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Old Bear pdf Old Bear, ebook Old Bear, epub Old Bear, doc Old Bear, e-pub Old Bear, Old Bear 1b3b562adc2 Snug And Warm, Curled And Furry, Old Bear SleepsRed, Orange, And Brown Leaves Fly Through The Air, And It Is Snowing Hard Old Bear Doesn T NoticeOld Bear Is Dreaming About Being A Cub Again He Is Dreaming About The Beauty Of The World He Is Dreaming Of Everything He Loves About The Forest That Is His HomeTurn The Page And You Will See

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    A sweet and yes also deceptively simple little story with enchantingly evocative accompanying artwork about an elderly bear who during his annual wintertime sleep is both dreaming about being a young cub again and equally delightfully enjoying the four seasons spring flowers, summer berries, autumnal salmon runs, sparkling winter snowscapes , I was at first definitely thinking that with Old Bear author illustrator Kevin Henkes would not really be presenting any actual hard fact information on bona fide ursine behaviour However, while one might indeed consider some of Kevin Henkes text a bit anthropomorphic in scope and feel, in my opinion, much of Old Bear s dream in fact does deal very specifically with what bears do in reality need to consume throughout in particular the summer and the fall in order to fatten themselves up for their winter hibernation like sleep for yes, the blueberries and salmon that appear in the bear s dream are amongst a bear s primary food sources for obtaining an adequate layer of fat to nourish them during their winter sleep And further, I also do not think that with Old Bear Kevin Henkes is making his main character artificially human, as it is certainly not only humans who dream and that of course and naturally, when animals like bears dream, it to and for me sure does make sense that they would like Kevin Henkes Old Bear be dreaming about that what is important to them, things like seasonal changes and the foods they must or rather should consume prior to hibernating or rather prior to sleeping, as bears do not actually truly hibernate in a strict sense, but fall into a deep sleep Four stars and highly recommended, although if you are expecting a detailed depiction of ursine behaviours and many included scientific specifics as examples, you might well be disappointed, as while Old Bear does present this to a point with regard to the berries and salmon shown during that dream sequence, most of Kevin Henkes text and his accompanying illustrations are first and foremost simply a lovely story about Old Bear dreaming the winter away.

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    Readers are immersed into the warm, colorful and imaginative pages beautifully illustrated by Kevin Henkes in Old Bear After several readings of Old Bear, including a read aloud for my first grade class, I have concluded that it is a children s picture book worthy of consideration for the Caldecott Medal Few words are needed to tell the story of the old bear sleeping through the winter and dreaming of his younger, cub days The seasons and color schemes change as we turn each page Children are delighted by the colors, creativity and exquisite artwork My students giggled at the daisy sun, blueberry raindrops and multi colored stars Old Bear provides a visual experience as it moves the reader through the bear s dream It clearly depicts a seasonal theme as the bear slumbers through winter and emerges into spring It is evident that the exceptional artwork and story belong solely to Kevin Henkes Young children are clearly a potential audience for this book Primary age children can relate with the bear because they often compare their current world to their life as a baby In addition, young children love to pretend and one has to make believe in order to enjoy Old Bear The senses are included in the story The detailed artwork enables us to see, feel, hear, smell and even taste the dream sequence Old Bear can be used in a multitude of ways for instructional purposes The illustrations encourage creativity and allow students to extend writing Vocabulary and word choice can be taught and modeled using this book Themes such as seasons and change go perfectly with this text The sensory imagery reading strategy can be modeled and taught using Old Bear Finally, perhaps the most important way Old Bear can be used for instructional purposes is to engage and delight students as they follow the old bear through the seasons and learn how much fun reading can be.

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    Gosh, I just want to snuggle up to Old Bear Isn t he the cutest The story is simple and whimsical Old Bear hibernates and has fanciful dreams of being a cub again, sleeping in a flower in spring, catching blueberry raindrops on his tongue in summer The illustrations are warm and interesting and capture the curiosity and appreciation for nature that Bear feels.

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    An old bear settles in for the winter in this sweet and very simple picture book from Kevin Henkes, who is probably best known for his mouse stories titles like the Caldecott Honor Book Owen , Chrysanthemum , and Lilly s Purple Plastic Purse Dreaming of the spring, and of his days as a young cub, the bear experiences the glories of the seasons, before waking up and discovering that another winter has passed.There is a gentle quality to this simple tale, with no than a sentence or two per page, that is immensely appealing The accompanying illustrations, created with watercolor paint and ink, have the feeling almost of woodblock prints a style that I find very appealing There s not much to it, but the overall feeling of Old Bear is one of contented sleepiness What could be better, in a bedtime book

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    Awwwwww What a sweet, sweet book I love the gentle nostalgia, the dreams of spring and summer bounty, the cuteness of the friendly old bear Just lovely

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    A comfy story with the sweetest of bear.s

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    This charmer would work even better as a board book, imo It s so simple and straightforward, but also lovely tots would love a copy of their very own.For a bit I thought that the bear was going to die The dreams recapitulating cubhood certainly pointed to that And if it was written by, say, Cynthia Rylant, he may well have died, and woken up in Heaven That would be a neat book too But in this one he does not die, so, yeah, tot friendly.

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    I enjoy picture books about bears and about the seasons and this has both

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    Simple, cute, and colorful, if a little too pastel heavy for me like many of Henkes books The spring scene at the end is stunning.

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    Old Bear by Kevin Henkes is a hibernation story about a bear who dreams his way through the winter.As leaves fly and snowfall begins, Old Bear finds a hollow tree and quickly falls asleep Old Bear dreams of the four seasons, picturing himself as a cub sleeping in a giant pink Spring crocus Bear s Summer dream features a daisy as the sun and blueberry rainfall The Autumn dream features the world in yellows, oranges, and reds including the birds, fish and water Bear s Winter dream shows the world covered in ice and multi colored stars As Bear finally wakes up, half expecting to see snow, he blinks to discover that Spring has sprung in all its glory He pads off into the beautiful world.The text is in a bold font with the dream portions featured in different colors Henkes uses few, but well chosen words to tell the story of Old Bear.Watercolor paints and ink were used to create the art Henkes illustrations feature a fat and happy Bear who has fantastic, colorful dreams of himself as a cub.The fantasy illustrations are the highlight of this book Children will enjoy this old bear It should make a good read aloud My favorite illustrations include young bear in Spring and in Winter, the four panel look at Old Bear asleep, and Old Bear emerging into spring in full bloom.I have used two other books about hibernation for years Every Autumn Comes the Bear shows a realistic view of the start of hibernation, and Sleepy Bear focusing on the hibernation process and the bear s love of honey I recently reviewed and reread Sleepy Bear and was intrigued by a number of similarities in pictures it shares with Old Bear In both Bear is shown going in to hibernate among the Autumn leaves Both show Bear shifting positions mulltiple times and a pictues of each yawning Both show Bear in wide eyed astonishment at what he sees as he emerges from hibernation Similar back views show Bear padding off into the world Of course Henkes focuses on the seasonal dreams of Old Bear, while Dabcovich focuses on the sleepiness and hunger for honey of the sleepy bear.For ages 3 to 8, animals, bears, seasons, hibernation, nature, read aloud, and fans of Kevin Henkes.

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