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    This book was a real find for me Nazimova is one of the most mysterious of silent film stars, and one of my favorites I saw her Salome when I was in my early twenties and I became obsessed Finding an entire biography on her was a dream come true First, I have to give ENORMOUS props to the author The research on this book is insane Not only is it difficult to find information on many silent stars, but in this case Nazimova was born in a time when the records were not as voluminous as they are now even finding birth certificates can be a struggle Still, the author managed to find much, much Many actual records of her life from her childhood on that is no mean feat Nazimova also had a nomadic childhood to say the least and he still managed to track down quite a bit of information on that time of her life Also, special credit for exploring as much information as he could access on Nazimova s Jewish heritage The book covers her fascinating stage career, her mysterious love life, her very traumatic childhood and her silent film career and goes all the way to her final, sad years Nazimova was a well known bisexual though she favored women when it came to relationships and it touches on her significant relationships with both men and women It also exposes how much true information was lost when her long term partner Glesca decided to re write history to protect Nazimova s legacy The book is also filled with tons and tons of pictures from childhood til her later years this part is a huge blessing to collectors like me Highly recommend.

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    After reading this detailed biography, I was reminded of how fleeting is fame Even though Nazimova was famous for over 40 years, today she is practically unknown In a hundred years she went from wealth, adulation power to a minor footnote in other people s biographies.Over the years, I have read snippets about her in other books about Hollywood Broadway, which made me curious to learn about her I m grateful that Lambert researched and wrote this thorough examination of Nazimova s life She did so much in her life, I was shocked when I found out she died at only 65 She crammed about 150 years of living into that 65.Nazimova s life and career can be separated into several distinct periods First, her youth in Russia, where she studied with Stanislavsky just as he was formulating his acting training beliefs that later turned into Method Acting Next, she moved to America and worked with top producers and actors on Broadway and became a huge success The beginning of the film industry lured her to Hollywood for about a decade where she became a silent film star and bought the famous mansion The Garden of Allah Back to Broadway for another ten years or so before returning to finish up her life in Hollywood, playing small supporting roles in movies.I enjoyed reading about all the random famous people that were a part of her life at various points Emma Goldman the anarchist helped raise money and supported Nazimova s first acting troupe because Goldman had a crush on the head of that theater group That was a weird cameo Hey, even radical, anarchist feminists need to be entertained sometimes, I guess Another odd famous person in Nazimova s life was Nancy Reagan Yes, that Nancy Reagan Nazimova was her godmother So random An 18 year old Monty Clift had his first theater role in a play starring her Of course, throughout the biography, Nazimova works with and or befriends a long list of legendary people in the entertainment industry Yet, today she is forgotten and others like Charlie Chaplin and Grata Garbo are remembered Why

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    Gavin Lambert is a mesmerizing writer He chronicles Nazimova s hellish childhood which shaped all that followed, I believe , her dramatic rise on the stage where she did her best work her Hollywood years and beyond I find it sad that her stage performances exist only in the memories of those who were lucky enough to see her back in the day, and those people are leaving us very quickly Nazimova strikes me as a woman who could be infuriating, frustrating, difficult, kind, generous, funny, certainly her own worst enemy at times, and sometimes all of the above in the same moment The fun she would have during performances made me laugh out loud, and the stupid choices she made for film made me say no, don t DO that to the pages of this meticulously researched book About her sister and niece, I have no kind words whatsoever, and I can thoroughly understand why Lambert dismissed anything the niece had to say I can t wait to read the other film related books that Gavin Lambert has written I m so glad I started with this one This one grabbed me from the first page and I found it all fascinating Great for film and theater buffs, people who are interested in womens issues, and survivors of child abuse Alla Nazimova was a fascinating, frustrating woman and I m glad I got to spend this time with her.

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    This is the only biography I can find on Nazimova and it was well worth the read I find her fascinating and her film Salome is one of my favorite silent films ever She led a very colorful life after growing up in a very dysfunctional family environment From her lavender marriage to her risque and daring film choices that were ahead of their time,this novel was an intriguing and compelling read.

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    This was a really interesting book Because I m not super interested in silent film or that industry, there was a lot that I skimmed through Alla Nazimova s life, however, was fascinating.

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    Fascinating biography of one of the great movie stars of the silent era Nazimova starred in and ptoduced her own movies, and although usually uncredited often wrote and directed them as well.

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    This was a decent biography of one of the great actresses of the early 20th Century Unfortunately, it was written so long after her death that a lot of her biographical information was simply not available Lambert is an expert on Hollywood, however and wrote a very compelling narrative of the strange but talented Nazimova.

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    some people were just too cool for history

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    I don t own the book, but I have read some pages of it, and reviews about it I really want to own this book, about the life of an amazing woman.

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    Nazimova was for the most an actress of the theatre and of silent films so in spite of her immense influence in her time she is mostly forgotten today She actualized major roles in Ibsen, Checkov and O Neil The performances of these classics today still are influenced by her styles of acting Unfortunatly she chose to direct most of her own silent films and those that survive mosly lack stature This book is well worth reading even if your interests do not include theater.

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Nazimova: A Biography summary pdf Nazimova: A Biography, summary chapter 2 Nazimova: A Biography, sparknotes Nazimova: A Biography, Nazimova: A Biography 2cc83d5 A Major Rediscovery A Full Scale Biography Of The Electrifying Russian Born Actress Who Brought Stanislavksy And Chekhov To American Theatre, Who Was Applauded, Lionized, Adored A Legend Of The Stage And Screen For Forty Years, And Then Strangely Forgotten Her Shockingly Natural Approach To Acting Transformed The Theatre Of Her Day She Thrilled Laurette Taylor The First Time Tennessee Williams Saw Her He Knew He Wanted To Be A Playwright She Was So Shatteringly Powerful That I Couldn T Stay In My Seat Eugene O Neill Said Of Her That She Gave Him His First Conception Of A Modern Theatre She Introduced The American Stage And Its Audience To Ibsen S New Woman, A Woman Hell Bent On Independence It Was A Role Nazimova Embodied Offstage As Well When She Toured In A Repertory Of A Doll S House, The Master Builder, And Hedda Gabler From To , She Earned The Then Unheard Of Sum Of Five Million Dollars For Theatre Manager Lee Shubert Eight Years Later She Went To Hollywood And Signed A Contract With Metro Pictures Before It Was MGM And Became The Highest Paid Actress In Silent Pictures, Ultimately Writing, Directing, And Producing Her Own Movies Revelation, Stronger Than Death, Billions, Salome Four Years Later She Formed Her Own Film Company She Was The Only Actress, Other Than Mae West, To Become A Movie Star At Forty, And Was The First To Cultivate The Image Of The Foreign Sophisticate, Soon To Be Followed By Pola Negri, Greta Garbo, And Marlene Dietrich Gavin Lambert Was Given Exclusive Access To Her Unpublished Memoirs, Letters, And Notes And Now Fifty Years After Her Death, Eighty Years After Her Ascendancy As A Giant Figure To The American Public,Lambert Has Brilliantly Re Created The Life And Work Of This Complex, Dark, Glamorous, And Important Figure

  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • Nazimova: A Biography
  • Gavin Lambert
  • English
  • 23 October 2017
  • 9780679407218

About the Author: Gavin Lambert

British screenwriter, buiographer, and novelist Lambert was educated at Cheltenham and Oxford, where he became friends with filmmakers Karel Reisz and Lindsay Anderson At Oxford he also founded, together with Reisz and Anderson, the short lived but influential journal, Sequence, which he co edited with Anderson From 1949 to 1955 he edited the periodical Sight and Sound, with Anderson as a regul