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    5.5 The feels The other books deserve 5 stars too but this one OMG When everyone told me the series only gets better I admit, I was a bit doubtful I mean, I already loved it, what could I get Oh, how wrong I was Yes, boys and girls, this series is really as good as they say I haven t cried so much at a book in a long time and I admit, I love it I fell in love with all the characters, even the bad ones, and I hate to see some of them go But that is life, I guess.Anyway, it s the kind of series that is a must read for anyone who even remotely likes UF Even if you don t really like the first book, it s worth sticking to it

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    Wow Justwow I can t discuss this without giving too much away But I really like the way Seanan McGuire has introduced new elements that will be pertinent to the long arc, and will keep us engaged in the story from one book to the next, without needing to resort to some low rent, wanna be cliff hanger tactic Seriously, this is the way to keep someone musing about what s to come.And yeah, I have to say it I adore Tybalt Does anyone not adore Tybalt

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    One Salt Sea is, without surprise, the strongest installment of the October Daye series to date Toby is drawn into a desperate effort to stop an impending war from taking place between land and sea when the children of the Duchess of Saltmist go missing and the Mists appear to be of blame Her debts to the Luidaeg have been called in, and it doesn t take long to realize that if the battle occurs, the land will be at the greatest loss As a new Countess, Toby must work to protect her own subjects along with those of her liege, while tracking down a kidnapper with the desperate hope that the children are alive As war looms, Toby s mission becomes increasingly personal, lending One Salt Sea the highest stakes yet I m just a changeling, I cautioned I m not in her league I ve heard the stories Connor alone tells enough to give your skills away, and you invoke the Luidaeg when you give your references Even my wife likes you, as much as she likes anyone He smiles slightly You re a lot of things, but just a changeling isn t one of them What McGuire has managed to do in the fifth installment of her October Daye series can only be described as awesome We are given a protagonist who is struggling to find her footing after immense bodily changes, a conflict that is deeply personal in addition to encompassing every character we have come to know and love, along with new rich and fascinating settings and species to observe.Remember when I read Late Eclipses and got a tad bit annoyed with all the crazies Turns out there s a reason for that Within the first chapters of One Salt Sea it is revealed that changelings aren t the only fae subject to changeling madness it is a situation that can also occur through mixings of different pure blood lineages, with particularly potent mixtures causing particularly vulnerable minds Certainly explains a bit about Rayseline, no My other complaint to this regard is that the fae in this series don t seem quite like the classic fae we are used to, which is why I have to say the Luidaeg has become my absolute favorite character She of any character we see regularly is most what fae are supposed to be She is by choice a being of comfort or of nightmares, she makes bargains but requires much in return, she is very rarely what she appears to be, but also plays by a strict set of rules I would love to read a story from the Luidaeg s perspective I like that she isn t our protagonist, she s too powerful, but at the same time I d love to see what she does when Toby s not around I m totally going to rock out In Sea Salt Tears when I m depressed that the next new Toby is too far off.I have very much enjoyed watching Toby s attempts to become accustomed to her new limits of power and body since Late Eclipses She s gained so much confidence since Rosemary and Rue, yet now we have to see her uncertain about her own abilities with no one around to teach her She tests herself throughout One Salt Sea, and hints at what we will see in the future from a D chas Sidhe, which is equal parts frightening and fascinating.This installment also brings on the romance front than we have seen thus far Both Tybalt and Connor play incredibly important roles in Toby s lives, but also provide very different methods of support Connor is so sweet, attentive, and loving, but it is also clear that he is unable to stand beside Toby in the same ways that Tybalt is I really appreciate that even though there is a love triangle dynamic here, there is an obvious respect between Tybalt and Connor They respect each other s feelings for Toby, and do not fight over her, but let her decide who she will have in her romantic life neither of them will leave her regardless but let s face it, she s totally in love with Tybalt whether she s ready to admit it or not.Underneath all of this character development lies a driving plot and a captivating new world For the first time we are able to glimpse the sea fae and learn about the extremely different world of Salt Mist A world that is as new to Toby as it is to us brings about new species, magics, and arrangements that are counter intuitive to what we know of the land One Salt Sea is by far the most political installment of the series, which also ensures a complex and fast paced plot There are by necessity layers of complications, delicate balances that need to be upheld or torn through as we encounter them It is by far the most complex and involved story yet personal to Toby and readers, but with massive implications, One Salt Sea marks a crescendo that will be hard to outdo in future books.Original review posted at Bunbury in the Stacks.

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    Toby and her motley crew save the day again I like October She keeps on truckin whatever is thrown at her and picks up loyal followers as she goes There is Danny the troll, May the fetch, Tybalt and Connor, Quinn and Raj and the Luidaeg Her new home of GoldenGreen is typically Toby there are bogeys and pixies colonising the place and they are allowed to stay Toby s powers have improved since her blood has been changed All good stuff Without spoilers, I ll just say that I m now hoping the path may have been cleared for Tybalt and Toby.Interesting in this instalment to hear about the fae living beneath the waves and the different mer creatures It was well done.This is a quality urban fantasy series where the characters grow and develop, the world building deepens and the plot builds on all that has gone before.

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    So I reviewed the first in this series and enjoyed it pretty much, even though there were some uneven parts For some reason I didn t feel compelled to pick up the second in the series immediately and just forgot about it, but people kept recommending it to me so I went and ordered the second on kindle, or so I thought I actually accidentally purchased this one, 5, and I have to say I regret not keeping up with the series, it was QUITE enjoyable It s done well and the Faerie world is very interesting, and some REALLY dramatic things happen in this book that mean I have to go back and read 2 4 I really like Toby as a main character because she s not just a cliched badass, and I definitely was sucked in to the dramatic twists in this book.Now I want the next one nooooow

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    So far my least favorite of the series I think this is due, in part, to the larger role of Connor, a character I have never cared for I think he s a weak character, and I ve always felt that October s infatuation with him makes her seem like a weaker character It doesn t feel like adult feelings, so much as lingering feelings from another lifetime, when she was a different person, while he, meanwhile, has been always weak After the events of this book, I do look forward to the next installment and I hope it doesn t seem heartless of me to say I was happy with the ending, lol

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    Another fabulous fae book from Seanan McGuire I was finishing it up in the lunch room at the museum where I work and was dismayed to find myself weeping uncontrollably The military guys already have their misgivings about me and I really didn t need to get all emotional over black squiggles on a slice of dead tree to prove to them that I m a little different than they are Fortunately, I had chosen an odd time to go for lunch and I got to cry surreptitiously I went home and re read the last few chapters and allowed myself to have a really good, ugly cry.Normally, crying wouldn t be a reason that I would recommend a book, but I find myself very emotionally invested in this series and I was relieved when I checked and confirmed that I am only half way through the series Plenty of Toby Daye adventures are still in my future So what were the good points of this book Toby gets herself a squire, none other than young Quentin We learn about the sea witch, the Luidaeg, and I couldn t help but appreciate her Plus the undersea Fae were both interesting and inventive Anyone who has been in the presence of an Orca whale will likely be willing to think of them as mysterious representatives of the undersea world The sad points Well, you can t make an omelette without breaking eggs There are a lot of people unhappy by book s end kidnapping victims injured, dear ones dead, irreversible bargains made As Toby is reminded, everything has a cost and it seems that all the main characters have to pay a bit in this one As do we all.So there was sadness, but the decks are clear now for adventures and happiness in the next book Ashes of Honor.

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    It s the weirdest thing, I was all for some of the things that happened and then I somehow got sad while they happened Go figure Oh, and there are honest to God mermaids My eight year old self was doing cartwheels throughout the whole thing Over and out

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    Sigh I keep waiting for these books to get better and they really don t The whole series has so much potential but it just never develops In theory, a changeling knight with a hero complex who spent 14 years as a fish would be an awesome main character Instead, it takes us ages to learn what s so awesome about Toby the first changeling knight ever You d think the whole thing was part of her identity or something and how she changed from delinquent changeling to knight in shining armor Oh, wait We never really learn about the second part It s like Ms McGuire drops these hints to keep things interesting but they re not actually part of Toby s identity In theory, a knight sent off to prevent a war between a crazy queen and a mermaid with missing children would be rife with challenge and adventure And it is The mystery is actually pretty good this time, like the last book Unlike books 1 and 2.In theory, the knight s love interest would actually be interesting Which, I m sorry to say, Connor is not Also, can I repeat again how much I hate love triangles Can t the woman just pick one and be done with it But nope, it s got something to do with how interesting they re supposed to be On the other hand, crazy cat king who s got cat spies working everywhere and can travel through the Shadows Hello interesting In fact, I d say Tybalt is the only character done properly in this whole series, and a lot of that might have to do with the fact that we don t see him often.I love the idea of the fae world and all it s hidden crazyness After 5 books, I ve even got most of the various races straight yea right, up until they add a bunch of new merfolk ones in this book.The biggest problem I have with this series is the lack of feeling Case and point Gilly Toby is supposed to love her daughter, I assume, but she doesn t do any of the things I d assume a mother who s been barred from her daughter s life to do She doesn t drive by her daughter s house or school every now and then, trying to catch a glimpse of her She doesn t keep tabs on her emails text messages like a PI mother would ok, maybe Tobes is too technically challenged for this, but you get the idea But we re supposed to believe she cares Where s the demonstration of feeling

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    Everything changes And this was a transitional book in the Toby series A book about love and loss, honor and infamy, motherhood from at least four different perspectives , letting go when you have to and saving what you can Note to Author I see what you did there, making me love The Luidaeg and Tybalt and Toby and May even It makes me patient enough to wait a whole year for the next Toby book while trembling slightly at the thought of just what Ashes of Honor might entail Seanan McGuire continues to give us a strong female lead, men who love her by letting her be herself, friends who support her in ways she needs to be supported and an interesting examination of the surprisingly unlimited boundaries friendship, motherhood, madness, hatred and love in her Fae world.Readers should consider reading Through This House in the Anthology Home Improvement Undead Edition to enrich their sense of where Toby is at the start of One Salt Sea , although it s not necessary to the main theme of this book.

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