s smarter than the police It s just starting to get a bit ridiculous at this point.The mystery murder in this case was predictable too It started out really good, with another bakery opening up across the street from Hannah s, thus resulting in competition over customers but it went downhill pretty quickly due to Hannah I just found her really hard to bear in this book and I hear it only gets worse in the next installment when Hannah adds yet another man into the mix.

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    I think I m done with this series for good Hannah is the most condescending and unlikeable heroine I can think of To start off, the murder was so formulaic and the murderer was obvious from before the book even started Hannah s mother is dating a man who Hannah has a bad feeling about As soon as I read that I knew it wouldn t be long before he either committed murder or was murdered himself Also, Hannah is just too unlikeable of a character for me to care about what happens to her In this book she thinks that Mike is cheating on her and she is furious And all her friends and family members agree that Mike is a no good cheater who deserves to be strung up and quartered And yet no one mentioned that Hannah is dating Norman as well as Mike She is so hypocritical I wanted to reach into the book and strangle her Or at the very least knock some sense into her over large head Joanne Fluke is clearly using Hannah as a type of wish fulfillment Hannah isn t pretty but two desirable men are going gaga over her to the point that they each swear their love for her and propose She s a successful business woman despite never having finished college and an expert chef despite never having gone to cooking school I know that both of those things are possible but it still irks me She s smarter than everyone in town including the entire police force but still hasn t figured out that she probably shouldn t meet suspicious characters alone because they will try to kill her Also, I ve worked in bakeries before and I assure you that the way Shawna Lee and her sister run their bakery is way realistic than the way the cookie jar is run There are only two employees at the cookie jar and yet they manage to bake an entire inventory of products every day, take specialty orders, manage the customers and never sell day old cookies I assure you that if a real bakery was run that way it d be closed in less than six months.

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    This is the fourth or fifth book in this series I ve read, but I don t think I ll read another I ve never come across a annoying main character She has been stringing two guys along for well over a year, yet gets angry when one of them spends time with another woman One of the guys arranges to have the heater in her truck fixed for her and she is busy trying not to get angry about it She comes across as so superior to everyone around her and apparently the local police department are so inept they cannot solve a murder without her to tell them how Just tired of the whole business

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    Hannah Swensen is superwoman in an apron What an ending Wow I did not see that coming This book was a great read Had it figured out about two thirds of the way through still a great read These books get better and better as I read them Hannah still needs to become a cop, I swear she could run Lake Eden and The Cookie Jar at the same time.

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    First of all, I m relieved to find this is a full novel as opposed to the previous book, where the recipes account for roughly 30 percent of the book This book picks up nicely where we left off in the previous book the advent of a competitor for Hannah not only in the romantic department but in the business department was the least expected, but it added a lot of intrigues to the story in my eyes Although I got the feeling the family drama part kept growing longer and longer with each installment and somewhat outshining the mystery element, this book is still such a delight to read, with so many things happening and so many elements rolled into one The love triangle, the jealously, the quandary that challenges Hannah in terms of her business it was a tad slow paced, but the mystery is well composed and the newly added characters worked really well with this book, keeping the readers in suspense until the very close to the end Not to mention the witty writing which I adore so much I simply love the humor sprinkled throughout this book This book does have romantic element, but it s not too sugary nor ghastly saccharine I bet Hannah s character arc plays a huge role in this Pretty delectable I totally enjoyed that What I particularly like about this book is the mother and daughter time that Delores and Hannah had in the end Delores s dejection was heartfelt and Hannah is doing her best to comfort her, trying to be gentle with her and it had a good vibe throughout I was glad that Hannah and Delores got bonded a bit better in this book The ending, the wrap up felt a bit too long for me as a matter of fact, and the twist that arrives in the very end is surprising for sure, yet felt a teeny bit hasty and too contrived I can t deny it s a great surprise factor though As this book ends with a huge twist which I wasn t particularly expecting, I might as well pick up the next book which I conveniently have right here on my shelf and see what happens next

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    I love and hate these books I hate the love triangle but love Lake Eden I think of quitting the series but I am about to buy the next Hannah and I have such a dysfunctional relationship.

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