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  • 23 October 2019

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    Ignoring the problem will not make it go away Take control of your life today Author Gustavo Kinrys, M.D is well known for his many articles and books on treatment resistant depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, development of novel pharmacologic agents and diagnostic tools for mood and anxiety disorders, and applications of natural remedies and new technologies alone and combined with conventional pharmacologic therapies for treatment refractory patients He is a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School Co author Alexandra K Gold researches in clinical psychology and psychiatry at Boston University, emphasizing novel treatments for co occurring bipolar disorder and substance use disorders.As the country copes with adverse effects from pharmacologic treatment of illness including the current opioid epidemic , the role of alternative treatments such as diet supplements is growing in importance The authors have presented a valuable resource for guidance on how to treat common anxiety and stress with vitamins, nutrients, herbs coupled with techniques of meditation, exercise, and mindfulness in a manner that is accessible and easy to incorporate into a personal regimen as treatment for both self and family members The Preface states the book s intent well We all experience stress and anxiety on a regular basis It is simply a part of our everyday lives Both have harmful effects on your body and can contribute to high blood pressure headaches, altered moods, increased cholesterol, and the list goes on Most people do nothing about their anxiety and stress levels because they are unaware of the impact it has on their lives This is a practical and quick consult book containing information that is supported by medical research for individuals who prefer to try a natural solution prior to pursuing conventional treatments such as medication The contents of this valuable book include a survey discussion of anxiety disorders with an excellent description of symptoms of both anxiety and depression followed by a very sound discussion of many vitamin and herbal resources in detail as well as advice on breathing exercises, diet monitoring, Yoga, exercise, acupuncture, aromatherapy, music therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, biofeedback and All of this is related in accessible common language that is easy to understand and incorporate The tables at book s end present nutrient based, herbal based, natural, and alternative remedies as well as a valuable discussion of anxiety and stress relieving foods This is one of the finest resources for alternative medicine available a book that belongs in everyone s library Highly recommended.

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    stress and anxiety sufferers best friend Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress A Practical Guide is a useful compilation of current recommended natural supplements and herbal remedies for combating symptoms of anxiety and depression The current word we live in creates a chaotic breakneck pace of living that is far removed from the world of reliance on natural healing that our ancestors lived in The numbers of people reporting symptoms of stress and seeking medical intervention are at an all time high It is no surprise with the rising cost of healthcare and the seemingly never ending news reports of recalled pharmaceuticals or class action lawsuits resulting from irresponsible marketing of pharmaceuticals, that the demand for natural remedies is on the rise The trouble is everyone tends to have an opinion and those opinions are unreliable as they often begin as I read on the internet or my great aunt use to There is so much conflicting and unqualified information out there on natural anxiety and stress relief that one finds themselves seeking advice from the employees at the local natural foods store While this may prove somewhat reliable that the internet or great aunt Mary, often times those employees are either focused on the sale, have biased training from the producers of their products or simply are just as uneducated and confused as the rest of us Up until now, it has felt like a shot in the dark when trying out a supplement Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress A Practical Guide is a game changer Co Written by Gustavo Kinrys MD, a graduate of mayo and faculty at Harvard Med school and Alexandra Gold MA a doctoral candidate and researcher at Boston University These authors have definitive authority on the topic, this is not written by Great Aunt Mary The authors thoroughly detail signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress and then list known supplements and herbs that correspond to each symptom, they include possible side effects and interactions from each one My favorite part of this book is the pull out resource tables in the back These tables make it so easy to see which supplements and whole foods work for which specific symptoms and how they work I simply throw them in my purse and am off to the natural store This book is seriously a stress and anxiety sufferers best friend.

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    Wow Fabulous reference for those suffering from anxiety and stress This is an exhaustive reference book for those searching for a non chemical strategy for anxiety or stress I really appreciated the even handed style the authors showed toward all the methods they catalogued here It s an impressive listing that includes several methods like music therapy that most medical professionals wouldn t even consider, and also includes warnings for those methods that can be used in excess.There are chapters on everything from the actual symptoms of stress and anxiety and their effects on the body, to nutritional guidance, herbal remedies and relaxation methods, to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and yoga Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, biofeedback and even Transcranial Magnetic Therapy this was a new one to me are covered in good detail, and in each case the authors add appropriate cautions where needed If you re interested in relieving your symptoms and want to try something that s not off the shelf at the doctor s office, this book has a choice that will suit you.If you re looking for a quick guide, there are handy charts in the back They re organized into types of remedies such as nutrient based, herbal based, natural and alternative remedies, and anxiety and stress relieving foods These get you pointed in the right direction for your individual situation, and they re just as well organized as the rest of this book There s even a shopping list to take to the grocery store to make sure you get all the nutritional support you need in one trip The only thing I didn t like was that the authors tend to be repetitive, but it s a small fault in a really impressive volume.I highly recommend this as a reference for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety which seems be include a LOT of us that s up to date and open minded.

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    Physical or mental stress and anxiety seem to be part of daily life A little bit of stress, off and on, is not a bad thing The problem is when the stress is chronic This book offers ways to combat it.Anxiety can manifest itself in many different symptoms, ranging from chest pain to dry mouth to sleep disorders to depression The book talks about the common symptoms of stress and fear.There are a number of nutrient based supplements that are available, including lysine, magnesium, melatonin and omega 3 fatty acids There are also a lot of herbal based remedies available, including chamomile, ginkgo biloba, lemon balm, lavender and valerian root Don t forget about other natural remedies, including deep breathing, choosing the right foods, staying hydrated and exercise.These therapies may lessen, or eliminate, the effects of your anxiety, but they won t do anything for whatever is causing the anxiety That might call for yoga or acupuncture, meditation or biofeedback If the cause of your anxiety is a phobia, you might need cognitive behavioral therapy.As with anything medical, a trip to your local doctor is a very good idea The book also includes a shopping list of fruits and vegetables that will help reduce the effects of your anxiety This book is short, and very easy to read and understand For those suffering from constant stress or anxiety, the answer may be right here.

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    Beyond Conquering Your Stress Fears Dr Kinrys along with Dr Gold tackle natural options for dealing with Anxiety and Stress This self book is a practical guide is formulated as an easy format to try natural solutions over pursuing conventional treatments like pharmaceutical medications It is pointed out that there is both positive and negative stress which one you personally experience depends on your own unique experience of the tension between the strain from the conflict between our external environment and us I found that they do not try to make you feel that this unique way our own personal fears and stress tackle our lives does not change that others suffer also This short one hundred fifty five page self help book has a lot of bang for your buck The references for herbal and mineral supplements alone saves you tons of time and stress finding ways all the possible supplements to help you outside of traditional drugs I read Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress after reading Dr Kinrys book Conquering Your Stress Fears and I found the information completely unique to both books I found the information invaluable and even though I do not suffer from an anxiety disorder useful to help me with my occasional anxiety.

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    Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress A Practical Guide by Gustavo Kinrys MD is a great, simple to use guide that provides alternatives to conventional methods of treatment for the anxiety and stress in your life Most people experience stress,and many don t want to take dangerous drugs that can become addictive Dr Kinrys offers effective solutions for those looking into different options The book outlines many of the symptoms of stress and anxiety from chest pain to sleep disorders Often people dismiss these symptoms without looking for a root cause However, with this clear and concise book, you can find some answers to dealing with your anxiety or stress in an effective manner One of the best suggestions in the book is to simply write everything down, this will put some distance between you and your thoughts Sometimes delaying thinking about a troublesome thought until later is an effective strategy in dealing with worry Overall, a helpful book that will guide you on the path to less stress and anxiety in your life.

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    Helped me Just finished reading Anxiety And Stress A Practical Guide I gotta say that this book took me a long while to read I usually burn through books very quickly and have no problem staying focused, but I think due to the nature and subject of this book I had a difficult time burning through it quickly That being said however I feel like that was okay I really soaked this book in I think I gave myself permission to absorb this book slowly, which also helped me in ways I think the author intended Obviously this book is meant to aid in improving your lifestyle in terms of managing stress and anxiety I can say that it will definitely help And why not it a try That s what I thought It couldn t hurt And it did end up helping There is lots of practical advice that I found logical, inspiring, and most importantly, nonredundant The information will bump you up a notch in life, without a doubt.Give it a try You wont regret it And you ll most likely even develop a few new techniques that will help you manage your stress and anxiety.

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    This book gave some good information on ways you can naturally help reduce stress and anxiety It had a lot of information about chemicals in the foods and supplements That part was interesting, but I was really interested in the stress management tips strategies Most of the information is what you would expect to read, concepts like eating healthier, getting rest and exercise, meditating, and avoiding negative thought bubbles My only concern is that making so many significant changes in a person s life can also cause stress and anxiety Just thinking about how to achieve so many goals to relieve stress causes mestress Yes, these things are great and useful but trying to follow a whole new regiment or trying to change too much at once is a road to anxiety if not done right A chapter about how to maneuver effectively into these strategies would have been very beneficialideas of where to start or how to start small and ramp up.

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    Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress A Practical Guide is a comprehensive book outlining the nervous system under stress There are many ailments a person can feel under stress that mimic serious health risks Dr Gustavo Kinrys has graduated and taught at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, while Alexandra Gold is known for her impressive research work in bipolar and substance use disorders Together they wrote an excellent book on how to identify and diminish anxiety in your life What I like about Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress is the authors recognizes the use of too many drugs used for treatment which causes problems and look for an answer without using drugs if possible The most common drugs used to combat anxiety and stress are additive Getting to the root problem and correcting from there is explained often in this book, not only understanding yourself but others is also a key in find a solution to stress.

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    I have been taking medication for anxiety for several years, recently I have had to stop taking them because of the terrible side effects My anxiety was at an all time high and I needed to do something so I started looking at lifestyle changes to deal with it, my search led me to this book and all I can say is that I am very impressed I have never had any counselling for my condition, so I really didn t understand it This book gives you insight into the main causes of anxiety, the symptoms and understanding panic attacks which I suffer from often It teaches you that diet plays a role in anxiety and what you need to eat to combat it The book highlights herbal based remedies as well as breathing and relaxation exercises you can do when you start feeling anxious I have applied all the techniques laid out in the book and I can honestly say that I feel less anxious and much relaxed in general I highly recommend this book.

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Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress characters Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress , audiobook Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress , files book Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress , today Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress , Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress d6dc3 Are You Looking For Natural Options To Use For Anxiety And Stress But Don T Know What They Are Or What Dosage Is Safe And Effective Now There S A Quick Consult Self Help Book That Goes Beyond Describing Which Herbs, Vitamins, And Nutrients Help Specific Ailments In This Book, You Ll Find The Best Ways To Take These Products, As Well As The Correct Dosages You Ll Also Discover A Host Of Other Modalities Like Exercise, Mindfulness, And Meditation That Alleviate The Distress Associated With Anxiety And Stress This Practical Guide Is Formulated To Give You The Help You Need In An Easy To Use Format Get It And Keep It Accessible If You Want To Try Natural Solutions Over Pursuing Conventional Treatments Like Medications

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