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My Smelly Ass files My Smelly Ass , read online My Smelly Ass , free My Smelly Ass , free My Smelly Ass , My Smelly Ass 3b719bcc2 My Smelly Ass Kids Funny Bedtime Story Picture Book Henrietta Stroked My Smelly Ass, Whilst Holding Her Nose And Striking A Strange Social Media Sort Of PoseIt Started To Tickle, Making My Ass Rear Up And End In A Pickle, Getting Its Hind Foot Stuck In A Hole Which Had Been Dug By A MoleMy Ass Began To Panic, Causing Methane Pressure To Build Up Inside Its Hide, Making It Bulge Ever WideI Said, You Know, My Ass Is Going To Blow She Started To Frown And We Prepared To Drown In A Pungent Sea Of Flatulence, Whilst I Feared The Sonic Booms Might Destroy All The Rooms In The Nearby TownThen, Like A Thousand Football Stadiums Of Flatulent Fans All Blowing Off Together In Perfect Harmony, My Ass Suffered A Major Gas Leak, Leaving Us Unable To Even Speak It Was So So Loud, But My Ass Looked So So ProudUnfortunately, At That Very Moment A Passer By Tossed His Burning Cigarette Butt Up High, Falling Into The Gas Cloud From The Sky His Butt Detonated A Big Bang And The Whole Universe Rang, As My Ass Sent Out A Shockwave Of Flaming Ass Radiation Which Knocked Us Off Our Feet And Into The StreetLooking Up, I Felt A Little Proud That My Smelly Ass Had Produced Such A Huge Mushroom CloudStill In A Daze, I Got My Ass Back On Its Feet In The Haze, Whilst All Around Us Was Now Ablaze, As Henrietta Screamed, My Ass Is On Fire Can Anyone Save Henrietta S Ass Will My Smelly Ass Ever Escape The Hole Dug By A Mole My Smelly Ass Children S Picture Book Will Have You And Your Children Laughing Out Loud This Read Makes A Great Bedtime Story Book For Any Kid Suitable For Both Boys And Girls, From Preschool Kids To Early School Children Ages , , ,AndUp To AgeYears Old Lee Pong Wong Has Set You A Challenge At The End Of The Book If You Accept The Challenge It Could Make You Famous

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    Weird but cuteEver since The Winky Dinky came out there has been several books out trying to be similar This is a bit different from the other ones but still in the same line It is cut with cute illustrations.

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    I love to read and review fellow indie authors children s books, but I m not sure where to start with this one lol I will say it is humorous and made me giggle I read a bit aloud to my husband and he snickered too I m not sure most parents or teachers would particularly want to read this book aloud to actual children, but who knows, there are some edgy, weird folks out there This reminds me of the humorous mock children s picture books you can find at the bookstore like Go the F to Sleep which are actually made for adults than kids.

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    What.what did I just read

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