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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I m pretty sure that I ve said this several times already, but just in case you missed it Pale Demon is my FAVORITE book in this series.Things have been building, and Rachel s life has been getting complicated, but by the end of the last book, it looks like she s finally going to catch a break.Oliver, the new head of the coven of moral and ethical standards, has verbally agreed to remove Rachel s shunning at the upcoming Witch Convention, as long as she shows up to said convention and apologizes publicly for her use of black magic.So that s the plan BUT As much as I needed to do this, I was so o o o not looking forward to it I mean, I d been accused of being a black witch of doing black magic and consorting with demons, both of which I did Do Whatever So yeah life is still complicated, and Rachel being Rachel is going to have a hard time apologizing for something that she, 1 is still doing, and 2 is seeing as less and less of a problem She doesn t deliberately try to make things as difficult for herself as she can, but she does have a certain knack for it, doesn t she And that s not all, b c we soon find out that the coven of moral and ethical standards CoMaES is a bit slippery than anticipated Rachel actually has to get to the convention for the shunning to be removed, you see, and it s evident that the CoMaES is going to try to prevent that when Rachel is kept from boarding her flight to CA where the convention is being held NOT nice.But not entirely unexpected as Ivy and Jenks took the liberty of packing Rachel s suitcases with old magazines, and repacking her things in different bags, so that when the airport lost her luggage, it wouldn t be a problem.Did I mention that Trent is trying to catch a ride with Rachel to the West Coast I didn t Hmmm that s odd.TRENT is trying to CATCH A RIDE with RACHEL to the WEST COAST.That s like DAYS in a car with Trent Trent the sexy elf Trent whom I love to hate DAYS With TRENT.And, of course, she says, NO, b c Rachel, but, of course, she changes her mind b c Rachel Why does Trent need to catch a ride with Rachel to the West Coast you ask, and that is an excellent question It is, perhaps, the most excellent question I have goaded you into asking thus far And when I tell you to READ THE BOOK, I mean it in this situation than any other time I ve told you to READ THE BOOK.Trust me You NEED to know N E E D.I can tell you that the Withons Ellasbeth s parents, and presumably Ellasbeth, herself are doing everything in their power to prevent Trent from getting to the West Coast, including, but not limited to, sending ASSASSINS.So that s fun.I m reluctant to say much about the biggest problem they encounter on the road, b c it first appears well after the 10% point, which is where my cut off is for mentioning specifics, but suffice it to say, that there is a BIG problem A problem so BIG that it s probably not possible to resolve it entirely in a single installment.And then there s the Big Deal The thing that makes Pale Demon my favorite book in the series The thing that makes me go back and read an entire passage over and over and over again Yes, the plot is awesome, and yes, there is awesome character development especially where Al, Rachel, and Trent are concerned but those things alone are not what push this installment into the 5 star zone.If you re even remotely interested in this series if you ve let yourself fall behind, and tell yourself that you ll finish the series eventually, if you are either of those things, this is the book that makes it all worthwhile, and you are doing yourself a MAJOR disservice by not catching up and reading it It s frickin awesome It s on the same level as Kate Daniels 3 in its epic amazingness.Hopefully, you re convinced, but if you re not well, you can lead a horse to water, blah blah, and all that That is all runs off to read that entire passage one time My other reviews for this series Dead Witch Walking The Hollows 1 The Good, the Bad, and the Undead The Hollows 2 Every Which Way But Dead The Hollows 3 A Fistful of Charms The Hollows 4 For a Few Demons More The Hollows 5 The Outlaw Demon Wails The Hollows 6 White Witch, Black Curse The Hollows 7 Black Magic Sanction The Hollows 8 The Undead Pool The Hollows 12 Into the Woods Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

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    As only Jenks would say Sweet mother of Tink That book is the epitome of superawesomesaucy The last book had left me somewhat disappointed but this one totally revived all the trill and excitement most of the other books had managed to instill in me This was unlike any other book The entire vibe it gave off The rich plot Ugh, absolutely amazing In case you didn t know, in this one they go on a road trip, Jenks, Ivy, Rachel and and and and Trent Man, I love Trent, he s incredible and after this book he became my favorite There s no need to say that during the road trip lots of things go awry but that doesn t stop them from reaching their destination, going to hell and back, losing some fingers and , and .So let me think what else was new Hmm, witches, lots of witches, demons, some new and some old, Vegas, burning down a place, an unexpected kiss Should I spoil it further for you No kidding though, if you think that these are spoilers, go ahead and cuss at me but you know nothing.This series even after so many books, never stops surprising me in a very good way Endless action, combined with lots of snarky comments from sassy, amazing characters And also the fact that Harrison has taken character development to a whole new level The change in every character, even secondary ones, it is palpable Tink s red thong, that was awesome I can only just keep expecting to be surprised and keep loving this series until it s very end It just 4 books sigh

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    Come on Rachel Trent Lovin fingersXtoesXcrossed 4.5 starsSo now that I have read the book I will say I am super excited about any future books to come This was one of the best books in the series by far The beginning car trip was a bit of a snore but quickly progressed in to an action packed, emotionally charged story rife with reveals that were hopefully meant to stir up the future of this series So many things happened that could change the direction of almost all the charactersits making me crazy right now just thinking about it Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, Trent, Bis, Al, Newt, Pierceeven Vivian and Belle, my opinion feels, have a nicely hinted at storyline as well.I hate giving spoiler reviews so I cannot really say much else, but I will admit I was determined to drop this series like a hot potato if it didn t improve However, my love for this series has been renewed, like a fully charged battery I want Preferably with Rachel Trent, but I won t be too greedy just yet.One quick personal opinion that has spoilery bits about a certain love life view spoiler I truly hope the author has been misleading us in blogs and in answering questions about the future of Rachel s love life Her and Trent really bonded in such a way that if they don t progress past trusting friends, it will feel as though it was all for nothing I mean, that kiss alone Whew fans self with industrial sized fan hide spoiler

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    wow oh wow.i finished it And it Blew My Mind Harrison s been saying that this is her favourite one so far and I so get why Pale Demon pretty much starts out with a road trip At this point, there s not much going on, but it quickly turns into action packed fun The trip goes on for about half of the book Who knew a long drive could be so fun definitely not me They get attacked and find a day walking demon A day walking demon You don t think it s enough Fine There s heaaaaaaaps Plus there was Las Vegas Yes, they went to Las Vegas.I luuuuuuuuuuurved this book Al was in it Trent was in it Enough said DThere was Jenks, Ivy, of course Rachel, Pierce, Newt, Belle, Vivian, Bis and the list goes on Pale Demon hits the magic, romance, humour, action and the fun that is a given in Harrison s Hollows series For those such as moi who like their Trent and Al scenes, never fear There s lots of them There s heaps of character development when it comes to those two I knew it was in them but Rachel was definitely surprised I guess i paid attention to them than she did.Anywho s I am definitely gunning for the next book I want my hands on it now Alas, i must wait, just as I had to wait for Pale Demon and was driven to near insanity for it Totally worth it.I must say though that I can not believe it ended like that Damn I didn t even notice that i d almost finished it and then i turn the page Grrr I m sure it s not that bad Ends pretty much exactly how Harrison ends all her other Hollows series books, but this one just got to me Not a cliffhanger or anything so although not all the loose ends have been tied up yet, there s no strand just blowing in the wind Good for me If she had ended this in a cliffhanger view spoiler Trent baby Al my lovely You both made out with Rachel I knew it would happen eventually but both in the same book whew And i liked so yum Harrison really did kill me when she ended it the way she did The sad thing is, I m not even talking about the whole silver bracelet thing, decide your fate I m talking about letting Trent leave I wanted to hear what he had to say Rachel dammit Why did you let him leave And i didn t get to see Al again pout I want her to go back to the Ever After and see Al again I liked that he started beating everyone when he thought she was dead How weird is that mmmmm they need to be in the next book or i am going to go mad hide spoiler

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    Well, I ve Got a New Favorite Harrison s better than ever About two years ago, Ms Harrison teased her blog followers about an upcoming book involving Rachel, Trent, and Jenks on a road trip out west Fast forward to now, as Book 9 has finally been released If you follow Ms Harrison, you know that she touts this particular book as her favorite of the series As a fan since 2005, I can say it s without a doubt my new favorite as well It took six books, but Book 3 has finally been overtaken We have Rachel and Jenks heading out west for what she tries to convince herself will be a pardon with the Coven of Moral and Ethical Standards for using black magic Oh yeah, and she has her brother s wedding to attend too Trent Kalamack also needs to get to the west coast, though it s for personal reasons He s keeping mum on the details however, he will accompany Rachel to her pardon like her trial as far as he is concerned in an attempt to vouch for her Rachel is banned from flying commercially and Trent is limited to travelling by land Neither can get out west without the other If Trent doesn t make his deadline, he ll miss out on the most important opportunity to help his race If Rachel loses, she says hello to Big Al and the Ever After FORever after Joined later by Ivy, Pierce, a surprise Coven member, and a few assassins trying to stop either Trent or Rachel in their tracks, we end up with an American Inderlander Road Tripfrom Hell Aside from the banter amongst themselves, they later run into a new demon, a Pale Demon, who can walk in the sun and must eat living souls to sustain himself He s so dangerous that even the demons sealed him away, but upon his unexpected release, he causes plenty of ruckus on both sides of the lines in ways than one, proving to be a bit too much to handle for our favorite witch demoness.Character development, magic, action, comedy, drama, romance these elements have been what keeps the storyline going and makes it so special for fans of this series Harrison hits all of that in her writing She addresses several particular issues when it comes to Rachel s relationships, as well as the relationships between the people around her While not trying to spoil much here feel free to skip this paragraph if you re worried , you re certainly strapped in for a roller coaster ride in terms of Rachel s love life If you thought it was crazy before, you re in for it now While I ve been a card carrying Trent and Rachel supporter since Book 1, there s attention given to her relationships with him, Pierce, Ivy, and Al too I doubt that s too surprising for those who have read the previous books though It s just all quite complicated and I have a hard time imagining how Kim plans to iron out everything Like any fan, of course I have certain hopes Relationship dynamics evolve as much as the characters, and I think it is for the better Everyone in one way or another is growing in this book, even the demons New and important characters are introduced as well You find yourself surprised as you sympathize and even start to like particular characters that you may not have cared for in the beginning Harrison does well with fleshing out their personalities, revealing them to be complex than they seem Throughout this book the lines of black and white aren t so clear any, though certain characters do finally pay some consequences for their actions People and I mean species in general are who they are, but the issue of nature vs nurture is still there Acceptance is a major theme this this time around, along with trust and vulnerability We see Rachel making smarter choices and tapping into her demonic nature She and Trent have to learn to work together and trust one another If you re a Trent fan, he s here in spades and you ll never tire of him You can see a mile away any opportunity when Rachel will ogle him, which is all in good fun of course New questions arise for the demons and the Ever After Jenks evolves too, and he s still some of the best comic relief throughout the book You ll love him per usual, if not a little We get Ivy focus with the good old fashioned teamwork that we loved from the beginning of the series, and light is shone on her relationship with Rachel Al fans should really enjoy this book as well because we learn a few new things about him as he helps Rachel harness her demonic powers Even Newt s character improves immensely You can read it yourself to learn why I am not the biggest fan of Pierce, but he is slightly bearable this time around too, and that s saying something I found his presence in Black Magic Sanction absolutely smothering, almost ruining my enjoyment of that book Overall, I thought the book was pretty solid, but some instances were a little too convenient MINOR SPOILERS Like in terms of Trent s quest Realistically, why what he was after wasn t being monitored 24 7 until his deadline passed was beyond me That needed explanation.I also wonder why Harrison doesn t exploit elven super speed a little considering they can travel really fast from one spot to another END MINOR SPOILERS I read it in 2 evenings However, I was breezing along until the last third, where all of a sudden it came to a screeching halt It couldn t have been helped, but gears switched a little too suddenly and I had a hard time wanting to follow it It wasn t that I was uninterested in the subject matter I just wasn t interested right then Black Magic Sanction in comparison was all over the place, but that was easier for me because that was the established pace My annoyance with Pierce was the only thing slowing me down there However, after I finished Pale Demon, I went back to re read the last third and I found it very engaging after all, so if this happens to you while reading it, see if that works For other fans who read the book, it may be the opposite and the last third will be the easiest to read Regardless, I have to say that I found the last 30 40 pages nothing short of epic Harrison is full of surprises alright I have to admit, I was a little sad when I finished reading it Loose ends are starting to tie up and this is the first time where I felt the series slightly begin to wind down There are new obstacles and challenges and arguably a new direction for the story to take, but you definitely reflect a bit about how far things have come since Dead Witch Walking I look forward to Book 10, but I m not quite sure it can top Pale Demon, so I m anticipating it slightly less Even still, The Hollows is my favorite series, and there s something or another that I enjoy in each book, so I expect nothing less in that aspect In the meantime, the fan in me is actually pretty sated right now It was worth the wait, Kim Review also posted to

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    I let out an almighty squeal of excitement when I got my hands on this book I have been hopelessly addicted to this series from page one of Dead Witch Walking There s always the worry in the back of readers minds that the books there are in a series, the harder the author has to work for it to still pack a powerful punch Pale Demon is book nine in the series and BY FAR is THE MOST incredible of them all Please excuse the GUSHFEST you are about to witness I d suggest maybe sitting back a little from the screen just in case I get a little of my excitement on you LOLWhere to even begin So much has happened to Rachel throughout the series and seriously the poor girl has to be tired from the trouble she attracts Just wanting to be left alone to live her life free from being hunted and attacked, Rachel finds herself heading to San Francisco with the hopes of having her shunning revoked The witches coven have labeled her a black witch because she had performed demon magic and through a series of events, a bargain was struck her shunning removed or she would tell the world the startling truth she discovered haha read the books because it s a HUGE shake the world kind of truth Going in good faith, she makes the epic journey with her friends and Trent insert swoon here , picking up a coven spy along the way What follows is an amazingly fast paced, action packed, OMGSH I can t believe it story that far surpassed my expectations This story BLEW ME AWAY This is the kind of book that I wish went on forever because there was just so much to see and soak in The author did an incredible job of giving her readers a closer look at all the beloved characters and had them involved with things I never would have seen coming I m impressed with her imagination and ability to write a story that even after eight books, STILL had the ability to suck me in insert a HUGE gush It never ceases to amaze me just how much I like Rachel She is such a fly by the seat of her pants heroine who is completely flawed and you can t help but love her This is the girl who REPEATEDLY finds herself knee deep in trouble when all she wants to do is live her life and be a good witch You name it, it s hunted her down and tried to kill her and still she keeps fighting Even in the most desperate of moments, when it would be so easy for her to give up, Rachel stands up, dusts herself, digs deep and fights In Pale Demon, Rachel is knocked hard So much happens to her that even I was crying Please just leave her alone before turning to her and whispering It s ok if you want to disappear for a while, you need a break from all this She learns a lot about herself and accepts some things that are difficult to swallow but instead of wallowing, whether by bravery or sheer stubbornness, she works through it This is all great but when you add in her flaws and the emotion thoughts that flow through her, she makes for an incredible character in my mind I don t think I ll ever get tired of her because there seems she still surprises me and I can t help but wonder if we know all there is to know yet Being in a place now where she can fully embrace who she is, what will she choose My heart goes out to her and all I can do is cheer insert the BIGGEST gush here Being the hopeless romantic I am, I can t help it when I read a book that I try to partner the heroine off with a sexy man Rachel has been involved with a few hunks Kirsten sob he is so missed , Nick no comment and Pierce sigh Each relationship has had its challenges and I ve always held my breath to see whether it d last So going into this book, I took a look around at the leading men and I could help but hope with my wishful heart that Rachel and Trent would hook up I don t think I m the only one who isn t a little lustful after the sexy bad boy elf ok you can add in murderer and drug lord but I think bad boy sounds better He has always made my heart beat a little faster and right from the beginning I ve wanted sparks to fly There s some sexual tension there amongst all the hostility and so I went into Pale Demon crossing my fingers Like the naughty reviewer I am I M NOT TELLING YOU ANYTHING mwahahaha but this I will There is A LOT of Trent in here and he is extremely delicious The author gives the reader such a deeper look at him and we get to see him totally out of his element We get a glimpse behind the fa ade and it is BEAUTIFUL Oh he s still as sarcastic and Trent as ever but there is depth and meaning to him and GUSH GUSH GUSH I ve waited eight books for this kind of look at him so for all you Trent lovers be prepared to lose your heart all over again to him.I really loved the feel of the book and how there seemed to be a emotional approach to it Amongst all the excitement, I appreciated seeing some of the characters reveal of themselves to the reader It helped make a deeper connection to them and the storyline and you became invested in the story I ve already shared about Rachel and Trent but another surprise for me was Al Yes, this was the book where I saw him as than a demon and I felt myself falling in love with him There s always been this image presented of him throughout the series and it honestly felt as if suddenly Al was stripped of everything and we could see a human side of him I loved being able to look at him differently, to appreciate him better and as much as in freaked Rachel out at times when she saw different sides to him, I thought it was about time and fantastic This book really gave the spotlight to some of the characters we ve been intrigued in and all I can say is a big THAN K YOU to the author.There is nothing I would change about this book because in my mind it was perfect It was a thrilling experience, one that I couldn t get enough of and had me emotionally absorbed into the characters It s an amazing urban fantasy series, one that I ll cherish and reread over and over again This is definitely a book I ll be talking about for months to come and feel anyone who loves the paranormal would absolutely enjoy and devour this book series Here s hoping I can last until the next installment Happy reading this ends the GUSHfest

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    I m going to preface this review by saying that if I hadn t read interviews and blog posts about this and future books then I would ve awarded stars Perhaps I ll calm down later and see the light but for now, I m a bull pawing the sand with my head lowered snorting in anger and frustration despite the fact that I quite enjoyed this book It s where we go from now that troubles me.The first half was slow with only a couple of blood pumping action scenes The road trip itself, although giving the characters time to bond with Trent was a bit tedious I was beginning to believe the book had been misrepresented to me and was tempted to abandon it And although it got better, I was kind of right It s not what I expected at all.This book was supposed to be about two things Trent and Rachel becoming closer and Rachel s fight to get the shunning removed I was in it for the former but couldn t see it happening with Trent becoming criminally dangerous with his arrogance I assumed, as I m guessing many others will, that Rachel and Trent would have a fling, Trent would ruin things and they both would move on Not so Something serious transpired They learned to trust each other Trent rightfully earned everyone s trust He sacrificed much for Rachel and instead of imposing his will, he gave her a choice A very important choice Trent changed in this book partly due to a rather surprising development he d been keeping secret which now has him tied to Rachel in a way that would have me believing Rachel and Trent will become an item in the next book, the last scene backing me up on this.However, and this is where I get annoyed, Harrison has stated that Rachel and Trent will not become long term romantic partners She has even been dropping hints about Rachel s future love interests all current ones except Trent are no longer possible in blog posts This made me angry I feel like I ve been manipulated despite knowing all of this going in The writing was so good regarding this that I believed they would become an item Everything points to it becoming a done deal I don t understand why she would do this, other than to make Trent Rachel s protector, which she now desperately needs to survive All of this makes me wonder what Harrison s long term plan with this series is I m concerned about repetitiveness at this point Rachel s predicament by the end of PD is a return to one she had at the beginning, just replace black witch with demon This is the 9th book It almost read like the last I could happily not read another and not just because I m disgruntled I can imagine what could come next but it probably doesn t match what Harrison has in store for us I ve been questioning my commitment to this series Kisten s demise led to a break away from it and since then I ve missed him Trent is was someone I could see Rachel settling with because even though he has, as she puts it a disrespect of innocent lives and the law, they have great chemistry and now they care and perhaps even love at least a little one another Trent has proven he ll do anything, and I mean anything, to protect what and whom he cares about so I m failing to understand whyOh, never mind This is embarrassing I m an action fan, not a romance queen I m whining so it s time to shut up now.

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    Quick review Grade BRachel finally grows up Her and Trent finally have a moment I actually like Al The demon world is pretty darn cool, so was Dali s restaurant and making a new selection for the Juke Box Newt made me laugh, Ivy finally realizes her and Rachel are a No Go Jenks gets put out to STUD, BIS is the most awesome little gargoyle EVER I want a gargoyle The coven sucks, I don t really care about Pierce, and where he might be right now at the end of Pale Demon Speaking of the end What the frack and OMG TRENT what he did and what he endured deserved mind you blew my mind I think he really loves Rachel just hasn t figured that out yet I can t wait for the next book In Review Rachel grew a pair and almost stopped being a total doormatTrent is still an asshat, but for some reason I m drawn to him just like RachelIvy said goodbye and is finally happy without RachelJenks is OK after MatalinaBIS rocksPierce is a moronAl is totally cool, in a devious demon sort of way

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    Spoilers ahead Wow, what a ride Exceptional The best of the seriesI don t remember when I last cried so much over a book There were so many heart breaking moments and so many goodbyesand so many kisses I think the whole Rachel Ivy drama can be described in Rachel s saying That s what I love about her If she bends, I walk away If I bend, she gets nothing but a shell Ivy was the first person Rachel let go Just when I had started to like herbut anyway, life goes on.AND the most heart breaking moment for me, in this book and in the last one AND I WILL CRY WHEN I GO BECAUSE I COULD LOVE YOU FOREVER Omg Pierce, why did you have to be such a dick I liked you, then I hated you, then I loved you Your self sacrifice and going against your beliefs to save Rachel for one last time, was so much for me, I can t evenMy heart breaks and I can t stop crying every time I read the above declaration I wished things could work between them, but the heart wants what the heart wants.And then Trent I don t know how things between Trent and Rachel are going to be, but I don t like them together I hope they have just something small and be over with it I m trying to like Trent, but I can t make myself to I think he doesn t deserve Rachel She is too much for him He is a politician and I know he helped Rachel and saved her, but she wouldn t need being saved if it wasn t for him He put her in that situation in the first place I just don t trust him Rachel deserves a lot , she has had enough of weak men but it s just my opinion And finally AL I love Al, although he is a demon I want him to be the one for Rachel, but I don t think that is going to happen He has balls than Trent will ever haveLITERALLY xD I think he loves Rachel but doesn t force it He lets her decide and take her own chances I m so curios to know what will happen when he finds out she s still alive At least I hope they have some Hot Time together Overall you must know by now that I just loved this book I can t wait to read the others In the end it looks like everything was the same but it wasn t As Rachel says It was what I wanted What I had always wanted So why did it feel so empty Because you said so many goodbyes dearest Rachel We were home, and though everything had changed, we were still solid Better, even I don t know how long this will last, but I can t wait to find out.5 million stars

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    The story was exciting and full of suspense, which is what I like in a book This usually warrants a 4 or 5 star from me but not this one I think the real intent of this book was to get Racheal and Trent in a situation where they have to stay in close quarters with each other, ultimately starting their romance ball rolling I am a Racheal Trent fan and have been since book 1 I think they have great chemisty together, specifically, they balance each other out temperament wise But I have also been waiting for Trent to start to show some redeeming qualities In previous books, he has had some charming moments, albeit only a few So I was looking forward to this book I was sure that this story would bring out the best in Trent and have a budding romance in the endor at least friendship and I was right What I wasn t prepare for was a secretive manipulative Trent that gets Racheal hurt numerous times and keeps himself safe through 98% of the book By the time I got to the ending I thought, how could a romance or friendship start from this He has not proven himself worthy of her Just because he saved her life, one time, at the end which was the least he could dobecause how many times has she saved his , took a beating about time , and has been covering lawsuits for her behind her back, does not justify Rachael softening her thoughts about who he is and his morals Come onhow can a reader feel good about a character when he ruins so many lives I know we, as readers, aren t suppose to think about than what is on the page, but I do How many peripheral people died in this book What about the misery of all their families Racheal can t just set aside her morals and values because someone saved her life once and she enjoyed a kiss The second thing I don t understand is this Elf Quest that Trent is on Yes, I didn t like his ex and I am glad he didn t marry her But hind sight being 20 20..if I was pregnant and a naked woman showed up in my room, then implied over breakfast that there had been a relationship between the two, I might be a little bitchy and posessive too Getting back to the pointBaby snaching I don t understand how, as readers, we are to find a parent kidnapping a 3 month old child out of her crib acceptable If Ms Harrison is keeping with the notion of elves and changelings that is usually done with human children and not with fellow elvan children sigh I will go with this idea and thought process for the sake of the story heavy sigh But are we to respect a culture and society that kidnaps children and make them our hero champion in a story Are we to respect Trent for doing this I have to wonder what Elsbeth thinks of this time honored tradition as the recipient and mother Is she just going to sit back and let him take and raise their daughter without her That doesn t make sense ANDher family just wrote Racheal a check for all the damages and assassins she had to fight off Was that part of the challengeif you win, then all expense will be reimbursed insert sarcasm Hum This book was exciting and full of adventure Unfortunately, the ending felt unjustified and wrong for the storyabsolutely no logical ending according to the actions in the story I simply can not read about a character that I want to throttle throughout the book and then have warm fuzzy feelings about him because he has a baby in his arms and is using a cane due to injuries he righteously deserves with interest Racheal needs someone who shares her values about people and life I don t think a beating and a baby make up for all the mayhem in the end As much as I disliked Elsbeth s attitude I am starting to sympathise with her she s a scientist, not a drug dealer and murdering thug I MIGHT read the next book from the library just out of couriosity, but I m beginning to really dislike TrentRach, go find someone who thinks you make the world a better and brighter place Here s hoping the next book s make sense due to a character s actions THROUGHOUT a book than on a target ending.

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