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Now You See Her txt Now You See Her, text ebook Now You See Her, adobe reader Now You See Her, chapter 2 Now You See Her, Now You See Her e2ed4b Hope Has It All Brains, Beauty, And Acceptance At Starwood, A Prestigious Arts Prep School A Mere Sopho, She Has Won The Lead In Romeo And Juliet, Beating Out Seniors For The Role Seniors Who Have Been In Movies And On Broadway And With Handsome Logan As Her Romeo Onstage And Off, Her Life Couldn T Be PerfectSo Why Would This Talented Teen Throw Everything Away Why Would She Fake Her Own Abduction Hope Wants To Explain What Really Happened, And Gradually The Truth Comes Out Maybe Her Life Wasn T That Perfect After AllIn Her First Novel For Young Adults, National Bestselling Author Jacquelyn Mitchard Takes Us Into A World Where Appearance Is Everything, And Nothing Is Exactly As It Seems

About the Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard

Jacquelyn Mitchard s first novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, was named by USA Today as one of the ten most influential books of the past 25 years second only to the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling but second by a long shot, it must be said The Deep End of the Ocean was chosen as the first novel in the book club made famous by the TV host Oprah Winfrey, and transformed into a feature film p

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    1.5 STARS Bernadette, whose stage name is Hope, stages her own kidnapping and winds up kicked out of her performance arts boarding school Now she s in a new school and forced to keep a journal to reconstruct what went so terribly wrong.Hope s voice indicated the unreliability of her narration fairly Causing me to knew realize from the get go she was in a psych hospital, not a school Maybe because I m a psychologist, or maybe Jacquelyn Mitchard left too many clues, but I definitely knew mental illness had to be a factor Hope s attitude, thought processes and her treatment of others made her immediately unlikable, yet she had a spark of sad neediness that prevented me from hating her.The wrap up for the story and mental health component let me down the most due to inauthenticity, occupational hazard Mitchard mischaracterized Borderline Personality as crossing a line between sanity and insanity Hope Bernadette should have been diagnosed with a delusional disorder not schizophrenia, her thinking was too organized Hope Bernadette also had the luxury of over a year in the treatment program, which can run a thousand dollars a day or I doubt her lawyer father and stay at home mom could afford that level of care in the USA, which is unfortunate because it s sometimes needed and can be life saving.I can t think of a reason to recommend NOW YOU SEE HER.

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    original review dang i totally did not see that comingupdated i liked this book so i think it deserved a better review OK SO I KNOW THIIS NOVEL LOOKS LIKE ITS GONNA BE SOME TRASHY CHICK FLICK ABT SOME GIRL WITH A NAME LIKE HOPE WHO S POPULAR OR WHATEVER BUT ITS ACTUALLY PRETTY NICE AND I DID NOT EXPECT THE THING THAT HAPPENED TO BE ONE OF THE THEMES OF THE BOOK It seems like a lot of people are giving this bad reviews but I guess you should just give it a try Idk I can t really talk about it without revealing the story so I just want to say that I recommend this b ook

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    NOW YOU SEE HER by Jacquelyn Mitchard is a frightening look inside the head of a very confused girl The book is, essentially, the journal of Hope a girl in trouble.The event that led to her downfall unfolds throughout the course of the story It involves a boy, The Plan , The Idea , and Romeo and Juliet.Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of MIDNIGHT TWINS, has written another thought provoking book She has created a character that is a little hard to like while at the same time weaving a story the reader doesn t want to put down Hope s stream of consciousness style gives authenticity to this story that really makes it feel like a young girl s journal.If you like books that make you question what is really going on and not being able to predict exactly how it is going to end, you need to read NOW YOU SEE HER.

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    Unraveling the story from Hope Bernadette s perspective was interesting, but that was about all I enjoyed about this one Maybe it s because I don t really like drama queens unless they have redeeming characteristics Learning about Hope s mental illness did help with understanding why she was so unbalanced in the way she approached the world, but that clarification did not happen soon enough to help me understand her behavior Having pity for a character doesn t lead to liking them and that was about the strongest emotion that I got from reading this book.

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    This book had me hooked from the start of Bernadette Hope s ill fated rise to stardom Plot twists and turns kept me turning pages.Then the last chapter was awkward and felt tacked on and un edited Lame.

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    Irritating character, too many exclamation pointsan interesting story idea, but it just didn t work for me.

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    Reviewed by Amber Gibson for TeensReadToo.comNOW YOU SEE HER is an amazingly realistic look into the life of a self centered girl who has been showered with attention from her parents all of her life Bernadette, or Hope, her stage name, dreams of being a famous actress and she is willing to do anything to get to the top Her mother has always pushed her so hard, and now her mother s dreams for Hope are her own Hope knows she s the best and explains that her lack of friends is simply because everyone is jealous of her talent At fourteen, she is accepted into Starwood Academy, a prestigious acting school in Michigan Hope is sure that this is where her career will take off, and she doesn t mind in the least that she is a bit of an outcast After all, she has Logan Logan Rose The most amazing boy she has ever met Hope finds herself lost in her infatuation with Logan Everything in her life revolves around their budding romance The two of them formulate a plan, a plan to elope when Logan graduates Their plan requires one thing, money, which they plan to extract from Hope s parents by faking her abduction Faking a kidnapping is risky business, but Hope is willing to do anything for Logan, anything for their future together Hope dreams of the day when the two of them will be winning Academy Awards together, the perfect couple Hope s story is told through her own eyes, and I felt every emotion with her I felt the pride in her triumphs as well as the pain of feeling lost and confused, like you are the only one who knows the truth But it is only at the end, when the real truth is finally revealed, that you realize that Hope Shay is not all that she appears to be.

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    From a review of the ARC I wrote in 2006 Someday, no one will have to tell you when you ve done something well, because you ll hear the applause inside These are the powerful last words of NOW YOU SEE HER by Jacquelyn Mitchard They are the words that capture the main sentiment of this important story about believing in yourself, and I hope Mitchard herself takes them to heart I admire her for taking risks with this novel It isn t easy to write a story with a completely unreliable and I would argue unlikable narrator However, to make this story work, it is essential that we see the world through Hope Shay s eyes Sometimes it s difficult for people to believe that the girl who has everything would have doubts, insecurities, and would have such a hard time dealing with reality that she would create her own little world to live in But as Hope s world begins to unravel, she takes us on a heartbreakingly honest journey that ends with the realization that all the praise and critical acclaim in the world doesn t matter if you can hear that applause yourself.The novel itself starts off somewhat slowly with somewhat stilted writing but gradually gets better as the story complicates I feel that Mitchard, who has previously only written for adults and children, underestimates teens The mystery surrounding Hope seemed too predictable and Hope s voice was one of an immature brat rather than the sensitive artist that she claimed to be Ultimately though, this is a successful novel, with a very real story that teens everywhere can probably relate to on some level.

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    This book is about a girl with a talent for acting For as long as she remembered she was acting she had all the attention she fakes her own abduction she gets moved to a private boarding school, i thought this book was really scary towards the end i believed that she had actually done all those things when in fact it was just her thinking this book has a lot to do with life sometimes when you get too much attention you start to think of yourself as the most important person in the world and the fantasies she has arent really that much different from everyday fantasies it s just a lot extreme i think the main character really isnt that bad of a person i think the fact that she was acting at such a young age made her like that i think the other thing was she knew that her parents cared about her i mean A LOT about her another reason is because she just blocked everything esle out she blocked out anything she didnt want to hear.

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    I feel like the story was confusing at times and kind of dragged on When the author finally let you know why everything was happening it wasn t until the very end and then everything made sense but I just felt like that took too long The main character got annoying half way through the book and i just wanted to tell her she was dumb lol also the consistent use of the word like i assumed was used to seem teenager ish was very annoying It made me swear to not use it as often as i do hahah I wouldn t recommend reading this

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