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My Friend, the Starfinder txt My Friend, the Starfinder, text ebook My Friend, the Starfinder, adobe reader My Friend, the Starfinder, chapter 2 My Friend, the Starfinder, My Friend, the Starfinder f8154e Though Poetic, Lyon S Words Are Spare, Never Florid, For An Elegantly Powerful Effect With Silence Built In, Allowing Readers Space To Use Their Own Imaginations Gammell S Art Begins With Exuberant Shades, But When The Story Enters The Past, The Pictures Are As Gray As Dorothy S Kansas Until The Boy Finds The StarThe Rainbow Then Spectacularly Spills Its Colors Over The Boy, And The Book Closes With The Little Girl And The Starfinder Looking Out At The Universe, Filled With Colorful Planets And Golden Light The Horn Book

About the Author: George Ella Lyon

George Ella Lyon is a Kentucky author who has published in many genres, including picture books, poetry, juvenile novels, and articles.

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    A little girl listens to the stories of her elderly nextdoor neighbor He tells about the time he found a falling star The elderly man gives the little girl the star He also tells the story of finding the end of a rainbow He turned all the colors of the rainbow In the author s notes, George Ella Lyon tells us how he knew the star finder growing up This is a wonderful story about imagination and stories The astonishing tales of our grandparents and elderly folks express the incredible experiences of their lives The illustrator uses vivid watercolor pictures to relate the tales When we go into the past, Stephen Gammell uses shades of gray with splashes of color This remarkable book would be great for Grandparents s Day.

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    Ready yourself for a true story that defies belief A girl meets am old man who tells her amazing stories He starts by telling her of seeing a star fall and then heading into the fields to where it landed He picked up the star and took it home Then there was the time he found himself at the end of a rainbow, doused in colors Readers at this point will think they are in the middle of a magical picture book story, but in the author s note, Lyon tells us that she knew this man What a perfect way for it all to end In truth.Lyon s language here is gorgeous and often breathtaking She starts out with plain and simple wording that gets caught in the story and expands, filling the book with metaphor and wonder And to make it even wonderful, she does it a second time and readers will feel just as captured and amazed as the first time.Pair her deft language with Gammell s art and you get a book that fairly sings with color and story Gammell uses his loose art to perfectly capture the connections between people and the singular moments we find ourselves in Highly recommended, this picture book is a welcome addition to any library collection It should be shared with children and then they should be given time to hear your stories of wonders that have happened to you and to share their own A chance to share and connect is the perfect ending to this book.

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    Fiction With the illustrator s water color like images and settle lyrics from the author, this story tells of a little girl that visits her elderly neighbor The man tells her how he found a star when he was young He has kept it all this time and gave it to the girl Later, a rainbow found him and he also gave that to the girl I felt that this story was a little harder to understand than your run of the mill picture book Even with this quality, the story of the little girl and her neighbor is whimsical and enchanting I find it a little harder to understand because the way the author writes requires abstract thinking to the message it is giving I could use this book in a classroom when grandparents day is near.

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    My Friend The Starfinder is about a little girl who lives across the street from an elderly man This man tells her the craziest stories about catching stars and holding rainbows and then brings them to her Come to find out that this is actually based on a true story of an elderly man that used to tell a young lady a bunch of crazy stories just to make her laugh I thought this story was very heart warming and I really enjoyed reading it I may use this story in a classroom to teach my students the difference between fiction and non fiction, because in this story it is kind of hard to decide.

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    This book so vividly makes me think of my grandfather, who was not only a starfinder, but the best storyteller I ve ever encountered The illustrations are beautiful and I love that we never see the old man s face This small omission allows readers to turn this old man into anyone they would like, just like I did I will definitely be purchasing this book for myself My three year old wasn t as excited about the book as me, but with time I m sure he ll enjoy it much .

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    The narrator in this story is a little girl She talks about a man she met who found a star that had fallen to earth Then she tells how the same man accidentally ran through a rainbow and turned all kinds of colors I really enjoyed this book for the vivid illustrations It was also amusing how she insisted that the story was true when it obviously was not I would use this book when talking about illustrations and about telling the truth.

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    Amazing illustrations Not so good of a narrative It describes a girl who talks to the old man in her neighborhood, and he tells her stories of his adventures In one of these stories, he finds a star, and in another, he holds a rainbow and becomes one as well But I didn t quite understand the plot, and barely understood what the stories were the old man told.

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    Not quite right for the rainbow story time, but an interesting book none the less I wish the author had put in some information about meteorites and why he found himself in a rainbow.

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    Beautiful, etherial illustrations even lovely story of a multigenerational friendship.

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    In the book, My Friend, the Starfinder, by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by Stephen Gammell, Lyon tells the story of a younger girl and the stories her friend, the Starfinder, tells her The Starfinder is an old man and tells beautifully colored tales of his childhood to the young girl who remains nameless throughout the story The illustrations in the text support the rather short story line The beginning of the book has beautiful colored watercolor illustrations that paint the old man as engaging and interesting character Throughout the text the Starfinder s face remains hidden from the reader The illustrations of the tales of the old man are painted black and white As the tale of the Starfinder finds the star and later the when he finds the end of the rainbow does color slowly enter the illustrations I feel that color is very important to this particular book as it puts the focus of specific elements of the storyline such as the star, his purple hand, his clothing, and the landscape I also believe that the introduction of color throughout the story is used as a symbol of transformation of the Starfinder from a child to an old man I felt the illustrations out shown the storyline and wished that Lyon had added substance and depth to his storyline to compliment the pictures I felt the place of the text in the book was positioned in awkward places on the page which disrupted the flow of the story Sometimes I would have to reread passages because of the breakup of the text from page to page I would use this book in my classroom as an example of friendship, as this is the reason for the girl to narrate her story of the Starfinder I also like the aspect of fantasy that the Starfinder has in his own tales.

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