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[PDF] ✈ 目送 By Lung Ying-tai – 龍應台的文字,「橫眉冷對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢[PDF] ✈ 目送 By Lung Ying-tai – 龍應台的文字,「橫眉冷對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢? 龍應台的文字,「橫眉冷.

對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢來》到坦率得近乎「痛楚」的《親愛的安德烈》,龍應台的寫作境界逐漸轉往人生的深沉。  《目?.

目送 ebok 目送 PDF對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢來》到坦率得近乎「痛楚」的《親愛的安德烈》,龍應台的寫作境界逐漸轉往人生的深沉。  《目?.

Kindle 目送 eBook Á é

Kindle 目送 eBook Á é Lung Ying tai traditional Chinese 龍應台 simplified Chinese 龙应台 pinyin Lóng Yìngtái born February in Kaohsiung is a Taiwanese essayist and cultural critic She occasionally writes under the pen name 'Hu Meili' 胡美麗 Lung's poignant and critical essays contributed to the democratization of Taiwan and as the only Taiwanese writer with a column in major mainland Chinese newspapers sh.

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  1. LEUNG CHIN KIU Felix LEUNG CHIN KIU Felix says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFThis book includes a lot of separated stories 散文 which talk about the author's living and life it taught me about the way of living and the things that we should do and not to do One of the chapter talked about the author's parents getting old I learn from that one a lot to cherish your time living in this world and be prepared it made me impressed This book packed a lot of interesting ideas and stories for us to check out as well as some funny things and fact that happen the author described scenarios in a really realistic way This

  2. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDF Life is a journey full of unexpected events which is worth a ride This is a book consists of 74 proses Most of them were about life love friendship relationship and the author's experiences I like those precious lessons of life because they were truly touching and thought provoking making me retrospect my daily life and the way I interact with people or family 「人生由淡淡的悲傷和淡淡的幸福組成,在小小的期待、偶爾的興奮和沉默的失望中度過每一天,然後帶著一種想說卻又說不來的『懂』,作最後的轉身離開。」Life is made up of simple grief and simple happiness living every day in tiny anticipation occasional excitement and silent disappointment and with a kind of understanding that's

  3. Barack Liu Barack Liu says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDF230 Mu Song Lung Ying tai Essay 2008Barack2019072920200624 —— The so called father daughter mother child match only means that your fate with him is that you are constantly watchin

  4. Qiuld Qiuld says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFShort stories about parents and family No much rhetoric no much exaggeration All about the ordinary stories everyone would encounter or less throughout the life

  5. Angus Angus says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFThis book tells me a lot about the author in the book the author put many small stories in her life and make this book This book let me know how her life was when I am reading at this story it really inspired me a lot I think the story of this book can be interesting by adding authors opinion and add pictures on it anyway it really let me know about the author this book is interesting but it can still have some improvement on it

  6. Wong Tsing Hay Wong Tsing Hay says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFThe book was a quite sad as it was about the author’s dad leaving this world her mom getting older and older her sons leaving her to study I liked the book as it was touching and I learnt many things from this book the book reminded me to spend time with my family and friends and also cherish the time with them Also it also taught me to be independent as there are always something that I need to deal it by myself

  7. Indy Indy says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFShort essays that inspire thoughts on life parenting and travel Some of them contain Chinese poems which really require some basic Chinese literature knowledge that I lack hence I found those passages a bit difficult to comprehend

  8. Cindy Chan Cindy Chan says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFMy all time favourite

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFA really touching book about life and death of the loved ones about the regret as a child about the deep love between family members

  10. Yeung King Fung Yeung King Fung says:

    Kindle 目送 eBook Á é 目送 ebok, 目送 PDFA great book in the Chinese Language to let me learn my chinese writing The book tells a lot of things that the mother thinks it has a very high language value

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