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  • Paperback
  • 261 pages
  • عصر العلم
  • أحمد زويل
  • Arabic
  • 15 December 2019

About the Author: أحمد زويل

Ahmed H Zewail 1999 26 1946 1963 1967 1976 1990 .

10 thoughts on “عصر العلم

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    want to read it to take use

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    image image error

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    za Last Part is amazing hopefully for Egypt

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    I knew alot of things about Dr Ahmed Zewail I made sure that he Deserves this prize because he Does his best,I m really proud of him.

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    This is a biography of the third Egyptian Nobel Laureate, Ahmed Zewail the first one is Anwar Sadat, followed by Naguib Mahfouz and the fourth one is Mohamed el Baradei who was born in Alexandria and get his early education there Apparently, his ability and talent all of a sudden spike up when he pursues his PhD in University of Pennsylvenia, United State With the excellent ambiance of research, amendments, technology and wide range of discussion, he managed to find a new field in science, specifically chemistry femtochemistry The idea of femtochemistry started when Zewail found the femtoseconds 10 to the power of 15 which enable the scientists to see beyond the transition mode of the atomic movement Here, the scientists can count how the covalent bond, the cis and trans bond begin to separate from both of the particle.To reach at this level, Zewail has wrote hundred papers and once the idea of femtoseconds spark up, his peer reviewed paper is spread with many commentaries by his collegues and his finding become well known in the country.One of the thing that I like from his journey is the way on how he perceives the academic achievement as not as the end of learning when he quotes the great Egyptian intellectual, Taha Hussein He even knows how he can contribute back to his country by writing this book and give some visions and solutions though it s quite superficial in order to bring back the Golden Age of Egyptian Civilisation.Whoever has lives in Egypt for a period of time, will discover the attractive moment when Zewail tells about the great figures in Egyptian culture like Umm Kalthoum, Taha Hussein, Naguib Mahfouz and so on.All in all, this book is not as vigorous and convoluted as Karen Armstrong, Edward Said, Prof Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, al Ghazali and Mustafa Mamoud s biographies but the way Zewail tells his story without dismissing the concentrated of the facts is quite captivating I read the English version of this book and found that the quality of the translation is above average.

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    at first there were too much unnecessary details ,, it was boringbut then it felt good to read about how his achievements were appreciated and rewarded..he did mention some very important points regarding improving the quality of education in the middle eastanyways this might sound weird but i liked him better before reading this book..

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    The 1st part of the book, which was the auther s quick biography,was a bit boring to me Although I do appreciate the reasons for which he wrote it The 2nd part, however, which was a group of speeches done by him in several events and ocasions, was the part that I really likes and agreed with 100%.

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    it s interesting, specially the first half of the book that was talking about his history While the second half is a little interested since it was talking about the role of knowledge in growing countries as he sees.

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    So inspiring

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    a Nobel Prize winner s vision and short biography, really worth reading carefully.

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