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The Necronomicon files The Necronomicon, read online The Necronomicon, free The Necronomicon, free The Necronomicon, The Necronomicon fefc132ae Originally Written For The Pulp Magazines Of The S And S, H P Lovecraft S Astonishing Tales Blend Elements Of Horror, Science Fiction, And Cosmology That Are As Powerful Today As They Were When First Published This Tome Presents Original Versions Of Many Of His Most Harrowing Stories, Including The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Cycle, In Order Of Publication

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    All right, with this one under my belt, I think I can safely say that I ve read everything Lovecraft has ever written in his life I will then skip introducing the author who doesn t need any introduction, anyway and go through a rundown of some of my most beloved horror stories of his, which you can find in this collection.THE OUTSIDER is my favorite Lovecraft story bar none It is also one of his shortest Written in the first person narrative as is often the case in his fiction , it tells of a man or is it who, after having lived as a recluse for what seems like a very long time in his darkened and lifeless castle or is it , decides one day to go out into the world and explore There ensues a series of discoveries with a devastating although somewhat anticipated reveal which will seal the narrator s fate forever As said, this story is super short but masterfully executed, woven around the themes of loneliness, abnormality and the afterlife The prose is as it should given the genre divinely gothic, deliciously verbose and darkly purple All in all, a masterpiece.THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE is my second favorite and the only one that actually gave me goosebumps while reading it for the first time in bed at night This story of a math student who decides to rent a room in a cursed house in which a witch and her hellish amalgam of a familiar are said to have lived is downright disturbing and creepy and just too well written for comfort Which makes it yet another masterpiece in the Lovecraft canon.THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK is my third most beloved Lovecraft story and also the last one he ever wrote that we know of Eschewing the first person for the third limited, Lovecraft treats us to a chilling account of what the protagonist, Robert Blake, discovers when, driven by his penchant for the occult, he decides to go and explore a haunted church in the town of Providence, RI Here again the writing is on point as Lovecraft knows better than anyone how to create an atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia, playing unashamedly with the fear of the unknown and impending doom Deeply steeped in the Cthulhu mythos, this story is a prime example of how curiosity can kill a cat.THE CALL OF CTHULHU Although not the first Lovecraft story to introduce an element of the Cthulhu mythos that would be Dagon, also included in this collection , this one is the first to feature the foul smelling, tentacle wielding and potbellied deity in all its greasy and nasty glory Written as an epistolary short story, it gives an account of the discovery of Cthulhu via a series of documents left behind by the great uncle of the narrator, Francis Wayland Thurston Three words groundbreaking, masterful, perfect THE RATS IN THE WALLS is another gothic masterpiece recounting the tale of Delapore, an American who decides to cross the pond and move to England into his ancestral manor, the ill fated Exham Priory After restoring it, Delapore soon discovers that something isn t quite right about the place and, prompted by scurrying noises in the walls, decides to investigate Lovecraft juggles many balls in this one the haunted house, genetic mutations, cannibalism, forbidden worships and eldritch doesn t Lovecraft just love this word cults, the inescapability of heredity, mental disorder, etc providing us with nail biting scenes of exploration and horror, and tying it all together albeit loosely into his infamous Cthulhu mythos Definitely a winner.THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH is yet another effective horror story set waist deep in the Cthulhu mythos, and from what I ve heard, a favorite of many Lovecraft aficionados Told once again in the first person, the story is about a student whose name is never revealed who goes to the ruined seaside town of Innsmouth, Mass., for what he thinks will be a one day trip Lovecraft spares no words in describing the cursed town, and we soon understand that the nature of the curse boils down to an invasion of Innsmouth many years ago by the Deep Ones, an ancient people that came ashore from the bottom of the sea From the town drunk with whom the narrator has a long perhaps overlong conversation, we learn that the Deep Ones used to practice human sacrifices in Innsmouth and also did not hesitate to mate with local women, hence the fishy appearance of many of the inhabitants The whole thing ends up with a big reveal, which for once isn t as bad as one might expect for a Lovecraft story, and the author even gives us a long, very well written action scene toward the end, which is something rare enough to be mentioned and relished.I guess I could go on like this forever, as there are many other stories in this collection that are worth reading and rereading, but I will stop here for now It s late, and I think I heard something scurrying in the walls Wonder what it is OLIVIER DELAYEAuthor of the SEBASTEN OF ATLANTIS seriesThe Forgotten Goddess

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    The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear H.P Lovecraft This collection of weird fiction short stories and novellas is slightly inconsistent in terms of quality, but it contains so many genuinely original and thoroughly harrowing, sinister tales that, on the whole, I found it a highly enjoyable and often exquisitely eerie reading experience That said, I d really only recommend it for hardcore fans of Lovecraft for everyone else, there are far better by which I really mean far shorter ways to get acquainted with him At nearly 900 pages, this volume is better suited to those who ve already explored his famous stories, although you ll find all of his most popular works here, too, and they are incredibly fun to revisit If you re also interested in delving deeper into his oeuvre, in dwelling amongst all the snarling chaos and grinning fear that lurk behind life, you will find much to savor here Lovecraft was a very dark, very strange little monkey.List of Stories Night GauntsDagonThe Statement of Randolph CarterThe Doom The Came to SarnathThe Cats of Ulthar The Nameless CityHerbert West Reanimator The Music of Erich Zann The Lurking Fear The HoundThe Rats in the Walls Under the PyramidsThe UnnamableIn the Vault The OutsiderThe Horror at Red HookThe Colour Out of SpacePickman s Model The Call of Cthulhu Cool Air The Shunned HouseThe Silver KeyThe Dunwich HorrorThe Whisperer in DarknessThe Strange High House in the MistThe Dreams in the Witch HouseFrom BeyondThrough the Gates of the Silver KeyAt the Mountains of MadnessThe Shadow Over Innsmouth The Shadow Out of TimeThe Haunter of the DarkThe Thing on the DoorstepThe Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Dream Quest of Unknown KadathTo a DreamerAfterword A Gentleman of Providence by Stephen Jones personal favorite

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    I suppose the two best words to describe my feelings on the work of the 20th century s most prolific horror writer are mostly disappointing.THE GOODI wasn t disappointed with everything A bunch of stories stood out for me as being genuine, page turning excitement The Colour Out of Space, The Dunwich Horror, The Whisperer in Darkness, Dreams in the Witch House, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward were all outstanding pieces of spookery that still managed to give me chills nearly 100 years after the time of writing, and that is one heck of an accomplishment.THE BADMaybe it s the generation gap, but I find it very hard to get accustomed to stories written with little or no dialogue Wave after wave of endless paragraphs broken only ever so slightly by the odd letter or telegram is a tedious way to tell a story This book contains 34 short stories, and by the end of the 4th one I was begging for some actual character work and dialogue, rather than And then I went here, and then this happened, and by the way here are some lovely descriptions of New England architecture for no particular reason Every one of these stories ESPECIALLY Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath is less a work of prose and of a steady ramble intermittently made all the jarring when Lovecraft tosses in unwieldy words like Shub Niggurath or Ia Azathoth Ia Ia Yargoth Leng Zok , because phrases like that add so much to the story.The horror itself works occasionally, and when it does it s friggin awesome But 80% of the time it s a melodramatic mess I totally understand the Jaws method of horror, wherein the less you see of the monster, the effective it is But in Lovecraft s case, not only do we barely ever glimpse his infamous creatures, but whenever we DO catch a fleeting glimpse our protagonists who are narrating these encounters faint Every Single Time Did people in the 1920s justFAINT a lot Was fainting a nation wide epidemic back then, like polio, or selfies People in these stories faint at the drop of a fucking hat I saw a rat Faint I heard a scary noise Faint I think there might be a piece of carrot stuck between my teeth Faint As for the monsters themselves, like I said, they re barely, BARELY present Lovecraft s imagination is strong enough to dream up so many fantastic terrors, yet he seems keen on keeping them to himself Even his protagonists are stingy with details their accounts of the horrors they witnessed are usually along the lines of And then I saw something that was so frightening that I can t even describe how frightening it was because its frightening quotient was utterly indescribable but trust me, it was really frightening, so you should totally faint now Lovecraft is also wont to repeat himself A LOT Yes, Howard, I know Arkham has gambrel roofs I know Nyarlathotep is a crawling chaos , and I know Abdul Al Hazred was known to be a Mad Arab I know this because after the first several hundred times you brought it up, it happened to stick In At The Mountains of Madness , if I d had a dollar for every time Lovecraft used the words decadent and demoniac , I could have purchased a very big yacht, or a very small country.Considering that these stories are supposed to make up The Cthulu Mythos, I was a little miffed to say the least when I turned the final page and realized that I could only recall Cthulu s name popping up twice TWICE, in 850 pages And even then it was probably in some context like And I thought I saw Cthulu, but then I fainted I guess I was just hoping for something grander Maybe Arkham Horror spoiled me, but I bought this book expecting an intricate tapestry of characters scattered throughout the same town, slowly unravelling the ancient mysteries of some hitherto unknown supernatural force encroaching upon them from beyond time space, finally uniting in some epic conclusion that would pit man against monster Kinda like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except instead of robots superheroes it would be cosmic octopus monsters hard boiled 1920s detectives, embarking on their own unique individual adventures before coming together Avengers style for the final curtain Unfortunately, neither the monsters nor the humans receive much characterization As mentioned, the monsters exist not on the page but solely in Lovecraft s mind, and the humans are usually dull interchangeable A few of these heroes seemed like they were ABOUT to get interesting, but then a cool breeze blew through their windows, naturally causing them to faint.The cover of this book states that these are the best weird tales of H.P Lovecraft Here s hoping I never have to read the worst.

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    It seriously took a publisher how much of a century to title a collection of Lovecraft s stories Necronomicon Like seventy years Did it really just not occur to anyone Shouldn t the first collected volume of his stories have been called that I blame August Derleth.Speaking of whom, I don t believe this edition features the re edited versions of the texts available in the Library of America edition of Lovecraft Necronomicon includes the older editions as published by Derleth s Arkham House, featuring Derleth s let s call them bold typographical choices , including italicizing the second half of the final sentence in many stories to heighten tension and irritate me.Oh also There s a rather nice map of Arkham, Massachusetts printed on the front and back endpapers Admittedly it s very similar to the map accompanying the Arkham entry in The Dictionary of Imaginary Places, but never mind that Endpaper maps Whooooo At least it s rather better than Necronomicon s other illustrations, which are for some reason the same three pictures of a shifty lookin guy, a pile of old books and papers, and a megalith, repeated fairly randomly at the first and last pages of many stories Why not Also it s bound really poorly, basically a paperbound book with hard boards, but this is true of virtually all hardcover editions published these days, which is lamentable but hardly unique to this book.I sound like I m being pretty hard on Necronomicon, but I was totally pleased with it I like having a single volume hardcover edition of most of Lovecraft s stories with the single most appropriate title possible Not all stories are included notable omissions include Nyarlathotep and Beyond the Wall of Sleep but it includes most important works, such as The Call of Cthulhu , At the Mountains of Madness , The Whisperer in Darkness , The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath , and so on That s really all I ask of a Necronomicon.Also the italics are kinda like eldritch alien text, yeah Sure Edit Ok, looking back, there are than just those three repeating illustrations.There are also pictures of some houses.

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    New life goal to write a cult book about another book that doesn t exist.

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    Necronomicon the Best Weird Tales of H.P Lovecraft was my first taste of true classic horror I mean I ve read Poe, Irving, Shelley, etc but for some reason I don t think about classic horror when I think of those author s stories Lovecraft is the epitome of classic horror in my book I haven t read any of Algernon Blackwood s spooky tales but from what I just read no one can beat Lovecraft I finished reading Jane Austen s seven large novels not too long ago, and I was astounded by her writing ability I think I just read someone who can not only rival her but top her Lovecraft s writing prose is one of the best of the classic writers I ve read this year The way he describes his monsters and establishes a creepy scene is definitely something worth studying if you re a writer If you didn t know, the Necronomicon is a collection of his best works They aren t all of his works There were a few stories that took a while before getting to the good stuff but most immediately drew you into the story My favorite is Herbert West Reanimator Not only did it have a necromancy like feel to it like Frankenstein, but Lovecraft went into how West began his studies in bringing the dead to life and it completely drew my interest It was not only creepy but cool as F% K I also liked the Doom that Came to Sarnath, The Colour out of Space, and the Call of Cthulhu to name a few If you love spooky tales and haven t read Lovecraft I totally recommend that you do You will not be disappointed I ve enjoyed reading these tales this past month and I really looked forward to my lunch hour at work because I could read my next Lovecraft story I haven t loved reading this much in a long time I also loved some of the audiobooks If I forgot my book at home I would listen to one on youtube The first youtube page I listened to was Horror Babble with readings by Ian Gordan What A Treat next youtube page I came across that was just as good, if not better, was Horror Readings by G.M Danielson His introduction to each of the books is a bit much I don t like the modern demonic horror stuff, but his readings are AMAZE Ballz I hope you enjoy these stories just as much as I did Don t let the shadows bite

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    H.P Lovecraft has been on my list for years now Horror fiction isn t usually my genre of choice, but I ve heard people cite Lovecraft for so long that I felt a duty to read him and see what all the fuss is about To be clear, after reading him I still don t understand what all the fuss is about.As far as Lovecraft s obvious let s not kid ourselves racism, it s my belief that it is possible to separate the art from the artist I still watch Roman Polanski films decades after Polanski was accused and pled guilty to rape, I don t avoid Tom Cruise films because he s the foremost member of a psychotic cult just because the films are usually supposed to be good , and the same with regard to other unsavory figures like Woody Allen and Mel Gibson However, I do believe that with Lovecraft it s different The man s racism is clearly evident in his stories I wouldn t watch a Roman Polanski film in which the protagonist raped a 13 year old, and the protagonists here often serve as mouthpieces for Lovecraft s racist views and no, he was a product of a racist society does not and should not excuse him There is no purpose, as far as I could tell, for any of the racism present in these stories They don t advance the plots in any way and the overtly racist characters like one who calls his dog niggerman are not portrayed as villains No, they re the good guys.Don t get me wrong, taking a stand against an obvious racist is much easier when you don t like any of his stories, and I don t like any of these stories Not one even though they re all so similar there might as well just be one If someone could explain to me what literary merit H.P Lovecraft has other than merely serving to inspire Stephen King and other genre writers I would be grateful.There is nothing the tiniest bit scary here other than the aforementioned racism When Lovecraft isn t ripping off better writers, like Mary Shelley whose Frankenstein obviously served as inspiration for tales like Herbert West Reanimator Lovecraft is just writing about the same alien like creatures who are rarely if ever seen but who cause the male protagonists to faint all the same.Once I d gotten halfway through I just started skimming the remaining stories I m confident I didn t miss anything because I read them all in the first half Overrated, repetitive, and boring are the three words that I ll associate with Lovecraft from here on Oh, and racist Don t waste your time.

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    If i was stranded on a little island with just one book, this would be it.The best horror stories ever written.Could also be used as a chair or a little table in this scenario It s huge.

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    Cyclopean p 454 Carter now spoke with the leaders int he soft language of cats, and learned that his ancient friendship with the species was well known and often spoken of in the places where cats congregate He had not been unmarked in Ulthar when he passed through, and the sleek old cats had remembered how he petted them after they had attended to the hungry zoogs who looked evilly at a small black kitten And they recalled, too, how he had welcomed the very little kitten who came to see him at the inn, and how he had given it a saucer of rich cream in the morning before he left The grandfather of that very little kitten was the leader of the army now assembled, for he had seen the evil procession from a far hill and recognized the prisoner as a sworn friend of his kind on earth and in the land of dream The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath What can I say, I ve become a Lovecraft fan While most Lovecraftian stories can be summed up to something unspeakably terrifying happened but it was so horrible that I cannot actually describe it , his ideas, weird universes and the beings within are unique What seems cliche to us now is largely thanks to him except maybe Tekeli li Tekeli li I stole the following from r lovecraft One time, this guy went to a place, and it was SO spooky But, being a man of science, and of an inquisitive mind, he continued going to the spooky place, and damn was it spooky Eventually, he became obsessed with the spooky place, and the locals, who know about but don t speak of spooky things, shunned him.Then he died under mysterious circumstances that everybody knew was because of the spooky thing, but nobody would admit DBefore Lovecraft, horror was about killers, kidnappers, ghosts human faults and sins and divine or other punishment in the sense of you reap what you sow Lovecraft instead creates a vision of a vast cosmos completely indifferent to humans, and their earthly bullsh t, filled with forces before which we are helpless, which we cannot hope to understand, and which would destroy our minds if we only saw or knew We could categorize him as a writer of cosmic horror.Obviously, he wrote a lot so not all stories fall under this category, but the best ones do I recommend The Cats of Ulthar, The Shadow over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthulhu, The Outsider, The Thing on the Doorstep, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath and the Whisperer In Darkness.P.S I listened to many of these stories on youtube, there s a fantastic channel who does readings of various horror writers horrorbabble

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