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    YAY ZOMBIES how can that not be a win that was probably why i picked up this book in the first place my big love for all things zombie related Dawn of the Dead,Shaun of the dead,zombieland, 30 days lateryou get the idea though you d think a zombie would not be a good undead boyfriend right This was obviously a parody on YA supernatural romance I liked how unusual the book was and most of the time it was very goofy, never really taking the zombie situation very seriously I mean really a whole carnival of people turn into zombies and there s not a single intelligent adult out there besides our heroine,her friend and the school principle that notices At first the incredulity of the situation omg absolutely annoyed me but after accepting its not supposed to make sense and its all for silly fun i actually began to enjoy the novel The development of Margot s friendship with Sybil was probably the best part of the book Margot seriously annoyed me for most of the novel Some of the things she does are plain stupid view spoiler She refused to try out the cure that might have solved the zombie problem just so she could keep her jock zombie boyfriend and be prom queen where are your priorities girl hide spoiler

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    Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is a super cute arghhh sorry that was supposed to be a zombie growl, but it sounds like a pirate hehe zombie novel E Van Lowe s writing is funny which makes it a fun, fast paced read I liked most of the characters, except with the exception of one The main character Margot starts out being a self centered brat that only cares about being popular, being invited to parties and getting a boyfriend It seems like her whole life revolved around a manifesto list which she created that includes those wants and My favorite character would have to be Sybil, she is a sweet, caring girl that wants nothing than her best friend Margot to be happy If only Margot could see that right, or does she hmmm, don t want to give that away To sum it up a littleone day Margot and Sybil go to school and pretty much 90% of the student body are turned into zombies for the exception of a few classmates, the principal and gym teacher At first I was a little confused because their was no explanation to why this occurred, but as I read it all the answers were eventually revealed I also enjoyed how E Van Lowe used different, unique names for his characters instead of the cliche names found in books today Overall, a very cute read and I definitely recommend it if you re a zombie lover Grrrarghis that zombie like Oh well, I tried Let me just add, E Van Lowe is also one of the nicest author s I ve met, he is extremely sweet to his fans and is always there if you have questions.

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    Review originally posted to www.books4hearts.comThis book was very peculiar If I was required to give my opinion of it in three words I would say Surprisingly, bizarrely epic I had no expectations whatsoever of this book nothing against the author or anything, I don t mean it like that I d never seen or heard of it before the book fair where I picked it up at and the description reads like a middle grade geek to popular and all of a sudden it s perfect world type of book So often when I have pre conceived ideas about books or anything, really, I suppose I am wrong This one, I was wrong simply because I underestimated it.Never Slow Dance with a zombie starts out and basically the main character just wants to be popular and she has one of those super nice, very sensible, best friends I kind of went oh no but then, on top of the lessons you would think would come along with a book like this, it was sooo funny At the beginning I was just like how could that happen With the zombies taking over the school and everything and no one even knows why how etc But then I went duh I m over thinking this Of course I m not supposed to believe it, this book is supposed to be fun and funny, regardless of its plausibility That being said, Never Slow Dance with A Zombie was hilarious It was very peculiar I don t want to call it weird I ve been calling a lot of really dark books weird and this one is anything but I thought it would be very gory because it s about zombies and it wasn t not that I would have minded, heh heh The whole situation the school was in was really amusing The characters were good, as I said, I really liked Sybil The geeks were funny Also, that ONE girl that wasn t really a zombie I saw that coming In a good way.

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    I did not enjoy this book at all The main character was horrible, the surrounding characters were flat as cardboard cutouts, and the story was neither believable nor well thought out The zombies didn t come in until over a quarter into the book, and then the rules of the zombie world weren t consistent The girls have to blend in to avoid being zombie lunch, but then they re able to chat and move around the zombies at will And then there are ber zombies who can run because they were runners on the track team and they don t function like the rest of the student body No The cliques and stereotypes were too much So much cliche I wanted to stop reading I probably would have if I wasn t reading it for a challenge.

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    I couldn t forget the cute title of this book so I had to read it It s a YA coming of age story for the main character Margot, who wants to be popular and have a boyfriend Margot, her best friend Sybil, and two geeks are the only students in their high school who aren t zombies Now Margot can get her wish to be prom queen

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    Review Posted on Reading Lark on 7 12 10 was a bit skeptical going into this one I had picked the book up several times and had always discarded it for something else However, the last time I was book shopping I decided I should just give it a shot I am not a major fan of zombie stories, but it seems that they are picking up steam in the recent supernatural influx into the literary world Yes, I know supernatural books have always been around, but it seems like are cropping up every day I couldn t be happier I m like a kid in a candy store However, I digress back to the zombies.Margot Jean Johnson is your average teenager She spends her time with her best friend, crushes on the hottest boy in school, and attempts to elevate her social status However, that s a little hard to do with Amanda Culpepper, the queen bee of Salesian High in her way Margot and Amanda go way back in their bitterness for one another all the way back to 7th grade As Margot begins her Junior year she refuses to allow Amanda to continue to rule the social calendar with an iron fist and vows to fight back That would be a lot easier if her best friend wasn t crusading to the make world a better place and she could lose the dork who is enad with her To make matters worse, Margot is a slight bit on the chubby side so no matter how hard she tries she just can t outcute that pesky Amanda.Then one fateful evening everything changes On the night of the school s carnival, anybody who s anybody is in attendance which pretty much means that Margot and her best friend, Sybil, are not there This time being a nobody is a good thing Everyone who attended the carnival has been transformed into a zombie How could this have happened The undead begin to roam the halls of Salesian High in the same cliques they had in life, but now there is no tardiness, no disrespectful behavior, no normal teenage behavior Margot and Sybil are ecstatic at first they have full run of the school to achieve all their wildest dreams However, their happiness is not to last Are there other non zombies hiding out in the school Who caused the whole problem anyway Is there a solution to the zombie problem Margot will have to search deep within herself to understand that everything is not always what it seems and learn to listen to her heart Can she make the right decision before it s too late I loved the character of Margot She is strong and real I also liked how the author didn t make her perfect in every single way Margot has lots of flaws, but in the end her spunk will win you over I also have to admit I developed a tiny literary crush on her dorky admirer, Baron I d be interested to see if anyone else comes away with the same feelings E Van Lowe is a wonderful writer who kept me in suspense and stitches throughout the entire book I highly recommend this one.

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    I m currently on a zombie spree when it comes to reading, so after randomly sighting this book, I naturally had to read it Its premise is rather funny two years into high school, and the main characher hasn t accomplished anything on her Do This Before the end of High School lost, including such typical wants as Be popular, Get a boyfriend, etc When a sudden zombie plague hits the school turning all but a few students into zombies, she decides to exploit the situation to make all her high school dreams come true After all, give a zombie a piece of raw steak, and it ll do pretty much anything you want it to at least according to this book Though the premise is amusing, the story falls somewhat short in execution What the back of the book promises to be an outrageous reading experience is actually not especially noteworthy, possibly due to the main character s rather commonplace and oddly, out of place level headedness Take the zombies out of this story, and what you have is a rather unexceptional story of an average high school student who is tired of being average.After finishing the novel, I realized that the person who wrote the novel was a writer for such programs as Even Stevens, which was one of my favorite shows as a child Having learned that, I could totally see this novel working as an episode of a TV show with such a sense of humor As a novel, though, it lacks that necessary pow

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    Sometimes I feel like I wasted two hours of my life reading a book And, um, this is one of those For Popular Paperbacks, I m on the Zombie Werewolf Things with Wings committee, and I m started to really mourn the lack of good writing and zombies Come on, writers If you re going to go with zombies, can t you make it awesome Toby Barlow made werewolves awesome a few years ago with Sharp Teeth Scott Westerfeld and M.T Anderson made vampires awesome with Peeps and Thirsty

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    Probably one of the worst books I have ever read I m not sure what the point of this book even was If there even was one.

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    Ugh Ugh UGH The only reason I m not giving this book a 1 star rating is because I usually reserve that for books I really really despise, and while I really hated this book, there were a few things I did like about it and there were moments where I wanted to keep reading it to find out what was going to happen But seriously, what was E Van Lowe even THINKING writing this book Let s start with the bad and there was a lot of it view spoiler So one day, our main character Margot and her bestie Sybil stupid names show up at school to find everyone is a zombie And while Sybil is a little panicked, really neither girl is freaking out as much as they should be Suddenly zombies are real and they aren t like Holy shit we better run for our lives We better find somewhere safe to go or any sort of disbelief that this is actually happening or how why is it happening and this is a big joke right and zombies aren t real so what is actually going on No they re like Oh, okay so zombies are a thing we should probably go tell the authorities oh but wait, what the hell the student body is full of zombies yet the principal is still giving his morning announcements We should probably go see him instead Um, no.So then they do go see the principal and he tells them not to go to the authorities because he wants a promotion and if it gets out the student body is full of zombies, he won t get that promotion And these two idiot morons agree to it just like that Oh yeah, sure I ll keep coming to my zombie infested school like nothing is different because now I get to be the head of every committee I ve ever wanted to be head of That s totally awesome I won t bother telling any authorities or think that this is the worst idea on the planet because I m such a stupid ass popular driven piece of shit character that I think this sounds like the greatest idea ever I, Margot Jean Johnson, am so full of smarticles And then Sybil, who is actually SUPPOSED to be the brains and moral compass of the operation is like Yeah, that s cool I agree, but I better be the head of something to so head lunchroom monitor Done Great, now I too, the person who is supposed to be the smart one here, will venture to my zombie infested school every day and pretend like nothing is wrong because now I get to be head lunchroom monitor of zombies Yes hide spoiler

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