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Past the Shallows chapter 1 Past the Shallows , meaning Past the Shallows , genre Past the Shallows , book cover Past the Shallows , flies Past the Shallows , Past the Shallows dce782dfd3efa Brothers Joe, Harry And Miles Live With Their Father, An Abalone Fisherman, On The South East Coast Of Tasmania Everyday Their Dad Battles The Unpredictable Ocean To Make A Living He Is A Hard Man, A Bitter Drinker Who Harbours A Devastating Secret That Is Destroying Him Unlike Joe, Harry And Miles Are Too Young To Leave Home And So Are Forced To Live Under The Dark Cloud Of Their Father S Mood, Trying To Stay As Invisible As Possible Whenever He Is Home Harry, The Youngest, Is The Most Vulnerable And It Seems He Bears The Brunt Of His Father S Anger

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    Such a sad, sad story The ending made me reach for the tissues The author writes beautifully with a very evocative style I have never been surfing but her descriptions of Miles when he is waiting for the next wave are so real I felt as though I had been there too Harry is a wonderful little character and I was so glad when he had some happy moments His relationship with George was lovely although I still do not really understand who George was I think maybe he was there just as a red herring.This is a very readable story, short and sad but memorable.

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    Parrett s debut novel concerns the three sons of a violent, embittered Tasmanian fisherman with a dark secret It is a spare, lyrical, almost mythic piece The boys lost their mother some years back in a car crash which two of the boys, Miles now 13, and Harry 8, survived These two now live with their father in a run down house on the rocky, harsh, and remote southern coast of Tasmania The eldest son, Joe 19, escaped to live with his maternal grandfather some years previous, after his arm was badly broken by his father in one of his characteristic rages As the novel opens, the boys grandfather has recently died, their aunt is set to sell the house and land, and Joe, who has worked on building his own boat, intends to escape the place for good Miles has been pulled from school to man THE IDA, his father s fishing boat, as his father and other men dive, often illegally in protected waters, for abalone Harry is regularly left alone on shore and spends his days wandering On one of his walks, he encounters a dog that belongs to George, a kindly hermit, disfigured by a cleft palate and burns from a fire that killed his family in his youth George befriends Harry, and the two youngest boys seek refuge with the old man when their drunken father attacks them one evening However, their father s mad fury must play itself out, and Miles and Harry must bear witness to it out on the wild sea.PAST THE SHALLOWS is a bleakly beautiful, elemental work that demands slow, mindful, and patient reading It is a story of secrets and survival For those willing to put in the effort, it is well worth it.

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    Favel Parrett s debut novel is a sweetly sad tale of three brothers and their violent, explosive father, an abalone diver in Tasmania After losing their mother some years before, the boys live a marginal existence with no regular food in the house and never knowing when their father will lash out But they have each other to provide strong bonds of caring and affection Joe the eldest moved out to live with his grandfather after a violent episode with his father and is now planning to leave Miles, the middle son has to go out and work on his Dad s boat during the summer school holidays and knows this is his future, one he doesn t want He keeps an eye out for Harry, the youngest, still wide eyed and trusting and tries to protect him from his father s drunken bouts Written in beautifully evocative prose, Parrett recreates the sights and sounds of the Tasmanian bush and rugged coastline The sea is sometimes predictable, as when Joe and Miles are surfing but can rapidly become wild and unforgiving to those who venture out into a storm A powerful story of brotherly bonds and the innocence of youth in the face of an abusive parent Out past the shallows, past the sandy bottomed bays, comes the dark water black and cold and roaring Rolling out an invisible path, a new line for them to follow To somewhere warm To somewhere new

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    I was attracted to this book because of the setting, Tasmania, where my future daughter is at this time The writing is very spare, but this is done to great effect Three boys, trying to get over a horrible tragedy, two who are the mercy of a drunken, abusive father The third, older had been building a boat for years and is now ready to get away.Abalone fishing is a way of life there and the scenes on the water are harrowing There is a wonderful old neighbor named George, who offers the boys shelter and companionship without asking many questions He is a great character Not an easy book to read, heartbreaking but a story about secrets, brotherhood and hopefully a second chance for some.

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    A small precious gem of a book, Past the Shallows is a remarkable achievement for a first time author I was deeply moved by this story of brothers struggling to survive a truly ghastly domestic situation in an isolated location on Tasmania s south east coast More novella than full length book, the prose is spare, beautifully crafted and conveys great meaning with an economy of words.The main characters are the Curran brothers, Miles and Harry and, to a lesser extent, their older sibling Joe With their mother having died some years earlier in a car crash, the boys eke out a wretched existence, subjected to emotional abuse and physical neglect at the hands of their alcoholic father An abalone fisherman, Dad battles inner demons as he struggles to keep his business afloat Literally The crew of his clapped out boat are put to work in all weathers, and endure great dangers as they go to sea each day to catch the prized shellfish Miles is hugely resentful of Dad s demands, being a typical teenager who just wants to sleep, surf and laze about He bears an additional burden, as a conscientious warden of his kid brother s safety Although it is not stated specifically, it is clear that Harry is somewhere on the autism spectrum The depiction of Harry is beautifully written by Favel Parrett At turns he is charming, funny, dreamy and challenging, and altogether too difficult for his selfish father and aunt to handle with compassion The narrative point of view switches between Harry and Miles, as both brothers experiences intertwine to drive the story forward The reader gets to see the world through Harry s unique perspective, and his gentle character made him most endearing to me I felt equally connected to Miles, who bears the brunt of his father s cruelty There are lots of dark secrets within the Curran family, and these gradually come to light as the story progresses My heart was in my mouth for the fate of the two boys as the novel reached its stormy climax For such a small, modest book, it certainly had a big impact on me I think one of its greatest strengths is its brevity Parrett s elegant prose takes the reader straight to the issues at the heart of this dysfunctional family I was hugely invested in the plight of Harry and Miles, and was deeply affected by what happened to them This novel is a shining example of the principle that Less is More 5 s

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    3.5 stars Much thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and author for the advanced copy to reviewAs some adults later do, sometimes I wish that my parents would have done something different or I feel deprived in some way That is, until I read books on children with abusive and bitter parents that could care less if they existed or not Once I read them, I think, you should be kissing your parents feet or why am I such an ungrateful little runt This is the case with Past the Shallows This story is told by two brothers, Harry and Miles Harry is the baby of the family and is still innocent and uneffected Miles is older and a bit weary and is in the process of becoming resentful of the man that they call their father Unfortunately for these two brothers, their mother is dead and the man who cares for them basically doesn t want them There is a third brother, but he doesn t make enough of an appearance to know much about, just that he left once the abuse toward him had hit its peak.This book was well written and dark, dark, dark I think that the only happy moments in the book are when Harry finds twenty bucks and when he befriends a dog I think this is an important forewarning before diving into this one There is true symbolism to be found if you are looking for it All in all, it s a great read if you are prepared for it.

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    I picked this up at the library yesterday and could not put it down.It is an emotional story and sad At one point I noticed I was holding my breath while I was reading I felt myself getting attached to the characters and wanted to be there for them I ended up crying at the end This book will stay with me for awhile Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

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    My favourite book of 2011, and after re reading it this year it still holds up as one of my all time favourite reads.From the first page, Favel Parrett sets up a tragedy that cannot be out run or ignored There is a keen sense of something terrible just around the corner for the three brothers of this book.Parrett captures the 1980s feel of Australia, from the show bags to the sense of everyday There is also a very real sense of cold which comes from the book being set in the inhospitable southern coast of Tasmania, but intensely because the boys are living in such impoverished conditions They don t have access to regular food, they don t have heat, they don t have proper clothes Their lives are miserable.But there lies the beauty.Although their lives are horrible from our perspective, Miles and Harry never really acknowledge it Harry, the youngest brother, finds beauty and magic in the everyday He is happy to wander the countryside while his deadbeat dad is out fishing and his brothers are surfing.It s that innocent, wandering Harry that draws the reader in and that s Parrett s plan, I d wager But for me I associated with Miles, the middle child His older brother has escaped his brutal father, but Miles is now the eldest in the house and after an incredible scene with a flying shark Miles is forced to abandon school and take up a fishing life Miles knows it s his death warrant, that if he becomes a fisherman like his father, then the rest of his life is going to be absolute crap.I recommend this book to everyone.i won t say any about it, except that I read this straight through both times and when I found myself finishing the last few pages it was close to 3am I couldn t stop, even though every page was breaking my heart I ended up taking a long hot shower and really crying my guts out at 3am Disclaimer I m not a complete baby, but the story really got to me I ve got three kids and because of Parrett s magic I couldn t help but put my kids in the positions of the boys in this book It s a book about tragedy, but you get that sense from the very beginning Like I said earlier, this is my favourite book from last year and seriously one of the best books I ve EVER read.

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    This debut novel by Favel Parrett has a lot of high recommendations attached to it, and it s one I ve wanted to read for awhile I am so glad I did, it was a wonderful story, very sad, very confronting, but definitely worth reading.Harry, Miles and Joe are 3 children who lost their mother to a dreadful car accident a few years earlier, and the two younger boys have since lived with their moody and unpredictable father on the remote south coast of Tasmania Joe moved out at 13 after a bitter and violent argument with his father, and went to live with his Grandad Miles did his best to look after Harry, and shield him from their father s warped bitterness, but he couldn t be there all the time.When one of the hands on the boat used for abalone fishing is badly injured, Miles has to take his place, and Harry stays home alone a lot of the time He wanders through the day, hunting for treasures, and when he finds Jake, an adorable little kelpie pup, he has a playmate at last Jake is owned by George, and Harry befriends the two of them, and knows some of the happiest days of his life while in their company One day, though, things go terribly wrong, there is a dreadful accident and nothing is the same again Past the Shallows is a hauntingly beautiful story about the bond of brotherhood and the fragility of youth I would recommend this new Australian author to everyone

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    Past The Shallows is the first novel by award winning Australian author, Favel Parrett Since his Mum died in a car accident, Harry Curren, now almost nine years old, lives with his Dad and his older brother, Miles, on coastal southern Tasmania Joe s old enough to live on his own in Grandad s house It s school holidays, and Harry would like to spend time with his brothers, even wander the beach when they go for a surf, but after Uncle Nick drowned, Dad makes Miles go on the boat with him and Jeff and Martin, not something Miles enjoys Living with Dad is no picnic his moods are unpredictable, and when he s angry, Steven Curren can be violent, so the boys try to tread lightly There s Aunty Jean who does stuff for them, but she s nothing like her sister And Harry s best friend Stuart, but he s not always at the caravan One day, though, he follows a friendly little kelpie through the bush to a shack, before realising that s where George Fuller lives Everyone stays away from George, Harry s not sure why.Parrett gives the reader a story that s spare on detail, but the shocking truth of what happened back then is gradually revealed Her descriptive prose is beautiful, in particular her renderings of the sea and surfing The comparisons with Tim Winton s work are certainly valid The relationship between the three brothers is heartening and Harry is impossible not to love, to care about, to feel for Moving and heart breaking, this is an amazing debut novel.

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