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    Wellthis review is gonna be short, so I ll just fill it up with some pics, to help explain what this book is about I really enjoyed reading this one, but I will mention that 80 % of this book is about sex Hot sweaty, man on man action, and I loved every minute of it There was a little bit of a storyline going on though Hot older firefighter meets young student twink I actually liked the MC s, eventhough most of what they did was fucking Sam was quite endearing and I loved his hyperactive and insatiable self He was a very fun character to read about and I think Robert was perfect for him And don t get me wrong, there was some romance in this book, but the two of them couldn t seem to get a word in without going at it.which again.I didn t mind one bit So if you re looking for something hot and steamy with a little romantic storyline, that s free of dramalook no further Thanks Susan, for this hot recit was exactly what I was looking for 4 stars from me

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    I won t be reviewing this one because I honestly don t want to re read this series and have it fail me I remember loving it, I remember the hot sex and hot firefighter action and that s how it will stay.

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    Reread on March 1.Yep, just as hot the second time WOW, I was in the mood for this This is one massive PWP But I must admit, it was a good one Yes, it was mainly sex, but it was good sex It was hot and sizzling.This book has one incredibly horny 18 year old student, Sam.And we have one very hot 32 year old firefighter, Robert.Sam is totally insatiable when it comes to Robert These two have sex all the time On the table, in the kitchen, on the ground, against the wall.I adooooored Sam He was so bouncy, I loved it He just said whatever came to mind, no filter whatsoever.Robert was perfect for Sam He just went with the flow Sam was an unstoppable force and Robert never wanted to tone him down I loved that about him There were some sweet, tender moments between the sex So it wasn t all sex There was some romance Just enough to keep me interested.Don t expect this story to contain a lot of depth But if you are looking for something hot, without angst and some tender moments, go for it

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    Noooooo thanks, all I can say is I am very disappointed a total waste of time, seriously every 3rd page, sex and sex and it continued throughout the whole book in practically every place imaginable come on what guy can get it up so many times

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    5 HOT, SWEEET, SEXY, STARS Well, I need to calm the fuck down after reading thisThere s sexThere s sexThere s a lot sexPeople have commented about this being just PWP, but ,yes there is a hell of a lot of SEX but I think it s quite a cute love story yes shoot me but I m a romantic at heart Story of Sam and Robert..SAMHe was like an exuberant puppy.bouncing around all the timeand let me tell you he got excited a lotI mean a lot Oh God, Sam groaned,his head dropping back Make me ache God,this was sexy_Sam was sexy,all wanton and needy Then there s Robert, the hot sexy fireman..Mental image..half naked fireman brandishing his hose about sorry,sorry but couldn t resist it ROBERTBut it s not all about the sex, some tender moments too Like the way you touch me,like the way you look at me If you re into men who do men, God even that sounds hot I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

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    DNF at 23% It s PWP total PWP.I need characterisation, some conversation that isn t just preliminary to sex or a litany of harder, faster, please Sam 18yrs is the original energiser bunny all small, cute and bouncy with an ever ready dick I got to the start of chapter three, he d already cum at least eight times and was just getting started on his next orgasm.Robert 32yrs is a giant fireman with a big dick who wants a relationship, honest, if they ever stop f cking long enough to talk that is.Age differences don t generally bother me of themselves but Robert constantly thinks of Sam as the kid Sam all wiggle, bounce and puppy dog eyes comes across as very young.This could have been made into an engaging bit of p0rny fluff, but it s just the sex olymipcs In the alley, in his pants, in the shower, in his uniform At least as far as I got Robert was refusing to use the emergency vehicles Oh and the cover didn t scream hot fireman being climbed by a nympho, my first thought was gimp being attacked by the amazing spagetti monster

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    3.5 StarsUm, let s just say that this entire book is basically smex So if you want PWP then this would be a really fine choice What little plot that does peak out was sweet and tender, as Sam and Robert navigate their differences and realize that they re just as compatible in bed as they are out of it.It starts off with a bang and really doesn t stop Ever Seriously.

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    This book is HOT I m not sure if saying I loved this book is good enough I am a huge fan of firemen especially hot ones and this one was no exception The title fits just perfectly because this book was on fire It was one of the hottest, sexiest books I have ever read and normally a book with all sex would be an issue, but this had a plot incorporated into the story.Sam is a young kid in the beginning and Robert, well he s not an old man, but there was an age difference view spoiler Robert is only 8 years younger than Sam s dad hide spoiler

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    180 pages full of sex Holy Moly Not a blond twink, but certainly HOTT Somehow I was inspired with pics of Marlon Our blond guy Sam was just a big sex kitten Totally smitten with this 14 year older hot fireman Robert.Although there was soooooo much sex, there was also love that developed Obviously these men were crazy about each other Seven years this fire had been burning in him without any sign of going out He was damn happy he had a man who could make the flames grow hotter.And going by the heat in Robert s eyes as they watched him getting dressed, the feeling was mutal So if you re in the mood for some non stop man loving, read it

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On Fire download On Fire, read online On Fire, kindle ebook On Fire, On Fire 558db5cab752 Take One Tall, Broad Shouldered Fireman In His Early Thirties Mix Well With One Skinny, Eighteen Year Old College Kid Who Lives For Sex, And The Results Are Sheer Pleasure Sam And Robert Are About As Opposite As You Can Get, Aside From The Fact That They Re Both Into Sex With Guys When Sam Picks Robert Up During Canada Day Festivities, Neither Of Them Are Expecting Than Making Some Fireworks For The Holiday And The Sparks Definitely Fly, Especially Since Sam Is Able To Recharge His Batteries As Only An Eighteen Year Old Can Robert Finds Himself Both Entranced And Smitten With Young Sam, Who Is Bubbly And Happy And Can Have Sex In The Space Of An Hour Than Robert Can Believe But There S A World Of Difference Between Eighteen And Thirty Two, As Sam And Robert Discover Along The Way Friends And Family Add To The Difficulties They Encounter But The Two Of Them Come To Realize That Underneath It All, They Have Than Just A Physical Need For Each Other The Emotion That Blossoms Between Them Is Soon As Great As Their First Sizzling Attraction Drew Zachary, The Author Of Transforming Hades And Skin Deep, Has Written A Romance As Hot As The Flame It S Named After Don T Miss It