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Other Words for Love pdf Other Words for Love, ebook Other Words for Love, epub Other Words for Love, doc Other Words for Love, e-pub Other Words for Love, Other Words for Love 6579a39eaf2 It S The Mid S, And Ari Mitchell Feels Invisible At Her Brooklyn High School Her Hair Is Too Flat, Her Style Too Preppy, And Her Personality Too Quiet And Outside School, Ari Feels Outshined By Her Beautiful, Confident Best Friend, Summer Their Friendship Is As Complex And Confusing As Ari S Relationship With Her Troubled Older Sister, Evelyn, A Former Teenage Mom Whose Handsome Firefighter Husband Fills Ari S Head With Guilty FantasiesWhen An Unexpected Inheritance Enables Ari To Transfer To An Elite Manhattan Prep School, She Makes A Wealthy New Friend, Leigh Leigh Introduces Ari To The Glamorous Side Of New York And To Her Gorgeous Cousin, Blake Ari Doesn T Think She Stands A Chance, But Amazingly, Blake Asks Her Out As Their Romance Heats Up, They Find Themselves Involved In An Intense, Consuming Relationship Ari S Family Worries That She Is Losing Touch With The Important Things In Life, Like Family, Hard Work, And Planning For The Future When Misfortune Befalls Blake S Family, He Pulls Away, And Ari S World Drains Of Color As She Struggles To Get Over The Breakup, Ari Must Finally Ask Herself Were Their Feelings True Love Or Something Else

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    This is the most amazing book I had heard such praise for it on the internet that I had to get it, and I was intrigued right off the bat by Ari s intimate narration My heart ached for her through her hard times and soared when things were good I was happy at the end, even though it s bitter sweet, because what happened was best for Ari and she grew so much, she figured out that she didn t need a guy to be a satisfied person I loved the writing style, and that the subjects were deep and covered issues of depression, jealousy between sisters and friends, mother daughter conflict, love and sex and I must admit this story is reeealllly sexy Blake is hot The characters were incredible and real, I felt like I knew them personally because they were all portrayed so honestly, as people with positive and negative points I also fell in love with Patrick He said the most simple things that were so loving, for example when Ari was depressed about Blake and mentioned that he had promised to teach her how to drive Patrick says I ll teach you how to drive And that was just so simple and sweet, like something that would happen in real life I stayed up all night to finish this book and I can t say enough about how much I love it Everyone should read this, it has something for everyone, you ll just fall in love It has a delicate, quiet power.

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    I don t even know where to start this review I ve been sitting here for what seems like hours trying to compose my thoughts into coherent sentences and it is just not happening When I first started Other Words for Love, I had no idea what to expect It s a debut, so I had no previous experience with the author s writings I thought the summary sounded nice but it didn t hook me enough to have to read this book That summary does not do this book justice So why did I decide to read this book Well, it s a 2011 debut, and I m all about supporting debut authors, and it s a story about first love Such a sucker for first love And look at the gorgeous cover. it s that s not enough incentive to pick it up, I don t know what is Normally I wouldn t have made it through a novel like this Okay let me explain that a little better Most of the novel is about Ari and her day to day life Can anyone say boring Waking up, eating breakfast, going to school been there, done that who cares BUT, wait I did care Because of Ari Ari was a breathe of fresh air She s, me She s, you She s your average teenage girl, but there is something so original and unique about her And I know that make absolutely no sense, but I can t think of any other way of describing it I felt what Ari felt And that, was powerful I wanted to read about her eating breakfast I wanted to be there with her on her first day at the new school, and watch her fall in love And I did And it wasn t just Ari that made this novel so incredible It was every character It s been a while since I ve read a novel with such a fleshed out cast of characters Ari s Mom and Dad her sister and brother in law Ari s best friend I felt like I knew them all, and their interactions in the story made it even that much powerful I loved the family dynamic in this novel There aren t many YA novels that depict a relationship between a mother and daughter quite like this novel I mean how many YA novels have you read, where the only parental interaction is through a telephone or most of the time, the parents aren t even mentioned at all Lorraine s writing is very readable, it s poetic, beautiful even I will be reading everything this lady writes I can tell you that much Don t assume this novel is fluff because it s a story of first love Other Words for Love deals with some lofty issues, but it s still very entertaining The cover might have drew me in but it was the story and most importantly the characters that made me stay.

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    If you want to be transported to the 1980s in all of its awesomeness Madonna, Duran Duran, Miami Vice, big hair, bustiers, a decade that was conservative but decadent and ruled by Ronald Reagan, fear of AIDS and the Russians and intimately get to know a girl who goes through heavy ups and downs with her family, friends, and first boyfriend, then read the stunning OTHER WORDS FOR LOVE I m sending serious respect to the author for writing an intimate teen novel that isn t the equivalent of shallow literary candy She challenges readers to look beyond the traditional romance bubblegum She doesn t hold back on the emotions or the sex or the love or the pain Parents aren t displayed as always right or always wrong They re just human.This novel is thought provoking, powerfully emotional, and beautiful It also takes place in New York, where I live, so I loved that, too The story has major NY flavor It s also so compelling that I read it in one sitting.My favorite line from Ari that brought tears to my eyes we would secretly remember that we used to mean something to each other This one gets 5 it was amazing stars from me

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    I enjoy a great romance novel now and again, and I like it when there are relationships in most of the YA books that I read But the key word for me is romance, not just hormones and sex I felt like Ari, who is too good to be true in many aspects, was a little too fixated on boys in this book between her long standing crush on her brother in law, her ennui over her ex boyfriend, her interactions with Del, and her relationship with Blake While I remember being 17 and dealing with those crazy teenage hormones, that in and of itself isn t altogether that interesting to read about At least not the way it s done here There are a few conversations between Ari and Blake about what they want in the future, but overall I felt like most of the book was about her wanting a boyfriend and her boy troubles, with the occasional friend, family, and SAT drama tossed in I d be okay with a book that was all about a relationship if there was joy or depth or caring to it see Sixteenth Summer , but somehow I just wasn t convinced that either Ari or Blake really wanted and needed that specific other person I think there s actually time spent on the sex than on the boyfriend girlfriend stuffand I found it annoying that infidelity is so casually treated and forgiven Ari is also a pretty terrible friend in this book While we all through periods of self centered sometimes, it s pretty crappy when you realize you ve been a bad friend but you can t be bothered to truly apologize for it.This isn t a bad book by any means, but the subject just didn t really grab me and I didn t feel moved by the relationship or the story Oh, well The author does deserve some credit for not going the usual route with the resolution, though Even if there was some part of me that sort of wanted it after everything that everyone myself included had gone through.

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    The best thing about this book EVERYTHING.Other Words For Love sunk me deep inside the main character s consciousness It sent me to New York City in the 1980s, and it was a place I wanted to be I wish I could still be there I wish the book wasn t over I wish I knew Ari and Blake and Del and Leigh and Summer and Patrick and Evelyn, and that I could find out what they were doing todayif they were real Because the thing is, they felt real Hauntingly and beautifully real I could just hear Patrick s Boston accent and Rachel s southern drawl I could see Blake s blue eyes and Summer s flowing blonde hair I practically smelled the tobacco on Del, heard Madonna and Bruce Springsteen singing, and smelled the food that Ari s mother was constantly cooking in their kitchen, like I was therein that average house in Brooklyn The story is so different and unconventional So bold and edgy for the YA genre The first half develops the characters so extensively and in such detail that you know them through and through You know that Ari s mother isn t happy You know why Ari s father works constantly You feel how much it hurts Evelyn that she hasn t met her mother s demanding standards You feel Patrick s strong, commanding, sexy presence The first half of the story makes sense out of the second half If I didn t know everything that I did about Ari and her family, how people treated her, how she saw herselfI wouldn t have bought the second half, and her reaction to losing the best thing she ever had But I did buy it And I loved it The story gave me goosebumps and tears and laughter and smiles The end is glorious Such a powerful resolution, such a good message, and Ari is so strong and admirable She grows and changes and matures I hope she got everything she wanted, just like she bravely wished for Blake She had so much dignity in that scene I can t stop thinking about it, or about Ari, or about this amazing, stunning, lovely and gorgeous novel I m eagerly awaiting the author s second book Let me make this clear I don t give five stars easily This one deserves SIX.

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    Other words for love sparkled for me I felt like Ari was a friend telling me her secrets and bringing me back to a decade where girls tried to look like Madonna and believed that you might get AIDS from a public phone I related to Ari s yearning for love Her relationship with Blake when it s going well sizzles There s a scene between them in a house on Long Island that surprised me and was very, very hot I m not sure I have seen that in YA before, but it explained how Ari got so pulled into the sexual relationship with Blake She s never had intimacy with a guy before, and then whoa Blake really shows her what s up I liked the way things turned out at the end, because Ari shows her inner strength that took her a long time to find There s too much going on in the book to say everything and I don t want to ruin it for other people who will read it, but I fell in love with this book and I think you will too.Favorite line This was from a boy I used to know He was very special to me, but that was so long ago.

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    My favorite type of YA is the realistic kind, and this tops the charts of the best realistic YA out there I felt very close to the main character, Ari Mitchell, while reading She s kind, honest, witty, clever, sincere, sweet, and waiting for love She wants the unconditional kind her sister, Evelyn, has Evelyn is married to Patrick a fireman who is tough but soft on the inside I loved Patrick I loved his no nonsense ways, his gruff exterior, his kind heart, and the way he loves his wife even when she s lashing out at him because of her post partum depression He puts his wife and kids first, and he treats Ari like he s her older brother, trying to guide her and protect her, all the while oblivious to how she s lusting for him So many moments in this story are subtly stated but deeply emotional For example, later in the story when Ari is devastated over the breakup with her boyfriend, Blake, and she sadly remembers that Blake had promised to teach her how to drive, Patrick says, I LL teach you how to drive That just tugged at my heart the simplicity and the sweetness, and the book is filled with these moments Lorraine Zago Rosenthal fills this story with love, joy, heartbreak, pain, and hope She writes with a beautiful ease that I wish I could replicate I can t praise this story enough Read it

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    This is my best YA read so far this year It s honest and truthful, and even though parts of it are glamorous, it doesn t sugar coat the realities of life I also fell in love with just about every guy in the storythey re all written as so human, with pros and cons Blake sweet, sexy, patient, clean, but so eager to please his charming but bullying father that he ll give up what means most of him just to be the Good Son Patrick rugged, handsome, a devoted husband and fatherwell, not too many flaws in him other than his poor grammar and his bossy ways Del slick, damaged, tough, caring, dangerously attractive but promiscuous and quick to throw a punch even though one of the punches he delivers is very well deserved There s so much to say, but I ll sum it up like this Other Words For Love is than a 5 star readit s a gorgeous story that will appeal to many I ll be on the lookout for the author s next novel.

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    Crazy beautiful and awesome.

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    I am a high school English teacher, and this is a book that I will keep in my classroom and give to students who are going through a break up Not only is this story wildly entertaining and extremely well written, but it serves as a good example of empowerment for young women I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I give the novel my highest recommendation for teen readers and adult readers.

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